Downloading a video with iPhone

Is it possible to upload video to a server? I know that images are possible. If someone can just point me in the right direction that would be awesome. ThanksEdited Aug 2015 This answer is now seriously out of date. At the time of writing there weren

Operator & amp; & Amp; Can not be applied

I am testing an example snippet that I found as an answer on another Question However the compiler is spitting out this "Operator && cannot be applied to operands of type long and bool". Why does it do this? As I read the code, it says &

Compare two char arrays each representing a binary number

I need to write a method for comparing two binary numbers. I am storing the binary numbers in character arrays, so I can store big numbers (I can't use the BigInteger class or any other packages). Example to make things clear: char[] num1 = {'1','1',

Installing AWS command-line tools on an AWS instance

I want to install all AWS command line tools on a AWS instance via chef. Is there any cookbook that I can use directly for doing this.You didn't specifically mention OpsWorks, but in case you are using OpsWorks and not just Chef directly - to do this

Forge fires whenever the website is accessible

My website has a form that fires every time the website is accessed. It's still in testing phases so I get over 100 BLANK emails a day just from refreshing the page (and yes, all of the inputs are required). The tricky part is that I have a jquery sc

Java stackoverflowerror thrown in infinite loop

I have the following function that starts a jsvc daemon for receiving UDP messages: @Override public void start() throws Exception { byte[] buf = new byte[1000]; DatagramPacket dgp = new DatagramPacket(buf, buf.length); DatagramSocket sk; sk = new Da

The PHP memory limit does not take effect in normal php scripts

I've assigned the memory limit of php to 999m so it appears in phpinfo like memory_limit 999M 999M when I use phpinfo(); to show it. Unfortunately when I try to run a fairly large script, it seems like the limit is 256M Fatal error: Allowed memory si

Query Python: iterating via a log file

Please can someone help me solve the following query? I have a log file with thousands of lines like the following:- jarid: 7e5ae720-9151-11e0-eff2-00238bce4216 recv: 1 timestamp: 00:00:02,217 jarid: 7e5ae720-9151-11e0-eff2-00238bce4216 ack: 13 times

Flex Builder 3 debug trace output

I have installed Flex Builder 3 and Flash Player 10 on my machine. I don't know where the trace output goes because I just don't see it (I tried debug and output windows). Also the breakpoints don't hit.Salut Omule :) If you press the Debug Icon(the

The HTML Swing rendering shows a very large bullet point

I use a JEditorPane to render some HTML in a swing application. I use a bullet point list <ul><li>...</li></ul> and I obtain overly large bullet points in the output. The same HTML chunk will show normal sized bullet points in a re

Find the average in a large csv file using pandas

I have 60 HUGE csv files (around 2.5 GB each). Each cover data for a month and has a 'distance' column I am interested in. Each has around 14 million rows. I need to find the average distance for each month. This is what I have so far: import pandas

OpenSSL check fails, can not find root certificate

Important Note: The method of validating certificates in my question below is incorrect, and will result in both false positives and false negatives. See my answer for the correct method. I'm in the process of testing a tool I wrote to test all of th

How to open the application on the notification icon, click?

I know might be duplicate but I'm using AlarmManager to get notification after few interval I used following code to show notification public class MainActivity extends Activity { public void setRepeatingAlarm() { Intent intent = new Intent(this, Tim

Bootstrap Popover image

So I have a list of icons, I'm trying to get a popover to activate when you hover over an icon, I can't seem to get it to work, any help would be appreciated. <img class="icon" rel="popover" trigger: "hover" data-placement

Variadad model resolution in VS2013 - Error C3520

What's wrong with this code? enum LogLevel { LogLevel_Error = 1, LogLevel_Warning = 2, LogLevel_Info = 3, LogLevel_Debug = 4 }; LogLevel GetLogLevel() {return LogLevel_Debug;}; void Write(const std::string& message) {}; void Write(LogLevel level, std

What is the appropriate data structure for this?

Hello I've had this question in one of the exams and I choose the Queue Is that correct ? or The most appropriate choice is the stack as my friends say ? thanks =)You need a stack from what I understand. If a car that is returned blocks the cars that

Loading XML locally with AS3

I have a project in Flash Builder and I use Bulkloader to load some configuration files. When I run the project from Flash Builder or in a server, everything works as expected, but when I run the SWF from another location (for example "my documents&q

back to javascript console

When I do a return in the console, Why does it output to the screen? I'm using chrome, but it probably does this in Firefox also. Is it assuming the console is the caller and there's a built-in function that echos the returned value? function mike()

What does $ 1Z mean in the regular expression

This question already has an answer here: Reference - What does this regex mean? 1 answer I'm not familiar with regex, but I have the following string d.$filter = d.$filter.replace(/TutoringSince le '(.+?)'/g, "TutoringSince ge $1Z"); Is anybody

simulation of monte carlo, matlab, normal distribution

My question is about the evaluation of Monte Carlo simulation results. I have a model in Simulink and I simulate the model with different deviation of parameters. I have collected the results of 100 simulations, which are normally distributed and I u

Assigning a value to a shared view

I am attempting to display data from my database into a gridview How can I assign the value to the gridview? while (rdr.Read()) { ///Console.WriteLine(rdr[0]); gridview1.Text = rdr[0]; } Try this: gridview.datasource=cmd.ExecuteReader(); gridview.dat

The problems Switch () and foreach () in php

I'm trying to put a foreach() inside of a switch. But I got the following error code: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected 'foreach' (T_FOREACH), expecting case (T_CASE) or default (T_DEFAULT) or '}' in /.../index.php on line 20 I'm getting the $lan

Java - Run time of the measurement method

I am trying to measure the complexity of an algorithm using a timer to measure the execution time, whilst changing the size of the input array. The code I have at the moment is rather simple: public void start() { start = System.nanoTime(); } public

Remote Keyboard Remote Keyboard Remote

I'm using Chrome Remote Desktop on a Windows Desktop to access an Apple iMac. I cannot figure out how to invoke the Apple Command key function from my Windows keyboard. I would think that the Windows key would work but it doesn't. Is there a way to m

Is there an exception in Java that does not detect any input?

What Exception do I need to add to my try catch block if I want to detect if a user has entered any characters? This is my code where I want to know if the user hasn't input anything or if the user's input was already saved in an addressbook. I am us