How to Secure Your Entropy Value

I have an application written in C#. using Net 4.0 where the user will be storing their e-mail password using System.Security.Cryptography to the user configuration file. The Actual password is stored in a SecureString, and encrypted using System.Sec

Multi-threaded rendering D3D / OpenGL / Whatever

I've been reading a lot about multi-threaded rendering. People have been proposing all kinds of weird and wonderful schemes for submitting work to the GPU with threads in order to speed up their frame rates and get more stuff rendered, but I'm having

Mysql associates problems with only 2 tables using php

I am having an issue with the mysql join.let me explain what tables I have got. Table 1 rid hid email 1 501 10 1 502 20 2 501 30 4 8075 40 1 501 50 Table 2 rid title 1 pw1 2 pw1 3 pw2 4 pw4 My code is like below $allhids = array(501,502,8075); //all

How to get all the messages from a user

I have a User and Post scaffolded in my rails application. I wanted to get all of the posts associated with a user. For example, I want to be able to do something like this: localhost:3000/users/1/posts And it should give me all of the posts with the

List of filters using boolean index arrays

How can I use boolean inddex arrays to filter a list without using numpy? For example: >>> l = ['a','b','c'] >>> b = [True,False,False] >>> l[b] The result should be: ['a'] I know numpy support it but want to know how to solve i

How to reference the code behind the variable in ASPX?

I'm not sure why when referencing a code behind variable in an control, I get the text of the reference: <%=this.Person.Contact.Emails[0].EmailAddress%> This outputs the literal reference text: <asp:TextBox ID="EmailAddress" run

How do I display a tooltip on an HTML <ldquo; & Rdquo; Mark?

Either using plain HTML or jQuery assisted JavaScript, how do you display tooltips on individual <option> elements to aid the decision process (there is not enough room for a different kind of control and some help will be needed). Can this be done

WCF ConcurrencyMode Single and InstanceContextMode PerCall

I have an issue with my wcf service config. I would like every call to my service create a new instance of the service. For the concurrency I would like to one call is finished before another start. Thus if I have a service like this one: [ServiceBeh

MySQL Query Alerts

Possible Duplicate: mysql_fetch_array() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in select Warning: mysql_fetch_* expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given error $query = mysql_query("SELECT MAX(id) from test"); $result = mysql_

UIBarButton placed in toolbar instead of UINavigationBar

I'm developing a (so far) simple iOS application using storyboards. At one place in the storyboard, I have: Navigation controller -> Table View (prototype content) -> Regular view The "regular view" is accessed from a + (PLUS) button in th

NSString to NSTimeInterval

I have a NSString with the format 00:00:00.00 obtained originally from [dateFormatter setDateFormat:@"HH:mm:ss.SS"]; how can I take that string and convert it to a TimeInterval?If you're 100% absolutely positively sure this format won't ever cha

Calculate the index in a custom grid

I want to create a old-themed RPG with WinForms and I would need something like a grid to accomplish the wall and field checking. By grid I would mean something like this (where at the positions I then put the graphics): 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09

Intersperse and hidden function prependToAll

There are two possibilities to intersperse a separator in a list: [x1, sep, x2, sep, .. xn] [sep, x1, sep, x2, .. sep, xn] Using the function "intersperse" in Data.List: λ> intersperse 0 [1..5] [1,0,2,0,3,0,4,0,5] λ> 0 : intersperse 0 [1..

What is & amp; amp; & amp; operation in C

#include <stdio.h> volatile int i; int main() { int c; for (i = 0; i < 3; i++) { c = i &&& i; printf("%d\n", c); } return 0; } The output of the above program compiled using gcc is 0 1 1 With the -Wall or -Waddress option, g

Query Laravel DB

I am building my first db query in laravel4 but I am having some trouble. My objective is to show site alerts to users once they login. I am getting an error that says: "trying to get property of a non-object" My model: class SiteAlert extends E

Modify a static resource dynamically

In my App.xaml I have two resources <x:Double x:Key="MasterGridSize">150</x:Double> <DataTemplate x:Key="MasterGridItemTemplate"> <Grid Width="{StaticResource MasterGridSize}" Height="{StaticResource

Detect whether a point is in an SVG path

I'm trying to detecting wether a given point is inside a closed SVG path in Objective-C. I'm having trouble figuring out how to do the math. I have a path's coordinates and I'd like to determine wether a random point is inside or outside the path. He

Using socket in C How do I send an IPv6 message to IPv4?

I tried to convert the destination address to IPv6 format as ::ffff:IPv4. And use a socket of AF_INET6 type. It gives error: Network Unreachable. But using the same technique I am able to communicate from IPV4 to IPV6 Thanks for your help in advance.

Is sqlite binding by reference or by value?

When I bind in sqlite, what actually happens, or essentially am I passing by reference or by value? If I bind a variable, does sqlite see changes in the value of the variable or is it a one-shot deal? Binding within the loop tells me I'm misusing the