Cassandra UDT VerifierMappingExceptions

I am developing spring boot application. it connects Apache Cassandra DB. I have created UDT in Cassandra. while trying to save data using CassandraOperations. I am getting exception. I have followed below example for Cassandra UDT. http://www.devjav

ES6 js & ldquo; With & rdquo; keyword

In the deep internet I encountered structure like class A extends B with C { ... }, I haven't link right now, it was like macro for class while extending abstract class. Is this in standard? (I googled, only finding old with that is removed right now

How to analyze JSON arrays with retrofit

So I have a retrofit interface: public interface RestUserInformation { @GET("/api/me") void getInfo(Callback<UserInformation> callback); } A RestAdapter: RestAdapter userInformation = newRestAdapter.Builder() .setEndpoint(IP_ADDRESS) .setR

Opening a new window in WPF without using .show ()?

It seems to be possible in this project... After they use pd = new ProgressDialog();, the new window appears. How did they do that?Let's define next instances first: BackgroundWorker worker; ProgressDialog pd; then show a form through the ShowDialog(

Connections to the database (best practices)

I have adopted the Repository/Service design pattern for my project and as I was building it, I thought to myself. Would it be better to Get All the items for a repository (Hold it in the Cache) and then filter using LINQ rather than using a database

Specify the type of credits using a field

Suppose I have the following class: public class MyClass { public decimal myDecimal; public string myString; } I want to use the DataRowExtensions method Field<> Currently, I am using the class like so: MyClass myClass = new MyClass(); myClass.myDec

What's wrong with this ternary operator?

for i in str1: (newstr += chr(ord(i)+2)) if i.isalpha() else (newstr += i) It seems to be grieving about the += operator. I know both my variables are strings though, so I don't understand why it would not just concatenate themTry the following: for

Keep the values ​​of the text box when updating the page

I have a textbox in a user control uc1. I have embedded this uc1 in a page called default.aspx. My issue is after running the application and entering some data in the textbox, when refresh the page i would like to show the values that i have entered

JQuery problem with Chrome vs. IE

function runComplete() { var $elem=$(document.getElementById('quiz_section')); var center="<br /><h1>Your Score:</h1><h2>"+document.getElementById('quiz_score').innerHTML+"</h2><br /><br /><br /&

Is there a very fast checksum generation algorithm?

Searched around a bit, but I didn't really find what I wat looking for. I have to validate about 100 byte[16384]'s every second (+ many other tasks..). The biggest problem that looks around the corner is speed. Do you guys know any good checksum algo

Regular Shape polygon Map of Android on Map Click

I want to create a regular polygon shape no matter the order of click on map. Currently I am facing a problem if a click on the map to draw polygon in the following manner then it works fine order is following top left top right bottom right bottom l

Expansion of the Ht class CHtml helper with our custom class

I have to encode user entered data into utf-8, especially if it is numeric encode, So I decided to use the following code snippet for encoding and then store it into database $convmap = array ( 0x80, 0xffff, 0, 0xffff ); $str = htmlentities ( mb_enco

Does Xcode 4 install git?

I bought a new MacBook Pro and installed the applications list below in order. On my old MacBook, also running OS X 10.6.6, I didn't have /usr/bin/git, however, on the new MacBook Pro, I do. The only differences that I can think of between the two sy

Whole numbers are not added

I'm working on a method that'll compute the GPA of a specific semester, my problem is after adding the conditional statements the grades wouldn't add to tGrade. Removing the "if"s and "else if"s would fix my problem but it would give t

How to get xml output from running jasmin grimaces

I'm trying to get my test integrated into bamboo. With bamboo, it seems that I need test results to be in junit xml format. Because of this, I need to get my "grunt jasmine" execution to output test results in xml format. I'm new to jasmine/grun

How does the catch test eventually block it work?

In C#, how does a try catch finally block work? So if there is an exception, I know that it will jump to the catch block and then jump to the finally block. But what if there is no error, the catch block wont get run, but does the finally block get r

Java Iterators - Try to get one for each loop to run

So I have a Tree<E> class where E is the datatype held and organized by the tree. I'd like to iterate through the Tree like this, or in a way similar to this: 1. Tree<String> tree=new Tree<String>(); 2. ...add some nodes... 3. for (Strin

Viewing an assigned string in a CATextLayer

I have a simple example app where I create a CATextLayer and set its string property to an NSAttributedString. I then add that CATextLayer to a view. #import <CoreText/CoreText.h> #import <QuartzCore/QuartzCore.h> @implementation ViewControlle

Unicode Malayalam Fonts View in Android Viewer

I am developing an Android RSS reader. My work almost done, but I have problem with Malayalam Unicode fonts when I display them using WebView. I use following method to display RSS feeds: String CurrentDescription = headlinesarray.Description[Number]

The join fields in Table 2 replace those in Table 1

I have a products table that stores "master" pricing: products ========== . id partnum description price installtime Dealers can override the list price, setting a different price, install time, etc. My thought was to store dealer-specific diffe

How to avoid mixing colors while drawing rectangles?

While drawing rectangles in a UIView for ios I keep having the same issue: the rectangle margins blend their color with the background. I tried several rectangle drawing methods with the same results - using a bezier path, drawing line by line, drawi

angularJS $ variation of scale not updated view

I have been banging my head against an angularJS $scope issue. I have an array that I update in a controller function. According to my console logs, the values inside it are indeed changed. However, the view is not updated. Here are the snippets. //a

Can not use Get in CodeIgniter

So I'm using codeigniter and I've had very letter experience with it so far but here's my issue. I have an if statement I've set up that says if (@$_GET['f'] == 'callback') then do something, if not, do something else. So basically my URL ends up loo