Deployment of CherryPy (daemon)

I've followed the basic CherryPy tutorial ( One thing not discussed is deployment. How can I launch a CherryPy app as a daemon and "forget about it"? What happens if the server reboots? Is there a s

How many threads can create a C ++ application

I'd like to know, how many threads can a C++ application create at most. Does OS, hardware caps and other factors influence on these bounds?C++ as language does not specify a maximum (or even a minimum beyond the one). The particular implementation c

Uiimagepickercontroller duration of the video - photo library

Am developing a app which will upload video to the server which is picked form local iphone photo library. here i want to restrict the user not to upload more than 3min of video..Question is how to get the duration of the video which is picked from l

Build Cocoa IUs for OS X with C # and Mono

Has anyone spent any time comparing the various Objective C bridges and associated Cocoa wrappers for Mono? I want to port an existing C# application to run on OS X. Ideally I'd run the application on Mono, and build a native Cocoa UI for it. I'm won

Array of array storage in SQLite-Database

In my Java-application I need to store a big table on the harddisk as I want it to be persistent. My first try was like this: (i & j can climb up to 300.000 and more, so I have an array of 300.000^2 double-entries, which crash my system.) stmt.execut

How to add a pot in Zeppelin?

How to add a jar in Zeppelin for %hive interpreter? I have tried %z.dep(''); add jar <jar path> Also zeppelin hive interpreter throws ClassNotFoundException Adding to ./interpreter/hive/ throughs thrift exception while add jar says file not found. H

Memory Leak playing videos on Windows IoT | UWP

I've built an app that can read video files from an USB drive and switch between them using physical buttons. The app works well for a while, but after a while the device (DragonBoard 410c, latest Windows Insider Preview Build 15051) crashes due to t

Swift: Animates the width and height of the UIButton

Inside of these two functions, I want to animate the button shrinking(gone), then animate it growing(seen). I was able to animate it growing, but not at first have the button shrink. Any help on how to animate a button shrinking? func progressBarButt

Jersey + App Engine Launch Error

Did a lot of search, but no luck. I'm trying to make a 'hello world' app which integrates Jersey and Google App Engine. In Eclipse, I created a 'Web Application Project' and added Jersey JAR to the build path. Then I modified web.xml and it looks lik

Print the unicode character in java

Displaying unicode character in java shows "?" sign. For example, i tried to print "अ". Its unicode Number is U+0905 and html representation is "अ". The below codes prints "?" instead of unicode character. char aa =

Chrome extension check server data in the interval

I'm working on plug-in to Chrome. I would like in cycles 15 minutes to edit information. How does it work? setInterval can maximum time of 1 second. I would like 15 minutes. var i = 0; window.setInterval(function() { chrome.browserAction.setBadgeText

Implement the Dijkstra algorithm in C problems

We've been doing a project with a robot driving in a room, and when we activate it, it returns to a choosen destination. Our task is to find the shortest path to that destination. We've been coding in C, and trying to use Dijkstra's algorithm, but we

strlen () on an unfinished string?

Is strlen(const char *s) defined when s is not null-terminated, and if so, what does it return?No, it is not defined. It may result in a memory access violation, as it will keep counting until it reaches the first memory byte whose value is 0.

The camera orientation method does not work for ios6

My supports both Landscape & Portrait mode in ios6. I also try with new methods of device rotation, But the methods are not called & it does not support the orientation. My code is as follow: -(NSUInteger)supportedInterfaceOrientations { NSLog(@&q

Using Scala's Understanding, Testing and Sequences

Let's say you've got a bunch of methods: def foo() : Try[Seq[String]] def bar(s:String) : Try[String] and you want to make a for-comprhension: for { list <- foo item <- list result <- bar(item) } yield result of course this won't compile since Se

Problem with redirecting to the home page using JAVA and Tomcat

I'm facing an issue as to redirecting my website to a certain specific URL... to better explain, I'm adding an auto refresh meta to the top of my jsp that refreshes the web page every 15 minutes, the only problem here is that when the 15 minutes are

Is it possible to use Mockito in Kotlin?

The problem I'm facing is that Matchers.anyObject() returns null. When used to mock method that only accepts non-nullable types it causes a "Should not be null" exception to be thrown. `when`(mockedBackend.login(anyObject())).thenAnswer { invoca

Query Django for a relationship of several to one

I have three models, one topic can have zero or more questions, one question can have zero or many answers. Only one answer is right. They are many to one relationship. class Topic(models.Model): class Question(models.Model): topic = models.ForeignKe

C - stamp printf and scanf

I'm sorry about the generic title, but i didn't find anything better. And I'm sorry if the question is retarded but I'm a novice and I could not find anything of use to me. I have written this code to solve a simple problem: you have a sequence of po

how to notify another thread on a file being edited

I am new to the java multithreading programming. I know that it can be done by thread communication but i don't know how to proceed. I don't know how one thread would notify another if some changes are done in a file. The problem is mentioned below.

UniCommand differences for UniData

I'm new to the world of UniObjects as I've been in .NET land since it debuted. After building a simple app to return the select list of a UniCommand statement I noticed that there are some major differences in how UniData and how UniObjects parses th

Build a groovy frequency account card.

I have an array and i want to build a map out of it recording the frequency of elements in the array. So for the example below the map = [15:2, 16:1] is what it will look like. How do I do this in Groovy ? static void doSomething() { def a = [15,16,1

Universal IP address

I have implement Universal Links in my project, but the testing server do not have domain name. By following the steps from official documentation: