Download files and data with json

I'm trying to upload a file to the sever. And also some comments from a input form about this data. Here I sent the data in js: var postContainer = new Array(); postContainer.push( { file : file, f_name :, input1 : it1Value }); var newJ = J

Distribute Ipad application without app store

Supposing the following scenario: Company A asks company B to produce an IPad App for them. Company A only wants to use it for themselves on a very limited amount of IPads (less than 100). Company A is not necessarily interested in offering it on the

Powerpivot medium, show only a range of lines [SOLUTIONS]

I have done an average price calculation for apples. See example In the new column "testar", I only want to show the year 1990 - 1994 (yellow cells), since the other years are not specified in my formula. Formula I used for average calculation w

Facebook API v2.0 without Composer?

I'm not a die-hard programmer and I don't do much of it anymore, but I figured I'd better update some of my code to actually work inside Facebook since the new version of the API is coming out and I'm still using 1.0 on all my apps. Is there a way to

Draw on cmd using c ++

I'm trying to draw a chess board on the cmd screen - 64 squares, and a letter in each one, that symbolize the solider that in this place. After very long searching, I found a code that change the words color, but my question is how can I draw squares

Service to make an audio podcast from a video?

Video podcast ??? Audio only mp3 player I'm looking for somewhere which will extract audio from video, but instead of a single file, for an on going video podcast. I would most like a website which would suck in the RSS and spit out an RSS (I'm think

How to use Crystal Reports with ASP.NET?

How to use crystal Reports with ASP.Net 2.0. Any Samples/Tutorials/Examples which shows how to deploy Crystal Reports on a production Server.Having just been through the pain of this myself, here's a couple of pointers that will hopefully save you ti

Sprite ignores the number

The following code I'm using is to end the game when I my number of balls in the scene reaches zero. Now I'm not getting any error when I put the code in but it doesn't do any thing as of counting the balls and reacting to that count. I am fairly new

app_code, edit the item on the aspx page

Hope this comes out clear enough. I am new to this all. I have a and c# project, in the app_code i have a class userInterface.cs, what i need to do is the folowing: In that class i need to get a certain page NewPage.aspx , and to modify some

I can not setText () in another class in Android

I have a TextView with the id android:id="@+id/yazi", and I have a button that has build in android:OnClick="gonderB" and I can complie this code: package com.seri.bir; import; import android.os.Bundle; import andr

Arch Linux on VirtualBox Network Problems

I've installed ArchLinux with VB on MacOS. I have network problems, I cannot resolve addresses. When trying pacman -S htop for example I get the following error : :: Retrieving packages from extra... error: failed retrieving file 'htop-1.0-1-x86_64.p

Compile and run the assembly file using Masm and ConTEXT

I have to compile some assembly filed but I really don't know how to do that... I successfully installed Masm on my computer and also ConTEXT editor that I use to write assembly files. Unfortunately, buttons to compile, run and debug must be set in C

Can I run the MVC 5 application on the .NET Framework 4.0?

I have my MVC 5 application that I create in VS 2013. Now I'm trying to deploy this application and I have a question: Can I deploy MVC 5 on the server with 4.0 .Net Framework? I just create Deploy Package and I have tried to import this package in I

Excel VBA Recalculate Selection

I've got some Excel spreadsheets that are hitting the database pretty hard (100+ queries against the general ledger table... yikes!). Refreshing just the sheet I'm on (SHIFT+F9) is helpful in some spreadsheets, but I wanted a way to refresh just the

ScrollView scrollView

I have 2 scrollviews, the smaller scrollview needs to scroll a little bit slower (and stop on the next "page) than the larger scrollview. So basically, scrolling the larger scrollview scrolls the smaller scrollview, but at a slower pace than the larg

Url search on the previous page

Hi every one i need to make ads for my website in yahoo and google ok so i need to know from which site (google or yahoo) this user come details when user click my website ad at google i want to know that this user from google ok please with

Jquery: the fadein function does not work

i am following jquery video tutorial for image slider. This is what i've in html <div id="slider"> <img id="1" src="images/1.jpg" alt="" > <img id="2" src="images/2.jpg" alt="

How can I activate Hibernate? an application?

Say I have a complex application that does various things, e.g. brings up a window, loads some assets, processes a virtual world, goes into OpenGL, etc. Can I hibernate it, i.e. save its current memory state and resume it later at will in a safe mann

Avoid duplicates if statements inside and outside a lock

The below code is a very simplified example of what I am trying to accomplish. private object _highestLevelLock = new object(); private int _highestValue; private void SetHighestValue() { var random = new Random(); var next = random.Next(0, 100); if

Storing data on WP7?

I am trying to store a few KB of data on a windows phone. I am using phonegap and jquery mobile. So far I worked with jStorage and that worked well on iOS and Android. jStorage tries localStorage, globalStorage and userData behavior. I also tried coo