RecordStore and photos taken from the phone

When the user takes photos with his phone I want LWUIT to get a specific photo to add to a recordstore and later retrieve that photo. How to achieve that ?RMS is not good for storing the Photo's. Because RMS designed for small amount of storage. You

Need syntax for multiple joins with built-in queries

M$ Access 2010 I have two tables CONTACT and AAEmail_X This works great SELECT aa.[Contact ID], mm.Email AS [Personal Email] FROM [CONTACT] AS aa LEFT JOIN ( SELECT bb.[ClientID], bb.Email FROM AAEmail_X AS bb WHERE bb.Type = "Personal Email") A

How to select lines be created after 1 hour?

How to select rows be create after 1 hour? now I'm select all rows and use momentjs to compare now, how to use single postgresql query do it? id | create_date 1 | 2016-09-22 00:36:41 2 | 2016-09-21 00:36:41 3 | 2016-09-22 01:36:41 if now is 2016-09-2

The method evolves in Java

I am trying to understand Object Casting and Method Overriding. I have a piece of code: public class ExceptionClass{ void m() throws SQLException{} } class A extends ExceptionClass{ void m() throws Exception{} } This gives an error "Exception Excepti

CRYPT_E_NOT_FOUND problem using certreq

I am attempting to load an SSL cert to my azure environment. I am following the official Azure documentation instructions located here. When I run certreq -accept -user ... it returns back: A certificate issued by the certification authority cannot b

Group of mongelles

If I have a single application but have many users using it at the same time (lets say 30) not running with apache, will mongrel cluster help with performance? What exactly is a mongrel cluster? I notice that you can have load balancing (mongrel clus

Java bitwise substring

Imagine you'd have the binary or hex representation of a number. Let's take this: int number = 0xffffff; // this would recover the third f, as a stand-alone value, value of third_f would be just f int third_f = byteSubstring(number,2,1); // third and

The simulation of PHPUNIT with functionality () works bizarre

here is the following code sample <?php interface iFS { public function read(); public function write($data); } class MyClass { protected $_fs = null; public function __construct(iFS $fs) { $this->_fs = $fs; } public function run(array $list) { fore

Is it necessary to use the tags thead, tbody and tfoot?

Should I really use thead, tbody and tfoot tags every time that I use a table tag? Is it required by the standard or not?Those tags are not required. It is considered good form to use them if the table is used to represent data, which is what a table

Using a linked server or separate connection strings?

I have 10 databases for three cities but all of them are located in one DB server with different instances and also 1 main database. each city has following databases: 1-DB1 2-DB2 3-DB3 every record which is inserted in db main has a city field.Accor

How many GORM Grails should test?

Is there a "best practice" or defacto standard with how much of the GORM functionality one should test in the unit/functional tests? My take is that one should probably do most of the domain testing as functional tests so that you get the full g

calculating from each row of an array using c #

I'm very new to c# and programming in general. I'm having some issues trying to get this program to work. I've to input 5 names from a text file, add 5 scores to each name, remove the max and min score for each name, and then display the winner. What

How do I create an ellipsis in a Perl program?

The following code is not working as it seems it should be: print "Processing your listing"; sleep($n); print "."; sleep($n); print "."; sleep($n); print ".\n\n"; Trying to get something where there is a ., then ano

iOS 4 and iOS 5 backward compatibility

I have a question regarding iOS 4 and 5. I am really confused and hope someone will clear it out for me. I am using iOS 5 SDK in my application. If i use the iOS 5 Twitter integration which is provided by apple, will it run on an iPhone that has iOS

How do I add a split string to a list?

So i have a txt file with names which i provided at the top of the code. The problem is i want to split those lines into seperate lines if they contain a ' ' (space) John James Peter Mary Bob Thomas Michael i want it to be like this: John James Peter

Refresh the parent page of another URL

I have two sites (both under my control). Site one opens a page on site 2 (See Close pop-up from code behind if you wish to see the code) When i close the pop-up (on site 2) i would like to refresh the parent page (from site 1). I used the JS below <

The change of content varies by renaming

My project history looks like this: Edit files a, b Commit, rev1 Rename files a, b -> c, d Commit, rev2 Edit files c, d Commit, rev3 I want to view a diff of what the edits I made to the two files across these commits, but git diff rev0..rev3 isn't h

SignalR - StartUp

I am looking for the quick and dirty answer. I am just blanking, and after staring at a screen for over 12 hours now, I think I am shot. I want to do a simple SignalR application as a tutorial. I found this example, but I keep getting the error that

Arrays and loops

A. how do i write this simpler? if (fclass[0] == 0 && fclass[1] == 0 && fclass[2] == 0 && fclass[3] == 0 && fclass[4] == 0 && fclass[5] == 0 && fclass[6] == 0 && fclass[7] == 0 && fclass[8] =

Means of making modulo multiplication with primitive types

Is there a way to build e.g. (853467 * 21660421200929) % 100000000000007 without BigInteger libraries (note that each number fits into a 64 bit integer but the multiplication result does not)? This solution seems inefficient: int64_t mulmod(int64_t a

How do I run a script at intervals defined in WAMP?

So i have this script schedule.php that i want to run at every 5 minutes. The script checks for something, modifies the database and sends some mails.I have WAMP server on windows 7 ultimate. I tried using windows scheduler but i think it only works

Porting AS3 to the iPhone application

Anybody know any good tut's for iPhone development? I have written a game in AS3 and have excellent knowledge of PHP/OOP etc but I cannot get my head around the iPhone SDK or the objective C syntax and structure.A great start is the stanford course (

Moving WEB-INF resources

I have a web application that contains hundreds of HTML, JavaScript and image files. These files are located under the root directory: my_root-- -- html -- js -- images These folders contain some subfolders. From a security reason I need to move all

the use of the formula inside mapply

Im trying to apply an simple formula y~x to a function, in this case adonis {vegan} when inside mapply but I get Error: object of type 'symbol' is not subsettable. Im running: mapply(adonis, formula=dist_list~group_list, data=group_list, SIMPLIFY=F),