How to publish images on Twitter using php?

This question already has an answer here: How to post Image on Twitter using php? 4 answers the below code I used for posting image to twitter but nothing happened, really post text its to easy , but posting image no , I searched but there was no cor

Working with different eclipse projects

I program in conjunction Eclipse(4 javascript) & PyDev. For example in one project, I opened 5 tabs with different files. Now I need to work with another project, but I do not want to then return to the previous draft to look over all the necessary f

Is it possible to use GTK + in Android?

Is it possible to use GTK+ library with Android?Try GTKAndroid. It still has many limitations at the moment when I'm writing this comment, but you should be able to run some simple forms with this already.

JQuery Ajax sends parameters from one server to another

I'm trying to send parameters from one server to another. It works fine in my localhost, but when I try in my real server it doesn't work. This is my code: index.php (server 1): <!doctype html> <head> <script src="js/jquery.js">

How to find an overlap between two whole series in PostgreSQL?

I have two columns as follows: start end id 120 125 1 1 13 2 14 17 3 100 121 4 99 100 5 2 6 6 As you can see there is an overlap between id=4 and id=5, id=1 and id=4, id=6 and id=2 I should note that start is always smaller or equals to end. How can

Minimax algorithm to connect 4

I've been trying to implement minimax algorithm in connect 4 but I encountered a problem that there are only two values to evaluate moves : infinity for winning game and -infinity for the opposite , and I need a huge deep to reach these values on the

How do I use numpy without installing it?

I console access to a computer where I do not have root nor sudo rights. Python version is 2.5.2 and numpy is not available. I cannot use python install --user nor there are any compilers available on the machine. Can I somehow use the compi

php cake router

while I run the cake php application? Fatal error: Class 'Router' not found in C:\wamp\www\tickerping\app\config\routes.php on line 34 how to solve thisMake sure the file C:\wamp\www\tickerping\cake\libs\router.php exists. This is the file for the Ro

Android error No, minSdk (API 19) & gt; deviceSdk (API 1)

I have just set up android studio and am trying to compile my first project. The project gets compiled but when the 'Choose Device' menu opens the device and state is shown as [OFFLINE] and compatible gives message Android error message Android error

Can I get an XML representation of phpDocumentor 2

Can I get just an XML representation of the parsed data from phpDocumentor 2? I have tried the checkstyle template and I only get the file names with no data. I would like to use the xml as a datasource that can be integrated into another site. Check

Facebook Animation how do they do it? Here you can see they have uploaded a photo in the album and then, there are some animated gif. How can i do that? ThanksIt is a

Qt is unable to detect printers on Windows

I'm using Qt for a project (Qt 5.0.2, precompiled and downloaded from on Windows 7 (32-bit) and I'm having trouble trying to print a document. qDebug() << QPrinterInfo::availablePrinters().size(); // 0 I'm able to print as PDF and I

MIDI and Bit Order

I'm stuck trying to format a MIDI Sys Ex message that a device keeps rejecting as invalid. The problem is a section of the message that involves a type of data encoding described below. According to the manual, the device "will encode/interpret a con

Saving a SecurityTokenReceived Event Handler

Recently I have started using claim-based authentication on an existing web application. Everything works well, but to better handle expiration of the SessionSecurity tokens, I want to employ sliding expiration. However, I'm having trouble to registe

Read XML with mixed child depth?

I can't find a good example with google, so perhaps you know a tutorial for me: I want to read an xml into java that will be nested like this <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <config> <art> <name>x</nam

Retrieving Cassandra's results for

I have stored the data in the ComparatorType.BYTESTYPE in the Cassandra database. Now I want to retrieve data in the stored order. I used the following code in Hector to get data, but the query results seems not sorted. Keyspace keyspace = HFactory.c

Name of event object properties

I see from the documentation that fullCalendar is expecting event properties like 'title', 'start', and 'end' from the JSON feed. My feed uses different property names('name', 'evtStart', 'evtEnd'). Is there a way to specifiy these custom names so th

How to set the checkbox in Acrobat javascript?

how can i set value for checkbox in pdf form in Adobe Acrobat? I have russian localization of Acrobat XI, and i figured out that this works: this.getField("checkboxID").value = "Да". (Word in quotation marks is Yes in russian language)

How to manage events in ng-repeat without using onclick

I'm currently building a chrome extension. Chrome's policy is that inline JS event handlers are not allowed, so I'm looking for a way to create event listeners for my ng-repeat elements. I've tried just generating the event handlers based on the data