Create solid separator

I have looked around quite a bit and cannot find the solution. I am adding a separator in SceneBuilder. This is easy. Now I want this separator to be a solid line. This I am having issues with. I have tried : -fx-border-style: solid; -fx-border-width

An idea on how to sort a CompositeCollection?

I have a CompositeCollection that consists of ObservableCollections of two types: Companies and Contacts. Contact has a property FullName while Company has a property Name. I want to apply sorting so the collections are mixed by their types but sorte

Unable to have a function as a class attribute in Python

I want to have a plain old function as a class constant. However, Python "helpfully" turns it into a method for me: class C(object): a = 17 b = (lambda x : x+1) print C.a # Works fine for int attributes print C.b # Uh-oh... is a <unbound meth

Hyperlink HTML to call exe with parameters

-Hello, looking for some help. We currently have a winform app used to do approvals in our company. The app sends html emails to the "approvers" who read the relevant info in the email and click on a hyperlink which launches the app so they can

Compilation error: type 'ASP.global_asax' exists in both dlls

I have just integrated another project pages and its dlls into my existing project's Bin/ folder. My project framework is 3.5. When i am trying to build the project or solution, it's throwing following error: "The type 'ASP.global_asax' exists in bot

Change the style of UISearchController views?

Question: How do I change the color/theme/style of the UISearchController in tvOS? ( Would appear I need to set UIStatusBarStyle some way, since the preferredStatusBarStyle override does not exist in tvOS for UISearchController) Description: Method c

CakePHP no longer gives debugging data

I just upgraded from cakePHP 1.2.8 to 1.3.5 and now the debug information (that from the level set in the Core) does not seem to be doing anything anymore. No matter what level I set 'debug' to, it doesn't print the queries at the bottom of the scree

Android CardView remove padding

how do I get rid of this strange padding in the layout below: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <LinearLayout xmlns:android="" xmlns:card_view="http://schemas.andro

SQL Server: minimum value in a table

I have a table with the following values: Priority Product Supplier ------------------------- 1 ABC JOE'S 2 ABC MOE'S 1 DEF JOE'S 2 DEF MOE'S The result should show the Product+Supplier combination with the lowest priority only. 1 ABC JOE'S 1 DEF JOE

GWT + JPA Persistence.Exception source code not found

I'm trying to create a simple DB connection using JPA. It works fine but when I try to Throw an Exception to the client I get the error: [ERROR] [browsereditor] - Line 210: No source code is available for type javax.persistence.EntityExistsException;

Java Switching Case - Default vs Explicit Enumeration

I'm using Java 6. Suppose I have an enum with 6 values, ordered A to F. About 4 of the values were handled the same. I could write it like this. switch (whichType) { case A: case B: case C: case D: return task(); case E: return someothertask(); case

jQuery grep fears

According to the $.grep() documentation I would think that the code below would print 2. But instead it's printing 0,1,2. See this fiddle. Am I going loco? var arr = [0, 1, 2]; $.grep( arr, function(n,i) { return n > 1; }); $('body').html( arr.join()

Jquery - Inside DIV function does not work after updated

I have a table "group1" contains table and rows. I use this plugin (tableDnD) to drag the row up/down, and it is all working fine. I have another Jquery function that delete row inside the DIV "group1" and the refresh the DIV only, thi

In MATLAB, how do I provide many arguments to a function?

I have a MATLAB function myfun(v1,v2,v3,v4,v5,v6) and a 30x6 matrix A. The way to call the function is by passing each column of A as a separate input argument: myfun(A(:,1),A(:,2),A(:,3),A(:,4),A(:,5),A(:,6)) Just wondering whether there is a better

How to comment a block of tags in XML?

How do I comment out a block of tags in XML? I.e. How can I comment out <staticText> and everything inside it, in the code below? <detail> <band height="20"> <staticText> <reportElement x="180" y="0"

Is there a way to replace or calm the shutter sound in Android?

I'd like to replace the shutter sound (the sound the camera makes when snapping a photo) with something else in code. I was hoping it would be like ringtones or notifications, but I don't see anything anywhere other about it. I've seen code to silenc

SAPUI5; Select a box

<Label text="Department"/> <Select id="deptId" required="true"> <core:Item key="1" text="Agri" /> <core:Item key="2" text="Trade" /> <core:Item key="3&qu

InputStreams Cascade closing

BufferedInputStream bis = new BufferedInputStream(new FileInputStream("filepath")); ... read from bis ... bis.close(); i didnt close FileInputStream, Can BufferedInputStream's close() function close FileInputStream? or is there any memory proble

Serilog: Can not Connect to MongoDb Using the MongoDb Sink

I have a local MongoDb database instance (created by running mongod from the Windows command line), and a simple console program that tries to log a string to the MongoDb database using Serilog and its MongoDb sink: var log = new LoggerConfiguration(

UDP to C ++ under Linux

How to send and receive, using UDP, in C++ in Linux? I use g++Ok it's preety simple. I was workig in CentOS 5.5 which is linux and i make a server-client programme based on udp in c.It runs well. The procedure is simple. It follows as .. **SERVER** 0

Text disappears behind the container

I have a problem where my text is disappearing after adding a sibling to a container. The text was there but for some reason now after adding a sibling element, the text missing. I just noticed after doing the snippet the text is behind its container

Mvc 4 data exchange between the controller and View

I am trying to make a small project in mvc4 but I get this problem. I want to make a registration form. The user must fill the first form and when he clicks into next all datas will be sent to an other View within a model called User( without saving

The reminder itself recalls

I have a function that inserts into a database a random number in a column that is the primary key. I have a problem when the number is already in the database I want to call the process again to change the number and try to insert again but I am a n