During or Tail Repeat in F #, what to use when?

Ok, only just in F# and this is how I understand it now : Some problems are recursive in nature (building or reading out a treestructure to name just one) and then you use recursion. In these cases you preferably use tail-recursion to give the stack

Formatting dates like dd_mm_yyyy in Go gives strange values

So as in the title, I'm trying to format a date in dd_mm_yy format using time.Now().Format("02_01_2006") as shown in this playground session: http://play.golang.org/p/alAj-OcRZt First problem, dd_mm_yyyy isn't an acceptable format, only dd_mm_yy

Changed font size H1

I am confused as to why these two h1 tags have different font sizes, when obviously they contain identical properties/declarations. To what little knowledge I do possess, I feel It has something to do with inheritance; seeing how one h1 tag is nested

Multi-threaded and multiprocessor profiling

My recently developed application uses multiple processors which communicate via the Message Passing Interface standard, while some parts involve several threads running asynchronously (std::async). I'm running Ubuntu 12.04 x86 with g++-4.6.3 in comb

Richfaces + Spring DataTable DataScroler problem

I try to use Richfaces DataTable with DataTableModel to have server side paging and sorting. My tebaleModel is a spring bean with scope "request" and " proxyMode = ScopedProxyMode.TARGET_CLASS". On the page is a keepAlive tag for tebal

Chrome application not allowing my URLs

My manifest has the following permissions line: "permissions": ["https://api.vineapp.com/*", "storage", "webRequest", "http://platform.vine.co/*", "background","*://davine.co/*", "

Do I really need the Google Maps API key?

I am planning to release a commercial website (I have ads there and a shop) which is freely available for everybody. I want to add a google map to show some points of interest. The question is: Do I need the google api key for that or can I just use

How to test a stack of n elements?

This seems like a silly question but I would really like your comments and would like to validate my tester thinking.. I can think of following test cases: 1) Pop element from empty stack should return error 2) Push n+1 elements in stack should retur

Effective form of specific chain splitting / removal

I have the following string example: [14:48:51.690] LOGON error group: 103 I get many different from them. The only thing is, that the beginning is always the same expect the date (always in brackets) and name of LOGON. I want to remove thi in front.

Eclipse XML Teacher

What is a free alternative to the built-in Eclipse XML editor? The one packaged with the IDE has two major problems with formatting: The formatter tries to parse escaped char's as though they were unescaped. E.g. '<' is treated like '<' which causes

scala future seq map box for at least one timeout

I have to send out 10 queries to 10 different site respectively with a timeout in scala code on play framework. There could be some websites doesn't return within timeout window(The query to that site timeout). If some sites(at least one site) return

Align the collapsible button to the right of navbar

I would like to have the collapsible button alligned to the right of the navbar (Bootstrap v4). I've tried to wrap the button in: <div class='nav navbar-nav navbar-right'> And also added the float-xs-right class... without success. I have created th

Lvalue required as left operand of assignment

Hello I get the "Lvalue required as left operand of assignment" error in xcode. Why? Here is my code (window1/2 are UIViewController) : - (void)loadView { UIScrollView *scrollView = [[UIScrollView alloc] initWithFrame:CGRectMake(0,0,320,460)]; U

Should OpenGL versions and flavors use

I have some OpenGL Questions. I know OGL is an early 90s SGI API.. Back in the 90s I developed a couple apps using OGL for the DEC Alpha platform but haven't used the API since. With SGI long gone, it seems a bit different. My questions: Is OpenGL op

Meaning of -summary address for managed allocations

I am trying to understand how !address -summary report managed allocations. I have following code to try to test it out. I basically change the size of array and then attach windbg to inspect results for !address -summary static void Main(string[] ar

SerialPort Time Delay in Standalone Mode

I have a strange behaviour im my app. I open a COM port to comunicate witha a device over Bluetooth. I do the following steps: Open the virtual COM port; Switch remote bluetooth to command mode; Perform few commands (eg. read remote device's serial n

using array values ​​in the data and label fields chart.js

I wish to pass values of an array to the data and label fields of the chart.js dataset. Here the code from success of ajax call made to fetch json data. I fetch the json data and store it into an array. Data = jQuery.parseJSON(result); var count = Da

VS2008 will not show Trace output

I'm using Visual Studio 2008. The Trace output is no longer being shown in the Immediate Window any of my forms except the primary form. When it executes code from within another form (called from that primary form) the Trace output doesn't show up.

Repeating Logic in Commands and Queries

Our architecture is divided in commands and queries its not fully CQRS but we try keep those things separated. Both use the same database. Let say that we have requirement that says: User may send message only to: its close friends who have messaging

How to make this table using javascript

I was asked this question during an interview. Below is the code in jsfiddle https://jsfiddle.net/return0/hwtspsns/ var data = { rowHeaders: [{ label: "C", subheaders: [{ label: "C1", subheaders: [] }, { label: "C2", subheade

Safari caches JSONP requests locally

I have a page that makes the same JSONP request multiple times in a single page load. In most browsers this works fine, but Safari caches the response locally until such time as the page is reloaded. Even when I send back a Cache-Control: no-cache he