Why can ASP.net debug your computer?

When I try to attach the w3wp.exe process in order to debug asp.net process, a pop-up alerts me that this "can potentially harm your computer". I just wonder why.IIRC, some older trojans/viruses used debug attachment as a mean to hook into other

Scanning the contents of a file

I have a file that has the following content: 5 Derrick Rose 1 15 19 26 33 46 Kobe Bryant 17 19 33 34 46 47 Pau Gasol 1 4 9 16 25 36 Kevin Durant 17 19 34 46 47 48 LeBron James 5 10 17 19 34 47 With the a blank line between each of the names and numb

How to focus on the item with the binding?

In Angular2 how can I set binding on element focus. I don't want to set it with elementRef. I think in AngularJS there is ngFocus directive In Angular2 there is no such directiveA simple 'focus' Directive import {Directive, Input, ElementRef} from 'a

The Google Application Engine - Users, Lists and Products

Let's take this models: User - name Product - name - category List - name - creation_date - user (reference) Product_List - list ( reference) - product ( reference) How can I retrieve a list of the products that remain out of the list? Should I retri

How to convert element classes into an array?

i have a <div> like this. <div id="div" class="a b _c d _e f"></div> how can convert classes of <div> to a javaScript array? var cls = $('#div').attr('class'); cls = $(cls).match(/_\S+/g).join(" "); //

Restore changes after firing

I have been working on dev branch, made a couple of commits and pushes, now I merged this branch into master. I want to make a git pull on the production server, but what if something won't work after that? Is there a way to revert the changes and co

How to watch Kubernetes Pods falling?

I'm using Kubernetes in a Google Container Engine cluster and I can see in the Stackdriver logs that one of the Pods is falling over and automatically restarting because of an OutOfMemory exception. Is there any standard way of monitoring these event

Spring @ Interactive year when using the try catch block

I just want to know that if we catch the exception in method annotated with the @Transactional annotation, then will it roll back if any exception occurs ? Thanx in advance @Transactional(readOnly = false, propagation = Propagation.REQUIRED, rollback

Smooth interpolation of my data

I'm trying create smooth lines on a plot which include the maxima of the data points. I've searched around a lot and have tinkered with loess() and ksmooth() but I'm yet to make it work. My best attempt so far has been with ksmooth() but the line doe

Newlines in Javascript and PHP5

I have a CSV string that is embedded within an XML document, which is necessary for a flash chart which uses XML. The problem is that the chart gets the settings from the HTML file through a javascript snippet, like so: <script type="text/javascri

UIDatePicker background iOS 8

For some reason the UIDatePicker on iOS 8 presents a white box in the background. After digging around for a bit, I cannot find an answer that solves the issue (see attached image). Per other posts that describe a similar issue with iOS 7, I have tri

jQuery Datepicker - do not highlight today

I'm using jQuery Datepicker (jQuery 1.11.3 / jQuery UI 1.11.4 > I'm bound to these versions and can not alter or change them in any way). Out of the box, jQuery Datepicker highlights today the following way: <td class="ui-datepicker-days-cell-o

Rails - valid all wrong in white but still can not be empty?

In my model for a Product, I have: validates :description, allow_blank: true, presence: false And when I try to seed some Products with the description left blank, I get the following error in my Terminal: rake aborted! Validation failed: Description

How do I send a comment via e-mail?

I have some text boxes like name,email address,phone no. and comment on my page. I have to send the values to my email address.. How should I do this?? I am doing: protected void btnSubmit_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { SmtpClient client = new S

Sorting JXTable with SwingX

I am using JXTable which is from SwingX components. If I use setSortable(boolean flag) method then it will enable or disable sorting for all columns. As of my requirement I want to disable sorting for a few columns and enable sorting for other column

detect if the type implements ICollection & lt; T & gt;

This question already has an answer here: How to determine if a type implements a specific generic interface type 11 answers I am trying to check if a type implements the generic Icollection interface, since this is a base interface for any of my gen

Assembly of diagonal divs with flex

I have 2 divs. Right div is an image cutted diagonally. Left divs must have some text inside. I want this to be fully responsive like this: The problem occurs when I change window size, it's collapsing like in the image: . Also there is a text on lef

Resources in a C ++ Metro Style application

I have a library made in C++/GDI that I am trying to port to C++/Metro Style. The functions FindResource/LoadResource/(...) are not available in Metro Style Applications, and the documentation for this topic says: Dev Center - Metro style apps > Docs

Mysql medium int vs. int performance

I have a simple users table, I guess the maximum users I am going to have is 300,000. Currently I am using: CREATE TABLE users ( id INT UNSIGNED AUTOINCREMENT PRIMARY KEY, .... Of course I have many other tables for which users(id) is a FOREIGN KEY.

Web Response Time Test Tool

My manager wants to know the speed of our website and its load times in different locations of the world, according to some speed testing websites / tools. What are the standard tools / procedures for this? Please help, this is urgent. Thanks.WebPage


the following code works fine for me to show various sql-results after change a select-field: $(document).ready(function() { $('#main_kat').change(getDropdownOptions); }); function getDropdownOptions() { var val = $(this).val(); $.post('/ajax/joe.php