Should not the malloc be asynchronous?

Am I correct to assume that when a process calls malloc, there may be I/O involved (swapping caches out etc) to make memory available, which in turn implies it can block considerable time? Thus, shouldn't we have two versions of malloc in linux, one

Timed schedule vs scheduleAtFixedRate?

public class MyTimerTask extends TimerTask{ @Override public void run() { int i = 0; try { Thread.sleep(100000); } catch (InterruptedException e) { e.printStackTrace(); } System.out.println("Run Me ~" + ++i); System.out.println("Test")

Alpine linux does not run compiled nodes

I'm trying to set up my docker file without success. This is what i'm trying to do: FROM alpine:3.5 ENV VERSION=4.8.1 RUN apk add --no-cache curl make gcc g++ python linux-headers binutils-gold gnupg libstdc++ tar xz && \ curl -sSL -o node.tar.xz

PHP Random Radio Buttons

I have these radio buttons... <div class="radio"><label><input type="radio" name="1" id="1" value="0"><?php echo $incorrect1; ?></label></div> <div class="radio&

Mysql foreign key to compound primary key

This question already has an answer here: Composite key as foreign key (sql) 2 answers I try to achive the following using MySQL Server 5.x. I have a table named Customer created like this: CREATE TABLE Customer( Title VARCHAR(30) NOT NULL, Name VARC

Application with 2 parallel activities

I have an application that uses 2 activities, when clicking item in a listview inside Activity 1 it goes to Activity 2 and adds new fragment to it, and pressing the back button it goes back to Activity 1, but Activity 2 and all fragments/controls are

Why do I have this gap and how can I remove it?

I have come across a slight problem, I set my nav bar to 100% width, and now i have a gap on the right hand side of my page and a horizontal scroll bar for the page, I do not know why it has done this. Please see code attached. he code is: nav { widt

Submit button Do not work HTML

At Click "Login", Nothing, Don't Procces The Form, Can Help me? Code: <form method="POST" action="" id="login"> <div class="input-group"> <span class="input-group-addon" id="b

Replace if elif blocks in python

It turned out that this conditional block keeps on repeating itself in my code. Any other way to make my life easier? Of course, the body to be executed for a condition differs. if self.datatype == "string": t = "z" elif self.datatype

Erase html history created by pushState during refresh

I have array of states and index of the array in history.state and on popstate I read the content of the array, it work fine but when I go back to first page and refresh the array is gone (which is normal) but forward history state remain. Is it poss

UIBezierPath stroke redraws it several times in touchMoved

I am implementing a coloring app in Swift 3.0 which uses UIBezierPath for touch to fill coloring style. In touchesBegan I create the path: touchFillPath = UIBezierPath() and in touchesMoved I stroke it for each new point: touchFillPath.addLine(to: lo

Android, How to set a parameter in the arrayAdapter class

This is a simple question, I have an independent class for adapting my listView and I want set a parameter in this class, in my Activity that is adapting it's list inside: : public class PageItemsInflater extends ArrayAdapter<S

.NET: Split the Web Application into Multiple DLLs?

Is it possible to compile some code-behind (.cs) files (eg. all .cs file under a particular folder) into one DLL, and the rest into another DLL? We have some common codes and pages (aspx + cs files) that we want to use across many websites. We want t

Popups in Razor

I want to add popups in which user can add comments for each grid on web. I want to add this comment to database and close popup without refreshing main page. How can I do it? Here is my code. $('a.dialog').click(function () { var x = jQuery(this).po

Confused CSS, can anyone explain please

I am not sure why the last image 6.png is selected, when all the images are direct descendants of the div shape. Thanks for your help its much appreciated. From what I understand it should select all the divs because they are all direct descendants o

java paypal merchant sdk recurring payment invalid token

Hi I'm trying to create a Paypal Recurring Pyament using the JAVA Merhant SDK but I keep having "invalid token" when trying to call "createRecurringPaymentsProfile" method. Here are the Request and Response For SetExpressCheckout Reque

Sharing settings across tabs in a tabbed application

If I have a tabbed iphone application, how do I communicate from one tab to the next. For example if I have a puzzle game that displays a picture on the 5th tab, but only if the switches on the other 4 tabs are in the right positions, how do i let th

ld: frame not found Pods

I'm trying to add a framework to my IOS project but when I build I always got the same message : ld: framework not found Pods clang: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation) I tried to remove my Pods directory and then

An explanation of MySqlBulkLoader

Can you tell me what MySqlBulkLoader is for, where and how to use it? Some examples would also be appreciated, please..MySqlBulkLoader is a class provided by the MySql .net Connector. It provides an interface to MySql that is similar in concept to th

How to use two columns in a foreign key constraint

I have two tables: Article Subscription In the Article table I have two columns that make up the primary key: id, sl. In the Subscription table I have a foreign key 'idsl`. I use this constraint : constraint FK_idsl foreign key (idsl) references CSS_

LaraveL: How to get data from many or many relationships

I have 3 tables which are user->id, name,password, roles->id,role, role_user->role_id, user_id Now if I want to show the associated data in view page means role related to user ..How i do it in view? means I want to show if the user has role it w

Formatting the Java character string

Is there a way to do this without the if ( hours > 0 ) ? I feel like there must be a way to indicate a conditional display for the digit, but I couldn't find it in the javadocs or with google. public String getLengthDisplay () { int hours = getLength