Find the first occurrence of char c in char * s or return -1

For a homework assignment, I need to implement a function which takes a char *s and a char c and return the index of c if found, and -1 otherwise. Here's my first try: int IndexOf(const char *s, char c) { for (int i = 0; *s != '\0'; ++i, ++s) { if (*

Boost.Qi compilation error with optional parser

I'm a Boost.Qi beginner, so I'm trying some simple examples to try to get my mind around it. I'm trying to parse a string that looks like: A:1 B:2 C:3 There is an arbitrary amount of whitespace between each component in the string. The A:, etc. porti

Python converts tuple to array

This question already has an answer here: Making a flat list out of list of lists in Python 23 answers How can I convert at 3-Dimensinal tuple into an array a = [] a.append((1,2,4)) a.append((2,3,4)) in a array like: b = [1,2,4,2,3,4] Using list comp

RXJS: Aggregate Claim

My use case is as following: I get events, which sometimes happen in bursts. If a burst occurs, I only need to handle it once though. Debounce does this. However, debounce only gives me the last element of a burst, but I need to know about all elemen

Run the command prompt command in C #

:) I have a software which can be executed via command line, and now I want it to be executed directly from my C# app. Sadly, there is no error but I still can't do it. :( The path of .exe file of the software is C:\program files\mysoftware.exe The c

Update the database row

I'm developping an application with c# and ADO .NET entity data model. I have a table Articles(idArticle, nameArticle, statusArticles). I want to retrieve the first article where statusArticle=false, and update her value to true. Someone can help me

Android Mapview Custom Marker does not work with Picasso

I am implementing android Mapview with Custom marker. The custom marker has a background view to which an image is asynchronously loaded. I am using Picasso to load image in to marker view. Here is the code I am using, for(int i=0;i<10;i++) { // lati

When glReadPixels can be used?

I want to know the use of GLReadPixels function./ How it is reading the pixels? Is it reading GLKView pixels or UIView pixels or anything on the mainscreen which is in bounds provided in the glreadFunction. Or it can only be used if we are using GLKV

Create a new list in the C # nested list

Anyone know how to add new list into another list, the new list cannot be predefined. For example, after get user input, I will do the following List<List<string>> ListA = new List<List<string>>(); foreach (List<string> subLi

How do I check if my website is accessible using a crawler?

how to check if a certain page is being accessed from a crawler or a script that fires contineous requests? I need to make sure that the site is only being accessed from a web browser. Thanks.This question is a great place to start: Detecting 'stealt

Twisted deferred pulling undesirably

I have the following code # logging from twisted.python import log import sys # MIME Multipart handling import email import email.mime.application import uuid # IMAP Connection from twisted.mail import imap4 from twisted.internet import protocol #SMT

Align the Bootstrap panel vertically with Flexbox

I want to vertically align a Bootstrap panel using flexbox, but i can't figure it out. html <div class="container"> <div class="row vertical-align"> <div class="col-md-8"> <div class="panel panel-def

Terracotta Search

Is there any way to Query against the objects stored by a Terracotta instance? I am looking for SQL-Like Queries or any way to filter objects based on fields.At least the enterprise version has its own search API:

Javascript Preloading Images: Add to DOM, or not?

Is it necessary to add an <img> to the DOM in order to preload it? $(function whenDOMIsHappy(){ var $img = $('<img />') .load(loadHandler) .error(errorHandler) .attr({src:"squatchordle-squashgarden.jpg"}); $img.appendTo('body .preloa

Add new column after group in pandas

I am using pandas to process a csv file with the following structure date, student, score, outof 20040601,mark,80,100 20040601,jack,40,100 20040602,mark,60,100 20040602,jack,30,100 I want to group the above data by date and then calculate the percent

Using Variables in Node Express Application Modules

The express generator creates an app like this: in the main app.js: var app = express(); //... var routes = require('./routes/index'); app.use('/', routes); //... in routes/index.js var express = require('express'); var router = express.Router(); /*