Pass C # data type parameters to dll written in C ++?

Still working on a problem that started from here Calling C++ dll function from C#: Of structs, strings and wchar_t arrays., but with a different approach. Following the example Calling Managed Code from Unmanaged Code and vice-versa I wrote a manage

Unbound local error with global variable

I am trying to figure out why I get an UnboundLocalError in my pygame application, Table Wars. Here is a summary of what happens: The variables, REDGOLD, REDCOMMAND, BLUEGOLD and BLUECOMMAND, are initialised as global variables: #Red Stat Section RED

OSB replacement node

I've been trying to replace a node with the action "Replace" but I don't understand, hope somebody help me. I've an ErrorHandler, inside a Stage and inside; Assign > Replace > Reply. In Assign; Expression: $body Variable: faultString In Re

Mock factory on controller test

this is my controller: angular .module('studentsApp') .controller('StudentsController', StudentsController); function StudentsController($scope, StudentsFactory) { $scope.students = []; $scope.specificStudent= {}; var getStudents = function() { Stude

Why is the Jquery date selector icon not displayed in IE8?

I have the following code in my html page. The icon exists and the path to the image is valid. Every browser seem to display this correctly except IE8 which only shows a rey box. Does anyone know a way around that? <script type="text/javascript&qu

Ignore property missing when mapping json's response

I have a form that should return list of customers. This form should behave differently in two case: User starts the research using only "surname" User starts the research using surname AND name In the first case the json response has less field

Editing url with jquery

how would one take part of the current page's url and change just a couple letters of it? Assuming jQuery would be the way to go? for instance: clicking a button counts the number of gets the 19th and 20th character EN of

Regex extracts keyword from tweet

I'm trying to match 'apple' in tweet data from Twitter. I want to be able to match it to hashtags too, so a match for 'apple' would be either: 'apple' or '#apple'. Edit: An example tweet might be: "Today I am going to eat an apple" or "Toda

The Azure functions call the http post inside function

Is it possible to create HTTP(s) post request inside Azure Function? I am trying to create a custom webhook that is listening to one service and when triggered then its calling another service over HTTP using post. My code looks like that: public sta

jquery date picker

I am using jquery date picker in rails project, I want to disable the previous/ past dates. Is there any way to achieve this. as well as the time if less that currentDisable all dates till today : // get the current date var date = new Date(); var m

Integer integer to digital, then take log

I have a table in redshift with 2 timestamps, stored as integers. I want to date the difference of the 2 timestamps, convert from seconds to days, and then take the log of the result. e.g.: select cast(t1 - t2 as numeric)/86400 as diff from mytable l

CSS submenu behind the parent menu

Please check this Fiddle: If you hover over basker-holder, you can see that it's child-> shopping-cart top border is not behind it's parent. It should be white. The effect I am looking for is this:

Get $ _GET data in the codeignor while using REQUEST_URI

I am using CodeIgniter. In my script, I am changing $config['index_page'] in config.php file as per the user's reponse, i.e, dynamic index_page is used. In order to get it work, I have changed the $config['uri_protocol'] value to "AUTO". Everyth

String divided into R according to certain criteria

I am dealing with strings that are as follows ID Col1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 11 GLIPIZIDE 10 MG TAB 1 TABLET PO QAM 23 GLIPIZIDE 5 MG TAB 2 TABLETS PO BID 32 GLIPIZIDE TAB PO 12 GLIPIZIDE

EF Query with conditional include that uses joins

This is a follow up to another user's question. I have 5 tables CompanyDetail CompanyContacts FK to CompanyDetail CompanyContactsSecurity FK to CompanyContact UserDetail UserGroupMembership FK to UserDetail How do I return all companies and include t

Delete date from time

i have a form field where the user chooses the time the problem is when i go to look at the table it outputs the time and a date For example: the user selects 8:26 as the time This is what shows up on the table 2000-01-01 08:26:00 UTC all i want is f

Why was my Haskell program never printed on the console?

I wanted to practice using the IO monad in Haskell so I decided to make a "screensaver" program which would recurse infinitely while printing to the console. When the code runs nothing appears on the console. When I send the SIGTERM to the progr

How to modify the session in the Django test framework

My site allows individuals to contribute content in the absence of being logged in by creating a User based on the current session_key I would like to setup a test for my view, but it seems that it is not possible to modify the request.session: I'd l

How to parse XML (SimpleXML)

I need to parse XML string into an array. I have XML <group xmlns="123" id="personal"> <field id="last_name">last</field> <field id="first_name">first</field> <field id="birth_d

random numbers with AJAX

I would like to practice on using AJAX. I have a MySQL database, and I have inserted some names in the column storeName. I made a SQL query that output random text in column in the database. That is working fine, but only when I refresh my browser: <

Rails makes a STI form post on track

I am using STI in my rails app: class Project < ActiveRecord::Base end class Video < Project end I've got the following routes: resources :projects resources :videos, :controller => "projects", :type => "video" And when I r

The django database router can not import a name connection

i have issue with the DB Router on Django 1.4 (python 2.6). I have follow the documentation ( but when i run my server i have this following error message:

Why does ANT tell me that JAVA_HOME is wrong when it does not?

I get the error: C:\dev\ws\springapp\build.xml:81: Unable to find a javac compiler; is not on the classpath. Perhaps JAVA_HOME does not point to the JDK. It is currently set to "C:\Program Files\Java\jre6" But I have cle

Ruby on Rails - Hide user_id in URL

I would like to hide the user_id in the URL if I can. Here is the page info. action: show controller: users id: '1'The id in the URL is required so that the controller/action knows which user it should display on the pa does not create a session

I hava a strange problem. I'm using jquery $.post() to send/recieve vars from a PHP script. JavaScript: $("#r_submit").click(function() { $.post("http://" + server + "/msws/", { action: "register", sub_action: "