View the content of a google cell in a Wordpress site

My question is essentially the same as that asked here: display the content of a google sheet cell in a web page Another question that is probably relevant is this one, though I don't think it relates to google spreadsheets: Embedding Google Apps Scr

Std :: list crashes in the libev reminder

I have a libev write callback function, which checks for pending data to be sent to client. The pending data buffer looks like struct PendingData{ unsigned short data_size; char data[4096]; }; typedef std::list<PendingData*> PendingBuf; class Client

Add one to several EF 6 relationships

I'm working on an application for printers auditing. So, when an user choose a printer name, he could see all the users which are related to it. This is my database model : I'm thinking about built a little script for sending user name account, pc na

Cron job to save the database in linux / php

Am new to linux cron job, i am using mysql DB, my database name finaldb, i want to take this database every one hour, I have folder called dailbackup, in this i have folder by date wise,in this each folder i have backup mysql db file name like final_

How do I manage the selected index change of ComboBox?

I have a ComboBox that have a list of manufacturers. When a user selects a manufacturer, a grid below is populated with data for the chosen manufacturer. That data can be modified. The user has to press the Save button after all changes are done. But

IPhone - How to edit a static library (.a file)

I was given an static library (.a extension file) that I have to use in a project, however I need to modify some of the source code before it is useful to me. What is the best way to accomplish this?The easy-but-most-of-the-time-not-applicable soluti

Create a zip file from the byte []

I am trying to create a Zip file in .NET 4.5 (System.IO.Compression) from a series of byte arrays. As an example, from an API I am using I end up with a List<Attachment> and each Attachment has a property called Body which is a byte[]. How can I ite

Is there a Google Earth control available in the iPad SDK?

Is there a Google Earth control available in the iPad SDK or someway of having google earth inside my new iPad app?No. You can embed Google Maps content using MapKit but there is no way to embed Google Earth. Make sure you're aware of the Google Term

Importing Sass style sheets from an external directory

I have the following set up: d:\modules\base - This is where my CSS framework (Inuit CSS) and site theme lives. The idea is for others to be able to use this as an import into their sites main style.scss and write their own styles on top of this. d:\

Using the HTML5 (Multiple) File Control in

I am looking for a way to perfectly manage the <input type="file" multiple="multiple"> tag of HTML 5 in my 3.5 project. I have done it before with a single control on page, but what if we have multiple upload controls on

Position of the off-screen interface generator

I have a container view showing a sidebar which is pinned to the main views leading edge. The sidebar is initial visible which is fine for iPads however I would like it to be hide initially for smaller devices. To do that I need to set the side bars

How to get a selected value from UIPickerView with 2 components

I have a question here where I asked how to get a value form UIPickerView ( How To Get Selected Value From UIPickerView ). I got a solution for a picker with 1 component but I'm trying to get the value from picker with 2 component now. This code work

Fractional row letters

I have a bunch of letters on each line which is being outputted by the var current. I want to split them into an array and my desired output is shown below my code. current prints out: I T and so on... each letter on a new line. JS: function check(ev

What is the difference between /etc/rc.local and ~ / .bashrc?

This is a linux related problem. I have searched around but did not get a good explanation. It seems to me that both file configure the setup when I log in, but is there any difference? I notice that there seems to be "some rule" in deciding wha

SAX Parser without defining tags in Java

Is it possible to parse the XML files from SAX parser without defining the tags name in Java file? I want to make my code generic so that it can parse any kind of XML file rather than some specific XML files.It sounds like you are looking for XML-to-

Is the PhpStorm a clue to factories?

I have code more or less like this: class Foo { public static function factory($str) { $class = "Foo_" . $str; return new $class; } } class Foo_Bar { public function razzle() { print "Foo_Bar->baz() was called"; } } $Obj = Foo::fact

Open or start the software keyboard in number or symbol mode

I searched for a long time to get an answer and now it's time to ask my question ons stackoverflow. I can not imagine that Android OS does not have the possibility to let the softkeyboard start in the number/symbol code and give the user the ability

Spring 3.0 Hello world example

This is my first attempt at using Spring. I'm probably making a stupid mistake, however I can't find it. I'm using the GlassFish edition 3.1.2 as server. When I run the program I get the index page. On this page I click on the link and then I get the

Imagehandler does not show the image from a remote query

Hi I wrote this image handler code and It works fine on my local and shows the image in the page , NOW I have uploaded it on a host and when I request the page from remote the image does not show up in the image control ! any help ?! <%@ WebHandler L

How to modify the input stream of netcat?

I'm creating a TCP/IP interface to a serial device on a redhat linux machine. netcat in a bash script was used to accomplish this with out to much trouble. nc -l $PORT < $TTYDEVICE > $TTYDEVICE The problem is that the serial device uses carriage ret

Creating a dictionary from a CSV file in python

I have a CSV file with zip codes and their timezones. How do I convert the CSV file to a dictionary? This will be a module for a bigger assignment. My code looks like this and I'm stuck on what to do next: import csv with open('zipcode.csv', 'rb') as

Handling service errors in grails

I have a problem with my code. How can I handle an error from service to my gsp? I tried it with render from service or controller, but instead something like [Property [{0}] of class [{1}] with value [{2}] is not a valid e-mail address] and got a Er

Error generating ScaffoldingConnectionFactory

I have a simple class called Applicant. I'm trying to add a template controller using the Entity Framework with Applicant as my model class, and a new data context. Every time I try to create the controller, I get an error dialog that says "Unable to