Corresponding text on each side of a colon

I am trying to learn the basics of regular expressions (in Java) and imagined some sample scenarios to practice, and – as you might have expected – the last (and thus for me hardest) isn't working. Here it is: <[a-zA-Z]>:[a-zA-Z] What I want it to d

Composite PK without key ownership

I using manual mapping entity in my Code First on EF5 project and would like to use FKs as composite PK. I have only navigation properties in mapping class (not FK) as mentioned below: class MyMapping { public virtual Mapped1 {get;set;} public virtua

Which uses the c ++ stl container or the MFC container?

For every stl container there is a MFC container available in visual c++.Which is better than the other one in what sense and what do you use? I always use STL container is that wrong?MFC collection classes do have some advantages if you are working

Do you share a variable between C and Labview?

What is the best way to permit C code to regularly access the instantaneous value of an integer generated from a separate Labview program? I have time-critical C code that controls a scientific experiment and records data once every 20ms. I also have

Looking for a new lightweight php editor for Windows

Whats the most lightweight php editor out there for windows? other than notepad++ not looking for anything extreme,im just a 'hobby coder' been using notepad++ for 3 years and im just getting tired of it, want some new And what does it mean that a ed

How to add additional text in the Opencart command email

Hello i want to change the e-mail answer after a successfull order in my Opencart store. I just want to add more text in the email. As far as i know i need to go in : catalog/view/theme/default/template/mail/order.tpl and change the code there but wh

Inheritance in CSS as in OOP?

does anybody know a way or a tool how inheritance can be used in CSS independent of the structure of the elements? Example: .bg_red { background: red; } .bold { font-weight: bold; } .bg_red_and_bold { //this class should inherit all the properties of

Jgit: retrieves note content from each note in a git repository

Is there a way to fetch the note content of every note in a git repository using jgit. I tried couple of approaches but none of it seem to work. The below approach, doest list the note content nor the commit ID. FileRepository repo; try { repo = new

Does AngularJS hide and is there a way to prevent it?

var modalInstance = ${ templateUrl: '/template/edit-modal.html', controller: ModalInstanceCtrl2, resolve: { locations: function () { return locationToEdit; } }, scope: $scope.$new() }); I have a handful of modal windows that open up using

The VS2015 error list items all doubled

In VS2015, I'm working on native C++ if that matters, all the warnings in the Error List are doubled. I know headers will be included multiple times, but I can see that an item for a .cpp file is listed twice with the same line number and identical c

The top margin of the item does not seem to change

I have some text, and beneath it a button. No matter what I change the top margin to, the button still sticks to the bottom of the text. I am trying to leave a small gap between the text and the button. Here is a Jsfiddle:

A good localization framework for Java

I'm looking for best localization framework for Java. Default localization framework is not enough for me. Ideally I'm looking for localization framework with following features: Style support - like Apache Wicket localization framework does Formatin

run my Asp.Net web application on another machine

How can I run my application on another machine, my team member wants to view the webpage in his computer. He doesn't want to install visual studio but just wants to see the webpage in the browser. I am using a Mac bookPublish it to a web server, or

Bean marked with a prototype not working in the spring

I have two beans, Parent and Child. Child bean I have declared as of Protoype scope. I want new child object is used to call any child's method in the Parent class. For eg. in the below example,I want statement 1 calls method sayHi on different child

CSS color does not load for button

Can somebody assist with why the buttons on the page below don't render the background color correctly? The background-color property appears to be set correctly but I'm wondering if there's a conflict with another CSS file my template is using. Any

Correct way to model the relational database

to explain my problem, I'll give a simple example: My database has three tables: [positions] - position_id INT - position VARCHAR [employees] - employee_id INT - position_id INT - FK - name VARCHAR - birth_date DATE [vehicles] - vehicle_id INT - mode

Is it important Repeat rule for CQRS

I wonder using design principle rule that named DRY(Do not repeat yourself) on CQRS. I have 2 type of Geometric table named WaterPipes, GasPipes. public GasPipe{ id, Name, Length, .... } public WaterPipe{ id, Name, Length .... } So I am new at using

How to read the contents of a file In Erlang?

I know you can do something like this: readlines(FileName) -> {ok, Device} = file:open(FileName, [read]), get_all_lines(Device, []). get_all_lines(Device, Accum) -> case io:get_line(Device, "") of eof -> file:close(Device), Accum; Line

jQuery if the attribute contains a certain value

Having a total mind blank here. Hoping you can help. How would I alter this argument to be when the attribute 'href does not start with #overlay'... if(this.getTrigger().attr("href")){ // stuff in here } Thanks you wonderful people. KevinIf you

The non-optimal PHP configuration detected on this machine

I'm trying to install PHPmyadmin in IIS 8, seem not success, because PHPmanager said "Not optimal PHP configuration detected on this machine". what does it mean? Anyone can help me to make PHPmyadmin works in IIS 8? Thank you! GaryI am not sure

Dynamic elevation of a static variable in PHP

I have two static values: "type" and "typeID". Type is human readable and constant, and typeID needs to be looked up from the database, based on the value of type. I need the lookup to happen once, when the class definition is first lo

Entire multiplication using C ++ input strings

Whenever I feed single digit input to the following code, the answer comes out to be in 4 digits. #include <iostream> #include <stdio.h> using namespace std; int makeEqual(string &s1, string &s2) { int len1 = s1.length(); int len2 = s2

Salted hachis and history of passwords

Wondering whether it matters if a salt is unique for a single given user each time the password is changed, or whether it's not a big deal to reuse the same salt each time. I currently generate a new random string as the salt each time a given user u

Exporting the application to run

I build applications using C++, C# and Java. But when I try to copy the output file to another machine it won`t work ... and for the Java, I have to copy the source code, install the SDK and jun it through the CMD or through a compiler ... I want to

How to disable TextBox using JavaScript?

earlier I asked for help disabling a Button when a drop down menu item was selected. I was given some code that did the trick but now I need the same with a Textbox and for some odd reason its not working can you have a look for me... HTML: <form id=