C Get the function line number from 2 function calls

In the process of developing a small SDK, I need to create an "error handler". To make more effective I want to get the line number where the function was called and I don't know if it's possible in C (using GCC for compiling). When a SDK functi

Minimal Minor of a Pagination?

What's the bare minimum of a pagination in PHP/MySQLi? I have searched online and have tried to learn how to do a pagination but all the examples are huge, so I was wondering if what's the minimum so I can start there and then work my way into unders

Unable to delete block comments in Eclipse after formatting

Eclipse's automatic formatter changes block comments such that the Source > Remove Block Comment does not completely remove the block comment. Source > Add Block Comment adds the start and end of the clock comment to the lines of code, but after run

LinearLayout with Imageview and Listview

I'm working on an app where I want the logo left justified and then a list of categories on the right side. So what I have is the logo in an image view which is in the Linear Layout and then I add a ListView to the LinearLayout too so they can be on

Extract multiple patterns from a URL string

I have a URL string: http://localhost:3000/user/event?profile_id=2&profile_type=UserProfile I want to extract "2" and "UserProfile", where these can change. I tried to use both match and scan but neither is returning results: url =

Re-enable the ASP.NET session that caused the suspension of IIS

I'm trying to implement some fail safes on a client's web server which is running two of their most important sites (ASP.NET on IIS7). I'm going to set up application pool limiting so that if any w3wp process uses 90%+ CPU for longer than a minute th

Sensory layout, box positions

I'm building a responsive site. The basic version has 2 columns, each column features a few boxes: The 1 column layout shold look like this: A naive approach for the one column version would be to place everything from second column under column one.

Short form of if / else in Java

How can i write this if/else expression in short form using ternary operator ? int value1 = 5,value2 = 0; if (value2 == 0) { } else { value1 = value1 / value2; } You don't need to take any action on value if value2 is 0, so you can write a ternary op

Integral types of mess with sizeof (T)

class Foo { public: Foo(const void* data) : m_dataPtr(data) {} template<typename T> const T Get() { const T* readPoint = static_cast<const T*>(m_dataPtr); m_dataPtr = (const char *) m_dataPtr + sizeof(T); return *(readPoint); } private: const

Can anyone suggest how this Perl script works?

I have to maintain the following Perl script: #!/usr/bin/perl -w die "Usage: $0 <file1> <file2>\n" unless scalar(@ARGV)>1; undef $/; my @f1 = split(/(?=(?:SERIAL NUMBER:\s+\d+))/, <>); my @f2 = split(/(?=(?:SERIAL NUMBER:\s+

Perl: Regex matching fails

I've tried several different variations of regex, but I still cannot get $found to return results. I've tested these regex on regexterster.com which shows a positive match against the examples in @domains. I suspect I'm making a very noobish mistake

The method may not close the stream during the exception

I get a critical error with findbugs: The method creates an IO stream object, does not assign it to any fields, pass it to other methods, or return it, and does not appear to close it on all possible exception paths out of the method. This may result

Github Flow remove commit and changes in history

I'm looking to use GitHub flow, I have a question. My Repo (A, B, C, D are merge commits from merging in a Pull Request) (master) -------------A------B-------C-------D(HEAD) say what I committed in B has a defect, but I need to do a deployment contai

Correct mode to use a database for the report

I would like to track some work using a database, using tables like State and Status. Each Status table has an FK to State. A valid status may be something like 'transferring', and it's state may be 'active' or 'completed'. There would be a third tab

Choose randomly between two possibilities

I have the following file: 452 0/0 10 30 40 460 0/1 0 40 40 500 0/0 5 35 40 600 0/1 15 25 40 800 1/1 40 0 40 The real file contains millions of lines. If the second field is 0/0, I print the 3rd and 5th columns. If the second field is 1/1, I print th

Laravel logout fails by pressing the back button

On logout from my Laravel application using the Laravel logout method: public function getLogout() { Auth::logout(); return Redirect::to('users/login')->with('message', '<div class="alert alert-success">Your have successfully logged out

PHP / Javascript RegEx - Group not capturing

I have three variations of a string: 1. view=(edit:29,30) 2. view=(edit:29,30;) 3. view=(edit:29,30;x:100;y:200) I need a RegExp that: capture up to and including ",30" capture "x:100;y:200" - whenever there's a semicolon after the fir

Maven multi-module project error

I'm using the followin folder structure: SpringMvcExample \_ pom.xml (root pom) \_ parent \_ pom.xml (parent pom) \_ model \_ src \_ pom.xml (child pom) Here are files examples: root.pom: <groupId>com.pack</groupId> <artifactId>SpringMvc

Force loaded links with Ajax to open in a new tab

I am using this script to force links to Open in a new Window with Jquery, and it works fine // add external links function addExternalLinks () { $("a[href*='http://']:not([href*='"+location.hostname.replace ("www.","")+"

I try to write a first basic program in allegro

SO, I'm using the latest version and the latest version of Allegro, but on lines 6 and 12 I seem to have encountered some errors that are not yet clear to me. I am very new to C++ as well as Allegro, so any help would be very much appreciated. For li

How to draw a contour around Sprite in cocos2d-x 3 beta?

i try to draw bounding box around the Sprite i added to layer and position it somewhere the CC_SPRITE_DEBUG_DRAW flag don't work in version 3 but i toke the code from CCSprite i use this code in spirit draw method : Point vertices1[4] = { Point( _qua

iOS can not drop IBOutlet in View Controller

First, I want to apologize if my question isn't asked properly or if the answer is obvious, but I'm learning iOS development and I have some difficulties with specific terms because I'm French. My application has a table view controller containing ta