Is this template secure by thread?

Hi Stackoverflow Community, I have a Question about Thread-safety. If I has a static Map and fill it out with different Object, are these Object Thread-safe, if i has only method they don't write in it? I create a small Example: Is the return value o

PHP multidimensional

im trying to get to the data in this multidimetional array. Array ( [return] => Array ( [0] => stdClass Object ( [array] => Array ( [0] => ADMIN [1] => ) ) ... but when i try $result = $array->return; print_r(

Passing a variable inside the json string

I have a simple var with some strings that I convert to a json object. I would like to have an input field for the persons name and then add the text. Currently I have this var text = '{"students":[' + '{"firstName": "Brendan"

Problem with the MAMP Drupal 6 white page

I've been trying to install an existing drupal 6 app into a MAMP environment (mac), but i get a white page as a result of the home page. The thing is that i can access to the rest of pages if i put the absolute url, but it doesn't show anything at ro

Confirm JavaScript on the ASP.Net Button Control

I working on an ASP.Net C# application, I wanted to create a Button Control, when user click on the button, a JavaScript confirm popup, then get the Boolean value from the user (Yes/No) to perform further actions in the button onClick event. my curre

Definition of a global matrix in python

I want to save the incoming data into an array that remember its previous array position global data, in_data data_hold = {} data = 0 def start_input(atm_data): data_hold[data] = atm_data When calling twice from other module: test.start_input

Net ldap - Encoding :: UndefinedConversionError

folks! I get the following error message and I have no idea what to do. Is this a already known net-ldap bug? I tried to update my gems and I already looked for further informations in the internet. The first part is ok, I get ally my data from my ld

The Keydown event is triggered twice

On a Windows store App, I have this simple TextBox <TextBox Name="TextBoxUser" HorizontalAlignment="Right" Width="147" Margin="20,0,0,0" KeyDown="TextBox_KeyDown" / That has a KeyDown Event associated w

Optimize Switch Model Replacement

I have a lot of custom datatypes in one of my projects which all share a common base class. My data (coming from a database) has a datatype which is distinguished by an enum of the base class. My architecture allows a specific datatype to be speciali

Interpret something and run the bytecode generated in Java?

I'm writing a toy interpreter with a REPL in Java. I'd like to generate bytecode from the language and run that, instead of interpreting an AST and running that instead. Since my Java is a bit rusty, is it possible to run generated bytecode on the fl

Keep items open on the hover

I am trying to hide my main menu and logo behind the main content and have the main content push down and reveal the header when the user hovers near the top of the page. I can get all content to push down on hover and then scroll back when the user

How to pass parameters to the Crystal report from code

I have created crystal report (cross tab). Am not using any dataset instead i used the wizrd in crystal report to call procedure from my Database schema (Provider given is Microsoft OLEDB provider for oracle, after which i gave my DB credentials(i.e.

Responsible Design modify by tag

Its anyway to modify the style of element without an id or class, only by tag? css code: @media (min-width:801px) { /* my element is "nav" and I want to change the style */ } Anyway to do that? Thanks! @media (min-width:801px) { nav { /* ADD STY

In the app purchase in Windows Phone

Is there any official In App Purchase for windows phone same like iPhone (which connects to iTunes). Here is the nice explanation about In App Purchase In-app purchase (IAP) means buying more content for the app through Marketplace while in the app.

The Stop script does not work if the screen size is less than

I have this small snippet of jQuery: if (jQuery(window).innerWidth() > 568) { jQuery('#boardOfTrustees').masonry({ itemSelector: '.postWrapper', }); } This works fine, but I want to stop this from working, or uninitialize it on resize if the screen i

The easiest way to explicitly block an application?

My application has custom crash-handling built-in (see John Robbins' excellent book about "Debugging Windows Applications"). To test this functionality, I always used the Windows function DebugBreak() and this always worked perfectly. But since

Writing non-blocking loops nested in node.js

How to properly write the following set of loops in Node.Js without blocking the event loop or without causing out of memory error. What I have tried so far includes Combinations of setImmediate()/setInterval() The Async module see my code here Threa

How can I see how a C ++ class is stored with gdb?

I've got a debug build of a program (the V8 JavaScript VM) and I want to understand how instances of certain classes are laid out in memory. I can pretty-print structures like this: (gdb) print thread_local $6 = { blocks_ = { data_ = 0x868ceb0, capac

How to access any element in iterative models

Consider the following polymer element. <polymer-element name="some-element"> <template> <div layout vertical center> <template repeat="{{item in array}}"> <my-first-element on-some-event="{{handleEvent}

Specialization of the function model on function pointers

I have a sanitization function that I want to run on (traditional) pointer types only. My problem is with function templates I can get as far as limiting the function to only pointers, however because of casting rule differences between function poin

Integrate django and RoR (ruby on rails)

I have a website built by someone else with ruby-on-rails, and I'm now building a django application. I need my users to sign in with my sign-in page built on django and surf my django pages (so far - easy to do) but I also need to add links on the s

Specify how python del works for lists and slices

Reading the docs: del: Deletion of a target list recursively deletes each target, from left to right. Can you clarify why this code works as it works? a = [1,2,3] c = a[:] del c print a del a[:] print a This prints: [1, 2, 3] [] if a slice is a new l