Running Jersey Rest API without using container as pot

Currently, I'm using Tomcat to keep my Backend along with my Rest API. When I want to use my Frontend, I'm just starting Tomcat, which holds the Backend-Project and then, I can access the the backend over the Rest-API using http-requests. Now I thoug

Routing correct for short url by username in Rails

I am trying to replace user profile views of the sort /users/1 with /username I'm aware this means I'll need to check for collisions of various kinds. I've consulted the following similar SO questions: Ruby on rails routing matching username customiz

COPY GZIP HDFS Vertical Data

I want to COPY HDFS (gzipped)data into Vetica. I am using following command. but its not working COPY pix001 SOURCE Hdfs(url='', username='xyz') GZIP DELIMITER E'\t'; Anyo

Mysql group and sum based on the state

Is there a way to group and sum columns based on a condition? id | code | total | to_update 1 | A1001 | 2 | 0 2 | B2001 | 1 | 1 3 | A1001 | 5 | 1 4 | A1001 | 3 | 0 5 | A1001 | 2 | 0 6 | B2001 | 1 | 0 7 | C2001 | 11 | 0 8 | C2001 | 20 | 0 In this exam

PHP configuration cookies

I learned that when you set cookies, you give them a name, a value, and an expiration. This is an example I got from a book. setcookie('test', 45, time()(60*60*24)); I understand the purpose of setting a name, so we have a way of referring to it. And

Get Record from DB using the stored procedure in c #

I'm trying to fetch a record from the database using a stored procedure, but it returns null in SqlDataReader object. Here is my code: public Buybest_Liberary.Data.UserManagement getUser(string email) { Buybest_Liberary.Data.UserManagement obj = new

Comparing md5 hashing in Android (java) and c #

I am doing md-5 hashing in both android and c# at the same time. But both the results should be the same for the same inputs. Is there any difference in the way its done in both the languages? I get different outputs in both the cases. Here is the c#

.Net Dynamic Plugin Loading with Authority

What recommendations can you give for a system which must do the following: Load Plugins (and eventually execute them) but have 2 methods of loading these plugins: Load only authorized plugins (developed by the owner of the software) Load all plugins

Check if the directory exists on Android sdcard with bash

I would like to check whether a directory exists on the sdcard of an Android device using bash. I am aware that a similar question was answered here: Check if a directory exists in a shell script The difference is that when I do if [ -e /sdcard/myDir

Analyze a php file from an external server

I'm trying to figure out how (if possible) to do this: I want to have a server/space/cloud-storage without apache storing a php file, then, another server actually running and parsing that file. This is because I know Dropbox (Copy, Google Deive, etc

mockForConstraintsTests abstract groovy class

Unit testing Abstract classes in Groovy I asked a question previous about unit testing and mocking a domain class, but I do not think I was specific enough. I have a domain class: package toplevel.domain abstract class Party { static hasMany = [roles

Port of $ .ajax to javascript XMLHttpRequest?

Looking for some help to convert the following from jquery ajax to javascript using XMLHttpRequest? $.ajax({ url: 'api/dev/blah?id=4F', type: 'GET', beforeSend: function(req) { req.setRequestHeader("Accept", "application/xml"); }, succ

Combination of strings without '+'

I come from python & if I want to print this line "Hello World" I can do this: line = "Hello %s" % "World" How can I combine string templates with my variables like the above? IE, I want to combine this var arrray = new A

Number of articles by date, without deviation in dates

I have a table of posts to a website, where each entry has its creation date. I want to return a table like: Date Posts 16-11-2009 5 17-11-2009 0 18-11-2009 4 etc But I'm struggling to find the right SQL. I can easily get a count of posts grouped by

Accessing the nested JSON value

I am trying to access a certain value from a JSON object. The value I am trying to access is launches->rocket->agencies->abbrev from a JSON object that has a lot of nested objects and arrays. I can't access values below a certain nested level for

Define the selected boxes in a list?

I have my Adapter for the ListView and everything runs fine in the main activity. The listview is a list of all the apps with checkboxes next to each of them. Currently when I run the app, some of the checkboxes are randomly checked; where do I defin

SQL Server 4928 error - no replication or CDC

I'm trying to rename a column but I'm getting this error: Msg 4928, Level 16, State 1, Procedure sp_rename, Line 547 Cannot alter column 'appraisal_id' because it is 'enabled for Replication or Change Data Capture'. Msg 0, Level 20, State 0, Line 0 A

Rendering Test Unit for a Custom UIElement WPF

In my application I am using a custom UIElement, which handles its own layout and rendering. While I can unit test most of it, I cannot properly unit test the rendering. The reason is that rendering is done via the OnRender method, but I have no way

Connecting to the SQL Server database in ASP

I know my question is basic. But I don't Know how should I configure web.config information! My SQL server is connected with windows authentication. I'm using this config: <add key="DBServer" value="mssql" /> <add key="DB

sort / command by software version - algorithm / implementation

I'm looking for a way to order/sort a set of strings that define software versions, in the following format: x.x.x (e.g.: 1.3.12). Those strings are in an database(mysql) , but I'm not sure if this is even relevant. One idea I can think of is to make