IPhone SDK - Touch a UIButton via a UILabel

I am trying to capture a touch through a UILabel, but am having trouble. Here is my scenario. I have a UIButton as a subview of a UIScrollView. I also have a UILabel as a subview of the same UIScrollView. The frame of the UILabel overlaps that of the

Parse.User.current (), globals etc

I am new to Express and Parse. I am trying to make a simple modification to the Anyimg cloud tutorial. I would like to display the default home page only if the user is authenticated. If I use Parse.User.authenticated(), I get: The error was TypeErro

How to use z3 c api to solve the theory of networks

I'd like to use z3 c api to solve array theory question like this, there are five elements in one array, namely array[5], select(a,i,v1) = select(a,j,v2), v1 is not equal to v2 and i is equal to j, so this should be unsatisfiable solved by z3. the qu

Get the number of blob in an Azure storage container

What is the most efficient way to get the count on the number of blobs in an Azure Storage container? Right now I can't think of any way other than the code below: CloudBlobContainer container = GetContainer("mycontainer"); var count = container

Jquery to show div one by one each click event

This is my code : <script type="text/javascript"> $(document).ready(function(){ $('.toAdd').hide(); $('#add').click(function () { var i = 0; $('.toAdd').each(function () { if ($(this).show()) { i++; } }); }); }); </script> <div id

How to Subscribe to Windows File Change Events

I am trying to subscribe to the event of a specific file being modified using WQL with this query: SELECT * FROM __InstanceModificationEvent WITHIN 1 WHERE TargetInstance ISA "CIM_DataFile" AND TargetInstance.Drive="C:" AND TargetInsta

Channels retrieved from files displaying garbage

I have 2 files, easyp.txt and easyn.txt, were easyp.txt stores points, and easyn.txt stores names. I have code that displays the top score and the players name. It was working fine, then I edited some other lines, and upon running again, it spews out

Changing the body of the function when compiling in C

Assume I have a function like below: void func1(...) { ... ... func2(...); ... ... } In the compilation phase, I call the func1() function in two places. However, in one of the places I don't want the func2() to be executed. So, I need two versions o

Can you hide data in the text?

I wish to put some text on a page and hide some data in that text. Does anybody know of any methods / patterns that have been used in the past to solve this problem? Example: I have the following text: "The cat sat on the dog and was happy." I a

@fontface can not find font

I'm trying to use the Entyo font face but I'm unable to get it working. I changed the whole of the site to the font and can notice a distinct pause whena page is being loaded, searchign for but not finding the font perhaps? My CSS: @font-face { font-

Renaming the JEE project

I'm working on a JavaEE project, I already have the skeleton of an old project. All i have done is rename the project, packages and change the name in the project file (.project). But now when i'm trying to run, it returns error in the browser "The r

Align the text vertically next to another text

I am having a div with various texts. I need to make the am and pm on the top. My HTML code is- <div class="agendaBlackDiv"> <span class="agendaTimeStop">10:00</span > <span>a.m.</span> <text>-</t

Pre-existing MySQL Data with Vagrant / VirtualBox

Background: I used to develop using MAMP and over the months/years I've accumulated a large mysql database (a few gigs) that I use for development for my different projects. I finally got around to setting up a VM using Vagrant and I've gotten everyt

Using NHibernate Identifier Identity Generator

i have read in more then one place that using NHibernate's Identifier as Primary Key is considered a bad practice because the id are generated at the server side and hence we need a reply from the server about the generated ids. (i think that i have

Pass a php variable to jquery as argument

I have a question, how to pass val.idno after firm/editFirm/ so I need to do firm/editFirm/val.idno.Help me please guys.My jquery: $.each(obj, function(i,val) { $('#finalResult').text("Results"); items.push($('<li/>').text( val.name_firm +

Are jsp standard actions used?

This is a quick question for all of you writing jsps in production. Do you use jsp standard actions and why? What are maybe some of common use cases? I ask because there are so many taglibs out there that seem to be so much more capable and I am not

Ignore empty cells PHPExcel

I'm using the library PHPExcel to read data in an Excel file. The problem I'm having, is that when I use something like: $obj = PHPExcel_IOFactory::load($file); $data = $obj->getActiveSheet()->toArray(null,true,true,true); To load my file and conver

Can I draw PieChart in PDF with itext Android?

I want to add Pie chart in my PDF using itext in Android. But all the example related to piechart seems to use the following 2D classes: Graphics2D graphics2d = template.createGraphics(width, height, new DefaultFontMapper()); Rectangle2D rectangle2d

Does that put reentrant?

Is int puts(const char*); re-entrant? Can I safely put it into a signal handler?Here is a table with all functions considered safe for signal handling: "The following table defines a set of functions that shall be either reentrant or non-interruptibl

. not to work in angular

Factory app.factory('Shipment', function($resource) { return function(auth_token){ return $resource(basePath + "shipments/:id", { id: '@_id' }, { query: { method: 'GET', params: {auth_token: auth_token}, isArray:true }, update: { method: 'PUT' }

jquery code selector

I have this code that someone else wrote and am wondering, what this jQuery code is selecting? Is this valid jQuery code? var a = $("<h3/>").append($("<a/>", { href : "/comic/title.html", class : "comic-link&

Mysql left the join count if the table is not null

im making a lefjoin consult in mysql like this SELECT A.*,B.*,C.*,D.* from TableA A left join TableB B on A.id=B.id left join TableC C on A.id=C.id left join TableD D on A.id=D.id where //some condition //group by //order by The final result is a arr