The boot pot is not called

I created a Java Web Application Project in NetBeans, and created a startup bean in it: package malibu.util; import javax.annotation.PostConstruct; import javax.ejb.EJB; import javax.ejb.Stateless; import javax.ejb.LocalBean; @Stateless @LocalBean @j

How do I send emails with Arabic html content to php smtp

Want to send arabic html content on mail I Tried require_once "Mail.php"; require_once "Mail/mime.php"; // see // for further extended documentation on Mail_Mime mb_internal_enco

Scroll to div from li

I have a symfony view which looks like this {% for menu in menus %} <li>{{}}</li> I want to be able to go on a specific div when I click to the li element. Here is the full simplified page: {% for menu in menus %} <li>{{menu.nam

Complex regex situation

I have a results list that looks like this: 1lemon_king9mumu (2-1), YearofHell (2-0), kriswithak (2-1)0.44440.75000.4444 2mumu6lemon_king (1-2), MogwaiAC (2-0), Dathanja (2-1)0.66670.62500.5655 3MogwaiAC6Dathanja (2-0), mumu (0-2), Jebnarf (2-1)0.555

Calculation of x-height in .NET 2.0

How can we calculate x-height of a font (typeface) without needing .NET 3.0 or later (for example I would like to avoid System.Windows.Media namespace).Although your question clearly states x-height, all the answers talk about height, which is not at

Hashing & amp; Salting - Connection Validation w / cookies

So this is basically a reassurance that I'm doing the whole registration/login process right as far as hashing/salting goes. I have a users table with the fields password, salt, token (obviously there are others but this is the most important). Upon

Turn off screenshots in Rails system tests

I'm using system tests in Rails 5.1, and I'd like to turn off the automated screenshots for failure cases. Usually the failure message is plenty for me to figure out what's going on - and notably, the webdriver browser window always takes focus in or

Detect the amplitude of the audio file per second?

I want to detect the amplitude in dB of an audio file per second using iPhone SDK. I need this functionality for the mouth animation of an object according to the dB magnitude of the sound file per second. How can I do this ? With which audio framewo

Printing to Receipt Printer (pdf)

I would like to use a receipt printer with my web based POS.. Before i go any further i know you can not force print a receipt from the browser and the only options are to do it via PHP, and cups, which is not an option or a Java Applet, Prefer no to

The time stamp of the default SQL Server date?

I have a field that when something is inserted I want it to get the current Date & Time and insert this into the database. Is there a way to get the date & time, and set it as the default value? Currently the default value is: (getdate()) Which se

ActiveRecord Rails: Default Range for Connected User

I have a Post model that is associated to users (think of 'post owner'). class Post < ActiveRecord belongs_to :user (...) end In my Post#index action/view, I want to only display posts that belong to the currently logged-in user. So first approach wo

Changing the folder name public_html

I have two folders for a particular web site. There is the main site which is at home/user/public_html and then I have a sub domain -> for the latest under development version of the site at /home/user/dev_html Maybe bec

SQLAlchemy Custom Sort Algorithms When Using SQL Indexes

Is it possible to write custom collation functions with indexes in SQLAlchemy? SQLite for example allows specifying the sorting function at a C level as sqlite3_create_collation(). An implementation of some of the Unicode collation algorithm has been

Implementation of Android Volley

please guys i need ur help!.. I am new to Volley and i have been trying to do the login and registeration using volley. To say Insertion and retrieval. The problem is i cannot retrieve o insert anything i the db im using json array and json object. P

Why is cross-thread illegal * not * detected?

All: I have created a Windows Form and a Button. In another Thread, I attempt to change the text of the button, and it crashes; but if I attempt to change the color of the button, it reliably succeeds. I thought that if you changed any Windows Form C

XML parser file from HTTP

I have an XML file located at a location such as I'm trying to parse the XML file to use it in my program with xPath like this but it is not working. Document doc = builder.parse(new File(url)); How can I get the XML file?

How do I get all the property names of a Groovy class?

This question already has an answer here: Groovy property iteration 2 answers The title ask it all : How to get all property names of a Groovy class? Is it even possible? I thought I could use collection syntaxes with classes too be it don't seem to

Getting Siblings in JavaScript, Without Libraries

How can I look for siblings "upwards" using JavaScript? Basically, I need a prevUntil() function similar to the one present in jQuery. I have lots of <div> elements, all on the same level, such as: <div></div> <div></d

Math Looping between Min and Max using Mod?

i'm attempting to build a tiny (or perhaps not so tiny) formula that will contain numbers between a set min and max, but also loop these numbers so they are not clipped if they are outside of the range. so far, this is what i have. min1 = 10 max1 = 9

How do I know which COLUMN my cursor is in Xcode?

Sometimes I want to know what column my cursor is at, so I can see how many characters I have left til the print margin. This is a common functionality in most IDEs and text editors, but I couldn't find it in Xcode. Is it possible to enable this or s