When external SWF has reached Frame X, how do I unload it?

Here's my swf loading code: function loadBall(e:MouseEvent):void{ var mLoader:Loader = new Loader(); var mRequest:URLRequest = new URLRequest("ball.swf"); mLoader.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, onCompleteHandler); mLoader.con

What is it. Should the .Net project be built on x64 and x86?

My small application does 2 things seem conflict: 1) Use VFPOLEDB.1 to talk to Visual Foxpro database to get some data --> It require app builder in x86 or 'Any CPU' 2) However there is another function to call a powershell script to access IIS of th

Move the file with a particular extension

I'm new to vb scripting and I'm trying to move the file which has only certain extension say for example txt or jpg. I have a script here like this: filePath = directoryLocation + fileName + "*.txt|jpg" fso.MoveFiles source,destination when I ru

Strncmp in Linked List

This program should allow the user to input some names (until the user wishes to continue.) and then display those names in ascending order. I have used the strncmp function in comparing the char arrays. But when this is run, only the 1st and last na

$ {Surefire.forkNumber} always resolves as null

I am using ${surefire.forkNumber} in system property in my pom. According to maven documentation, it should be resolved to the number of fork that is currently running. But it is resolving as null. Below is snippet of my pom file: <plugin> <group

How to programmatically log into the phpBB forum?

I have a forum using phpBB. Now i would like to do something like this from source code: login("user", "password") How to do this in phpBB?You will need a script that integrates with the phpBB framework. Something like this should work

How to prevent the Ipod Touch application from going to sleep

I am building an application for the ipod touch that needs to run for several time (like an alarm clock). I would like to prevent the ipod touch from going to sleep unless the use manually exit the application. Is this possible with the current SDK?Y

Invalid object name dbo.TableName

I am getting the following error here: http://mvcbense.azurewebsites.net/ Invalid object name 'dbo.BlogPosts'. This is an MVC3 application using Entity Framework Code First. I have looked elsewhere and have only found something about changing the sch

Unffix event for Bootstrap affix?

I want to combine the affix plugin with the bootstrap navbar-fixed-top class. So far I have got it working then when I scroll past the navbar it gets fixed. But when I scroll back up I want it to go back into static state again. I have seen some code

Msg 6522, Level 16 Alarm When Running the Clr Stored Procedure

I would like to create SQL Server CLR stored procedure for inserting some rows in a table in SQL Server 2012. Here is my c# code: using System; using System.Data; using System.Data.SqlClient; using System.Data.SqlTypes; using Microsoft.SqlServer.Serv

How do I process the information in the tables?

I'm trying to learn the koala gem to link Facebook with my Ruby on Rails application. I'm starting to get the hang of it, but I'm running into some serious mental blocks! def friends facebook.fql_query("SELECT uid,username, is_app_user, name, pic_squ

Encrypt table column names in SQL Server Express

What is the best way to encrypt columns in SQL Server 2005 Express edition so that no one can steal our database design? Thanksthere is no best way to do this. if you obfuscate them you give yourself a lot of pain when debugging. you'll have to chang

Rename column if exists sqlite?

I've created which used a column which were not being used initially but now we are setting and getting values I found the column name is not correct and what i want to change column Name but want to retain the data of existing database in device Is

How to get latitude or longitude in HTML 5

few month ago i write something to get the latitude or longitude from google API. latter i get the database from drupal for latitude or longitude to most of city in worlds. but the problem is that the same city name can be found two or more times in

Java: OOP Encapsulation vs No encapsulation?

Hello I did a Binary Tree program for my Java Class and I got lots of points off for "No OOP Encapsulation" .. well I thought encapsulation was just using classes? What should I done different to enforce OOP Encapsulation? Below was my working c

subsonic with ASP.net MVC2 strongly typed views

I have an MVC project setup, and I've brought the subsonic Active Record templates into my project, and they generated successfully and I can use the subsonic classes to access my database. However, how do I create a strongly typed view using the sub