JavaScript error only belongs to IE 8 but no other browser

This question already has an answer here: ie8 var w= - "Message: Invalid argument." 14 answers I am using the following function in my code function viewTearSheet(creativeId) { var url = "/Main?event_key=new_view_test_ad&i

Maven Shading Error: Access is denied

Now, I have already seen this question, however it doesn't appear anything is using my target folder. What's going on, is when I compile it fails and shows me this error: [ERROR] Failed to execute goal org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-shade-plugin:2.3:

Best way to replace a visual component by Delphi

In a Delphi Form, I would like to replace one visual component with another. Example: I want to replace a Panel component with an ElPanel from a 3rd party package. I would like all identical properties and events of the first component to be transfer

Where a declaration that the code is not executed

My while statement I have set up is causing my code underneath it to not be executed. When I use this code here: while ((count = != -1) { total += count; publishProgress("" + (int) ((total * 100) / lenghtOfFile)); } to update the

Class loading problem in the Java Enterprise application

I have Enterprise Application with EJB3 and JSF on Glassfish server. After running this application for more than 2 weeks I realized that I have problem with Class Loading. I don't think this is a problem with permgen. The classes loaded every time w

Connecting WebStorm to a Remote Node.js Debug Session

I am running a Node.js application within a Linux VM in Oracle VirtualBox. The port 5858 on the VM is forwarded to the port 5858 on the localhost. I am running WebStorm on the host operating system (Windows 7). In WebStorm I click Run >> Edit Config

Oracle Chooses Update Behavior

The problem we try to solve looks like this. We have a table full of rows which represent cards. The purpose of reservation transaction is to assign a card to a client A card can not belong to many clients After some time (if it is not bought) a card

What is the. * & Amp; Does the operator do it?

This question already has an answer here: I can't understand this line - dereferencing an address of private member variable or what? 1 answer I stumbled across this question, which had an answer that used an odd construct: typedef std::queue<int> Q

JFileChooser and & ldquo; Details View & rdquo;

When using a JFileChooser there is a "Details View" button. There are 5 pieces of information displayed per file. Icon, Name, Size, Type, and "Date Modified". What class controls the 'Type' value? Using the class 'FileView', the Icon a

Help me make this SQL update query correctly

I have 3 values that I need to copy from one table to another table. Here is my amateur attempt at it, I know it is horribly ineffecent, what would the correct way of doing this query? update [IDAT_PATIENTS] set TargetRabiesSerial = (select top 1 SER

Code to get a friendly referencing in the htaccess file

I am new to htaccess file and have the following requirement. I have a dynamic page which handles like this com/index.php?postname=products .com/index.php?cat=news&country=india for these pages I want SEO friendly urls like this .com/products/ to .co

Avoid call reversalsHel with mongoose

I'm starting with node mongoose etc... I'm a good student and so I follow the doc : . After a while using this syntax I ended up with the infamous callback hell. After reading a lot about how to avoid this sit

hg order the list of sub-condoms

Is there a command that can be constructed to list all the subrepositories of a Mercurial repository? Something like what the git submodule command does? (I am attempting to process them programmatically.) As far as I can tell, the best option curren

Use JCloud to talk to the non-AWS cloud with the S3 API

I'm trying to use JClouds to talk to an OpenStack / swift storage cloud installation that only exposes a S3 API (it does not support the swift / rackspace API). I tried: Properties overrides = new Properties(); overrides.setProperty(Constants.PROPERT

ternary operator in the ascx page

I have this check in ListView <%# Eval("Count") != null ? Eval("Count") : 0%>/<%# Eval("MaxRange")%> now i want to change that if count is null then it should show nothing. I tried this but no avail. <%# Eval(&

Oracle changes password

From time to time, Oracle is changing the password for my account. My project has one database pooling for each 60 seconds and another for each 600 seconds. I don't believe this is the cause, but it abruptlies changes the password causing my code to

Can not get latitude and longitude of user at marshmallow

I am working on accessing the user current location and have gone through this tutorial Current location and this tutorial Current Location. Everything seems fine but latitude and longitude are not coming up in the TextView field. Here is my code @Ke

How to Run a Deployed Haskell Web Application

I've read every Haskell deploy thread I could find here and several on the wider web, but I still don't get one thing. If I've compiled an app for my server, and can ssh in and run it, how do I go about running the thing? Assume I'm using an HTTP int

List in list recognition in python

I wrote this simple code to realize if members in a list are list itself and if so print the members. I would love to hear if it is the right way to approach or not: listt = ['spam!', 1, ['B', 'R', 'P'], [1 , 2, 3]] leng= range(len(listt)) def listPr

Defining static content in a UIScrollView via XIB

I need a UIScrollview to show some static content in my app. I have taken a UIScrollView through XIB and started adding some UIImageViews and textViews in to it. But after coming to the end of the scrollView the view is not exapanding anymore. I need

Method access control

I have a question about Java. I have a class that has some methods, like sayHello(), saySomething(), sayBye(), ... I have other classes too. I have a class Person, and two subclasses of Person: Senior and Junior. My job to do is the followin

access last modified revision

I had a question about accessing the last changed rev. I'm using svn info to get the information and store it in a file. The file stores info like revision, url, last changed revision. I access these values in build.xml by creating a property. While