The claim that subqueries can only return single columns

I am going through Ben Fortas "Teach yourself SQL in 10 minutes" book and it has grey box warning: "Subquery SELECT statements can only retrieve a single column. Attempting to return multiple columns will return an error." Is this, in

How do I get the #pragma comment data at run time?

I came across a section on MSDN this evening talking about #pragma options. Specifically, the #pragma comment definition. Is it possible to pull that information back out at run time (to identify which machine some source code was generated on for ex

Javascript Namespace and Problem with IE7

I implemented a Javascript namespacing solution based on this answer to another stack overflow question: How do I declare a namespace in JavaScript? Let's call this isigma-ns.js: var ISIGMA = { messages: { noValidId: "No valid ID found", reason:

Comparison date in model mvc3

I have two fields in my model CreateDateTo CreateDateFrom which renders like this <b>Start Date</b> @Html.EditorFor(model => model.AdvanceSearch.CreateDatefrom, new { @class = "picker startDate" }) <b>End Date</b> @Htm

How to present a UIViewController by zooming?

In my iPad app I have a view controller with a small table view. When you tap on the table view it opens a modal view controller that is a larger and more refined version of the small table view. I would like to create an animation from a pre-rendere

The navigation controller interferes with TabBarController

I have a menu, which is just a tableview on a tab. When you select one of the table cells it segues to a viewcontroller that is embedded in a navigation controller. i have added a 'Done' button to this navigation controller and created a segue back t

Gridview or Relativelayout

I dont know which Layout fits better to my needs. I want to have 4 Buttons on the left and 4 Buttons on the right. And if i implement Drag and Drop on these buttons, i want to drag one button over another. If the button isnt completly dragged over th

How to send data on POST without URI in WCF rest services

I am new to WCF. I am trying to implement a restful service for authentication. My WCF Code is as below. [OperationContract] [WebInvoke(Method="POST", UriTemplate = "auth", RequestFormat=WebMessageFormat.Json, ResponseFormat = WebMessa

Java Share Entry

i'm trying to write a simple code for my project if user types walk 10 i need to use "walk" command in my walk(distance) method as distance = 10 i have something like that while (!quit) { Scanner in = new Scanner(; String input =

Combination of menu and tab

I am using this "Tab layout and Listview" from and "Android Menus" from I merge them toge

GIT integration to view method history in Visual Studio

We use GitHub for our source code repository and Visual Studio for our development (C#). I downgraded from Visual Studio Professional (Trial) to Community Edition and somehow lost the GIT method history I had above each method signature. I've since r

Find the 1st node in the sequence

I have a list of numbers and I want to return a list of #'s of the first # in a sequence. So this list {1,2,5,7,8,9} i want to return {1,5,7} 1 since 1,2 is a sequence and 1 is the first # in it 5 since it isnt in a sequence 7 since 7,8,9 is a sequen

check if jquery has been loaded, then load it if it is false

Does anyone know how to check if jquery has been loaded (with javascript) then load it if it hasnt been loaded. something like if(!jQuery) { //load jquery file } Maybe something like this: <script> if(!window.jQuery) { var script = document.createEl

get two checks right next to each other

I want this label and its check box to be right next to each other. However, no matter how I try, I cannot get it to be. I have tried putting them in the same div. I have tried float, text-align, and a combination of the two. What do I need to do? ri

Force signed googletest vs unsigned comparison fails

First, I am new to googletest framework so be kind. I have a function void setID(const int id) { ID = id; } where ID is a global unsigned int. (Yes, globals are bad, I am just trying to figure what I am doing.) My unit test looks like this TEST_F(Tem

Animate middle div

I have this code. I want the div to animate from middle and cover whole space .like this HTML <div id="wrap"> <div class="anim"></div> </div> JQUERY $('.anim').on('mouseover',function(){ $(this).animate({ height

Hostgator Dedicated Server to Amazon ec2

I am currently hosting at hostgator using their dedicated server paying $219 monthly. One of my friend recommend transferring to Amazon ec2. My question is, can amazon do the same thing as hostgator like serving unlimited domain? Additionally, I have

Corresponding strings of constant length?

Why doesn't the below output both lines? $ cat tmp c9::dsk/c9t5000CCA23B2C6A65d0 c10::dsk/c10t5000C50086135011 $ cat tmp | perl -ne 'print "$1\n" if /(c\d\d?t[A-Z0-9]{15,16}d0)/' c9t5000CCA23B2C6A65d0 The second \d is optional, so it would allow

Printing a 2d string array in c

i'm trying to print a 2d array of string as practice(i'm a newbie) with no success i've tried every combination i could think of still nothing i'm sure i'm doing a silly error somewhere i just can't see it here some of the example: using a pointer :

Connecting Mysql and qt?

I'm having some difficulties connecting a program I'm building with qt. And once I do that, how do I get the database to work with a table widget? I should probably let you know that I don't know where to begin other than I made the database with lib

manipulation json angular in ng-if

Hi can anybody help me for this, I am want to display div 'entry' but somehow condition is not working.I want to display div according to blog_type.How to do? Here is my js code: app.controller('blog_controller', function ($scope, $http) { $scope.blo

How do I determine if the browser supports js pushState?

I want to use dynamic URL update through js script: window.history.pushState("string", "Title", "/new-url"); But if browser is old and not supporing this function it should simply redirect to new URL. Is there any simple way