General programming logic

I have a general question - regarding testing of values, I have run into this issue multiple time and I end up with some unsightly long code to accomplish something that logically seems simple. the issue - I have one or multiple values I want to test

Arduino sd on Ethernet shield does not work at all

I am new to Arduino, and I have an ethernet shield with an SD socket on top, but it not seems to be working. I am just trying to run a simple sketch taken from the SD libraries example to get infos about the card, but the "card.init(SPI_HALF_SPEED, c

Make 2 HTML input fields of the same width as the top

Please see this little HTML form I'd like to have ZIP & city input fields on one line, but on the right have the city input field end with the name input field on one line. How could I do that? Thanks.Solution 1: CSS label

Liskov Substitution Principle and Virtual Method

I have scenario where a virtual function is overridden in derived class with additional pre-conditions. Here is the snapshot - class Process { protected virtual void ValidateDates() { if (Entity.StartDate.Date > Entity.EndDate.Date) { AddFailure("

Constructors in abstract classes?

Possible Duplicate: Abstract class constructor in Java When we can't create an instance of abstract class, what is the purpose of a constructor?You can still extend the abstract class and call the abstracts class' constructor in your derived class.

Reloading an object that does not work in rspec

I am trying to test a controller method with the following code: it "should set an approved_at date and email the campaign's client" do @campaign = Campaign.create(valid_attributes) post :approve, id: @campaign.reload @campaign

Assigning the value of a worksheet cell to a constant

I am trying to assign the value of a worksheet cell to a constant variable in a VBA macro. The logic behind that action is that the end user is supposed to enter the current week in a specified cell before running the Macro. Since this value is going

How do I convert my hosted telecommunication API to WCF?

i have a API which is hosted using Remoting for security and creating a business logic which is shared among all my other applications now i want to convert this API into WCF do i need to rewrite it or is there any option availableSome great resource

Tracking the flow of XML nodes in SQL Server

I have a Process table in SQL Server like this: workflowXML column has values like this: Sample1: <process> <Event type="start" id="StartEvent_1"> <outgoing>SequenceFlow_0h5l5vu</outgoing> </Event> <Flo

Entity Framework + ODATA: Step by Step Pagination

The project I'm working on has the Entity Framework on top of an OData layer. The Odata layer has it's server side pagination turned to a value of 75. My reading on the subject leads me to believe that this pagination value is used across the board,

RenderScript Compilation Issues

I've followed this tutorial: However, wherever the rs variable is mentioned, I get the following error: Wrong 1st argument type. Found: '

javascript for highlighted line and toggle color

I need to be able do the following on a TR: onmouseover highlight the whole row one colour onclick the row highlight the row another colour (if you click the same row again it unhighlights the row - sets it to the original bgcolor) a problem I have i

Another way to create a list that understanding?

Currently I am doing something like this in my code: --Generate a list of n 'Foo's generateFoos n = [createFoo (show i) | i <- [1..n]] -- Create a Foo with a given name createFoo :: String -> Foo I was wandering if there is a another way of doing th

overload a simple operator

I am trying to overload part of my class to a string and I can't get the overloading to work. Alternatively, I will also have a long long overload, but I just assume that it will be the same excepted for long long instead of string. class FileData {

Segmentation fault when linking assembly program with `ld`

I have some Assembly codes as below: (max.s file) .section .data d1: .double 12.5 d2: .double 6.5 formatstr: .asciz "Max value is: %lf\n" .section .text .globl _start _start: movsd d1,%xmm0 movsd d2,%xmm1 ucomisd %xmm1,%xmm0 ja endif then: movsd

RSpec: shorter backtrace output for test failures

I'm using RSpec (latest Version, 2.12.2) to test a small Ruby class I'm working on. My problem is that when an RSpec test fails, the test output seems incredibly verbose, and shows a huge list of error messages, almost what seems to be a full backtra

String representation of an object in Python

So in the book(Problem Solving with Algorithms and Data Structres) that I'm currently using as a reference, this is how a graph is implemented. What I don't understand here is how exactly the __str__ function in the class Vertexworks here and why we

AllegroGraph evolutionary on the azure

I'm thinking of using AllegroGraph, but there's an issue! Can it be used on Azure? Did anyone already did it? I've got a Linux machine in wich i'm thinking of installing AllegroGraph Server. There's already a MongoDB instance there, the idea is to co

Allow an abstract C ++ class to use an Objective-C delegate

I have an abstract class and his concrete class implementation. What I would like to do is to expose the concrete class inside an iOS application (Objective-C) and use protocols to dispatch the events to a ViewController. The idea is to add an object

How to insert multiple table rows into the database using php

I have a script that generates for me a table and every time I press a button it generates a row. When the user press submit I want to insert into the database all rows at once. I tried there something but don't work. I have there the query to insert

Error with the URL in the template

it should be something simple, but I've spent the last two hours trying to fix this. This is on Django 1.7 and Python 2.7 I'm getting the following error: ImproperlyConfigured at / The included urlconf 'blog.urls' does not appear to have any patterns

Left Join 3 tables and display true or false on empty cells

Ok, this may be confusing so I hope I explain it correctly. I have 4 tables: business photos video category I want to display "featured" businesses on the home page (or elsewhere) and I want to show a Yes or No in the table row based upon whethe