Compilation error, but I can not find the cause

I'm trying to compile a code in Java to return a boolean, he's calling another two methods, but, for some odd reason, is not recognizing the method's name. The compiler send me this error: Cannot find symbol, Method transaccionMaquina(Producto, Tarje

WPF how to update correctly when linking to a collection

In the following binding, <TextBlock Text="{Binding Path=., StringFormat=TotalPages:{0}, Converter={StaticResource totalPagesConverter}}"/> the totalPagesConverter takes ObservableCollection<MyFileInfo> and returns the total number o

Unable to create a Java project on OSX yosemite

I am blocked by the following error;Ljava/lang/Object;)V Here is the full trace ➜ project git:(master) ✗ gradle jar --stacktrace :compileJava FAILED FAILURE: Build failed with an exception. * What

Connection script with hidden buttons

I have been using PHP and JavaScript for building my dad's website. He wants to incorporate a login system into his website, and I have the design for the system using PHP. My problem is how do I show buttons if the person is logged in?­­­­­­­­­­­­­­

Can I build a real estate ad site using drupal?

I want to build a commercial website such as craiglist but specific for real state business, I was wonder if I could use Drupal to do it .. I ask this because I want to use one CMS rather than going with a scratch or framework approach, and I don't k

How to replace Url and href with the javascript function

What i want is to remove the event of opening a new page, handle the url with a javascript function so the href is not workin. Im using titanium appcelerator to make an iPhone app, well its finished but this is an update. Anyway, i have an webView so

Where do I put my custom widget files in Yii Framework?

From this page, It seems it suggests that we should put the files in the component folder. But if my widget contains javascript and css files, where should these files be placed?

Unable to locate cause of memory leak in Android app

I built out this whole app thinking that the garbage collector handled memory clean-up just fine, which was incredibly stupid and naive of me, but hey, it was my first time every using Xamarin to build an app, and my first time ever building an app,

Border around each word of UILabel

Is there a way i can draw border around every word of UILabel. Suppose UILabel contains the string " This is the Line 1". I want 5 different border around 5 words This Is the Line 1I am not aware of an easy to use code for UILabel, but for UITex

How to display multiple anonymous / dynamic tables

I'm working with and would like to dynamically generate multiple tables, and then display each table on the webpage. So In the Environments.aspx.cs file: Query the database to obtain the data and discover how many tables should be created Cre

How to draw / save only the color bar in Matlab?

How can I plot only a color bar, e.g. jet from -1 to 1, in Matlab? I need to save it as an image. Running colorbar also plots an empty axis next to the color bar.what about this: colorbar axis off EDIT : If you want to fully control the width and pos

How to set the background color selected on UITableView

I've tried various approaches with no success. Its grouped UITableView. Want to change the background color of the selected cell. I've tried creating a view, setting the background color and setting it to cell.selectedBackgroundView. It works to chan

PHP Form Validation Logic Error

Based heavily upon this email validation code (which works - I've tested it) <?php require_once("include/connectionpdo.php"); echo("<h2>parsed1</h2> "); function died($error) { // your error code can go here echo "W

Is Constexpr compatible with lambda functions / expressions?

struct Test { static const int value = []() -> int { return 0; } (); }; With gcc-4.6 I get something like, error: function needs to be constexpr. I have tried multiple combinations of putting constexpr at various places, but no luck. Is constexpr sup

How to control the radio button group?

I have radio button group and I have to choose just one it's okey so far but in the same time I want to add class just one if which one has to be checked how could I do it ? I mean if I click current radio button I want add class to it. if I click an

Inheritance with packages / namespaces [C #]

I want to redefine the classes of a package in a sub-package while keeping the hierarchy. I would have wanted to do something like this : namespace RPG { public class Actor {} public class Character : Actor {} } public class Actor : RPG.Actor {} //ki

bad character appearing in the bash script

I have a bash script that is getting an accented character appended to some strings that is causing it to fail, and I can't find where or how these characters are getting in there. Here is some example output: mv: cannot move â/tmp/myapp.zipâ to â/op

Android bluetooth socket.connect () fails

I'm trying to make a connection between an android device and a RFID reader bluetooth. To do this i use the code of bluetooth chat (bluetooth chat example). But when i do mmSocket.connect(); at line 329 of the bluetooth chat example, the connection g

Playing Files in Different C ++ Compilers

EDIT: originally I thought that this was due to the different IDE's I tested the program on. The problem seems to be narrowed down to the separate compilers that each IDE uses. For an assignment in my introduction to C++ class, I needed to write a pr

Problem with bootstrap collapse and its effect on DOM

I am using bootstrap in my webpage. Now I want to achieve a particular effect.I have a div with class name "container-fluid" and h2 tag with a text under it. Just like the following: <div class="container-fluid" style="backgrou

Create cross-compiler - error: libmpfr not found

I am trying to build a cross compiler. I follow this tutorial: I installed binutils in in /opt/cross. now I try to install gcc-4.7.4 with mpfr-2.4.2. I used commands to prepare and configure: export PREFIX="$H

The best way to access user / site settings

There have been a couple of questions that sort of dealt with this but not covering my exact question so here we go. For site settings, if these are stored in a database do you: retrieve them from the db every time someone makes a request store them

to use the plsql table in a procedure

I am using plsql in a oracle database 9i I have a stored procedure, With an in parameter of "table of number" that is called numbers. I now want to select all rows from a table where a column named: ID is equal to a number inside "numbers&q