Mysql selects multiple query

I have this table: ------------------------------ |ID | name | employee_code | ------------------------------ |24 | Robert | 20234 | ------------------------------ AND ------------------------------------- |ID | job_code | team | --------------------

Rails 4 & mdash; Flash

I'm still working on my rails 4 demo site, and I'm seeing an odd thing. In the controller it has a line like this: format.html { redirect_to @widget, notice: 'Widget was successfully created.' } This renders a flash message in the redirected page, wh

Multiple threads on the dual core processor

I'm studying about threads and slightly confused about 1 thing. If I have a single process with multiple threads running on a dual/quad core CPU, will different threads run concurrently on different cores? Thanks in advance.It Depends. At least on Li

PHP: Explode string by space includes spaces in the array

I have string with several spaces, including double spaces and spaces at the start and end of the string: 12 345 67 89 I want to add just the numbers into array so used: explode(" ", $s); But this adds spaces to to the array as well. Is there a

What is the good PowerShell verb / pattern for get-or-create?

I want to create a few PowerShell functions that create an item, or return existing item if it is already there. E.g. database login, folder, etc. What is a proper verb for this? There is no Ensure in Approved Verbs, and I am not sure what else would

Prevent incoming access (RDP) from AWS VPC

I want to secure outgoing RDP connections from my AWS machines. When connecting from our company network to a machine running in a VPC via RDP all my company network drives (available on the machine within my company network) are mapped to the EC2 ma

Find the type of content of an image from the byte []

Is there a way to find out what the ContentType of an image is from only the original bytes? At the moment I have a database column that stores only the byte[], which I use to display an image on a web page. MemoryStream ms = new MemoryStream(imageBy

The linq to sql report tables in the query

Here's the method i want to write: public static IEnumerable<String> GetTableNames(this IQueryable<T> query) { //... } where the IQueryable is a linq-to-sql query (is there a more specific interface i should use?). then if i had a query like t

regex to match if it is not repeated specified times

The title probably didn't make much sense, so let me make it clear: I want to catch space characters that are not repeated one or three times. And replace them with nothing. For example, this; 'the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog' would becom

SQL Deleting / Replacing a Part of a String

Hello I have a problem I have Column data in string format in this format: xxxxxxxx <***********> I want to pertain the xxxxxxx, but get rid of <***********>, where <***********> could be any type of string of any length. I have this com

Detect WiFi or mobile network

I need to notice the network change in the android system and perform particular activities accordingly. 1) When WiFi is enabled, perform function A. 2) When Mobile network is enabled, perform function B. 3) When WiFi is disabled and Mobile Network i

Conversion of Jews into numerical values

What is the best way to obtain the numeric value from a guid column? I am trying this line but i am getting: ORA-00904: "HASHBYTES": invalid identifier 00904. 00000 - "%s: invalid identifier" Query is below: SELECT HASHBYTES('MD5',CAST

How do I convert conversion from xml to csv

I am trying to take some xml code, a sample being below: <time_report> <project_ID>4</project_ID> <project_status>close</project_status> <client_ID>6001</client_ID> <time_record> <project_start_time>15

Creating HTML Select from JSON objects

I am trying to fill this HTML Select <select id="list"> </select> With data from JSON (the actual JSON contains more keys and values than shown below): {"Group1": "TestGroup1", "Group2" : "TestGroup

How to finish reading the thread from c ++ socket?

In c++, "recvfrom" function is a blocking function (block thread till a packet arrive). How can i safely terminate a thread blocked in "recvfrom" ?Avoid the situation by only calling recvfrom once select/poll/epoll has returned success

Grunt plugin for asset version

I'm looking for a grunt plugin that will automatically change the references to static assets (js/css) inside an html file like this: <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="style.css?v=12345678" /> <script src=

Redirection of the login page

I had done a Employee Profile in MVC. In a particular screen, i am having 8 tabs. All are working fine. What i need is, if the session expires, the page should be redirected to login page. How to write the JQuery for that. var sessionTimeout = 30 * 6