Android: open pdf file with the specified software

Now I have downloaded a .pdf file from website and wanna open it with the specified software like "Adobe Reader".How can I achieve this? Thanks in advance!You cant. All you can do is fire off an intent and let the system handle it. If the user a

Razor C # SqlDataClient Error

(Using Visual Studio 2015 / with C#) I'm getting an error that says: An exception of type 'System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException' occurred in System.Datal.dll but was not handled in user code. Additional information: Incorrect syntax near ')' Th

How to view the SQL generated by the Entity Framework?

How do I view the SQL generated by entity framework ? (In my particular case I'm using the mysql provider - if it matters)You can do the following: IQueryable query = from x in appEntities where = 32 select x; var sql = ((System.Data.Objects.Obj

Random & ldquo; No compiler provided & rdquo; Maven error

I try to build project using maven. And everytime I can have accidentally received error No compiler is provided in this environment. perhaps you are running on a jre rather than a jdk? And than I can run build again and everything is ok. JAVA_HOME C

Multi-Level Databinding

Last question of the day. I am new to MVVM modelling and have achieved quite a bit with my understanding of it but I would need guidance on something before I screw my entire project up by fiddling around. I have created a model named Person which ha

Where to place a font folder for the use of @ font-face?

I would like to use the fonts of my fonts folder, which is in the css folder. The css folder is in the resources folder. But it doesn't work whatever the browser used (IE, chrome, firefox). What' s wrong ? I am using RichFaces 4.3.6. @font-face { fon

How to display a module in Joomla when it is not a menu item

I am trying to show a module, but the article I want to show the module on is not linked to a menu item. Is this possible? Seems like a module can only show when it is a menu item. But I have a ton of articles that are not menu items - so what is eas

Wordcloud does not update with a new entry in Shiny

I have following functions as part of the shiny app (testapp). It generates the word cloud for default selection, but doesn't update with the new selection. ui.R library(shiny) shinyUI(fluidPage( # Application title headerPanel("Word Cloud"), #

How do I create a list of substrings?

I am trying to make a list of all substrings where each substring has one less element of the originial string. e.g "1234" would result in ["1234","123","12","1"] I would like to achieve this only using pr

SharedPreferences can not / does not delete data

I'm trying to delete shared preferences data using a alert dialog within my app, so: settings shared prefs: SharedPreferences settings = getSharedPreferences("MyPrefsFile", 0); startLat = Double.longBitsToDouble(settings.getLong("startLat&q

QString split in Qt 5.6

QString strTest = "SHUT\nDOWN"; QStringList slstLines = strTest.split("\n"); In the above example I would expect the String list to contain two entries, but it only contains 1, which is the same as the strTest...why isn't split working

Asynchronous request without correct updating of variables

I'm attempting to grab source from a page online to parse it and put the information into an array. The request goes through fine, and html has the source as a string as I would like. The problem is, after this function, even though html and sbcc are

Android: Connecting to the TextToSpeech Filtering Service

I am trying to create an app using text to speech. Whenever I move from activity Text_entry to activity CombChange and back i receive these service connection leaked errors in the log cat (below). Can anyone see why? I have only pasted the relevant b

Initializing a C ++ Class Static Member

This question already has an answer here: Undefined reference to static class member 7 answers I have the following code: class employee { public: static int last_id; ... }; int main() { employee::last_id=0; } When i try to run it it gives the follow

Whatever the shape check, the parameters do not work

I've integrated a hidden field called nickname which should not be entered, if it is, it suggests a bot is filling it in and therefore should not process the action mailer. Here's the code I have to do this filter: if params[:nickname] == nil @contac

Check duplicates in a randomly generated list and replace them

I am making a minesweeper game with randomly generated bombs. Yet at times I have found that there are duplicates in my list of coordinates of bombs. How do I check for duplicates in a list and replace them with other randomised coordinates. from ran

How to create Facebook as a system of friends in php with mysql

I want to create a friends system like facebook, well quite weird than that. When a user adds someone, the someone will be notified, if agree then they'll be mutual friends(in this case, meaning both parties are friends, literally) or if the someone

SQL Server with a column problem by renaming

This question already has an answer here: Meaning of square brackets [] in MS-SQL table designer? [duplicate] 3 answers I have a table and in the design mode, the column has [square brackets] around the column name. What is this from? I can't seem to