SharpGL - Input of the active render loop

I've successfully setup my frame with the OpenGLControl and delegated my render method to the OpenGLDraw event of it. However, I'd like to do game programming so I want to enter into an active rendering loop where I'd update the game state and render

MongoDb RegEx on Numbers in Sample Query

The example in the node driver shows a simple regular expression used against a number. collection.find({'a':/[1|2]/}) where collection is collection.insert([{'a':1}, {'a':2}, {'b':3}] This fails for me in both the shell and running the example in no

How to download external files in gradle?

I have a gradle project which requires some data files available somewhere on the internet using http. The goal is that this immutable remote file is pulled once upon first build. Subsequent build should not download again. How can I instruct gradle

QDataStream will not work with a custom character array

I have an application which consists of two primary modules. One is written in C, uses standard C runtime library and one written in Qt C++. They communicate with each other with IPC. C module creates a char array, fills it with data and sends to the

Django: no module named

I am a Django newbie and want to explore the power of this famous framework. After all setups I ran sudo python syncdb, and I get this error Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 8, in <module> from django.cor

Android Effective image loading (insufficient memory)

This question already has an answer here: Bitmap recycle with largeHeap enabled 5 answers I just startet writing an app for Android. I have 3 activitys that use the same xml layout, an grid view. They also use all the same adapter to show an imagevie

Command values ​​in the list of selected options - php

I am new to coding and have the below select option list that is returning unordered values. The code checks the database for existing values (number of bedrooms) and returns them as options in the list. I would like to order them in an ascending man

Count and view the number of specific column results

I have the following table |id|city|job| |12|New York|Truck driver| |13|Chicago|Postman| |14|New York|Postman| |15|Las Vegas|Dealer| |16|Las Vegas|Dealer| |17|New York|Post Office| I want to be able to count how many jobs there is in each city and th

Open the excel file and export to json

I want to dynamically create a <select></select> (or maybe a textbox with autocomplete) input file depending on an Excel file with a format like this: Airport Code Airport Name Language Code AAC Al Arish en AAE Annaba Les Saline en AAH Aachen

How to install a package in virtualenv?

I created a virtualenv with the following command. mkvirtualenv --distribute --system-site-packages "$1" After starting the virtualenv with workon, I type ipython. It prompts me WARNING: Attempting to work in a virtualenv. If you encounter probl

Return the first non-empty lazyily list to Java 8

I have N lists that return data from a Repository. I want to return the first non empty of these three lists (each one executes a different SQL to fetch data). The catch is that I want to do this lazily, so that I don't need to execute a SQL on the d mvc 2 validates text entries on modal windows

i am tasked with the job of creating client-side validation on a form in an MVC 2 application, which has a modal window (the modal exists as part of the wrapping form, it is not a form unto itself). how would i go about providing validation f

Can I make ungetc unlock a fgetc call blocking?

I would like to stuff an 'A' character back into stdin using ungetc on receipt of SIGUSR1. Imagine that I have a good reason for doing this. When calling foo(), the blocking read in stdin is not interrupted by the ungetc call on receipt of the signal

analyzes the maven output in real time using

I am trying to parse my mvn verify output to only show lines with INFO tags. Please note that maven outputs line to stdout in real time and not by batch. I do not think that it is a problem with maven. At first I tried to do it with grep: $ mvn verif

Linux / Apache / FastCGI rendering disrupts rendering

the following code does work under my Windows development environment, but not on my production Linux/Apache2/FastCGI env. in my view rhtml file : <td id='first_column' class='column'> <% content_for :head do #DO NOT CACHE THIS content for : HEAD

Increase the height of the background shadow

I have div which has a shadow on bottom as question what i need is the same answer but i want to increase the height of the shadow, code : .box-shadow:after { content: ""; margin-top:1px; width: 100%; display: block; position: absolute; z-index:

jQuery .replaceWith () issue

I have multiple <div> tags in my HTML markup like this: <div class="lblTest well">Label 1</div> <div class="lblTest well">Label 2</div> <div class="lblTest well">Label 3</div> and I a

Effectively build a file system tree with nested hashes

I have a list of the diff stats per file for a commit (using diff --numstat in Git) that I need to parse into a tree structure as a hash so I can use it as JSON. The raw data is in a format like this: 1 1 app/assets/javascripts/ 2 1 app/

Dump and Restore Redis on PHP (predicted)

How can I dump and restore the redis database on PHP, I'm using predis on my client. Can I dump the redis database on .rdb format ? Updated : I dump/backup database using the following command, $redis->bgSave(); How to restore it back to my database

How to Make a 10% 45% 45% Split in SQL Server

I am trying to figure out how to do a 10% 45% 45% split in SQL Server. I have come up with a way using NTile to assign a group and then splitting the groups based on simple math but the solution falls down when less than 20 records are identified SEL

Convert a string to a Python class object?

Given a string as user input to a python function, I'd like to get a class object out of it if there's a class with that name in the currently defined namespace. Essentially, I want the implementation for a function which will produce this kind of re

tcp c client sending and listening: concept

I'm looking into making a tcp client in C. But before I start I would like some advise from you. The client is for controlling lights and other devices. With this client I will need to send commands, but I can also receive events when a light is turn

How to combine two tabs into a floating window in Intellij?

In Eclipse I can just drag-and-drop two tabs into one window. For instance, I like to keep my JUnit and Search tabs together: How can you do this in Intellij?You can't combine multiple floating panels into one in IntelliJ IDEA. Feel free to submit a