Restrict access to a specific URL, running on IIS7 / ASP.NET

I am deploying a public ASP.NET website on an IIS7 web farm. The application runs on 3 web servers and is behind a firewall. We want to create a single page on the website that is accessible only to internal users. It is primarily used for diagnostic

Programmatically analyze a line graph

I got a line graph with Y axis having value and X axis having time. The X axis have 5 minute resolution. I'm looking for some kind of an algorithm to help me teach the iPhone to understand where the line is going. I've never taken an algorithms class

How is an array stored in memory?

In an interest to delve deeper into how memory is allocated and stored, I have written an application that can scan memory address space, find a value, and write out a new value. I developed a sample application with the end goal to be able to progra

How to dynamically set the value of the progress bar in jQuery?

On my tutorial website, I'm using jQuery UI progress bars not as bars that will change, but as images to display to show the user how far they are through the tutorial. Example: $(document).ready(function() { $(.progressbar).progressbar({ value: 50 }

What context do I need?

I've the class: PendingIntent pendingIntent; public class xxx{ public void updateObjects(){ deleteIntents(Context context, int x); (...) for(...){ //Update each object ofdb4o with the new object value's. (...) doIntents(context,mil,obj); } (...) } pu

Is the CSS body detachable?

I've put: body { height: 100%; width: 100%; max-height: 100%; max-width: 100%; overflow: hidden; } But I can still use my Middle Button to scroll down the page. Is there any fix for this? I've also tried to search for the jQuery middle mouse button s

How does innerHTML function with array as parameter?

I am learning about looping thorugh arrays - I want to pass the result of an if else statement in the forEach function (inside another function with array as parameter) to HTML using innerHTML (does not have to be innerHTML if you know better methods

Could not perform the event on the click

With reference to the following link , I am trying to do same functionality with on click event "Delete My Data" button with out using any form. I tried in different ways but it does not happened. Can Any one help me h

Does Intellisense not work properly in VS 2008?

I've got trouble getting Intellisense to work in ASP.NET source view. For example, I register the Telerik RadControls DLL with a tag prefix, as it says in the samples: <%@ Register Assembly="Telerik.Web.UI" Namespace="Telerik.Web.UI"

Installing the Perl extension - Can not run nmake

I am trying to install a module using cpan on XAMPP. I am running Windows 7. Immediately after this prompt is given: Going to build J/JE/JESSE/HTTP-Server-Simple-0.43.tar.gz It gives the prompt that "The required nmake executable file is not

JQuery: Visual studio, error CS1056: Unexpected character '$'

Trying to include ThickBox (from in an ASP.NET application. Visual Studio is failing when I try to run the application with the error: js\ThickBox\jquery-1.2.6.min.js(11): error CS1056: Unexpected character '$' Using

Modeling relations from several to several without ORM

Let's say I have a simple database example, something like create table Items (ItemId int ,ItemName varchar(50) ,ItemCost decimal ,ItemOrigin varchar(50) --maps to reference of country codes ,primary key (ItemId) ) go create table Visits (VisitId int

Declare var the external loop is it bad?

I wrote this basic code for a DSP/audio application I'm making: double input = 0.0; for (int i = 0; i < nChannels; i++) { input = inputs[i]; and some DSP engineering expert tell to me: "you should not declare it outside the loop, otherwise it crea

& Ldquo; Ionic build android & rdquo; Construction has failed

i am getting following error while run "ionic build android" can help me out of this Running command: /Users/tapan/Desktop/Today/hooks/after_prepare/010_add_platform_class.js /Users/tapan/Desktop/Today add to body class: platform-android ANDROID

Statement Prepared for Select SQL with Connection Pooling

Is it good practice to use Prepared statement for SELECT SQL with connection pooling. (In my case I use Tomcat JDBC connection pool). Does it add any advantage(speed ups) or it will add overhead for maintaining the Prepared Statements, connections an

Simple C code translation

So I'm working on an assignment for my computer science course, We have to take an algorithm thats written in C and replicate it in assembly (SPARC). My issue is that I know very little C code since I specialize in java. Can anyone help me look at th

Hudson Build-Time Trend Plugin?

Is there a plugin which would allow me to create a "trend" graph for a hudson build which shows the build time for that project? I'm tasked with speeding up the build and I'd like to show a nice trend as I speed it up.This is supported out of th

Json in Web.Config AppSettings

I am trying to put some mapping config represented in json: [{"Name":"xyz","Ids":["456f782d468","c65b4703"]},{"Name":"abc","Ids":["a95fg567","456sdf564"]}]

UIImage and prepareforSegue does not pass the image

I would like that appeared the Image on the second view with this but I can´t see any photo I don´t know why. I did this: FirstClassViewController.m: - (void)prepareForSegue:(UIStoryboardSegue *)segue sender:(id)sender { if ([[segue identifier] isEqu

FindViewById () does not work when using a separate class

Hi I am new to Android I would like keep the following code seperatly from my MainActivity file. However, when I try to findViewById() inside the seperate class, I get the error "cannot be resolved" Now I know I cannot extend the MainActivity cl

AWS ELB does not include automated instances

my aws auto-scaled instances are not picked up by load-balancer and the auto-scaled instances are recreated frequently, also is there any problem in using auto-scaled instances and static instances at the same time in aws ELB ? what are the precautio