Vb.Net: How do I read a large XML file quickly?

I am trying to read this XML document. An excerpt: <datafile xmlns:xs="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="wiitdb.xsd"> <WiiTDB versi

Apply CKEDITOR to all elements

I want to apply the ckeditor inline editing to all elements with a specific attribute. The problem is that its only applying to the very first element with the attribute, and not the rest. How can i apply the ckeditor inline text editing to all eleme

C # Winforms How can I test the SQL connection when using EF6?

I am using Entity Framework 6 as part of my C# Winforms application. My underlying database is SQL Server Express 2014. I'm trying to test if the DB is there by doing this: MyEntity me = new MyEntity() // Try and open the connection, if unable to, sh

How to check which subclass is the triggered event?

I know event.type in DOM. I can parse for example mouseup, keydown, touchstart and so on. But how can I check for the event subclass? Like MouseEvent, AnimationEvent or ClipboardEvent? Can I use the event.type property?You can check the class like vo

What is the purpose of creating new DOMParser instances?

If you look at the example of DOMParser from MDN: var parser = new DOMParser(); var doc = parser.parseFromString(stringContainingXMLSource, "application/xml"); // returns a Document, but not a SVGDocument nor a HTMLDocument parser = new DOMParse

Garbage collection guarantee

What guarantees are the for the garbage collector? From my research I have managed to find: If there is still a reference to the memory it will not be garbage collected If there is no reference: When it is GC is non deterministic When the GC kicks in

Calculate iOS time difference

I have written like this to calculate hour difference. + (NSInteger)hoursBetweenDate:(NSDate*)fromDateTime andDate:(NSDate *)toDateTime { NSDate *fromDate; NSDate *toDate; NSCalendar *calendar = [NSCalendar currentCalendar]; [calendar setTimeZone:[NS

JPA thinks I delete a detached object

I've got a DAO that I used to load and save my domain objects using JPA. I finally managed to get the transaction stuff working, now I've got another issue. In my test case, I call my DAO to load a domain object with a given id, check that it got loa

style input element to pass text

I´m having an input element with a certain width, say 200px. If the input text exceeds 200px, the last input is shown so that if my input text is 400px I only see the last (right) part, not the first (left). I want the first part to be shown (not the

How can I use a timestamp to name a gnuplot file?

Is it possible to name my gnuplot out file with the date and time it was created? I currently create files with set names as follows: set term post eps color set output '/path/dateandtime.eps' plot set term x11 You can use the builtin function time t

How to set pixels in Qimage and save changes

I want change some colors of pixels and save changes, but not working. I have this loop. First I print on screen true value: like 255,173..., and second cout print on screen zeros. Until here is good. for (int i = 0; i < image->width(); i++) { for (

keyboard eclipse

i have encountered a really weirdest bug in eclipse, i would love if someone will help with it. after a while of coding eclipse simply starts to "mix up" with the letters that are being typed. meaning i press 's' and it displays a different lett

cordova / phonegap does not create Android directory

ant, java, node.js, phonegap, and my adobe account are all setup properly. The getting started guide says I should be able to type: cordova create hello com.example.hello "HelloWorld" to create a phonegap project. This does not work but followin

Metal - Newsgroups and Threads

I am learning Metal right now and trying to understand the lines below: let threadGroupCount = MTLSizeMake(8, 8, 1) ///line 1 let threadGroups = MTLSizeMake(drawable.texture.width / threadGroupCount.width, drawable.texture.height / threadGroupCount.h

Prevent ng Repeat flickering with promise in AngularJS

I have a collection of objects, say Products, which I can interact with using $resource. On an index page, I'd like to either display the collection, or, in the case the collection is empty, display a helpful message. i.e. In Controller $scope.produc

Lack of chance in numpy.random

Although the input data I'm working is randomly generated, when I used matplotlib to graph it, I got only a few different distinct points! I used the expression [[numpy.random.randint(0,20) + numpy.random.random() for i in xrange(100)] for j in xrang

Filter the string and use it as a class name

I want to split a comma separated string, into a string with no commas, and then use the output as a class name. Ex. I have a string like so: "Meat,Dog", and then I convert everything to lowercase, and then split the string, so it would look lik

Why django stops loading a page after opening several pages?

I have several django projects and they work well on my desktop. But when I run them on my laptop, they run ok for sometime. Then on a random occasion, opening a page won't work. The browser keeps trying to load the page (title tab keeps spinning, UR

Can anyone explain these regex results?

I was testing out some random regex and came across some weird results. Say we have the regular expression (ab|(ba)*|a)* It does not match aba but if I remove the inner star, (ab|(ba)|a)* or if I switch the ordering of the terms, (a|ab|(ba)*)* these

Starting interest of onclicklistener

I am trying to start a new activity from a custom onclick listener. But its unable to access MainActivity instance from onclick listener. Also, its showing wrong constructor for intent. Here is my code: public class ChartClickListener implements OnCl

bootstrap wysithml5 with index and an exponent

For my Bootstrap website, I wanna use the wysihtml 5 editor. But that one doesn't support super-/subscript by default. This line I added for the editor: <a class='btn' data-wysihtml5-command='superscript'>superscript</a> The following code is

Draw an arc with requestAnimationFrame

FIDDLE What I am doing:I am drawing a cirlce from an arc using set interval.After a circle is drawn,i am drawing another circle with slightly increased radius as seen in fiddle. What I want to do:I want to achieve same functionality,but a circle shou