JQuery.validate event of before validation

I have following code $("#Form").validate({ errorPlacement: function(error, element) { element.addClass('errorField'); element.after(error); }, rules: { ... } }); The errorPlacement function is setting a css class errorField to the element when

Go to the layout of one class in another?

I have a custom ListView in which there is a textview and an image. I have set onclicklistener for imageview in my customlistadapter class, so I need to make some changes in main layout when the image is clicked. See the below code for reference... M

UIViewController custom titleView crashs app

I have a navigation based iPhone app. When you press on a cell in the tableview a new UIViewController is pushed to the navigation stack. In this view controller I am setting a custom titleView in the viewDidLoad method: - (void)viewDidLoad { [super

PerformSelectorOnMainThread does not run

Tearing my hair out on this, any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have an object that calls performSelectorOnMainThread:withObject:waitUntilDone: on itself from a child thread. This works fine 95% of the time. Every once in a w

A: rearrange the list in the data frame using dplyr

I would convert a structured list in a tidy dataFrame using the speed of the dplyr package. I would know if the solution I am posting right now is "state-of-art" or there's something faster. here is an example of my starting list: l =list() l[[1

How to play a single ogv file in IE8 and Safari by HTML5 video?

How to play single ogv file in IE8 and Safari by HTML5 video? I known IE and Safari don't support Ogg Theora, but I have a requirement for that. Any suggestion to me? ThanksOGV.JS: AN OGG THEORA AND VORBIS VIDEO DECODER IN JAVASCRIPT Targeting Safari

Codeigniter Youtube Data Api by Jim Saunders

I have my consumer key and consumer secret and youtube api key in my config file like so: $config['youtube_api_key'] = my api key; $config['google_consumer_key'] = my consumer key; $config['google_consumer_secret'] = my consumer secret; I have a cont

Select an ID if the number is equal to 1

I am trying to write a query which needs to find an ID number from 3 WHERE values based on the result only being equal to 1. So say i want to find a patient's ID and my where clause matches the firstname, lastname and DOB. If there are 2 results beca

Error 500 - Server Internal Error - ADF

When i run the JDeveloper and use ADF framework to create a web application, i create a business components and use the data control to drag and drop table from database, but when i run the application the web-logic give me this error (Error 500--Int

Why is the JVM considered a remarkable engineering technique?

The JVM is broadly used: Scala, Groovy, Jython, etc. I've heard it described as 'remarkable', 'brilliant', and 'massively under-appreciated'. Why? More specifically, what makes the JVM unique? With all the money poured into .NET, or the length of tim

Is it important that I name a C file?

In Java, it is required by the compiler to name your files <Classname>.java. In C, does it matter what the file name is?No, the source files can in principle be called anything. However, the name should reflect the contents of the file for readabili

Open the application after clicking on the notification

I have a notification in my app with the following code: //Notification Start notificationManager = (NotificationManager) getSystemService(Context.NOTIFICATION_SERVICE); int icon = R.drawable.n1; CharSequence tickerText = "Call Blocker"; long wh

svn externals does not add all files

We have an external app_code folder shared among multiple projects. I have noticed that when I do an svn update using tortoise svn that not all the files within the folder get added to my app_code working folder. If I delete the whole folder and do a

Javascript usage waits in my function call

Lets say I have a functin like: function some(){ console.log("wow") return "some" } var some_test = await some() console.log(some_test) I know it works without await but I want to test await . Here it gives unexpected token error. Why

Declaring a `String` variable does not work

This question already has an answer here: What's the preferred way to create a String from a literal? 1 answer I just read the Rust documentation about string data types, which states: Rust has more than only &strs though. A String is a heap-allocate

How to group grep results by dates

I have the following in a log file, 01:31:01,222 Received event 01:31:01,435 Received event 01:31:01,441 Received event 01:31:01,587 Received event 01:31:02,110 Received event 01:31:02,650 Received event 01:31:02,869 Received event 01:31:03,034 Recei

Guess Number Game GUI - Infinite Loop

I'm making a guess the number program and I'm having trouble with my loop. When I run the program and input a number into the textfield and hit enter it freezes. I figured out that this might be happening because of an infinite loop. Feel free to cor

How do I use spinner setOnItemLongClickListener

I am trying to make the Spinner behave different way when the user clicked on an item for a long time. I have spinner with some project and I want two things. When the user simple click on an item I want to normal select it. When the user have long c