Apply a security check in ASP.NET MVC?

I am implementing a collaborative web gallery, and I have a few roles for each user: Admin DeleteImage DeleteOwnImage etc.. For any controller-action, we can apply [Authorize] tag to them plus which roles we want to allow, right? It is fine for Admin

How do I access the mocha options from a test file?

I am running mocha tests using gruntjs and grunt-simple-mocha: How can I access the options defined in my grunt.js file within each mocha test? What I would like to accomplish, is to have some common co

StartAnimation does not work inside IBAction of a button, press

I am having a strange problem.I am having a button , and on pressing the button I am doing the following - (IBAction)btnPressed:(id)sender { [ _spinner startAnimating];//where _spinner is a ActivityIndicator [self showResult]; } -(void) showResult{ s

Define appropriate separators with text in pandas csv_read

I've been reading up on machine learning with python and sklearn. I've tried practicing with the iris dataset and then went on to find other datasets on the UCI website. I found one that was called "Amazon Book Reviews". The documentation says e

Why sonar: does sonar need to install mvn before?

official documentation says that the proper way of invoking sonar is: mvn clean install -DskipTests=true mvn sonar:sonar but doesn't say why. how does sonar work? does it need compiled clas

Mapping a base class signal Qt to a location in a derived class

I am having a problem with Qt signals and slots. I am just learning Qt but I have lots of C++ experience. I have derived a class from QTreeView and I want to handle the columnResized signal. The slot is never being called and I am seeing this in the

Reducing scintillating redraw on the web application

I have a page on my web application which has a chart that gets retrieved using a timer. Is there a way to avoid the flickering everytime the chart is redrawn? Since It's a web application, I guess the doublebuffer property isn't available, or at lea

$ .ajax does not work in IE9

I have the following code that is working on Chrome and Firefox, but not in IE9 $.ajax({ type : type, url : url, data : reqData, crossDomain: true, cache: false, dataType : dataType, contentType : contentType, success : successFunction }).fail(functi

The toolbar is not populated

In my loadView methoad of my view controller I have the following code: // Populate self.view and add some views/UI elements // load Gender selection Bar self.navigationController.toolbarHidden = NO; self.navigationController.toolbar.tintColor = [UIC

Makefile for sql parser & hellip; Writing Dependencies

I'm implementing a sql parser in lex and yacc, in that I use a symbol table which I kept in a separate .h file (sql.h) and in this header file I have some functions declarations. The definitions of these functions are kept in a .c file (sql.c). Now I

Split String in java according to the specified pattern

How to split this String in java such that I'll get the text occurring between the braces in a String array? GivenString = "(1,2,3,4,@) (a,s,3,4,5) (22,324,#$%) (123,3def,f34rf,4fe) (32)" String [] array = GivenString.split(""); Output

Removing duplicates in a cell

I can't find a way to remove duplicate values inside a same cell in Excel. For example, in A1, I have: DOG DOG DOG I want to have only DOG. Code output: This will result certain values in the Excel cell (37, 4), such as: 2000 3000 0300 0300 2000 I am

Explain the execution of the report?

I am learning c programming.I have been solving some question online for practice.I came across this question #include <stdio.h> int main() { int x = 1; short int i = 2; float f = 3; if (sizeof((x == 2) ? f : i) == sizeof(float)) printf("float\

How to decode the deflation chain in nodejs?

I am using nodejs to build an app which condumes some external API which returns json data compressed in deflate format but since I am new to nodejs so I have had a look on zlib api but did not find a way to decode the string, Please anyone help me o

How do I get Elasticsearch running on CoreOS?

I've a CoreOS cluster with three servers (on Digital Ocean), at this moment running MongoDB. Now I want to start Elasticsearch on this cluster with 1 replica (not using the Mongo river). I followed the description as outlined here. Resulting in two s

Generic type parameters using

Im trying to make a universal parser using generic type parameters, but i can't grasp the concept 100% private bool TryParse<T>(XElement element, string attributeName, out T value) where T : struct { if (element.Attribute(attributeName) != null &

Problem loading PDF to Chrome IOS

We're getting the following message from Chrome when downloading (or attempting to download) a pdf in our mobile web application. "Warning: Something's not right here!... The site you are trying to access is acting strangely, and Chrome is unable to

Secure calls jquery ajax

Recently i started digging into jquery's ajax function. I've made a lot of improvements, but im insecure in one point. How to secure my ajax calls.. For example this code for deleting a link: // Delete link $('.delete_update').live("click",funct

View a table that has spaces in its name

I have a situation, I have a Access table named Gas Flow Rates that I want to add records. When I try to run my insert query for a similar table Common Station, I get the following error: "error hy000: syntax error, in query incomplete query clause&q

The Jquery configuration field fills the input field

I am trying to Select one of the options from the drop-down and populate the input field with the correct values. I want to set the value 1 to ($100) val 2 to ($200) I will not have access to a database to store the values. <div class="row"&g

Back Obj-C Blocks in C ++ Code

I'm currently porting some classes from the Apple iOS Foundation Framework to C++ and i'm expecting some issues. I'm trying to port this Obj-C method from the NSExpression @class : - (id, NSArray *, NSMutableDictionary *)expressionBlock So in my sfEx

Help & ldquo; Install & rdquo; Module for Python using WGET

I am trying to setup this python library and am having a very hard time. I suspect it is because I am a hobby programmer, but I have successfully installed programs in the past using the command line. I am using Windows and Python 2.6. The help that