How do I validate this by e-mail?

I'm trying to make my email validation do exactly this combination of letters (both upper & lower case), numbers and periods single at symbol @ combination of letters (both upper & lower case), numbers, hyphens and/or periods single period combina

Link Blade to the script

Wondering how can I link with blade syntax to my jquery/javascipt files? <script src="../../public/js/jquery.min.js"></script> <script src="../../public/js/bootstrap.js"></script> This didn't work: <link type

One way to declare a constant value in a type class

I want to declare a typeclass that has some implemented functions which utilize an unimplemented constant value (table): class FromRow a => StdQueries a where table :: String byId :: Int -> QueryM (Maybe a) byId = fmap listToMaybe . queryM sql . Onl

How to define variables in an SSIS package?

I need to use two variables in my SSIS package, @extract_beg_date and @extract_end_date. How do I set them to behave a certain way? For example, in a stored procedure, it would look like this: SET @extract_beg_date = CASE WHEN DATEPART(weekday,GETDAT

C ++ how to divide a string into single characters

i already have this std::string str_1, str_2, str_3, str_4, str_5, str_6, str_7, str_8; std::string str; std::getline(std::cin,str); std::istringstream iss(str); iss >> str_1 >> str_2 >> str_3 >> str_4 >> str_5 >> str_6

Read user names and passwords from a txt file

I need to pull usernames and passwords from a .txt file and I am having a difficult time wrapping my mind around how exactly to do this. I'll try to break this down. Open the file Read in the Usernames Compare a username against a user input Compare

Organization of the arrayist of JAVA objects

I'm having troubling organizing my list of employees. I just need to organize them according to their employee type (first two letters). Each object starts with the employee code which are the first two letters. This is what I need to separate the po

The kernel-header-panel is not visible?

I made a simple example to show a core-header-panel (Polymer web-component) in a webpage. But I don't see anything in the browser and there is also no error in de console (Chrome). Can somebody tell me what I do wrong? I think I should at least see t

Scraping with Nokogiri in Ruby

How can I get the name and description attributes together and make an island object for each island? I've tried everything I could to get both attributes together to make an object but could only get them separately. I need help as I have to submit

Custom Time Range JQuery FullCalendar

I use resource view with Fullcalendar plugin. Hours are displayed horizontally. Everything is working well except I would like to have custom time interval. I would like to have 24h calendar with day starting with 9.30am and finishing with 9.30am, I

How to implement fast sort by function result?

We have objects with lat and long records. Also each object has creation date. User can login from anywhere and see objects. We need to show objects sorting by some special index which is calculated basing on freshness of object and how far it is fro

Unable to start the Oracle database: several errors

I have 3 oracle dbs installed on server as separate user. All three were working properly until server reboot. After which i wasn't able to start database and i am not able to execute any other command. $ sqlplus / as sysdba SQL*Plus: Release 11.2.0.

How to disable a CheckBox column in a DBGrid

How to disable or readonly a checkbox column in a DBGrid. I'm using wwDbGrid and EditControl option.I am not familiar with the component but did you try something like: wwDBGrid.Columns[1].ReadOnly:=True;

jQuery shows divs with display: none

I have some jQuery code, which attempts to show the first 6 divs on page load and hide all of the others. It is littered with errors, but ideally I am trying to create a function that shows the next six divs on an event, ultimately when the user scro

ReduxForm - Dynamic connection setting

I'm using ReduxForm with two types of form : inside Modals inside Tabs. Depends of the form' type, I have to adapt my reduxForm 'connect' parameter. With Tab, I need : destroyOnUnmount enableReinitialize [ ... ] With Modal, I dont want them. My Form

The corresponding words / phrases in scala are based on

I have to find if a given phrase/word exists in a paragraph or not. Here's what I have done, given "wordlist" is the paragraph in which I have to look for phrases/words and "words" is the phrase/word. if (wordlist contains words){print

Subversion for SourceSafe users

I have to do some migration training for developers tomorrow who have only ever used VSS. It's been a long time since I used VSS in any capacity and I'm concerned I'll miss a lot of obvious stuff. What I want is a list of things you would want to kno

Create an application session in Android

My application require timeout of 10 min i.e. if there is no activity on the application from last 10 min, then either the application is terminated or login(Login credential in sqlite db) is shown. I came up with the approach of using thread with ma

Get the ID of a Datetime_select field

I have a Ruby on Rails web application in which I need to enable or disable a datetime_select field as a checkbox is checked or unchecked. In order to do this quickly and dynamically, I need to have this done using javascript. My problem is I can't s

C ++ OOP Duplicate Inheritance Pattern

I have the following classes, class A with a method, and a container class B: class A { void foo(); }; class B { A * m_a; void setA(A* a) { m_a = a; } void callFoo() { m_a->foo(); } }; So now I want to extend the functionality of A to BarA adding foo

Running API constraints using OOP

I have an encoder class. The encoder can be in three states: freshly created, encoding or finished. There are three methods named startEncoding(), appendFrame() and finishEncoding() that can each only be called when the encoder is in the relevant sta

InvokeRequired is true on PictureBox. How to deal with this?

I had another question on my PictureBox calls giving me 3 kinds of errors, some great answers came in particularly from Conrad Frix. So it led me to figure out where my problem is, but now to fix it I am not 100% sure on. Basically I have a Windows F

Error Laravel and Azure: Server Internal Error

I have an App Service on Microsoft Azure that uses Laravel 5.2 and PHP 7. The problem that I have is that sometimes while I'm browsing the site I get the error: this page cannot be displayed because an internal server error has occurred This happens