When should the C ++ output stream be flushed?

I understand cout << '\n' is preferred over cout << endl; but cout << '\n doesn't flush the output stream. When should the output stream be flushed and when is it an issue? What exactly is flushing?Flushing forces an output stream to wri

Using jquery to find the parent ID div to refer to var

I'm new to jquery, so forgive me if this is a simple task, but what I'm trying to do here is two-fold. My page can have between 1 and 4 display panels on it, and each panel has a button. Each of the display panels is supposed to act independently of

Perl script to extract data

I have a file like this as shown below. chr10 299448 299468 SRR048973.1457734 255 + 3 chr10 299448 299468 SRR048973.2114188 255 + 3 chr10 299448 299468 SRR048973.4148128 255 + 3 chr10 299945 299971 SRR048973.566192 255 + 6 chr10 299959 299982 SRR0489

Insert a record in the database using javascript, mysql and php

I have the following js function, which makes an ajax request, but it is not doing it for some reason. I checked alerting url and it displays it as it supposed to be, so all variables are declared. var request = new XMLHttpRequest(); var url = "ajax_

Is there? Goto & rdquo; S in UNIX KSH scripts?

Is there a way within a KSH to exit a case statement and go to a certain line for next execution with the code? Or are there goto labels you can use? Anything like this used instead of nesting tons of branching?There are no labels or goto. However, y

Can not load shared library at run time

foo.h #ifndef foo_h__ #define foo_h__ extern void foo(void); #endif foo.c #include <stdio.h> #include "foo.h" void foo(void) { puts("Hello, I'm a shared library"); } compiled using gcc -Wall -fPIC -c foo.c gcc -shared -Wl,-soname

Launch a string to OdbcType enum

I need to create instances of OdbcParameter at runtime using values ​​returned from the database as attributes. My problem is that the description of the data type is returned as a string in uppercase, which is why Enum.Parse or Enum.TryParse fails t

Read mvcc database not validated

say I want to do the following transactions in read committed mode (in postgres). T1: r(A) -> w(A) T2: r(A) -> w(A) If the operations where called in this order: r1(A)->r2(A)->w1(A)->c1->w2(A)->c2 I would exspect that T2 has to wait a

Removing Directory Content Using Shell Scripts

I am a newbie to Shell scripting. I want to delete all the contents of a directory which is in HOME directory of the user and deleting some files which are matching with my conditions. After googled for some time, i have created the following script.

JavaFX: How to define an action on a ComboBox?

ComboBox dropDown = new ComboBox(); dropDown.getItems().addAll("Mexican Peso", "Canadian Dollar", "Euro", "British Pound"); dropDown.setOnAction(e -> dropDownMenu()); private void dropDownMenu(ComboBox dropDown){

Where is this Rails file stored? db / development.sqlite3

I'm trying to find the sqlite database file that rails creates. Sorry if this is a dumb question but which folder is this file stored in? I've looked in all of the folders in my Rails project and can't find it. My database.yml: development: adapter:

Check if the iPad is in silent mode

Possible Duplicate: Detect Silent mode in iOS5? i have used the code below to check if silent mode is on, it works as expected on the iPhone but on the iPad it returns speaker regardless. CFStringRef state; UInt32 propertySize = sizeof(CFStringRef);

Socket.io Security Issues

I'm wondering how I could secure my socket.io connection to the server from th following. Security Issues: What would stop malicious users from connecting to the socket server via client side code? Example: OUTSIDE DOMAIN REQUEST var socket = io.conn

Does this query require a dynamic sql? SQL Server

I want to select the parameters of a stored procedure and then check whether each parameter is null or not in a loop. The problem I'm having is that when I want to evaluate the variable in the IF statement, it is not being evaluated correctly. I want

Run the Windows service in the foreground

I have a bat file which is installed as a service. I can run the service on a remote box. This service needs to launch another application. The launched application needs to be visible(run in foreground). Currently the launched application is running

Why does not this jquery work in ie7

The script did not work in IE7, it has been fixed now.IE7 does not allow trailing commas after the last item in an object definition (other browsers don't object). Remove the trailing comma in this: .attr({value: regNum,}) and this: {id: regNum,}) Th

Can not always set reactive undesirable breakpoints in Chrome

While debugging my React Native app in Chrome, I'm often unable to set breakpoints in the Sources tab. When I click on a line of code to add the breakpoint, a breakpoint is added instead to the next function declaration line in my module. This doesn'

Transition code CSS

I'm having a problem with this css transition code. It expands to a new height on hover fine, but I need it to go back to it original height when out hover or mouseout. (Like a pencil ad) Currently, on mouseout it stays expanded and the cursor is stu

The Android Display Screen Is Not Displayed on a Real Device

I am trying my application on my galaxy s5 and s6 but on this devices my application not show the splash screen(background from ImageView) (the app show white screen and go to the main). I try on a virtual device on the android studio and it work wit

Grunt plugin for asset version

I'm looking for a grunt plugin that will automatically change the references to static assets (js/css) inside an html file like this: <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="style.css?v=12345678" /> <script src=

Add a personalized Javascript to Prestashop

After asking on the Prestashop forum and receiving no reply I wanted to ask you guys and hope for an answer. I am trying to add an animated snow plugin to my shop but after looking at the header.tpl file which instructs you to not edit - how do I add

How to change the dgrid-expando icon in Tree dgrid

Could you please help, how to change the triangle icon expand/collapse to my custom icon (+,-) in the Tree grid. Also, how to remove all the table borders in the grid.Hoping it can be done through css. @Himanshu - This is not a dojoxGrid rather a dgr

PDF files of watermarking?

I am preparing documentation in PDF format. I would like to reduce piracy of the documentation by embedding the name of the purchaser on each page of the document. What is the simplest way to do that? How difficult is it for the end user to remove? I

How to get the keyboard to move to the next text field

I have several UITextFields that are in a group... I need to be able to move from the first to the last, and on the last make it FirstResponder. I thought the Next key would move the focus, and Done would cause it to become FirstResponder, but appare

How to convert string to enumeration matrix in java

I have a string array that contains the enum values taken from the user. How do I now convert this string array to enum array so that the elements can then be iterated and used further in other methods? This needs to be done in Java. Basically I am a