Garbage collection in JavaScript closures

I need some help here to undestand how this works (or does not, for that matter). In a web page, I create a click event listener for a node. Within the listener, I create an instance of some random class, which sets the node as property within itself

ClassNotFoundException in Java

I have a strange and fustrating problem. I loaded all my .class files into a JAR file and placed it on my local web server. The problem is when I navigated to the page with my JAR I got a big ClassNotFoundExeption. I am 100% certian this class file i

XCode 3.2 - allows the emulator to open in iPhone mode

I've installed XCode 3.2 on top of Snow Leopard 10.6.2. When trying to "build and run" an application created from XCode template, the emulator is always opened in iPad mode. When choosing "iPhone" from the emulator menu, it changes it

Choosing a name for an open source library

How important it is that a Google search for the name will return no result? If the library is written in Java and a search for 'java libname' returns 10,000s results, does it mean you should try harder and find a name that's availble?It's popularly

Get the date representation in seconds?

I am using an API which requires a date parameter as a number of seconds, an int. My problem is that I currently store this time in and I was wondering if there is some way to convert the variable to seconds so that I ca

HTCCESS url rewrite

I am trying to rewrite this url and it just doesn't seem to be working and I am unclear what is going wrong I want this URL: To actually send to: www.mysite/cat/list_products.php?st

Class template appearing in class member access expression

Quote from 3.4.5/1 (document version N3797): In a class member access expression (5.2.5), if the . or -> token is immediately followed by an identifier followed by a <, the identifier must be looked up to determine whether the < is the beginning

Get the return of an AsyncTask and work with this one?

I have an AsyncTask which returns a map with 2 elements. I did it like this: Map<String, ArrayList<String>> result = new HashMap<String, ArrayList<String>>(); result.put("usernames", usernames); result.put("messages&

Runtime Callable wrapper (RCW) - process or scope?

What is the scope of Runtime Callable Wrapper (RCW), when referencing unmanaged COM objects? According to the docs: The runtime creates exactly one RCW for each COM object, regardless of the number of references that exist on that object. If I had to

Check if a selector matches items marked by a specific class

I have a generic jQuery selector (a string): var selector = '#files li div'; and the name of a class: var myClass = 'folder'; I want to check if the selector matches elements having the class stored into myClass. As far as now I used an instance of t

Get data in the field between quotation marks (ie.

Is there a way to select data in quotes in a query? For example, I have a field that contains a value of SYS_Data("THE DATA I WANT") Is there a way to search this in SQL (specifically Oracle)? I really just need to be able to see if the value in

How to force a html5 video to load completely?

I have a few html5 videos on a page. When I first enter the page, they load correctly - I can see the correct frame size, play the video etc. etc. After going to another page and coming back to the video page the frames are not high enough and the vi

How to add wp nonce to the simple ajax function in wordpress

i'm trying to make the simple plugins with ajax in wp, and i was make the button such as "like" for posts with support of some peoples my problem 1. i was find a solution to secure it with nonce, but i refer many in google but not success. my li

Access to hashes in Perl models

How do you access variables in a hash when using Perl's HTML::Template module? I'm building the following hash in my Perl code: # Load success/error flash messages if ($query->param("submit")) { $template->param( FLASH => { CLASS =>

Create a new application or improve the existing one

I created an app one year ago (2000 download, 350 active users) and I have to clean the code, use Material Design...and I don't know what is the best solution. Make it from scratch (so create a new app) and give to the old user the possibility to imp

How to convert a time in milliseconds to minutes in JMeter

I am capturing elapsed time in simple variable in Jmeter and the value is saved in milliseconds, but I need to convert that value into minutes? Is there any way to do this in JMeter?Instead, you could probably just use some simple math: Convert Milli

The declaration of FigureCanvasTkAgg causes a memory leak

I'm having difficulty figuring out just why the declaration of FigureCanvasTkAgg causes a memory leak, I have the following lines in my class __init__ method: # pndwinBottom is a paned window of the main screen self.__drawplotFrame = Frame(pndwinBott

WPF MVVM DataTrigger Not Being Invoked

I have the following datatrigger attached to a combobox: <TextBlock Grid.Row="1" Grid.Column="0" Text="Vendor:" VerticalAlignment="Center" Margin="3,3,0,3"/> <dxe:ComboBoxEdit Grid.Row="1&quo

Angular 2 with Polymer failed ng serve

after I configured my application I have this error at start: "Tried to find bootstrap code, but could not. Specify either statically analyzable bootstrap code or pass in an entryModule to the plugins options." I could not find one good solution

fill in missing clues in pandas

I have data like follows: import pandas as pd from datetime import datetime x = pd.Series([1, 2, 4], [datetime(2013,11,1), datetime(2013,11, 2), datetime(2013, 11, 4)]) The missing index at November 3rd corresponds to a zero value, and I want it to l

Can not remote desktop in Windows Azure VM

I am running a trial of Windows Azure and setup a simple Windows Virtual Machine. However, I do not seem to be able to use the Windows Remote Desktop connection to remote into the machine. What am I doing wrong? At first sight it does not seem to lik