How to handle arrays (declared on the stack) in C ++?

I have a class to parse a matrix that keeps the result in an array member: class Parser { ... double matrix_[4][4]; }; The user of this class needs to call an API function (as in, a function I have no control over, so I can't just change its interfac

Determine ManyToMany vs. OneToMany by Using ClassMetadata

I am using ClassMetadata to determine the structure of a hibernate POJO. I need to determine if a collection is OneToMany or ManyToMany. Where is this information? Can I get to it without using reflection? See my code below. //Get the class' metadata

Django: how to get the date format in views?

I need to use SHORT_DATETIME_FORMAT in view. def manage_list(request): user = User.objects.filter().order_by('date_joined') usrs = [] for usr in user: usrs.append({ _('First name'): usr.first_name, _('Last name'): usr.last_name, _('Email'):

How do I generate a contour graph?

How do I generate a contour graph like this: contour It's easy enough if the points are on a regular grid, but what if they aren't, like in my example? Is there a fa

C # XSLT remove the node

Could someone help me with this. I need in C# to remove node "xsl:variable" , as you can see here are two xsl:template nodes with child elements xsl:variable . In this sample I need to remove it with C#. Something like this: XmlDocument d = new

How do I join the same ID in swift?

i want to make like a group array struct songST { var singerid:[Int] var songname:[String] var songembeded:[String] } **fist item;** songST(singerid: "1", songname: ["Its my life"], songembeded: ["url1"]) **seconditem=** song

IOS Universal App - Access different Nibs for iPad and iPhone

I am writing my first universal app, I have converted my nibs so that there are iPad and iPhone versions. The iPad version is in the Resources-iPad folder and called 'InfoViewController-iPad.xib'. The iPhone version in the main folder and called 'Inf

How to insert JEditorPane into the JTable cell?

I want to put JEditorPane in JTable cell. I've written this: jTabel1.setDefaultRenderer(String.class, new StringEditorPane()); ......... class StringEditorPane extends JEditorPane implements TableCellRenderer { public StringEditorPane() { setContentT

Linq2SQL: update object not created in datacontext

Normally when you update an object in linq2sql you get the object from a datacontext and use the same datacontext to save the object, right? What's the best way to update a object that hasn't been retreived by that datacontext that you use to perform

View 3 DIV Online

I am trying to display 3 divs like a horizontal line. Like this: This is my HTML : <div class="notactive"></div> <div class="notactive"></div> <div class="notactive"></div> This is my CSS s

jquery accordion, opening a box based on href

I am trying to open an accordion based on a link i send to the page This is my url services.html#branding I am using the following code in the head: <script type="text/javascript"> $(document).ready(function(){ $('#accordion').accordion({c

SQL Server Profiler - Dynamic Sql Display

I am building and executing some dynamic sql and wanted to use SQL Server profiler to view that execution statement. Do you know what filters /settings I have to use in order to see that? I have looked through them and could be just looking right ove

Does anyone know of a hosted TeamCity build provider?

I'm looking to set up a TeamCity server for continuously building a .NET web application. I already have hosting, so I don't want to get a whole new hosting account such as AppHarbor. I don't maintain my own physical server, nor do I want to. I also

What determines which control is pulled before which in C #?

I think the question is clear enough...Assuming winforms: The order they appear in their parent container's controls collection. For controls created by the designer, this is usually the order in which they were first created. However, I think certai

Stack overflow caused by a recursive function

Being a beginner to C++ programming and computer systems architecture, I'm still learning the basics of C++. Yesterday I read about recursive function, so I decided to write my own, here's what I wrote : (very basic) int returnZero(int anyNumber) { i

Watch NSString length in debugger

I have an NSString variable called myText. How to watch [myText length] in xcode debugger?You can use the debugger console to evaluate a property of an object in Xcode, the debugger output view actually functions as an input, too. Obviously first you

Balloon class in c # .net for winforms

Is there any balloon class in using winforms ??No, but you can use ToolTip and set the IsBalloon property to true: true if a balloon window should be used; otherwise, false if a standard rectangular window should be used. The default is false.

Odoo practical beginner

this is my modudel. it's installed and loaded without any errors. 1.need some help to figure out what is wrong with views because they don't show up. 2. how can i add menu in header and 2 sub menus on the left. { 'name' : "Helloworld", 'version'

performSegueWithIdentifier does not show new view

I make test app that show second view when the init view is shown. My code is this: - (void)viewDidLoad { [super viewDidLoad]; // Do any additional setup after loading the view, typically from a nib. [self performSegueWithIdentifier:@"showSecondView&

Too many short PHP files

I searched a bit around before realizing I need some more info on this. I have an interactive website using ajax calls to get info from server. The (authenticated) user will click around quite a bit to manipulate this data, and it will be continously

How to divide the string into intervals

The input is like the below (3,7),(4,8),(1,2),(9,16),(13,18),(22,28) How can we divide this into intervals like (3,7) (4,8) (1,2) (9,16) (13,18) (22,28) I assume you've tried split, but had problems because the comma is used within the parenthesis as

Show taxonomy terms in a content page in drupal 7

I am a newbie in drupal. I'm working on project in drupal 7. I wanted a page in which i want to show the content and taxonomy terms both one after the other. First what i did is, created a page and added the content. then, i have created a new taxono