Help with facebook several queries in IOS

I need to perform a series of FBrequests. Basically it is an array which for each item I have to make a FBrequest. What I need to know is if it is guaranteed that the order of the requests received by the - (void)request:(FBRequest*)request didLoad:(

If or statement in jquery $ .each values

Is there a more efficient way to do the following bit of javascript? I'd love to trim this down, but couldn't think of a way to do it. Thanks! var sizes = []; //This is a dynamic array from button clicks in an above menu that will include any of ['S'

Converting docx files to WPF stream documents

I'm trying to convert a bunch of Microsoft Word documents, containing a few pictures and many lines of text and headings to Flow Documents. I found this article useful, but I couldn't add images form docx files to Flow Documents properly. A sample co

Choice of SQL and DB sharing

I am trying to build a customized attendance package for a local college, there are nearly 1300 students, hence I prefer to work with SQL Compact (SQL CE) since it is free to use unlike sql server, please correct me if I am wrong. Also, please advice

Drag to rotate the Sprite node in SpriteKit

my problem is I don't know how to rotate a sprite by swipe. I want to rotate it clockwise when I swipe to the left, and other way when I swipe to the right. And how fast I swipe is how fast it rotate, then it slow down and stop. I tried to look for t

How to Make a Waist Hood

I have two string arrays string[] input; //user input could be any size string[] output; //a copy of user input but, should not be larger than 50 if input length <= 50, then output is an exact copy of input. if input array length > 50 then it will c

How to display the table horizontally in (rdlc) report

I want to show the table horizontally like this: | data1 | data2 | data3 | data4 | .... | data5 | data6 | .... For more information, I am using visual studio 2010. and it will go to new line I saw similar question here but it goes to new page instead

.Net event handlers using filesystemwatcher cleanup

I've writte a simple test tool using the .net FileSystemWatcher class. The problem is I got a memory leak because instances of MemoryLeakTest are referenced by the changed handler in the FileSystemWatcher. What would be the correct way of cleaning up

Always confused between event and event handlers in jQuery

Can someone please help me to understand what exactly is the "Event" and "Event handler" in following examples? According to here is the list of some common events so why some people still keep saying Click event hand

Find a file with at least a number in / usr / include

Using the find command, I want to see the files in /usr/include whose name contains at least one number. I tried this command : find /usr/include -type f -regex '.\*[0-9].\*$' But the number is not always in the name of the file but sometimes in the

Show database records in jQuery data tables

I want to fetch records from database and display it in data tables, but when i run this PHP code in a browser, it only shows records in a simple table. I want this result in jquery data tables for searching and sorting. javascript function for data

Rails - Using multiple email providers in a single application

Anyway I can use multiple email providers within the same Rails 3 app ? Context 1. Im using postmark for sending out mails currently (using delayed job) 2. Our app also needs to send out some mass emails - for which we will be using a separate provid

C-UI Graphical User Interface Tutorial

I have a project in C language and the teacher ordered to make a Gui of project. I can only use C or C++ for the GUI part. Can anyone please suggest me Some easy open source Graphics Library Tutorial because this will be my first ever GUI. thanksThe

Create a custom menu on the Webview

How to create custom menu for webview when longpress event occur as shown in image at the top? public class MainActivity extends Activity { private String data; private WebView webview; private String clipdata = ""; private boolean mark_text; @S

Shift operators on signed types

I am trying to understand the behavior of bitwise operators on signed and unsigned types. As per the ISO/IEC document, following are my understandings. Left shift Operator The result of E1 << E2, is E1 left-shifted E2 bit positions The vacated bits

how to register AJAX RESPONSE in Laravel

return Response()->json(['message' => $input['first_name']]); give me in console my input text How can i save it in database? I try to use $input = Request::all(); $user = Auth::user(); $user->first_name = Response()->json(['message' => $in

Usability techniques for a better presentation of the form

I'm trying to simplify a form (using ASP.NET MVC but I guess that might be irrelevant) with a lot of fields. My initial thought was to split it up into tabs, but then I read somewhere that this would be usability hell. Also, required fields would be

Recover HashMap keys in Java

I have a Hashmap in Java like this: private Map<String, Integer> team1 = new HashMap<String, Integer>(); Then I fill it like this: team1.put("United", 5); How can I get the keys? Something like: team1.getKey() to return "United&