How to call the WebMatrix Helper function from jQuery AJAX?

I have a helper method inside my App_Code folder which returns some html to be displayed on the page. How can I do jQuery/AJAX request to call that method (passing an int as a parameter) and have the HTML returned so I can display it on the page? I'v

Data drift. Complicated to Haskell

I have code that looks a little like the following: import Data.Complex data Foo = N Number | C ComplexNum data Number = Int Integer | Real Float | Rational Rational deriving Show data ComplexNum = con1 (Complex Integer) | con2 (Complex Float) | con3

Sharing the database between Android and Windows Phone

I have application developed by different apk/api, I have version java Desktop application and Android Application and Windows phone 8.1 Application , My problem that the three version use the same database to access it can modify and insert ..etc ho

Exit the program for any entry that is not a list

My goal is to create a little program that converts angle from radiant to degree and vice-versa. I need the program to close with no error message from python if the user enters the information to convert in the wrong format. After assigning the vari

Php PDO OCI Installing the driver using the pecl

I'm trying to install the PDO driver for OCI. When searching Google for pdo_oci I find the following URL: It displays this message at the top of the page: This package is not maintained anymore and has been supers

asp.gridview full row select does not work

I know this already answered several times. but after I checked my code against many of then and it is not working I had to ask for help. my aspx code: <asp:GridView CssClass="filled" ID="gvuMsgBox" runat="server" AllowPag

D3 and not correctly selecting the Html layout adjustment

I'm doing my best working with D3 in order to align my HTML layout, but I'm not able to align my charts the way I want it. What I need to obtain is: BAR CHART 1st PIE CHART, 2nd PIE CHART, FIELDSET Therefore I need to exchange the position of the sec

Where can I put configuration files in .NET?

In .NET, how should I get access to a folder for holding configuration data specific to the current machine or user (to avoid hard-coding a path)? (related:) Which is the best location to keep program configuration file in WINDOWS? Question answered.

run applications that use audio in a docker container

This question is inspired by Can you run GUI apps in a docker container?. The basic idea is to run apps with audio and ui (vlc, firefox, skype, ...) I was searching for docker containers using pulseaudio but all containers I found where using pulseau

How to access the contacts list in Windows Phone 7?

How do you access the contacts store (the contact list) within Windows Phone 7? Thanks! update: It seems that this might be available in the next version of WP7, Mango: This ans

Root View Controller Warning After Converting to ARC

I'm converting my opengl game to ARC and am running into this error/warning message with the app launches: Applications are expected to have a root view controller at the end of application launch. I am not using nib or xib files to create my views o

The Cross Browser Perspective Solution?

What the problem is I have tested this scenario of perspective usage ( a w3C validated webpage with all necessary and optional CSS browser tags) in IE, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera and found different (all inaccurate) results. So far it appears that th

Pre-populate WebView text fields

I need to pre-fill text fields in a UIWebView and am given to understand that javascript is the best way to go about this. Unfortunately I know nothing of javascript and have been fumbling about for the last few hours, getting nowhere. Latest botched

Eval mathematical formula string with ActionScript

How can I eval Math formulas with AS3? Nothing fancy, things like (10/3)*4+10. Thanks.While you could use a huge eval lib like D.eval or AS3Eval, all you really need is something like this simple MathParser (More info about the MathParser) Here's how

Create a pivot table of a DataTable

I am using C# winforms to create an application that needs to turn a datatable into a pivot table. I have the pivot table working fine from a SQL end, but creating it from a datatable seems trickier. I couldn't seem to find anything built into .NET f

Using jQuery to sequentially load and degrade

I am working on some code that will load a bunch (20+) of big images (~500 KB each) sequentially. After each image has loaded, it fades in. I used this fiddle from this discussion as a starting point. I've got the images loading just the way I want,

How do I trim the child elements?

I have a Border with CornerRadius property set to 10. Inside that Border, there's a StackPanel. The panel contains two Borders with blue and red backgrounds, respectively. The upper left and upper right corners of the blue border and the lower left a

equal ints which refer

I have a method that checks an int read in from aother method and compares it to its reverse. If the numbers are equal and thus a palindrome, true is returned. However, false keeps getting returned regardless of whether or not the number entered is a

Matlab: meaning of eps

Suppose I have following code: T = 0.1; t = − 0.5: 0.001: 0.5; x = pi*t/T; y = sin (x + eps )/(x + eps ); plot (t, y); My question is: What is purpose of eps? I have got following graph: Even without eps, I get the same picture. Does eps have the sam