How to set the color of the google map loading tiles?

Bright loading tiles on map with dark style don't look good. Is there a way to change loading tiles colour?Create mapLabelStyle.json into your app raw folder. Copy this json style into that file. [ { "elementType": "labels", "styl

CSS Width in Percentage Linked to Grandparent

How to relate width in percent to the grand parent? You could simply relate width of li s to the parent ul which in turn it relates to the grand parent div: div{ overflow: hidden; width: 100%; } ul{ width: 1000%; } li{ width: 3%; }

Char * (* vehicle) [] [5]; Dynamic distribution

I'm trying to dynamically allocate space for the following in C and I was wondering if someone could explain how to? char* (*vehicle)[][5]; The 5 elements are details of the vehicle and the first array is for the different vehicles. So I'm trying to

Need a LINQ query to read an XML file that returns a list

In this is XML file I have to get all the Source dlls in a list. I am trying with below query. Dim appManifest As String = New System.IO.StreamReader(Application.GetResourceStream(New System.Windows.Resources.StreamResourceInfo(e.Result, Nothing), Ne

Changing the Two-Dimensional One-Dimensional List 1

Possible Duplicate: Flattening a shallow list in Python I want to create a function that takes a 2 dimensional list and outputs a 1 dimensional list with the same contents. Here is what I have: twoDlist= [[23, 34, 67],[44,5,3],[7,8,9]] def twoone (li

Django Admin Search optimization

I have a CMS running on Django 1.4 and the database is Postgresql 9.1. I have a lot of content in the CMS and the issue I am facing right now is that the Django Admin search takes forever to retrieve the results. I would like to know if there are opt

What does not work with GET to remove content?

I know it goes against the REST architecture but, from a pragmatic viewpoint, what is wrong about using GET request method to remove data from a database? Let's say I built an application that has an administration panel. In administration panel admi

Csv to sparse matrix in python

I have a big csv file which lists connections between nodes in a graph. example: 0001,95784 0001,98743 0002,00082 0002,00091 So this means that node id 0001 is connected to node 95784 and 98743 and so on. I need to read this into a sparse matrix in n

TextureView: Perform TextureView.getBitmap () in the background

I am displaying CameraView in TextureView and am using TextureView.getBitmap() to get bitmaps from the TextureView. Each time i call TextureView.getBitmap() it causes the Camera preview to freeze for a nano second. I would like to run this task in th

How to fill Grid View with images of PHP MySql in Android?

I want to retrieve all the images and populate GridView from PHP MySql Database. I'm using JSON parsing.But in my grid view is nothing display images from PHP and also nothing any error.So then why not show the images in Gridview in my application.Wh

Reset access to contacts in the iOS simulator?

I want to test out the contact authorization process, but the simulator doesn't ask me for permission anymore. I've tried resetting privacy settings, I've tried resetting the simulator completely, I've tried deleting the app, but no matter what, it n

Re-Run Failed Test Script 'Completely' Using JUnit

I found some solution to rerun failed @Test in this forum at How to Re-run failed JUnit tests immediately?. In my case i execute the test from command line. And i want to rerun the complete test if it fails. Given below is my Test Script template and

Check if variable data already exists in the database

I am trying to follow this previously answered question How to check if value already exists in MySQL database Here is my code <?php $con=mysql_connect(Localhost,"mwtwoone_xbl","password","mwtwoone_xbl"); mysql_select_db(

Windows service problem in C #

I have designed a window service in which I called RunProgram Method from OnStart().. But when I install its pakage it is not showing in service console.... Any suggestions are most welcome.... protected override void OnStart(string[] args) { base.On

Java program that prints a string backwards

I'm trying to write a program that takes a string, breaks it up into characters, and prints each character backwards. I sort of see what the problem is, I just am not sure how to fix it. Here is my code: public static void main(String[] args) { //tak

C # WPF WebBrowser Multi Touch

Hopefully someone can help, I'm having a few issues embedding a web browser into my application to display a Google maps page. The page loads correctly in the IE Web browser and Awesomium, However we are actually using a Windows 7 touch screen and if

Replacing a space and more, with exactly a new line.

I'm exercise code. The thing is, to replace space from input, with a new line. I wrote something like this: int input; while((input = getchar()) != EOF) { if (input == ' ') { input = '\n'; } putchar(input); } But I don't know how to make it change mo

Sql Group by datetime

I have a MySql table : +--------------------+----------------+ | datetime | energy | +--------------------+----------------+ | 2010-06-15 10:00:00| 1| | 2010-06-15 10:15:00| 3| | 2010-06-15 10:30:00| 6| | 2010-06-15 10:45:00| 7| | 2010-06-15 11:00:00

Recover some old features without losing any new changes?

Let the following sequence be a linear sequence of commits with independent change modifications: start --> change 1 --> change 2 --> change 3 (current state) Now, let's say that change 1 was a total screw-up and we want to go back to our start c

Qt-C ++ connects Sqlite by absolute path

I have a Qt project with absolute path. QString path_to_db = "F:/Binh_Efeis/resources/database/efeis.sqlite"; When I build this project and run it (as F:/Binh_Efeis/debug/EfB.exe), it works fine. But we can't use absolute paths when deploying to

The sockets can not send data

This question already has an answer here: TypeError: 'str' does not support the buffer interface 7 answers Code host = "" port=4446 from socket import * s = socket(AF_INET, SOCK_STREAM) s.bind((host,port)) s.listen(1) print("Listen