Python Card in C ++

My problem with std::transform is that I can't both get the beginning and the end of a temporary object. I would like to implement a Python-like mapping function in C++ that works on vectors of a type and maps them to another vector (of possibly anot

Loop Through PHP Array encoded in JSON

I have a PHP array that has a table id as the key and a table field as the value. Example PHP: while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)) { $id = $row['id']; $array[$id] = $row['some_field']; } I then use json_encode($array) to get something like: {"id

SyntaxError: JSON.parse: Unexpected Character

I'm having a problem. I have a json code as below. I want to parse them but get an error: SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character I don't know where is the error. Would anyone help? My js code: function retreive() { var userInfo = new Array();

How do I return a value with Dispatcher.Invoke?

Anyone knows how to return a value from Dispatcher.Invoke in wpf? I want to return the selected index for a ComboBox. Thanks! int result = -1; // this is synchronous myCombo.Invoke(() => { result = myCombo.SelectedIndex; }); return result; This is, o

JQuery, displays a comma-separated list in CSV format

I am learning JQuery and I am having trouble trying to write code which outputs a comma separated list in a CSV format from HTML code. I am trying to put the the titles of the images in a comma separated list. Here is the HTML I am using: <html> <

Perl Regular Expression Library for .NET

There are questions about converting "Perl regular expressions" (e.g., PCRE flavor) to .NET flavor (see e.g. .NET equivalent to Perl regular expressions) but isn't there a .NET library that would take a Perl regular expression as is and work wit

The variable in the MySQL statement does not work

I have an array that lists 14 dates from a set date (2 week pay period): $punchCard = array(); Array( [1] => Array( [showDate] => 2012-12-04 [codeDate] => 20121204) [2] => Array( [showDate] => 2012-12-05 [codeDate] => 20121205) .........

Zurb Foundation: Semi-transparent semi-transparent?

Is there any way to have a semi-transparent top bar with Zurb Foundation? I have defined all the relevant variables, from what I can tell, in my _settings.scss file: $topbar-bg-color $topbar-bg $topbar-dropdown-bg $topbar-dropdown-link-bg $topbar-dro

Python / Django IDE for Solaris

Could anyone tell me a well-round Python & Django IDE fully compatible with Solaris?. I'm only aware of Netbeans but as far as I know It does not have support for Django and it lacks also of important features for Python like code completion. Thank y

How do I join the latest X entries in an array of strings?

I've got an array like this: string[] parts = line.Split(','); string store = parts[0]; string sku = parts[1]; string subcatcode = parts[2]; string price = parts[3]; string date = parts[4]; string desc = parts[5]; I want description to equal the join

jQuery: not () + nth-child

Having the following DOM structure: <ul> <li></li> <li></li> <li></li> <li></li> <li></li> <li></li> <li></li> <li></li> <li></li> <li>

tastypie - disables the creation of nested objects

When i'm creating a new resource with a foreign relation, specified as, i.e., {"pk": 20}, i get a new unwanted FK-item created. I have Order model class with a relations to the Language model, so when creating an Order instance, i may have to sp

Adding random numbers 1-1000000 in a table?

I have looked up how to add 0-99 to an array. But, my assignment was 1-1000000. I just keep getting really large numbers and no small numbers. Is it just because the chance of getting large numbers is a lot higher? I just wanted to make sure I was do

python regex capturing token

I need to capture small code (token) from html with regex, I'm writing code with BeautifulSoup but it is not possible to compile with py2exe, so for this I need a solution wihth regex. My html code is this: <form method="post" enctype="m

Unit Test Taskheads in AppEngine

For a very long time now I've been using task queues on AppEngine to schedule tasks, just the way I'm supposed to. But what I've always been wondering is how does one write tests for that? Until now I've simply made tests to make sure an error doesn'

C - If the instruction does not work

I was creating a program to print all the prime numbers from an array. So, Everything works correctly except the if statement to skip the numbers smaller than 2 which are obviously not prime numbers. Here's the code: int main() { int a[10], i, prime

Accessing the JavaScript DOM Table in a Java Servlet

I want to write reusable code that takes an HTML table from a JSP and converts it to Excel format to be exported to the user. I want to take advantage of the HTML DOM Table Object rather than parse the HTML in Java to extract the same information. Th

Compression Efficiency

There is a task to save data in some local storage or for network transmission. Data are stored in plain object form (key-value pairs). With the aim to save bandwith and storage space I'm planning to use the conversion from long verbose key names to

select a range in a range

I am using following VBA code (MS Excel 2010) to select a range of cells within a given range, to copy and insert the copied cells back into the source range: The range starts in the worksheet at row 2, down to row 2200 and from column 50 to 65. Set

Conversion from number to number using recurrence

I am trying to make an algorithm for the following task: I have two integers a ≤ b The algorithm has to transform a into b by adding 1 and multiply by 2 operations. For example, if a = 5 and b = 23 the program should output something like 23 = ((5 *