Selenium IDE Regular Expression Problem

I am having with an issue with a regular expression storeLocation | CurrentUrl storeEval | re=/https://[.\w-]+/[.\w-]*\//;re.exec(${CurrentUrl}) | jsHostName it gives this error: [error] Threw an exception: missing ) after argument list Note: I am no

Android Scrollview: How to select the Scrollview to come back?

I'm working on an android app that's working with Scrollviews. On each scrollview are two buttons, info and gallery. When the gallery button is clicked it takes you to a gallery xml. When the info button is clicked it takes you back to the info page.

SAML-Key with alias mykey has no private key

I am trying to modifying a sample program of spring-boot security with saml. I got the certificate(.crt) from my Identity provider and I tried to create a sample keystore(.jks) to test m

How to structure a bigger / more complicated project?

I'm creating this (big?) project in high school where I'm programming the game Shithead (card game) (so that two people can play against eachother). I'll use mostly PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and Ajax. But I have never made a project like this before. I

How do I know the reason for a warning in Python?

I encountered the following warning when it runs scipy.stats.stats.pearsonr() in my program /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/scipy/stats/ RuntimeWarning: invalid value encountered in double_scalars I wonder how to find out the rea

HTML - CSS Put the image in a frame

I want to put images into a frame (where frame is iPhone Picture). I want that images seems like the screen of the iphone. From CSS point of view is enough doing this: > img.pic{padding:100px; background: url(iphone_bk.png) no-repeat} Where each imag

How can I filter a list in Java using a predicate function?

Consider the following code: ICondition searchCondition, scopeCondition... List<ICondition> filtered = CollectionUtil.filter( Arrays.asList(searchCondition, scopeCondition), CollectionUtil.isNonNull); It fails to compile: "The method filter(Col

Ajax on Rails, not clear on Rails versions

I am following Michael Hartl's excellent tutorial on Ruby on Rails, in particular the one available in this website( Rails version 3.2 ). I am at a point (Section 11.2.5 specifically), where a "Follow" and "Unfollow" action is implemen

Google Maps in Navbar in Bootstrap 3

I just migrated from Bootstrap 2 to Bootstrap 3. I know displaying Google maps in Bootstrap is tricky, and it took me a while to get it working with Bootstrap 2, but now I am lost again. There are related questions about this topic, see e.g. the foll

JQuery and PHP Combination

I'm making a project with the slides of text. I have in the page a main div that contain the text of each slide. I saved the content in a database. I want do this operation: When I click the arrow for view the next slide, PHP catch from database the

Add files from the folder to the list in the Android app

I'm trying to create a list of files in my sdcard (and then get a random one from this list). I've read tutorials but none of those worked. My code is as following: try{ File file=new File("/sdcard"); File[] list = new File ("/sdcard")

Publish new / updated tool with key store

So I have learnt my lesson in backing up my keystore and the new one is now safely tucked away from now on. { and yes I have looked for the old one for ages :-( } I need to un-publish my current app and so I can reuse the app name and create a new ap

Configure Kube DNS when running Kubernetes via Docker

I am trying to prepare a dev environment for my team, so we can develop, stage and deploy with the same (or near same) environment. Getting a Kubernetes Cluster running locally via was

How to convert an empty array to an empty array

How can I convert an empty array to an empty string or null? $empty_array = array(); var_dump($empty_array); result, array(0) { } Also for an empty object below, class null_object{}; $null_object = new null_object(); var_dump($null_object); result, o

Vstest.console.exe exits with code 255 in Bamboo

We are running automated unit tests in our Bamboo build, but they are sometimes failing even though our log indicates that all tests are appropriately passing. I've done some Googling and am currently getting no where. Does anyone have a clue as to w

Call function within function

When I code stuff, I try to divide all things in functions (methods, if you like). Function X does stuff X, Y does tuff Y and not like method X does stuff X, Y & Z! This gives me more re-usable code. I like that. :) Lets take a look on this code: var

glGetError hangs for several seconds

I am developing an OpenGL application and I am seeing some strange things happen. The machine I am testing with is equipped with an NVidia Quadro FX 4600 and it is running RHEL WS 4.3 x86_64 (kernel 2.6.9-34.ELsmp). I've stepped through the applicati

In C, is it necessary to release a pointer at the output?

Possible Duplicate: When you exit a C application, is the malloc-ed memory automatically freed? In C, is it necessary to free a pointer at exit? When the program exists, does it free memory from pointers still pointing to an allocated block? Is it de

Informix: How to free up memory?

When I delete rows, those rows are only marked to be deleted and the new data can be saved there, but it is possible to force releasing memory ? How ?First, it is really disk space rather than memory that you're worried about, I think. The memory use

How do I parse a string from C to Python?

I have this code in my C file: printf("Worker name is %s and id is %d",,; I want, with Python, to be able to parse the format string and locate the "%s" and "%d". So I want to have a function: >>&

Meteor - Where to put calculation methods correctly

I'm reading and watching Tutorials about Meteor since 1-2 Weeks. I've learned about how to structure a meteor app regarding server and client side code, accounts, security etc. What i could not figure out: Where do i put the calculation logic properl

Show / hide the form according to the drop-down menu

I am trying to show one specific form depending of the dropbox choice. This is what I have so far: HTML: <select id='selector'> <option value='option-1' id="opt1">Option 1</option> <option value='option-2' id="opt2"

Match model with exceptions

I want to match a pattern using regular expressions, but I need some exceptions to the match. For instance, match every occurence of "John Doe" except for those occurences where "John Doe" is enclosed by bold tags, i.e. "<b>