How to enable WinRM HTTPS transport?

I know the server need a self-signed CA. But how can I generate a CA, and where can I put it to make server's PowerShell 2.0 work? And what is CN matching? The following is what happens when I run the command winrm quickconfig -transport:https: WinRM

Android emulator issues

My Android emulator is so slow it doesn't actually display any my Android work!I've left it for an hour and came back to find nothing. I'd really appreciate any suggestions!May be problem with your Memory...try to edit AVD just increase or decrease t

Jquery and Dojo DataGrid Problem

I've a problem when I want to load a page that contains some dojo code. The page loaded doesn't display any information. My index.html that loads the page, looks like that : <html> <head> <script type="text/javascript" src="h

How do I perform an action while EditText is selected?

I am writting an application on android and I have a login activity. So when someone selects any of the EditTexts, layout goes up on given height, else layout goes to it original position; all the animation is created like this public void onFocusCha

Getpreferences does not work in fragment

Commands like findViewById , getSharedPreferences are not working inside Fragment I am using kotlin and my code is as follow fun update (v:View){ Val sharedpref = getSharedPreferences("logindata",Context.MODE_PRIVATE)} LOG E/AndroidRuntime: FATA

CSS top container flake but no inner container

I have 2 div containers. I want the top container to be blur and the container inside to be have opacity. For some reason, both containers are blurred. Why? jsfiddle This is my HTML and CSS: <body> <div class="page blurme"> <div i

How to download Java EE 7 API Documentation (zip)?

I can only get to the online version here: I tried checking the Java EE Downloads page: But unfortunately, I can

Why does this php function gain in memory?

I have a long running operation in PHP and it always crashed with an out of memory. So i started logging mem usage with: $result = memory_get_usage() / 1024; echo $result; By commenting parts of the code I found the "guilty" one, responsible for

How to build the Apache Flex SDK 4.13?

I read the manual available here But it's confusing me. It's told that I should apply converter seprately to Flex SDK and Air SDK. But at present both of SDKs downloaded and

Graphene with vial does not load the pattern

I'm trying to run this example for using Graphene with Flask. I make the,, and verbatim from that page, and put them all in the flask_sqlalchemy folder, as instructed. Then I make and populate the database with the instruct

Creating a gif image from binary data

I have an image that was given to me in ASCII character format (from an XML document, i,e. sdlf9sdf09e93jr), and I was told that I should be able to convert that into binary and use that data to view it as a .gif image. I've converted all the ASCII c

Sale of monthly online services

I am wondering if anyone knows of a system (open source or otherwise) that will allow my clients to sell their online services per month/year/etc. In other words, the user buys a month subscription, can log in, and access anything that my clients cho

Regex non-capture groups

Here's my regex test string, DDD001_1_2016_6TP2_1 I need to capture DDD001_1_2016_6TP2_1 in one capture group and omit the underscore. I've tried the below regex and even with a non-capture group I still can't capture what I want. ^(.*?)_.*?_\d{2}(\d

need help to attach items in a c # array

I need help in joining two or more consecutive items in array if their length is 1. For example, I want to change this : string[] str = { "one", "two", "three","f","o","u","r" }; To : s

Problem deleting data on Windows

public static void deletePersonInfo(int number) { SqlCeConnection sqlConn = null; SqlCeCommand cmdDelete; try { sqlConn = new SqlCeConnection(databaseString); sqlConn.Open(); cmdDelete = new SqlCeCommand("DELETE FROM PersonInfo WHERE Number = @numb&q

Initializing Derived Class Members (C ++)

What is the preferred method for initializing a derived class that was casted from it's base class? Consider the following scenario: class A{ public: A(); ~A(); } class B : public A{ public: B() {m_b = 0.0;}; ~B(); float GetValue(){return m_b;}; priv

Rails: model and model interaction model

Using: Ruby on Rails (3.0.3) I am building a website where one can perform different health and diet related calculations. Each calculation holds different inputs: Calculation 1 height, weight, waist_measurement Calculation 2 weight, hip_measurement

create a PHP / mysql array

Sorry folks, being thick (please excuse) I have 3 MySql tables with data. Each table has a "common field" of a date (datestamp) I need to combine the select query from each table and order the array by the "overall" date. The date stam

Twitter bootstrap 3 tooltips on all titles

How can I make tooltips appear on ALL title=""? The only examples i find are defining specific #id in the javascript, but I have a table with 100+ entries. I'm not going to define 100 rows in the script at footer. Ju

How do I combine these two executable files?

I had a project P1. I added a wpf project that I'd made in blend4. When I create a setup with installshield, it preduces two .exe files. is it possible to reduce it to one exe file? P1 exe file only does decide which windows in the P2 should be shown

Action Script Sleep Function

This question already has an answer here: actionscript 3 sleep? 2 answers Does actionscript 2.0/3.0 have an equivalent of c# sleep() ?Not really. You could block (almost all) code execution with something like: function sleep(ms:int):void { var init: