Why does .fadeIn ('slow') not work here?

I'm trying to make a simple gallery with buttons that allow the user to cycle through images. When the user clicks a button and the image changes, I'd like it to fade in but it doesn't appear to be doing anything? Here is what i have: $(function () {

Bootstrap-sass Asset Compilation on the Heroku Deployment

I am currently working on a Rails application that uses the bootstrap-sass gem to help style some of my front end views. When running locally, I have no problem browsing the views. After Heroku deployment, I receive the following error: ActionControl

Article carousel bootstrap

Im wondering how can I make the infinite auto scrolling stop, and when clicked the right arrow it will display per page not per item ? $('.carousel.carousel-multi .item').each(function () { var next = $(this).next(); if (!next.length) { next = $(this

Web site reverses console output

A certain website I encountered reverses the console output. That means that whenever I try to console.log("something") i get gnihtemos Can someone explain how this website achieves this effect?I'm not sure. But probably the console.log has been

How $ _GET ['pageno']) works in php pagination

I am new to php. I have a website were i want to show data's in different pages. I have come across lots of pagination script ( eg http://www.tonymarston.net/php-mysql/pagination.html). In this website he is given isset($_GET['pageno']) in his script

Php class variables

I have a class named MyCart. Class MyCartClass { var $MyCart; function getCart(){ return $this->MyCart; } function addItem($item){ if ($this->MyCart){ $this->MyCart .= ','.$item; } else{ $this->MyCart = $item; } } }; $globalCart = new MyCartCl

OpenCV (Cpp interface) - Memory management

I find the OpenCV memory management quite confusing. I read the documentation here http://opencv.itseez.com/modules/core/doc/intro.html#automatic-memory-management, but I really don't think it gives enough information to fully understand it. For exam

The nHibernate set yields only one result

I have to mapped classes: <class name="Business.DomainObjects.Institutions.Institutions, Business.DomainObjects" table="Institutions" lazy="false" mutable="false" > <id name="Id" access="fiel

Http Library for Java disk caching: does it exist?

Apache HttpClient does not have caching as far as I can see so my question is do you know about a Http library that can cache to disk? It would be fun to implement it myself but before i do it, it is better to check if it already exists :-) Requireme

jQuery nextUntil () stops at the closing label

I am trying to grab all the td elements between the first two that have the class 'selected'. and change the text color to green. I am using nextUntil but the problem I am facing is that when there is a new <tr> it doesn't grab those td elements. Is

MPChart Android problem with X and Y axis printing

I am using MPChart for drawing line graph. Below is the code I used to draw the chart. The graph works fine. The only problem I have is I need to have the x and y axis printed (i.e) L shape on the left and bottom of the graph. I want the X values (th

Programmatic modification of keyboard type UITextField

Is it possible to programmatically change the keyboard type of a uitextfield so that something like this would be possible: if(user is prompted for numeric input only) [textField setKeyboardType: @"Number Pad"]; if(user is prompted for alphanume

Primary full-text search?

Can anybody recommend a good book(s)/paper(s)/article(s) on Full Text Search (and maybe indexing in general). I'm pretty anal about having to understand what's happening behind the scenes in my applications, and I'm having trouble understanding why S

What is the easiest way to privilege UUIDs in a Rails scheme?

I am working with a Rails project that uses UUIDs, through the uuid-ossp extension. This is done through what looks to me like a standard migration: class EnableExtensions < ActiveRecord::Migration def change enable_extension 'plpgsql' enable_extensi

How to stop thread execution when the conditions are met?

I would like some suggestions on how to stop the threads once the conditions are met. Here are my codes: public class Animal implements Runnable { private static boolean winner = false; private String name; private int position; private int speed; pr

application of speech to text in iOS?

This question already has an answer here: iPhone App › Add voice recognition? [closed] 4 answers i am going to start a speech to text app in iphone and i need a start up for this can i have some open source or else to start with. and i also need to k

select with MD5 + CONCAT using

Where problem ? select work fine.. when check in where - give error Unknown column 'confirm' in 'where clause' SELECT users_id, MD5(CONCAT(users_pass, users_email)) AS confirm FROM (users_items) WHERE users_active = 0 AND confirm = '39a5eccb97f63a2bb

Using JavaScript in a JSP tag

I've seen this question regading the importing of js-files related to the tag content itself. I have a similar problem, here I have a jsp tag that generates some HTML and has a generic js-implementation that handles the behavior of this HTML. Further

perform multiple TestNG test cases from a single test case

I have the following situation: I create a class with a single test method, within this test method, I create another class that contains multiple test methods. The report shows only my initial test method, it passes IFF it passes and all the tests i