PDO: difference between rowCount () and SQL COUNT (col)

I just wonder to know if is better to use PDO class rowCount method instead of SQL COUNT(col_name) to count the number of rows. Does exist some recommended situation for each one?One big difference? This disclaimer on the rowCount manual page: If the

During the loop and setInterval ()

I am trying to mix the initial string and randomly compare the string's elements with the right elements on the right indexes, and if true push them into a set, to reconstruct the initial string. Doing this I met the problem that while loop does noth

Chromecast receiver selection does not open

I would like to add basic Chromecast functionality to my web page. I am stuck at the second step. I can initialise the Chromecast but when the user clicks on the Chromecast button I can't open the receiver selector. I got this error every occasion: {

Check if a website uses SSL using CURL

I'm building a script that will check if a website is using SSL or not. For example, we use "http://www.google.com/" it will be redirected to "https://www.google.com/". How can I check that? I'm using the following cURL codes to get he

Print a variable in a Java servlet using the output stream

public class DemoServlet extends HttpServlet { public void service(HttpServletRequest req, HttpServletResponse resp) throws IOException, ServletException { //prints out my string resp.getOutputStream().write("Hello from servlet\n".getBytes()); S

JQuery method .ajax ()

I am new to the jQuery AJAX ajax() Method. I have successfully created the function AddATeacher() which gets called because all the alert messages do popup. However the ajax() Method inside the function does not work. I know this because the addATeac

Updating a value to have 2 days before the previous date in SQL

I have a table called FireTest my standard insert into this table is : Dim ThisDay As Date = Date.Today connection.Open() command = New SqlCommand("Insert Into FireTest([Date],[Type],[Comments],[Completed By],[Trans Type]) Values (@Date,@Type,@Commen

Graphical data of a website

I am creating a program where I plot the maximum daily temperature for a specific city using data retrieved directly from the National Weather Service web site. I have the data, but the program errors when I try to create the actual graph. My error s

Rearrange rows of several tables in Matlab

Consider three matrices X1, X2, X3 in Matlab of dimension Nx(N-1) listing some integers among 0,1,...,10. I want to reorder the elements in each row of X1, X2, X3 wrto X1, then X2 (if some elements of X1 are equal), then X3 (if some elements of X2 ar

The Webview URL bar does not populate the URL

i have a webview and a URL bar along with a progress bar but the problem is, i have to write full address of a website like "http://www.google.com/" to open it can this be solved by adding a prefix in the url? if yes then how? import android.app

Should not the Const be constant?

Check out this code #include<stdio.h> int main() { const int a=7; int *p=&a; (*p)++; printf("*p=%d\np=%u\na=%d\n&a%u",*p,p,a,&a); getch(); } The output you get for this is *p=8 p=1245064 a=8 &a1245064 How is this possible??

Request the user input on the button click event in C #

I am making a chess game and i am using array of buttons dynamically so, i am using a single click event for all of them. I want to ask user for inputs on button's click event(where the user wants to put the piece once the button is clicked). How can

CSS nth-child for menu list with drop-down list

I have a simple menu with two buttons and each button is a dropdown; each display two sub-buttons. I want for each sub item to be a different background color, as you can see from my CSS below. #nav:first-child > li li:first-child {background: yellow

Are raw queries and custom sql queries the fastest?

Assuming that the file models.py in my django application (webapp) is like the following : from django.db import models from django.db import connection class Foo(models.Model): name = models.CharField(...) surname = models.CharField(...) def dictfet

Add an array of UIButtons in iOS

I would like to add UIButton using for loop. Each button would have a different action. My code is: NSArray *methods = [[NSArray alloc]initWithObjects:@"1",@"2", @"3", @"4",@"5",@"6",@"7&quo

Multiple Inheritance in OOP

I'm confused about an OOP feature, multiple inheritance. Does OOP allow Multiple Inheritance? Is Multiple Inheritance a feature of OOP? If Multiple Inheritance is a feature then why don't languages like C#, VB.NET, java etc. support multiple inherita

What is a Java attribute?

I read that to get length of an array, I use the length attribute, like arrayName.length. What is an attribute? Is it a class?An attribute is another term for a field. It's typically a public constant or a public variable that can be accessed directl

How to run the stored procedure using Azure Automation?

I´m really new to the Azure platform and maybe this is a dumb question but i haven´t manage to find information about this topic. I really need help with this. I'm deploying a database used by a web service for a university project. In this database

Is it OK to create EventHubClient for each message I send?

I'm creating an EventHub client application that sends message to an Event Hub on Azure. Now when I have a message to send (every 5-6 seconds) I create a new instance of the class EventHubClient, then I use it to send data: public async static void S

CSS: passing the text over the gradient in my div

I'm working on a news aggregation site's homepage and we're supposed to have a couple of areas that pull in content with the photo in the background and text on top with a gradient between the two. For the most part I have it except even though the z

How can large structures be effectively transmitted by value?

The rule of thumb is that it is okay to pass small structs by value and larger ones should be done pointers. My question is where exactly is this cutoff point? How large can the structures be before you are better off passing them by pointer. I know

TFS Checkin RSS Feed

How can I to generate an RSS feed of Team Foundation Server commit messages? In Visual Studio's Source Control Explorer, the "View History" option produces a nice GUI view. Likewise, the command line tf history /recursive /stopafter:40 . produce

How to find time in Avl Trees?

An operation for an application that uses an AVL-tree is of O(log N) time. It takes about 50 milliseconds to run on a collection of 10,000 elements. How long would you expect it would take to run on a collection of 100,000 elements?You simply can't g

IOS 9 Black Launch Screen

I've been developing my app and was running fine until iOS8. However, today after updating my phone to iOS9, I saw that the launch screen of my app became black. The same issue happened to some other apps as well (Anyone else can also see this in on

Only email applications to resolve an intention

I have a problem .. I want only email activities to resolve intent ACTION.SEND but beside email I get other apps as well (e.g TubeMate) even though I have set the mime type as 'message/rfc822' ... Any idea how can I get Email applications to resolve

Symfony 2 Forms entity Field Type Grouping

I'm rendering a form in Symfony2 with data_class mapped to Reservation entity, and this form has a entity field type, of class Service. The relation between Reservation and Service class is many to many. A service then has a ServiceType, which is ano