Using WindowTranslucentStatus with CollapsingToolbarLayout

I'm trying to get a similar effect to what is seen on google play. I've got the below layout to show a transparent toolbar with an image behind it. When the user scrolls there is a parallax effect on the imageview as it scrolls off the screen. The to

BASH: A variable in a defined variable?

i have the following function in a bash script which does not work? do_get() { cmd='<command version="33" cmd="GETINFO" $3</command>' echo $cmd } Now, if i echo $3 right before the cmd variable it echos out 1234 which i am pas

Input Error Message When Entering Rails

I want to check whether input from user can be converted to date. If not, there should be an alert that specified value should be date. Please help me to edit my controller (elsif part). My input text field: = text_field_tag :from, '', as: :string, c

Cumulative Hourly Sum of Monthly SQL Quantities

The table below stores processed product quantities(processedquantity) in specified operations(operid). What I want to acquire from this table is to have hourly cumulative sum of quantities in any time necessary. I was tried two different approaches

How can I remove () a newtonsoft JObject in LinqPad?

In LinqPad, trying to call .Dump() on a Newtonsoft JSON.Net JObject yields an exception: RuntimeBinderException: 'Newtonsoft.Json.Linq.JObject' does not contain a definition for 'Dump'. This works for almost everything else in LinqPad. I'd like to fi

MS ACCESS error when accessing

I am developing an enrolment system. But i am receiving this error: You tried to execute a query that does not include the specified expression.. I am using the following code: Private Function RefreshAdvisoryList() Dim vRS As New ADODB.Recordset Dim

Why are the lists linked in Python persistently?

A variable is set. Another variable is set to the first. The first changes value. The second does not. This has been the nature of programming since the dawn of time. >>> a = 1 >>> b = a >>> b = b - 1 >>> b 0 >>&g

Multiply the vector with the matrix of blocks in matlab

I have a matrix A with dimensions 15NxM. That is, it consists of N different 15xM matrixes stacked on top of each other. I also have a vector B with dimension 1x15. What I would really like to do is to perform simple matrix multiplication B*A(Block)

How do I get data from the URL?

How i get the code from this url in a variable? I tried this: if (isset($_GET['code'])){ $code = $_GET['code']; } But the api returns a # instead of & or ? I found a way with javascript thanks everybody <script> var

Apache Tomcat is not accessible from the outside

We have Tomcat 6 installed and running on an external facing server. It is set to listen to port 8082. I was able to see the default welcome page through localhost:8082. In addition, our network guy has already granted access for 8082 communications.

Accessing Job Configuration from RecordReader / InputFormat

I am using Hadoop and I have to create a custom InputFormat. To do this, I override the InputFormat and RecordReader classes, like it is explained here I would like to access to the configuration of the job (to access to some variable set before runn

How to select each nth row in mySQL from n

I have created a question Here That I think is a little bloated. To skim down this question here is my requirements: I need to create 3 mySQL queries that grab all information in that row so that I can format the information into one of HTML tables.

display fixed-width bars for all data sets in matplotlib

I have the following datasets .I need to plot barchats for say 1,2 or all of them.When I plot the chart for a single data item (eg: xdata=[0] and ydata=[1000] ,xlabels=['first'] , the bar is sclaed to occupy the whole plot area.How do I restrict the

Divide the segment of the unit into two parts recursively

I would like to create a simple multifractal (Binomial Measure). It can be done as follows: The binomial measure is a probability measure which is defined conveniently via a recursive construction. Start by splitting $ I := [0, 1] $ into two subinter

How to present formatted information on a .Net form?

I have a simple little application that performs some analysis of all our corporate clients, and generates a score for each one based on their activities (think "traffic light" happiness system). The generated score gets its information from a v

The WIX installation directory is not customizable?

I'm using WIX 3.5 for my setup project. If I change the installation directory during installation, the installer insists on using the default directory. <Directory Id="TARGETDIR" Name="SourceDir"> <Directory Id="LocalApp

Why does not Nservicebus use WCF?

I see that NServiceBus uses MSMQ as its transport. Why doesn't it use WCF with MSMQ as the underlying transport?The primary reason was that the MSMQ code was written before WCF even existed. As time progressed, most of the work focused on adding new

How to draw java diagrams?

I need to have a GUI like this: Here all the rectangles must be buttons. How can I achieve this? Suggest me some tools like JFormDesigner.I have had a lot of good experience with JGraph! See the docs and some examples of what you can achieve here Eac

Spring Batch ItemReader to process the structured tree file

I'm trying to read a fixed-length text file and import its registers to a database using spring batch but the input file general layout is nested, something like (tabulation added just to simplify visualization): FILE HEADER ENTERPISE1 HEADER DEPARTM

NSTimer does not trigger

I had everything working fine also the timers where running. But when i ran into weird problems i had to restructure my cocos2d scene. Now i am not able to fire the NSTimers anymore, the BonusTimetimer below is not even fired once. Thanks in advance,