SQLiteException failed to insert a row

What are the possible reasons for a failed insertion into an sqlite3 database? The trace from the SQLiteException isn't especially helpful. Is there any way to obtain better information about what caused the exception? Where the table is created (sor

Is there a possibility of already having a PHP.NET?

Sorry if this is a silly and/or stupid question but... Will there ever be, or would it even be possible to have a PHP.NET? Or have I got the wrong end of the stick? It seemed to me that one of the main points of .NET was that you could write your cod

Pinging servers in Python

In Python, is there a way to ping a server through ICMP and return TRUE if the server responds, or FALSE if there is no response?If you don't need to support Windows, here's a really concise way to do it: import os hostname = "google.com" #examp

Mpeg-dash support in nginx

I searched enough but couldn't sort out how to configure mpeg-dash vod in nginx using nginx_vod_module . Configuration inside http server block for enabling dash is location /voddash { vod dash; vod_mode local; root /usr/share/nginx/html; gzip on; gz

How to run the Python script with an icon, click?

Sorry, for the vague question, don't know actually how to ask this nor the rightful terminologies for it. How to run a python script/bytecode/.pyc (any compiled python code) without going through the terminal. Basically on Nautilus: "on double click

Use the nested function as an action for `UIButton`

I'm trying to add a target to my UIButton, but get an error when trying to use a nested function as its action. Here's my code: func createAddView() { let addButton = UIButton() func remove(sender: UIButton) { print("Remove") } addButton.addTarg

Python here asks card api

I have pandas array, which in every row contain GPS coordinates and I want to find out the speed limit for this coordinates. For this issue I use HERES maps API like this. for index, row in df2.iterrows(): waypoint = df2['Latitude'] +','+df2['Longitu

Job MapReduce Java to calculate the percentage

Below is my Table (MyTable) ID TotalCount ErrorCount DT ---------------------------------------------- 1345653 5 3 20120709 534140349 5 2 20120709 601806615 5 1 20120709 682527813 4 3 20120709 687612723 3 2 20120709 704318001 5 4 20120709 1345653 5 2

Consume SOAP webservice in Ruby 1.9 and Rails 3?

I'm trying to consume a SOAP web service, (from SharePoint 2010 if it makes a difference). I'm using Ruby 1.9 and Rails 3. What is the best way to do this? I've read some stuff mentioning Savon http://savonrb.com/ but that is was too new and buggy. I

Run powershell through the batch file

I am an early Exchange Server admin and would like to start using Task Scheduler to call Powershell Scripts which are located in my C:\ drive. I would like help to run the following Powershell Script named Script A located in C:\Scripts\Script A Fold

Eclipse Alt + Shift + J to insert comment file, how?

Using Alt+Shift+J in eclipse should insert a comment template related to the element designated by the cursor, like a field, method or class. There are several descriptions on the net where exactly to put the curser to designate the targeted element.

FancyBox Implementation Issues

I'm having some problems getting FancyBox to work...I figure its something pretty simple but I'm still a beginner with web design and the process is a little confusing to me right now. This is what I have so far: <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD

iPhone writing binary data

How do you write binary data to a file? I want to write floats to a file, raw, and then read them back as floats. How do you do that?Been experimenting with this: NSArray *paths = NSSearchPathForDirectoriesInDomains(NSDocumentDirectory, NSUserDomainM

Swift webview xcode post data

I have a webview which is currently coded as following: let url = NSURL(string: "http://example.com") let request = NSURLRequest(URL: url!) monitorView.loadRequest(request) This works just fine, but how would I got about when it comes to posting

what do CSS3 and HTML5 have in common?

They are only supported in new browsers. I think everyone here knows that. But if majority of users are still on older browsers that don't support CSS3/HTML5, shouldn't that push developers to use older scripting languages (ie:HTML4/CSS2).They are bo

Server-server communication with JSON and PHP

I want to make a small PHP script that will check a web app periodically. The communication will be only in json. The code will run on Google App Engine. First request will be an HTTP POST request with form data like this: username=user&password=pass

Foxpro database and date, how?

I'm working on a query from en Fox Pro Database. My problem is to find out which is the way to extract only 1 year/ 12 months from a Date. This is my structure (simpleform): SELECT * FROM table WHERE mydate = date()-interval(12,month). MSQuery is res

Limit users to download the updated version from iTunes

I had a serious bug in my itunes latest updated build. I want to restrict users to update the current version. How? any suggestions will help me a lot.Currently, there is no functionality built into the App Store to force updates. In your initial ver

Check if datetime of sql is today

I have a date returned from an sql query (a datetime type field) and want to compare it to today's date in PHP. I have consulted php manual and there are many ways to do it. I finally came up with a solution comparing strings, but I would like to kno

Implementing and troubleshooting background audio in iOS

There are a lot of questions relating to background music playback in iOS on StackOverflow. None fully explore all edge cases, the aim of this question is to be the final word in background audio question on iOS Definitions & Assumptions All the code