Interactive Select from List in Powershell

Is there a plugin or tool that will let me display a list of objects to a user (Format-Table style) and allow them to use the cursor to select a choice from the list, including potentially scrolling a long list? I would like to be able to do somethin

Saving basic data entities on a server

How would one save core data entities on a server? If a phone creates the core data objects, how can they be saved if sent to the server? Is it more efficient to send the data to the server and have the server save the core data objects?Try RESTKit

Ignore or replace the character in datagridview

I have a code to color the cells in a datagridview based on defined criteria for several different pollutants, and it works well. However, there will often be occurrences of the character '<' in cases like "<0.005", meaning "below det

Convert a v8 object to a custom C ++ object

I'm currently developing a nodejs module, written in C++ and I've been looking for a way to convert a v8::Object to a cv::Mat object from opencv, without any luck for now. I saw that nan library could help to convert objects, but i couldn't find how,

Using the unresolved id "present" in Swift (Apple tutorial)

I'm just following the official Apple introduction tutorial for Swift and Xcode by making a FoodTracker app. I've got this error (see title). This is Xcode 7.2.1 I have imported UIKit Here's the code I have where the issue appears. I have all class p

Unable to update cells in datagrid in vb6

I'm trying to update a row in datagrid but the problem is that I can't even change its cell values. I had set my datagrid AllowUpdate property to true, but I can't still change any cell values: Option Explicit Dim conn As New ADODB.Connection Dim cmd

Add jquery validation

I'm trying to build a server control that has a radiobuttonlist with 2 items and a textbox. THe radio buttons are YES en NO options. When YES is selected I want the textbox to be visible and it must be required to fill in. On NO, the textbox becomes

Multi-Core Java Process

I would like to learn about Java's multi-core processing. From what I understand, is that Threading is one type of multi-core, which I feel I have a decent grasp of. I know there are other ways to do multi-core processing, but I don't know what they

Returning the child from an abstract class in Java?

I've been working on a program for staff management, and currently I have a class (HR), an abstract Employee class, with 2 child classes (Manager and SalesPerson). Currently in the HR function, I have a function that should return a type of employee

How to keep variables in a dynamic array for a limited time

I have a c# winforms application which downloads content from certain webpages and puts it in a string variable called content. It then searches for specific keywords (contained in a string, and separated by comma) within content, and sounds an alarm

Printing a dimensional framework with C loop programming

I am currently following the K&R book on c programming and I have encountered a problem using the printf() function with an array. Everything the array is supposed to hold is correct as I have tested printing each element within the initial while loo

Pass @lang as parameter @ section in Laravel

I am working on a Multi Lingual Application in Laravel 5.4 template.blade.php <title>@yield('title')</title> Then in other pages, I am trying to set the tile dyamically based on user locale. It throws error when I try to use the following: @se

launchd bash kinit does not get kerberos tickets

I'm trying to automate my kerberos ticket renewal. The script below runs perfectly in terminal but however fails in Automator or Launchd. Although the expect command returns without error no new ticket is obtained. running klist will return an empty

Link to libcrypto for Leopard?

I am using Mac OS X 10.6 SDK and my deployment target is set to Mac OS 10.5. I'm linking to libcrypto (AquaticPrime requires this) and found out that my app doesn't launch on Leopard. The error is dyld: Library not loaded: /usr/lib/libcrypto.0.9.8.dy

Update Model After HttpPost

I want to update existing Product objects in database by images, but image goes to DB successfully only when i create new objects. I'm trying to update my object this way [HttpPost] public ActionResult Edit(Product product, HttpPostedFileBase image)

Magento custom module - can not call block method from template

I'm working on a custom module to display CMS content. I have a custom front controller which is working as expected. I'm able to call various front actions from the controller. I am using an existing template, which is also displaying as it should.

Solr in a multi-tenant environment

I am considering using Solr in a multi-tenant application and I am wondering if there are any best practices or things I should watch out for? One question in particular is would it make sense to have a Solr Core per tenant. Are there any issues with

Delete .php from the URL

Ubuntu 14.04LTS 32bit LAMP I know it's an old question but.. I need it to remove .php anywhere it finds it from the visible url. It needs to work with /showthread.php?id=XX ---> /showthread?id=XX I can't even get it to work with /page.php --> /page.

When to use the static member function?

Possible Duplicates: Where would you use a friend function vs a static function? C++: static member functions When is it appropriate to use a static member function in C++? Please give me a real world example.Good uses of static member functions: Met

Connection forms sometimes appear, sometimes they do not

I'm building a personal site using Flask and SQLAlchemy. I've been having problems getting my /login route to display properly. It worked, then I changed my .page class margin in my CSS from auto and then back again, and then my login forms stopped d

functions embedded in a powershell script

So I have the following code which has a foreach loop to pull some group membership data. At the end of the code, I want to recalculate the data and write it again for confirmation. I was wondering what the best way of keeping this clean and concise

how to include git commit-number in a c ++ executable?

i use git as a version tracker for my c++ project. sometimes i need to repeat a calculation and i would like to know which version of the program i used. what would be a good way to put a # of the commit into the main executable? in other words. i'd

Database Rails / Activate field field time zone

I have a database that is written to by a non-rails application and read from by a rails application. There is a datetime field in the database and the data stored in this field is stored in Eastern Time. In my rails app, I understand I can set the a