How to find the ICommand binding target (control)

We use the MVVM pattern. In the View, I have binding the save command to a button: In the view model, I would like to find out the save command binding target, does it possible? private Button GetBindingControl(ICommand command) { // What should I do

Globalize an existing Windows Forms application?

I have an existing winforms application developed using VS 2005 and .net framework 2.0. Now we need to globalize this application. The two locales are German and Japanese. I know we can use form's localize property to create localized form resources

Masonry images do not stack vertically

I'm trying implement the masonry with random images but it is not stacking vertically. The second row of images is not stacking. I followed the instructions but it's not clear. I added the images, javascript, and stylesheet. Here is my application.js

IOS seat layout

I am creating an iOS app with a seating plan layout. Trying to use an object-oriented approach, I created a class for TableLayoutObjects as they have different properties. And to lay these TableLayoutObjects out on the screen I am representing them a

Ui route, node, express, 404 html files

I can't figure this out for the life of me. I'm using Node, Express, Angular and ui.route. What I'm trying to accomplish is the following, have index.html as a master have some.html as partials I setup the application to use ejs instead of jade (don'

AngularJS Map one object at a time

I want to map a $scope.filters object to a var criteria on the condition if the original fields are null or not. So lets say I have: $scope.filters = { name: 'myName' lastName: null, age: null, } I want my var criteria to be mapped to non null fields

Get the selected item DropDownList from MVC

I use @Html.DropDownList in a partial view for show the list of banks and render it in the Bank Branch view. How can i get the selected Bank in @Html.DropDownList and fill the BankId in the BankBranchModel . here is my code: BankBranchModel : public

Vertical alignment of text in CSS

I am trying to align a Fontawsome Icon ( with some text next to it. In this case a phone number next to a - you guessed it - phone icon. HTML <p> <i class="fa fa-3x fa-phone-square"></i&g

Recover the file path from DownloadManager intent

Since Android 4.2 if a user downloads some file in the browser the DownloadManager is used. If the user clicks the 'download complete' notification an Intent is and was always launched. Before Android 4.2 the intent used to have the downloaded file's

Importing multiple .csv files into R

Suppose we have a folder containing multiple data.csv files, each containing the same number of variables but each from from different times. Is there a way in R to import them all simultaneously rather than having to import them all individually? My

Updating an OTA application

I'm developing an application that will be available from a website (market probably as well). The problem I'm having at the moment is how to handle the updates to the app. I know how to check the version against the current one and I know if I need

Variable length packages in php

I am receiving packets sent to my server through UDP. I am using socket_read to read the data and it is coming along just fine. I have run into an error however. The length parameter to socket_read in my case is NOT always the same. The length of the

Calculate the size of the files inside the S3 bucket

I have a bucket named "mybuckettest" in my AWS account. Inside this bucket I have multiple folders like "Folder1", "Folder2", "Folder3". Inside each of these folders, I have sub folders as well. It can be simulated

Null Pointer Exception When You Try to Update Text Views

Ok, What the app is supposed to do: displays a start button, when pressed two services start to run and the start button (view) changes to a stop button, when the stop button is pressed the code is supposed to change view again to display all of the

Style for a slash

I want to add a big slash kind of line between two numbers to get the output as in the following image: I am trying to use / to add the slash but it does not do quite right (it displays after the number, not below the number). Is there anyway to get

delphi / pascal dll function mapping in jna handle and string

I'm trying to call a function in a delphi dll using JNA. the function definition is: function myFuncGetName (aHandle : THandle; var aBuf : pwideChar ): integer; export; my jna mapping looks like this: int myFuncGetName(PointerByReference aHandle, WSt

Infinite loop - & gt; Need to show main screen with Qt

here I am again ! So, I am developing an GBC emulator in C++ but I'm having some issues. First of all, I'm using Qt in VS10, which is working nice so far. But well, I have my GUI(main window) with a few Objects (QListWidget, Buttons etc). So, in my C

jQuery works only on Firefox, not Chrome or IE

I am trying to load a part of an html file with the content from another html file using jQuery. The codes are working fine with Mozilla Firefox but not with Google Chrome or Windows Internet Explorer. In the last two browsers, the page stays as it i

How can I solve this error on Heroku?

When I open an application that I've been building on heroku, I get an application error when I go to the signup page. I went into my heroku logs, and found this error message: Completed 500 Internal Server Error in 6ms Rendered users/new.html.erb wi

HTML Presentation Slides with Highlighting Python Syntax

I'd like to create slides for my presentation. My presentation will contain these: slide title, bullet points, code snippets (in a monospace font), some code lines highlighted as bold, Python code snippets (with syntax highlighting). I need an applic

AlertDialog nested by Android - is this possible?

I am trying to ask the user for confirmation twice before I do something irreversible to the database. The problem is that the outer click handler does not wait for the inner click handler. Once the Yes button is clicked on the first dialog, the 2nd

Create a multidimensional vector from a text file

I have the following problem: I have a file that looks like: 1 2 4 5 7 8 3 1 3 7 8 9 10 11 2 4 1 3 5 4 5 6 7 I want to create different vectors in which: vector[0][0]=1 , vector[0][1]=2, ... , vector[1][0]=3, vector[1][1]=1 etc etc I am still at the

date formatting, time and string for filename

I want to create a csv file with a filename of the following format: "day-month-year hour:minute-malware_scan.csv" Example:" 6-8-2016 21:45-malware_scan.csv" The first part of the filename is formed by the actual date and time at file

Importing jar via -classpath switch using a softlink

I think I'm missing something critical related to classpaths, please point me in the right direction, The import statement import com.mongodb.Mongo; The location of the mongodb jar file I'm trying to import. This is a softlink (I can 'cd /baseline/')