Django template language shortens words

I would like to display the language(s) a user chose for his user profile. Everything is working I just can't display the full language name. So when I write {{user.userprofile.language}} the html Output is "English, Spanish, French" but when I

Export to xml in mvc

Anybody know how to perform export functionality for a perticular view in mvc? I want export data in xml format. Thanks in advanceI would use a custom action result: public class XmlResult : ActionResult { private readonly object _data; publi

Transform the OCaml code into F #

I'm transforming some OCaml code to F# having a problem with the OCaml let...and... which only exists in F# by using a recursive function. I have the given OCaml code: let matches s = let chars = explode s in fun c -> mem c chars let space = matches

How to stop running the page from a Web Part

(I believe that this applies to both normal ASP.NET web parts and SharePoint hosted web parts) The web part has an 'export' button that renders the output as csv and sets the appropriate headers so its opened in Excel. Hooking in the buttons click ev

Get a list for each employee for a full term

I have a table employee with the columns name, startdate, endate: name | startdate | enddate -------------------------------- A | 12/12/2012 | 12/12/2014 B | 05/08/2006 | 07/11/2009 I want result like this: name | Year of Employee -------------------

use a matching pattern to specify a width or height

I wan't to do something like this: [class *=height-] { height:$value px; } Where value is grabbed from the class <div class="height-100"></div> Is that possible in css.No, but you can use LESS or SASS which support varia

Loading calendar events with KnockoutJS

I have been struggling a while now with this issue. I am unable to bind events to my fullcalendar. I am not sure what to do. I have read many articles about bindings but no success. I do not get any errors my data is not loaded. My question is do I n

Line per print line in Java

I want to print a page line by line on Dotmatrix Printer (Epson LQ-300 Printer).Which means, I will send a line of some text to printer and after a break I will send another, now both the lines should be on one page not on two pages. Please show me h

Why is my html link not connected to my CSS style sheet?

cssI am trying to create a print style sheet with css to connect to my html webpage. I added the style sheet line under and my style sheet is a css file named print.css in the same directory as my html file. This is my first time doing this, is there

Temporarily disable auto_now / auto_now_add

I have a model like this: class FooBar(models.Model): createtime = models.DateTimeField(auto_now_add=True) lastupdatetime = models.DateTimeField(auto_now=True) I want to overwrite the two date fields for some model instances (used when migrating data

Laravel regex validation utf-8 (Turkish letter)

I'm coding a web site with laravel. But I'm stuck in regex validation , cause my language looks like not supported with regex (probably I couldn't). There is a lot of way to check regex with PHP but I want to check rule with Laravel(4.2) validator. H

Programming C, memory allocation problem of array

I'm developing a small C library to teach videogames programming and I created one simple function to draw formatted text on screen (i.e. score, lives). The function is: const char *FormatText(const char *text, ...) { int length = strlen(text); char

MySQL removes duplicates in consecutive rows

Suppose this table: ID ColA ColB 1 7 8 2 7 9 3 7 9 4 5 8 5 6 9 6 6 9 7 5 4 The PK is the ID coumn. Now, I want to delete all duplicates of ColA and ColB in consecutive rows. In this example rows 2,3 and 5,6 contain duplicates. These shall be removed

Perl XML :: Twig finds a nested single node

How selecte singelnode nestet with Twig. and holdet by my $var =? (in the future so i can add math formula) (With Shell was : $xbcom = (xml$xdxml).selectSingleNode("city/bases/@com").$xt) #!perl use strict; use warnings; use CGI; use XML::Twig;

Vim, how to reload syntax highlighting

When I execute Rmodel, Rcontroller and others in Vim. I see only white text. But when I go to next buffer and then go back by :bn and :bl, colors are working. This is my .vim folder :syntax sync fromstart I got

NHibernate - huge object backup

I'm having a two-tier (non-web) system, where I will load some objects into system memory, and flush them back to database occasionally. Let's assume there's just one object I need to update, but the object is a pretty big graph containing maybe hund

Edit the XSD root namespace in BizTalk

I want to change the schema namespace from xmlns:xs="" to xmlns:xs="" since it supports "override". But it shows error: The root element of a W3C XML

Why express4 with angularjs rewrite the URL on the browser?

I made a demo to integrate Express 4 with AngularJS. It works fine, that http://localhost:3000/ shows the welcome page in ng-view of index, and http://localhost:3000/#/users show the users page in ng-view. But when visit http://localhost:3000/#/users

php Codeigniter and jquery ajax

I want to call the codeigniter controller with ajax after the login. But when I execute it, the login page is only refreshed and ajax url isn't calling controller function of codeigniter. I don't understand what happened. Please help? Below is my cod