Disabling Bluetooth in Android with user consent

I would like to disable bluetooth after I am done with it as part of my cleanup activities. As explained in other questions and the android documentation, the BluetoothAdapter.disable() method disable bluetooth but the method documentation also state

Can I configure the Radiator view in Hudson / Jenkins?

My team uses the Radiator View plugin for Jenkins for fast feedback on the build status of a few different projects. One thing we discussed that would be helpful is if the SVN revision number were included in this view. After only a quick Google sear

Two xml declarations in a single xml file error

My requirement is to create xml file and add xml elements to the existing xml file. First I tried creating new xml file by following code. using (XmlWriter xmlWriter = XmlWriter.Create(fStream, xmlSettings)) { xmlWriter.WriteStartDocument(true); xmlW

C ++ 11 does something like quint8?

This question already has an answer here: fixed length data types in C/C++ 11 answers There are some types in Qt, for example quint8 that is guaranteed to be 8-bit on all platforms supported by Qt. I am wondering if C++11 has such kind of type? if no

Development for companies with a dev.

i have an individual dev account and a project from some company. would it be possible to develop an app for company (with the company name inside of app) and submit it in AppStore using my individual account? Would Apple allow that?As long as you ha

Get the date and time for Apple Server

I'm developing an app that can only be used during a certain time of the day. I can't get the local device time because the user can easily change the device time thereby allowing access to the application for any time of the day. Is there a way to g

Alpha and dodge for geom_bar in ggplot2

Good afternoon. I am having a problem trying to plot a barplot using ggplot2: I would like to plot 3 variables of different colors on the same histogram. For that I use geom_bar with a specific level of grey attributed to each variable.I am using pos

Strange loop problem with jQuery when I try to delete an entry

I have tried to document this as well as I can in the code. Getting a weird looping thing when I try to delete an item that I've added. Example: I have 3 items that I've added: When I try to delete the very first item in the list...I get the confirm

JasperReports JAR File causes excessive connection with Log4j

I am working on a Java web application using Tomcat and Log4j. I am in the process of integrating DynamicReports 4.1.1 with the application. DynamicReports relies on a JAR file called jasperreports6.2.2-jar. After I added the aforementioned JAR file

Java: for-loop can only be executed once

I have two class fiels, one is named CSVUtils.java and the other one is named FilesCollector.java. The CSVUtils.java contains a static method named matchValues(String csvFile, int columnNumber, String matchValue) that is called by the FilesCollector.

Excel VBA Delete the line according to the contents of the cell

I have almost zero experience with vba, and I'm trying to write an Excel macro that will check the contents of the cells in column Q and delete the rows that have a 0 in that column (Rows where the cell in column Q is blank, contains text, or contain

How does GC work with IEnumerator and give up?

I understand that enumerators and the yield keyword can be used to help with async/staggered operations, as you can call MoveNext() to run the next block of code. However, I don't really understand what that Enumerator object is. Where does the memor

Change the color of a div when hovering over a link

So, I have a few article tags, each has a link, which when hovered upon needs to change the background of a div containing an image within that article. I want the link hover to only apply to the article it is in and not affect the other articles. Th

How to interrupt CompletableFuture :: join?

I've found that CompletableFuture::join seems uninterruptible when not completed: // CompletableFuture::join implementation from JDK 8 sources public T join() { Object r; return reportJoin((r = result) == null ? waitingGet(false) : r); } In above imp

How to reduce the cost of select instruction?

I have a table in oracle 10g with around 51 columns and 25 Million number of records in it. When I execute a simple select query on the table to extract 3 columns I am getting the cost too high around 182k. So I need to reduce the cost effect. Is the

Is an SSH tunnel via Citrix Client possible?

I know it is not strictly a programmer question, on the other hand, I would really like to be able to do a simple svn up on the production servers, which would save us a lot of hassle. Or production servers are within a corporate network, and access

PHP deployment set with prefix and separated by commas

I am trying to build an sql query using an array and add a prefix. E.g: $columns = array('column1', 'column2'); "SELECT ". ltrim(implode(", media_", $columns), ', ') . " FROM media WHERE media_id = '{$id}'"; Outputs: SELECT f

Can the route model link be used with RESTful controllers?

I have been using RESTful controllers in my Laravel project. By including: Route::controller('things', 'ThingController') in my routes.php, I can define functions in the ThingController like: public function getDisplay($id) { $thing = Thing::find($id

Attach table problem for list of members

I have 2 tables I am struggling to join information I think I am overlooking something. users ----- uid username rank_id reg_date country mil_rank ----- rank_id rank_title Desired output: --------------- Username Rank Title Reg Date Country john sgt

Saving the string value after selection with awt java

I have this interface that i am working on to show information about machines connected to my local network. I want to select an ip than click on "Plus dinformation" button to show some information related to this machine. Here is my selection c