Roboto light and bold font family in native response

I',m making some changes on the text in my react native application: I need to specify Roboto light for paragraphs and Roboto Bold for titles. I need to have the same look of the text in both iOS and android apps: so i need to make it work for both I

Strange behavior on mouseover for search button

I am currently putting together a website for a friend. It is working ok except the search box. If you can see at there is a search box at the top right of the window. The search icon/image is positioned where it nee

How to find letters, special characters in NSString iphone?

I'm trouble with check the Characters(a-z,A-Z) and special characters except(.) in NSString. I have a UITextField for Price, i need to pass the value for Price only Numbers with "."[Ex: Price :- 20.00]. I need to check whether any letters,specia

Mappings and arguments of the store function in a dict

I try to write a method that handles keyboard input and executes a proper function (optionally with some arguments). Therefore I'm using a dict with some keyboard mappings like mappings = { 'q' : (quit , None), KEY_HOME : (move_to_line , 1), KEY_END

Obtain elements of a string in a table with a pattern

I have a string with a bunch of latitude and longitudes like this LINESTRING (-79.0578544444577 43.0929133770364, -79.0559554404751 43.0929995585932, -79.0540564364926 43.09308574015, -79.0504086322323 43.0931797561892, -79.0503228015438 43.091142709

The user control button does not decline on the Web Form page

I have created a user control for visitor to subscription of newsletter. UserControl is withing the update-panel and is added to the main master-page. Problem with the control is that Subscribe button is not firing for some reason User control markup

How to decompose a large MySQL query and cache data with AJAX?

I am using TCPDF to create PDF documents on the fly. Some of the queries to generate these PDFs contain over 1,000+ records and my server is timing out with larger queries (Internal Server Error). I am using PHP and MySQL. How do I parse a large MySQ

Unable to update Laravel Session variable?

I have an ongoing problem in Laravel. I am building "load more" system for comments with Laravel and Ajax, and using Session variable for counting and skipping already loaded rows. But for some reason my session variable wont persist, for unknow

Aggregate sql without aggregate

I am tyring to insert Column called SummonerName from Summoner Table to Order Table. It is giving me error saying that SummonerName is non aggregate. I want this to show like from: SummonerID OCC 94 5 1 4 to: SummonerName SummonerID OCC Paul 94 5 Geo

Notepad ++ - change the escape character

In PL\SQL code which I am editing with Notepad++ I have following: where REGEXP_SUBSTR (a.val, '(\d+)\', 1, 1, NULL, 1) = b.key Because of \' Notepad++ does not interpret ' as quote closure and rest of source do not have syntax coloring - it has grey

division above the data type limits

I am looking to write an algorithm that is required to do division of two unreasonably large numbers (Both thousands of digits long). Is there a library that already exists in python or c++ (or assembly) that does this? Is it even possible? There arn

How to validate table-line data with Angular?

I have table with ng-repeat for table rows. I want to make inline editing and validation of data from single row, but it is impossible to use form or ng-form inside table. For inline editing I use inputs with ng-show inside td. So, I have two questio

Drupal 6 module to add CCK fields to comments?

I'm needing to allow users of a site to add structured comments to nodes. Are there any stable modules out there for Drupal 6 that will enable me to do this? I'm thinking along the lines of being able to add CCK-like fields to the comment type. In an

Colorize the output of the Windows command line from PHP

To output colored text in bash, you use ANSI escape sequences. How do you output colored text on a Windows command line, specifically from PHP?Download dynwrap.dll from : Then extract it to %systemroot%\syst

How to get a complete Emma coverage report on enum singletons?

It is possible to guarantee a unique instance of an object with enums in Java as following: public enum EmmaTest { ; public static int someStaticMethod() { return 33; } } How can one implement 100% Emma test coverage on such objects? Is it possible?

Very simple, very smooth, JavaScript Marquee

I'm trying to find a very simple and smooth, lightweight javascript or jquery marquee. I already tried silk marquee or something, but it wouldn't work with the application I was using. So the simpler and shorter, the better - and easier to debug. Doe

Delete a typed character during execution in jTextField

private void jTextField1KeyPressed(java.awt.event.KeyEvent evt) { int x=evt.getKeyCode(); if(x>=96&&x<=105) { evt.setKeyCode(8);//Here 8 is used for Backspace key to remove the numeric character entered } Int This code i want the user not to

Android Studio - Resource entry already defined

After compiling my Android application using the Android Studio (Beta), I have the following error: Error:error: Resource entry background is already defined. res\drawable-xhdpi-v4\background.9.png:0: Originally defined here. This occurred when I had

Resizing UItableview for Different Devices

I have a view controller with a simple scrollable table. It has dimensions 320 x 340 and is positioned in the lower half of the display. I want to resize it depending on which device is used. I am using Auto Layout and set a constraint on the height

Do the DRY thing the right way

I have a solution with two projects each producing a separate dll that is used by another windows application. Each of those projects has a class called MyActions with only one method like so Project1 public class MyActions { public SomeTypeA DoJob(s

Delete all characters after the last letter of the JS string

I would like to remove all characters after the last letter inside a string. E.g. this is a string that I'd like to edit: var foo = "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog | \ + ! ?"; What I want to display is this: var foo = "The quic