How to extract data from the xml file using notepad ++?

I have a xml response with a structure ( e.g groups > subgroups > child records ). I want to extract list of all as separate data. I was hoping i can do something quick in notepad++ and then paste the results in excel. I am not sure

ASP.NET MVC xVal with a ViewModed template

I can't get xVal validation to work with strongly typed viewmodels. Every method in xVal seems to want a prefix which is not used when dealing with strongly typed viewmodels. My view contains code similar to this: <%@ Page Title="" Language=&

Running the Android WebDriver test on SauceLabs

I'm trying to run the android emulator with webdriver on saucelabs to test some web pages. This is what I am using for my capabilities: Capabilities capabilities = capabilities.setCapability("platformName", "An

Concat PChar with string to Delphi

I need to construct a string and send it via PostMessage, ie. FileName := String_1 + String_2 + String_3; PostMessage(FWndHandle, WM_BLA_BLA, NotifyData^.Action, LParam(FileName)); but something isn't working. Plus, FileName is a PChar. The code look

Google Play app update - can not publish a new app

I am getting the following error when trying to publish a new APK in Google Play: It is forbidden to downgrade devices which previously used M permissions (target SDK 23 and above) to APKs which use old style permissions (target SDK 22 and below). Th

XML parsing without using delegate class method nsxmlparser

I don't want to use nsxmlparser delegate methods. I want to write my own methods for xml parsing. How can I parse xml file?I really don't understand what is the point of not using delegate. Well, you have 2 options: Use another parser Use NSString me

JBoss View Active User Sessions

We have a JBoss server with a single J2EE on it. I wish to find out who are the current active users using that application. Does JBoss give me any utilities that lets me view those existing sessions? (NOT the count, but who all are logged in) The qu

State selected to div

Is it possible to add a selected state to a div. i.e add border to div that is clicked? Only display one at a time Fiddle here: HTML: <div class="people"> <div class="person"> <img src="

Why does this if statement not work as expected?

This question already has an answer here: Why does !new Boolean(false) equals false in JavaScript? 2 answers I came across with something like this today.(I thought that it would alert goodbye) x = new Boolean(false); if (x) { alert('hello'); }else{

Replacing final numbers in a Python string

Basically, I have scraped some tennis scores from a website and dumped them into a dictionary. However, the scores of tiebreak sets are returned like "63" and "77". I want to be able to add a starting parenthesis after the 6 or 7 and c

Fast algorithm for calculating Adamic-Adar

I'm working on graph analysis. I want to compute an N by N similarity matrix that contains the Adamic Adar similarity between every two vertices. To give an overview of Adamic Adar let me start with this introduction: Given the adjacency matrix A of

Internal article links in Joomla

I'm trying to create a link in one Joomla article that points to another article, but can't see how this should be done. Could you please tell me how to do it?You can link to it like this: index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=ARTICLE_ID

Embedded methods, best practices

I'm currently fiddling around with jQuery's ajax method to get some data from a JSON feed and animating some bars according to the data. As I'm hacking away, I don't really know if my approach is right. $.ajax({ url: "/echo/json/", type: "P

Debian test if the average load indicates ok

How can you test if my kernel is indicating the correct load average ? My load is always very high on this server, and i doubt it's the real one. Im using kernel 3.2.0 Linux 3.2.0-4-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 3.2.53-2 x86_64 GNU/Linux and debian version 7.3

Using CSS3 for a conditional style?

Ok, so here's the scenario: Say I have a setup like this: <ul> <li> <span></span> </li> </ul> And I'm using CSS to set styles for the li's to be large floating boxes... Using css's :hover and :active (conditions?) to ch

for 'loop error with NSTimer

I want to have an NSTimer that would fire a selector every x seconds if a certain condition (the selector is NO) is true. The value of x should change like this - 10, 20, 40, 60, 120. If the selector changes to YES (it returns a BOOL) the timer shoul

Select rows with a column that is not null?

by default i have one column in mysql table to be NULL. i want to select some rows but only if the field value in that column is not NULL. what is the correct way of typing it? $query = "SELECT * FROM names WHERE id = '$id' AND name != NULL"; is

create a dictionary from two lists

I'm new to this and I'm having some issues finishing up a part of my homework. basically I have 2 lists: names = ["Jerry", "Fernando", "Radu", "Juan", "Brie", "Dani", "Fallon", "Ni

Creating C ++ 11 for Windows Phone 8?

We're using a shared library (written in C++11). While some constructs of modern C++ are supported with VS2012 we cannot use Variadic templates, explicit etc. VS2013 supports all the features we need, however we are not able to build a Windows Phone

Extension of a statement by inheritance

I know this rather goes against the idea of enums, but is it possible to extend enums in C#/Java? I mean "extend" in both the sense of adding new values to an enum, but also in the OO sense of inheriting from an existing enum. I assume it's not

Where is libxml2.dylib located for iOS?

I cant locate it in the Developer folder in xcode 4 with the iOS 5 sdk, and have not been able to find one by a spotlight search or by looking online.Try /Developer/Platforms/iPhoneOS.platform/Developer/SDKs/iPhoneOS5.0.sdk/usr/lib A little shell pok

PHP Form Validation Errors Not Displayed

Practicing on a simple PHP form and can't figure out why the validation error messages are not appearing when fields aren't filled in or selected. Can anyone spot what might be causing the $errors not to show? I can't tell if the $errors array is fun

SurfaceView Overlay

I have a surfaceview which is running couple of threads. One of those threads is drawing on a surfaceview canvas - kind of animation. Now I would like to "overlay" one image (transparent) - to appear above surfaceview. This would look something

Mandatory field validator in the code behind C #

I am trying to use required field validator in code behind file but it is showing the following error. Error: Unable to find control id 'TextBox1' referenced by the 'ControlToValidate' property of 'abcd854' Note : TextBox1 exists in the page. i have