Android sends publishing data to web service

This question already has an answer here: How do I fix android.os.NetworkOnMainThreadException? 44 answers Hi I'm trying to send data to a webservice String url = ""; URL urlobj = new URL(url); HttpsURLConnection con = (Http

AOP Libraries Javascript

Which Javascript AOP library do you use, and what are its key features ?Here is what I found until now : dotvoid's implementation, clean syntax, nice to use, the article is a good introduction on why/how to use the given code, supports introductions,

Java image processing framework

1) Load picture from byte array. 2) Verify it's current picture size. 3) Resize Picture according to my needs. Is there any out of the box Java Framework which can help me to do it? Thanks in advance.Actually, java's default packages should be enough

Find the address on Google Map v3 by pressing ENTER

I have working java script Google Map Api v3 with Geocoding. When I type for example post code in search box I can select address from list. If I will do same thing and press ENTER nothing is happening. How to modify code? <input id="address"

How to optimize MySQL (CentOS)

I have problems to optimize my VPS MySQL to use. I have a plan in RamNode with the following specs: - Intel® Xeon® CPU E3-1240 V2 @ 3.40GHz (4 Cores) - 4GB de Ram - 135 GB SSD Raid 10 I have problems in one of the applications that I have hosted, slo

What is the recommended way to reset multiple objects?

I have three objects that I need to pass to some methods where they will be manipulated: List<Double[]> listD; List<String[]> listS; Map<String, String> map; Considering that part of the logic might include re-instantiating them, among o

Thumbnails in a web page

Suppose I display a web page with thumbnails of my pictures (all pictures are about 2M each). In order to display the thumbnails, I can just use img tag with max-height/max-width attributes. However I am afraid the browser will download the original

Camel recording does not work

I refered below article and created dependencies and log4j properties Here is my simple route from("direct:start") .routeId("LogEipInfoLevelRoute") .log(LoggingLevel.INFO, "Displayin

JQuery How to configure a global problem of var?

i am tying to set up a global var to be used through my entire script. and as simple as it looks i can't get it to work: get_back = ""; //should be a global var or var get_back = "";// another option $.get('php/get_username.php', { use

SQL Server: Generates a continuous number

There is my table : ID code(varchar) 1 006 2 008 3 005 4 010 5 002 I have created a stored procedure: CREATE PROC pp @code VARCHAR(10), @new_code VARCHAR(10) OUTPUT AS BEGIN SELECT TOP 1 @new_code = RIGHT(1000+code+1,3) FROM tb AS a WHERE [Code] >= @

How to convert GLUT coordinates to window coordinates

Possible Duplicate: Glut Mouse Coordinates Let's say that I have a window of 600x600. When I receive mouse events I don't know what's the real position of the mouse, in OpenGL I use this to draw points: (-0.5,0.5) | (0.5,0.5) | --------(0,0)------- |

Check if an object is an NSArray or NSDictionary

As per subject, how can I check whether an object is an NSArray or NSDictionary? if([obj isKindOfClass:[NSArray class]]){ //Is array }else if([obj isKindOfClass:[NSDictionary class]]){ //is dictionary }else{ //is something else }

Viewing images in a UITableView with cell prototype

I want to make a UITableView with all members of a guild of mine. I have it configured to show information like name, address, phone, etc. But I also want to show two pictures of each person: 1) one with their portrait and 2) another with their emble

select more than one check box to run the report

I want a text file to show contents in memo1 once I have selected 2 checkboxes. How would I do this? I tried the code below but I can't seem to get it right. if CheckBox1.Checked and CheckBox2.Checked then begin memo1.lines.LoadFromFile('files\RS.txt

tsql inserts and updates

I always create seperate insert and update procedures e.g insert employee and update employee however im getting bored of having to update both procedures when a new field is added. Any thoughts on this. How do people handle inserts and updates in sq

Where is the .gradle directory in Ubuntu?

In Windows, it is: C:\Users\me\.gradle. But what about Ubuntu? Is it in a different location? If so, where? I've searched everywhere but can't to find it.It should be located under $HOME/.gradle (~/.gradle) and/or (project specific) <PROJECT_DIR>/.g

The TreeView node mapping in winform

I have a treeview control, and it's child node is mapped to element in a list, when the element in the list state changes, i need to update the corresponding treeview node, also, when user select a treenode, i can map to the element in the list, what

Linq fails instead of returning null?

I am trying to filter a list of items using the .Where method, and return the first item matching the filter. However if there are no items matching the filter, instead of returning null it throws an exception. Here is the line of code I am using: De

How to make a SimpleDB backup?

I'm developing a Facebook application that uses SimpleDB to store its data, but I've realized Amazon does not provide a way to backup that data (at least that I know of) And SimpleDB is slow. You can get about 4 lists per second, each list of 100 rec

Updating the variable value after redefinition

A newbie question for you R folks: Case scenario: I define variable A: A=number I define other variables based on A: B=number*A I change the definition of A: A=different number [Q]. How can I get R to automatically update the value of B, without rede

Many inserts inside a start-end block

I have a sql script containing over 150k lines of statements (most of them are inserts). I only want to execute those inserts if the table is empty: IF EXISTS (SELECT * FROM [MyTable]) BEGIN PRINT 'No need to insert data' --Stop executing script END

Simply get the names of the reins table columns

I know that you can get column names from a table via the following trick in hive: hive> set hive.cli.print.header=true; hive> select * from tablename; Is it also possible to just get the column names from the table? I dislike having to change a set