PHP session data for username / password

I created an html file with login inputs: <?php include ""; ?> <link href="" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" /> <div class="contactFor

Is the memorandum hidden for each & ldquo; Publish & rdquo;

I'm using Iron Router (with RouteControllers) and I'd like to know if meteor keep cache for "publishes" when page (url) change. Example : I want use meteor for a cooking site, so I've a section with a BIG list of recipes, and I can filter this l

Cocos2d - Creating CCSprite in the UIKit application

I have a normal UIKit Application but I want to use cocos2d for a little job. I want to use the function glReadPixels, for that I need a cocos2d image -> CCSprite. I am working for 2 days now on this problem, because I am getting this error: 2012-08-

Laravel blade template variables

In working with laravel blade templates, what's the approved way to manage variables in output? For example, I'm working on a view that shows upcoming chores / tasks for each farmer. The pivot table holds a due_at datetime field for the task, and I'd

Simple MySQL table running slow queries

I have a very simple table with two columns, but has 4.5M rows. CREATE TABLE `content_link` ( `category_id` mediumint(8) unsigned NOT NULL, `content_id` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (`content_id`,`category_id`), KEY `content_id` (`content_i

First type of EF code with a navigation property

My Model: public class Country { public int CountryId { get; set; } public string Name { get; set; } public virtual ICollection<User> Users { get; set; } } public class Location { public string Address { get; set; } public virtual int CountryId { ge

R in the list of rasters by number of pixels?

I have set of classified rasters from different years (2003,2004,2005, lets say r1, r2, r3). Tha raster classes and their proportion vary within years. I want to make a single data frame from my list of rasters. The data frame should contain indicati

Organize controllers in subfolders

How to organize controllers under /app/controllers in sub- folders in CakePHP? I want to create a folder like admin inside the controllers folder and I want to create some controller related to admin. If it is possible, then how can i call a controll

Fading a video clip in black

I have a requirement to play a video file in C# (with audio) then to be able to fade out the video to a black screen then fade in another video. I've looked at DirectShow & DirectShowNet however I'm none the wiser. I've got a simple app to play a vid

Scrolling the background with CSS

I'm trying to get a background that can scroll up/down to allow for the image to be viewed. The code seems right, but it doesn't allow me to scroll. Here's what I have: <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <!--CSS init--> <style> html { backgrou

Having difficulty returning C

I declare hws globally and try to return it in this method but I get a pointer error. I was wondering if anyone knew why that is and could suggest a solution? Randomize just get a random number. extern int hws[100][20]; int randomize() { int value; i

Which programming language is easier to support

Which programming language is it easier to support developers in (namely developers that have little professional experience (i.e. dealing with changes out of their control)). Edit: I would define support as not restrict the professional development

hide div when it does not contain equal

Lets say I have 2 type of div class a and b , attr is data-type. When I click a with data-type is test1 , In b all data-type not equal to test1 will be hide , only left div attr is test1. Any idea how to to this ? $(".a").click(function () { var

Arraylist through tcp in java?

How can I send an arraylist through tcp in Java? I need to send an arraylist of integers, from client to server and vice verse. Thanxx import*; import*; import java.util.*; import java.util.concurrent.*; public class SerializeOverS

batch rename the files on the ftp server using the terminal mac

I have a simple question, how to rename files on an ftp server in a mac terminal? if possible with a loop to rename all files at once. i tried the mv command but this does not work on an ftp connection. how to change this command? for i in *; do mv "

The use of window.location and return confirms together

I have this button that will send a user to a page but first ask the user to confirm, but it's not working correctly, how can I fix it? Thanks <input class="cancel" type="button" value="Cancel" onclick="window.locatio

In iOS8 Safari, read-only entries are handled incorrectly

In Safari, iOS8, focusing in a date or a time input opens up the date or time picker and allows editing the content of the readonly input. When focusing in a text input, a toolbar appears at the bottom with previous, next and Done buttons, and not go

How to silence the sounds / music on each scene?

This question already has an answer here: Unity - pass data between scenes 2 answers Im creating a small game in Unity3d. This game have 4 scenes. I created small Sound Service to play/mute/unmute sounds and music in my game. Most of my sounds are pl

Inline for loop

I'm trying to learn neat pythonic ways of doing things, and was wondering why my for loop cannot be refactored this way: q = [1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 5, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5] vm = [-1, -1, -1, -1] for v in vm: if v in q: p.append(q.index(v)) else: p.append(99999)

how to provide username and password in tnsnames.ora

I have connected oracle server database in excel with the help of oracle instant client software and i am getting table and data but whenever i am restarting excel to connect with oracle database it is asking username and password so i want to save t

Data Protocol URL Size Limits

Is there any size limitation for "data:" URL scheme values? I'm interested in limitations in popular web browsers. In other words, how long can _encoded_data be in <img src="_encode

Sencha Touch Store with date field

I have a Model with Date field and Store which loads from XML with same date field as string. Would the sencha parse it to Date automatically or I would need to do that manually? Ext.regModel('News', { idProperty: 'Id', fields: [ { name: 'Id', type: