Create transaction and trigger on a field

Please am new in and sql server, I have created a two tables in database called Service and Trans. Create Table Service( ServiceID int, ServiceName varchar(30), ServiceStartValue int ); Create Table Trans( EntryTS datetime, EntryCounter int, S

Parity bit

Is there a elagant way with delphi (6) to remove the parity bit in a file. In this case every 9e bit. Cheers ErnestAssuming your file is a long bit stream containing 9-bit blocks and you want to output the same stream but with 8-bit blocks (i.e. drop

Defining WinForms ComboBox DataSource does nothing

In a fresh WinForms project, I've created a ComboBox inside a UserControl, populated its DataSource property. public partial class UserControl1 : UserControl { public UserControl1() { InitializeComponent(); comboBox1.DataSource = new List<string>()

Enable class properties from installTapOnBus close

I have a very simple installTapOnBus closure that successfully updates the console, but not the UI element. Here's the code: self.meter.text="..." let inputNode = audioEngine.inputNode let bus = 0 inputNode!.installTapOnBus(bus, bufferSize: 2048

Add RecyclerView the body

Can I use RecyclerView as a parent element for other views declared in XML? < ... > <TextView ... /> <ImageView ... /> </> Something like this. I need this

High Performance Metal Shade Abstraction

Recently we got an idea to create generic high performance abstractions for bare metal development with usage of the templates. Usually every chip manufacture provides C header like this: //Following structure is POD so we can rely on its memory layo

Manual sorting in ActiveRecord

Each company in my database has many projects, and every company is given a 'General tasks' project when they sign up. This particular project cannot be deleted by its company, and it is treated as a special repository for tasks that have not yet bee

Refresh page 2 angular router

I have the following web with angular 2 routing (using vs 2015 as my IDE) however, whenever i refresh the page, i get this: Therefore, whenever i want to hard refresh my page, i have to go to the error page first then i need to enter the following ur

Column Calculation if Column & gt; 1 in T-SQL

hi i am trying to calculate a value of certain columns together and depending if a column is a certain value for instance if lens.qty > 1 then (CASE LENS.LNS_PROGTYPE --DESIGN pOINTS WHEN 762 THEN 70 when 767 THEN 70 when 768 THEN 70 WHEN 841 THEN 35

How to view sharp keys in the mongodb shell?

This might be a dummy question, but I cannot find any clue in all online doc. For a already-built-up mongodb cluster, How can I find which sharding key(s) is used for given collecton?As outlined in the Sharding Administration Docs, you can use db.pri

understand fs / binfmt_elf.c

i am trying to understand the linux source file /home/akash/Downloads/linux-3.4.3/fs/binfmt_elf.c a part a code is as follows where i hv stuck. static struct linux_binfmt elf_format = { .module = THIS_MODULE, .load_binary = load_elf_binary, .load_shl

Automatically Update Data Using Cloud Code in

I'm looking a method to automatically updating data using cloud code. Let say I have a class Table. inside of it, I have three column : firstname, lastname, and fullname. Currently, I only have firstname and lastname data only. Column fullname is sti

php mysql 4 tables join

I have 4 tables, in table's 'tbl_Order' has single record of each cusotmer. in table's 'tbl_OrderDetail' there are more then 1 Services (records) of each customer. in table's 'tbl_services' there are more then 10 pre-define services. inch table's 'tb

SICP 5.2 Assembling

I've been reading through chapter 5 of sicp and have gotten stuck on a piece of code--namely, the assembler presented in 5.2. This is what it looks like: (define (extract-labels text receive) (if (null? text) (receive '() '()) (extract-labels (cdr te

Manipulation of a marker click and dblclick on google maps

I have the following problem. On my google map app I need to distinguish click and doulbe click on the markers. So when I am creating markers I create two listeners: google.maps.event.addListener(markerTMP, 'click', (function(routeID) { return functi

Size of Android screen size with different screen sizes

I had already searching how to set textview size in different screen size from Google a long time already and I still don't get the solution. I already try to set it as 'dp' or 'sp', but the size still different in different screen size. I also try t

determine the number of block accesses required

Does oracle have a way to figure out how many block accesses are needed for a direct full scan of a particular table?The number of blocks accessed, is essentially the number of logical/consistent gets your query does. You can use the option set autot

How did DOS run multiple processes simultaneously?

DOS is always given as an example of single tasking operating system. However when a command is issued through command-line, control switches from the shell to the command and then switches back to shell when the command completes.Thus there are two

Mercurial: how to cancel the 'graft' status?

When a hg graft fails, it leaves behind .hg/graftstate which signals the graft-command that a graft is in process and can be continued. Except of deleting .hg/graftstate, is there a cleaner way to abort the grafting?You want hg update --clean . The e

The application hangs after the update to the App Store

I have released two versions of my App successfully But after third version of app is released in App Store,when i downloaded from Appstore The App is getting Crashed : When i try to launch app it is getting crashed immediately, and no crash reports

Go compile declared and not used

This question already has an answer here: Go - declared and not used 2 answers I got some problems with Go, I did have used tag in tag = true // project main.go package main import ( "fmt" ) func main() { var m, odd1, odd2, in1, in2 int tag := f

EditText with automatic return

I have an EditText in my Android app. When I write something on it I don´t have the enter on my Keyboard and when the cursor goes to the final of the line doesn´t jump to the line below automatically. Which are the properties to change this? Thank yo

PHP Wordpress code echo's slug not term?

Does anybody know how I can change the below code for my custom taxonomy (created in the Magic Fields 2 plugin) to solve my problem. I would like it to echo the name of the selected value rather than slug format. e.g. I'd like to echo Client 1 and Cl