Managing the Alert on Refresh in IE Using Selenium

I'm using IEDriver to test my webapp. My test is written in Java and driver is defined as following: System.setProperty("","C:\\Selenium\\IE\\IEDriverServer.exe"); DesiredCapabilities capabilities = DesiredCapabiliti

How do I create a dynamic URL with your username?

I want to create a dynamic url such that when I log in from my website my username will be shown on the url. For example, say I log in with: with my username myname. The url should become b

% D Pointer-to-integer conversion in C-strings?

By having a look at this code sample: /* strrchr example */ #include <stdio.h> #include <string.h> int main () { char str[] = "This is a sample string"; char * pch; pch=strrchr(str,'s'); printf ("Last occurence of 's' found at %

Problem with submission form in wordpress

Hey guy so I have this form I created that slides out and you can contact with it, located in the header. For some reason if I submit it, it tells me page cannot be found - I made a page and gave it a template that sends the email. If I just hit the

The observable collection does not update the list

I am using an observable collection as an item source for my WPF listbox. In code this means: private readonly ObservableCollection<AssetBrowserFilePreviewElement> mLastElements; // = new ... private void OnInitialized(object sender, EventArgs args)

Linq Lambda vs. Query Syntax Performance

i saw today a linq query syntax in my project which was counting from List items on specifc condition this way: int temp = (from A in pTasks where A.StatusID == (int)BusinessRule.TaskStatus.Pending select A).ToList().Count(); i thought to refactor it

Is the function call in the ng-disabled expression allowed?

I'm using ng-disabled to make the submit button of a form unclickable unless all the form validations are good. I have it working just fine when I use <button ng-disabled="form.$invalid">OK</button> However, there's another check I w

TitleLabel is broken when you put UIButton in UITableViewCell

I have UITableView with custom UITableViewCell. Custom cell contains UIButton and UILabel. Here I observe that UILabel text is change as I expected but UIButton text is not changing. When I scroll out the button outside of the screen, change the labe

Delete Execution Checks the compiler flag per project in CMAKE

I have a CMAKE configuration where all my project configurations include the /RTC1 (Both Runtime Checks) compiler flag. However, I wish to switch to the Default option for only one project, as it also has the /clr compiler flag; which is incompatible

Aggregate table where date was before today

I am trying to aggregate a collection which has an array. In this array, there's a reminders array. The document might look like this: { _id: "1234", dates: { start: ISODate(), end: ISODate() }, reminders: [{ sendAt: ISODate(), status: 'closed'

Java Performance

I've created a linked list in java using generics, and now I want to be able to iterate over all the elements in the list. In C# I would use yield return inside the linked list while going over the list of elements contained in the list. How would I

Designing URLs for an API

I'm working on a private apis for our backend. I have collections that have associations. Each collection can be requested, paginated, you can also ask for the associations and paginate this associations. We're not sure about which URL design to use

Asynctask strange behavior

I met some strange warning with asynctask.I'm learning GCM so I try to use the asynctask. this is the warning: Type safety: The method execute(Object...) belongs to the raw type AsyncTask. References to generic type AsyncTask<Params,Progress,Result>

Futures in nHibernate Linq

I'm interested on solution how to use Futures in counting something having Linq in mind. I'm not interested in Criteria api, just plain linq. If I have: IEnumerable<User> dbUsers = userquery.Future<User>(); IFutureValue<long> count = tot

BSoD when creating threads

I am trying to create +5 threads synchronously so there shouldn't be any concurrency error. Code: System.Threading.Thread t = new System.Threading.Thread(proc); t.Start();//==t.BlueScreen(); t.Join(); Is darkness a feature ? I am doing something wron

Understanding the flattening of a painting in Ruby

I'm a confused with what .each_with_object does to an extent. For example: ("a".."c").each_with_object("") {|i,str| str << i} # => "abc" Also: (1..3).each_with_object(0) {|i,sum| sum += i} #=> 0 (since i

How does Python variable scoring work?

This wants me to dig deeper in Python sources, but since there are many people on SO that already done that, I would love to hear their pointers. >>> import os >>> def scope(): ... print os ... import os ... >>> scope() Tracebac

Java EE, Hibernate, MySQL Query UTF-8 Does Not Work

So I have set up hibernate with Wildfly and MySql. Querying works, but have problem querying UTF-8 character names. On MySql: SELECT * FROM users WHERE firstname = "ნიკა"; Doesn't result in empty set. While in java: Session session = HibernateUt

matching keywords from multiple columns from a list

a content table content_id | content | -----------x---------------------------------------x 1 | he is python and javascript developer | and a keywords table key_id | Keyword | content_id | -------x----------------x------------x 1 | python | 1 | 2 | d

c language strchr segmentation default character replace

I need to replace every occurence of '&' to ',' in a C string. I did this and it works Code 1: char *val, *querydup; . . . val=strchr(querydup,'&'); while(val != NULL) { *val=','; val=strchr(querydup,'&'); } In order to be "elegant"

Can I use regex to find the X index?

I have a big string, and want to find the first occurrence of X, X is "numberXnumber"... 3X3, or 4X9... How could i do this in C#?Yes, regex could do that for you you could do ([0-9]+)X([0-9]+) If you know that the numbers are only single digit

NullPointerException on FileInput / OutputStream on jar

This question already has an answer here: What is a NullPointerException, and how do I fix it? 12 answers getResourceAsStream() returning null in jar but fine in eclipse 1 answer I'm working on application that causes me many problems when working fi