Selenium Webdriver: Download the file by dragging and dropping

On a web page I'm trying to test, we implemented drag and drop file upload. I've looked at the drag and drop API for selenium action chain API. It looks like it supports only dragging and dropping between 2 elements on a page. How to emulate dragging

Delphi Stack Info when managing events

When debugging events I would like to see the "complete" stack, specifically the actual event or method that triggered an event. A simple example would be to drop a ComboBox on a form, and write an onChange event. The onChange event will trigger

Disable / Enable UIButton

I am trying to create different levels within a game. At the moment the user can click into any level and play that level. I want to prevent the User from clicking level 2 unless they have passed level 1. I have a class VC which at the end of a level

Pygame.display.set_mode fills the entire screen

When writing Pygame programs it has always bugged me that if someone else has a screen smaller or larger than mine It wont work correctly. when I use: pygame.display.set_mode([1680, 1000]),pygame.FULLSCREEN) /\ My screen size It fills my screen but o

Constraints do not work properly, Xcode

what is the reason my constraints are off, i am running it on an iphone7 simulator and I can't get it right. Not sure what other information I can provide, all the details of my constraints are in the images. I suggest you use a button as the backgro

Can not run multiple kernels (Python versions) in jupyterhub

Hi I am running a notebook server with jupyterhub but I am unable to access different kernels (version of python). I have the various enronments setup correctly, and when I type jupyter kernelspec list I get the following output Available kernels: ba

Istringstream ignores first letter

I am trying to access different words in a string using std::istringstream and I am also doing so with multiple test cases. int t; cin>>t; while(t--) { string arr; cin.ignore(); getline(cin,arr); istringstream iss(arr); string word; while(iss>>

Hide, show using jquery

I would like to show and hide a section which is landing over a div as a second screen when i hover one the section i want it to hide and show here's what I've done lately. I have tried a lot of things but nothing works. <div class=" banner"&

The OpenGL transparent effects were pretty horrendous on Meego

we've been creating several half-transparent 3D cubes in a scene by OpenGL which displays very good on Windows 7 and Fedora 15, but become quite awful on Meego system. This is what it looks like on my Fedora 15 system: This is what it looks like on M

Launch the Android app from a specific browser

I have a problem with starting my android application from browser. I specify following code in my manifest file. <intent-filter> <data android:scheme="https" android:path="/store" android:host=""/>

Analyze the quick sort in C

What I am trying to do is get the desired output below. I have tried printing in the beginning of quicksort and I am getting some of the correct values but I feel my whole approach is not working so I need some help. level partitionNumber d [3a_space

JSON values ​​not defined in error Javascript

I am reading through a JSON object, trying to loop through the text and create substrings of the text. It is, for some reason coming back as "cannot read property 'roles' of undefined." What am I missing? // target language text var text1 = obj[

Wizard in asp.NET MVC3 using a static object

I'm trying to make a wizard in MVC3 using Entity Framework. It needs to keep the state of an object (an article in this case) across a couple of steps. I have a static variable in my controller that instantiates a new Article. In the different Action

tkinter: How to call a method from a child of another child

It is the first time that i use pyhton to create a graphical interface and i have difficulties to understand the link between the parent and the children. I first create the root window in a separated thread : import tkinter as tk import threading as

Using Django filters as variables

I am wondering if we could use django filter as a variable where a python method formatting text can set the filter value which can be rendered by the template The usual way filter works is like this {{ html_text | safe }} or {{ plain_text | linebrea

Perl concatenation for SQL query

I'm trying to transfer the content of a CSV file into a table in PostgreSQL using Perl. I'm able to update my table successfully, but the terminal returns an error: Use of uninitialized value in concatenation (.) or string Syntax error near ","

Using php in javascript in wordpress

I have got the following code in a javascript(jquery) file called custom.js: blabla = new Date(2014, 06 - 1, 2); $('.days').countdown({ until: blabla, layout: '{dn} {dl}', 1.Now i want a user to be able to change the above date. I have created a them

Passing any function as a template parameter

I want to pass a function value as a template parameter to a function. Currently the best I managed to do is : template< typename F, F f > void pass() { ... } ...which is used: pass< decltype(&func), &func >(); What I would really like

Changing Web.Config problem in SharePoint

I have a little issue here regarding the modification of Web.Config files in Feature Stamping (SP2010 [Web Application Level Feature, Activate on default]) I'm facing two strange Issues The applied modification like (adding a child node) appears mult

rails redirect_to with & amp; in the params

I have & in one of my params: redirect action: format.html {redirect_to :action => 'index',:flag => params[:flag], :tip_type => params[:tip_type], :tip_topic_name => params[:tip_topic_name]} output: Started GET "/admin/answer_reviews?

jQuery - Replace the HTML element repeatedly

I want to replace a button with an input field, where the user enters something and presses the enter button. After that, the button from the beginning should appear again. My script works so far but I can't repeat this once it finished. Update: The