Mouse events taking a random number of clicks in java

The object of the code so far is the trade turns back and forth between player 1 and player 2 and allow the player whoose turn it is to turn one of their pieces invisible (Set icon to null). It works right now, turns trade back and forth and pieces t

The extension phprediss does not work, can not load ''

I installed nginx,php,php-fpm,php-pecl-redis by yum. All of them works but the last one. when I run /usr/sbin/php-fpm,I got this: PHP Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library '/usr/lib/php/modules/' - /usr/lib/php/modules/

Copy the matrix element to a MATLAB vector

Assume we have a matrix A (2x5), with the first row containing the numbers: 1 2 3 5 7 and the second row: 0.4 0.1 0.2 0.1 0.2 Also, there is a 10 dimensional vector B with numbers 1,2,3...10. How can I create a new 10 dimensional vector C that will o

How this print & ldquo; Hello world?

I discovered this oddity: for (long l = 4946144450195624l; l > 0; l >>= 5) System.out.print((char) (((l & 31 | 64) % 95) + 32)); Output: hello world How does this work?The number 4946144450195624 fits 64 bits, its binary representation is: 10

Django - render date field in model

I am working on a form which is used to stores student data. when I tried to render the form it produces an text input instead of data. How do i render date input using django class StudentRegister(forms.Form): firstname = forms.CharField(ma

Copy the background color of an HTML element

I'd like to set the background color of an HTML element to the background color of another HTML element. This needs to happen at runtime using Javascript. I tried the following but it fails silently (the background color remains unaltered): DOM.setEl

How to check if a nullable type has a value of MemberInfo

If I have the MemberInfo of a nullable type how can I determine if it has been assigned a value?MemberInfo doesn't have a means of obtaining a value, as MemberInfo could refer to a method, a property, or a field. Each of these has their own type that

Ruby submit_tag bouton does nothing

I want to create a form_tag in my index view to accept an id which gets passed to my populateOne method. The view has been updated properly, both the number_field_tag in the form and the submit_tag are there, but when I press the button on my server,

how to convey information to a background process in bash

I have created a bash script and it runs in the background. It has a PID which is stored in a file, and I can use KILL to pass predefined signals to the process. From time to time however, I'd like to pass information to the process manually. Prefera

How to delete the * .pdb file from the dll file in

for my website i have added the data access layer and business layer and add the dlls as reference. but in the bin it is showing pdb file for both the dlls. same time there are other third party tools.but they dont have the pdb file. what is it used

How to use two conditions in an if statement

I have the following equation: result=[(i,j,k) for i in S for j in S for k in S if sum([i,j,k])==0] I want to add another condition in the if statement such that my result set does not contain (0,0,0). I tried to do the following: result=[(i,j,k) for

Running serial code in a multi-threaded program in C ++

The question: Is it possible to guarantee code execution can only occur in one thread at a time in a multi-threaded program? (Or something which approximates this) Specifically: I have a controller M (which is a thread) and threads A, B, C. I would l

Start with solr

I've struggling a lot trying to get solr working. I've read the official docs and tutorials, tried them out but still couldn't figure out how to get started. I took to randomly test out blogs which resulted in crashing of my ubuntu OS. So, I'm framin

Perl if condition parameters

I have a log file which looks like below: 4680 p4exp/v68 PJIANG-015394 25:34:19 IDLE none 8869 unnamed p4-python R integration semiconductor-project-trunktip-turbolinuxclient 01:33:52 IDLE none 8870 unnamed p4-python R integration remote-trunktip-osx

How to write the IF condition in the Web grid column

i have get error the create the if condition in to column of WEB GRID so...please help to improve my code and solved to my prob.... grid.Column("Status", format: item => @<text> @if (item.Is_active = true) { @<a href="Url.Action

Do you determine the UID that last modified a file under Linux?

I'm writing a program that will be monitoring select files and directories for changes. Some of the files are world writeable, some owner, some group. What I need to do is be able to figure out the last person to modify (not just access) a file. Some

LINQ where doubt clause

I have tried one where clause in Linq to get details about Users those who are Active and AllowLogin is also true. So how can I compare the table values (both are boolean values) with true or false?Just use something like: var query = from user in co

Alternative for synchronized block in java

I use following code for guarantee startTime variable set once only: public class Processor { private Date startTime; public void doProcess() { if(startTime == null) synchronized(this) { if(startTime == null) { startTime = new Date(); } } // do somet

Transactions in DataSets Typed

Have a typed dataset with several related tables, and relations defined between those tables. As I process a datafeed, I'm adding, modifying, and removing records, then calling update on each table. Requests Reapprovals UserRole RequestId ----- Reque