Managing files and creating directories at the base

I have these files: File_1.2.txt, File_1.5.txt, File_2.3.txt, and File_4.7.txt. I want to make directories for them and sort them into the directories, like below. Dir_001 -> File_1.2.txt File_1.5.txt Dir_002 -> File_1.2.txt File_2.3.txt Dir_003 -&g

Divide and separate according to specific values ​​- jQuery

Basically my string looks like this. 568|896|2015-12-14 13:43:05||1|6666698|text1|999969|624|0|1|0|1^696|982|2015-11-14 13:43:05||2|6666695|text2|899969|634|0|0|0|0^147|111|2015-10-14 13:43:05||3|6666694|text3|799969|644|0|0|0|0^025|558|2014-09-14 13

Multiple Layout Files Android

I have two XML files for my layout - main.xml and test.xml. Here is the code in test.xml: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <LinearLayout xmlns:android="" android:layout

Conversion of structure to general message format to UDP

I have a C++ struct for an update packet to be exchanged between servers, and another struct to implement information about neighbors, and a vector of struct neighbor is inside update packet. struct neighbor; struct update_packet { uint16_t num_updat

Edit the contents of a text node

I have a div (contenteditable="true") which contains some text and some html. I'm trying to replace text in the entire div except in links with a certain class. I tried: $('div#text').contents().not('a.selected').each(function() { $(this).html(r

How to exclude a source package using javac in Ant?

I've looked at a bunch of different examples, and tried several variations, but can't seem to get this working correctly. It also appears that you can't exclude an entire directory with javac, but only files, which I suppose means you can't specify a

Trying to create a login using PHP

Putting aside the SQL Injection and other security issues I am having a problem trying to get the following piece of code to work. I know I am close but cannot figure out how to do it. Currently I am receiving this error message: "Successful Connecti

It takes little detail on the address lines of the processor

Yesterday, while I was pondering over Why can't OS use entire 64-bits for addressing? I found another interesting thing. Lets take Intel Core 2 Duo Processor for example. From "4.2 Alphabetical Signals Reference" of Intel Core 2 Duo Processor E8

How to run pthreads on Windows

I used to use a mac to write some c programs but its not working now.. I have to use an old windows laptop for a while.. I installed codeblocks and tested a simple program using pthreads. Unfortunately it didnt work.. pthread_create(&thrd1, NULL, thr

equal () and hashCode () in Java LinkedHashMap and tree map?

overriding equals() and hashCode() is not required for TreeMap while required for HashMap and LinkedHashMap. TreeMap works on implementation provided by Comparable or Comparator interface when using user created Classes as Key for Map Is this correct

Python - summing of csv

There is a column in my csv called cost, which I want to sum based on another column, called factory, to basically create a breakdown of cost by factory. I have rows such as the following, where there are multiple costs for each factory: Factory,Cost

What is Jquery and how to make animation for the site

Looking for some good tutorials to learn JQuery. I want to learn animations used in websites some suggestions please. thank you! My basic problem is animation on some sites they say use JS and on some they say JQI provided some fairly basic annotated

Android Material recolored EditText underlined

how can I recolor the underline of an EditText in android 5.0 (Material) ? It is appearing gray but I want it to be blue, how can I archieve that?you have to set in your app Theme this line: <item name="android:colorControlActivated">#1234

Syntax error Rufus scheduler

Original code: require 'oci8' SCHEDULER.every '10s', :first_in => 0 do |job| begin conn ='apps','apps'); mylist = conn.exec("select full_name, count(*) from per_all_people_f where rownum < 6 group by first_name") do |r|

Accessing the QList object in QML

I have a little problem accessing a QList objects since Javascript. I have a C ++ class that allows me to perform SQL queries since QML / JS. Everything works, I get my results in C ++. My problem is that I'd returned to QML an QList object. This is

Dictionary With Value & ldquo; Variable & rdquo;

I am hoping to create a dictionary like this: Dictionary<string, Variable> dict = new Dictionary<string, Variable> In this thread How do I name variables dynamically in C#? the following code example was voted up and accepted as the answer to

what does String getname () mean?

public class AttackName { /** * @param args the command line arguments */ DatacenterBroker broker; String fname, lname1, card; public DatacenterBroker attack(String path, String fname, String lname) { try { String filepath = path; DocumentBuilderFact

How to stop audio playback when a phone call arrives in Android

hello im new to android and im doing a simple online radio app for my church the poblem is that i need the playback service to stop and restart when the phone gets a call and end it so far i can stop the service just fine but when it gets started aga

How to declare an array of objects in Java?

Possible Duplicate: How to declare an array in Java? Suppose I have an object car (class vehicle) and I want to create an array of N number of cars . How do I declare that in Java? vehicle[N]= car=new vehicle []; Is this right?It's the other way roun

Use a nice soup to get class content with a conditional

I would like to use beautiful soup to find tags where the child tags(gains or losses) are greater than 0. I would then like to print the contents of the inner tags "gains" "losses" and "band.textualrepresentation". This is es

Why is app_dev.php available in production?

I have production website and notice that can be also accessed using app_dev.php in the url with debug toolbar. Under apache vhost I have: <IfModule mod_rewrite.c> Options -MultiViews RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteRule

ITextSharp PDF Printing

I'm trying to create a method that will send a PDF file directly to my printer (causing the print dialog to appear). Below is the code I've been working on - most of it found in the forums here. It works fine if I use iTextSharp to create a new PDF d