Can the program be used to simplify algebraic expressions?

We know 1+2+...+n is equal to n(n+1)/2. But can we get the same result programatically if we don't know it in advance? About why I have such a question. Think of a more complex situation: X1+X2+...+Xk=n, where Xi is integer and >= 0. What's the Expec

Can I use a RAM disk to accelerate my IDE?

Duplicate: RAMDrive for compiling - is there such a thing? I have an idea how to speed up my IDE. I want to create a RAM disk and move my solution onto this virtual disk. I think that this can speed up the IDE because RAM is much faster than a HDD. H

Unable to handle () response

I have the following code $(function() { $('.apply').click(function(e) { var z = $(this).attr('z-id'); var r = $(this).attr('r-id'); $.post( "/r-set-z", "z_id=" + z + "&r_id=" + r, function(data) { alert(data); } ); }); }

Select things that do not exist

I have this table. I want to select back the items that don't exist already, so I can create them. table tags +---------+-------+ | tagId | name | | 1 | C | | 2 | DX | | 3 | CG | Say SQL looks like: select name from tags where name in ( 'C', 'CG', 'R

Access to headers for Net :: HTTP :: Ruby post

I have the following bit of code: uri = URI.parse("") https =,uri.port) https.use_ssl = true req = req.body = searchxml req["Accept-

Radio Button and Input Field

I wanna set up a form where users can choose from a set of radio buttons and if they dont like any choice they can use the last radio button which will have a text field to it where they can enter the custom text. i have seen this on a few sites. jus

php SQL table dynamic list - how to configure the order?

I have a custom web store and it was made with php. It gets all my products from certain categories that are stored in a mySQL database, and displays them in tables for my customers. The programming looks like it is meant to sort them by date added,

Generate an alphabetical PHP series

I want to create alphabetic series in php. The series I want to create is something like: AAAA AAAB AAAC . . . . . . . ZZZY ZZZZ I do not want any numbers. Pure alphabetic series. What approach can I use to create this? Any hints or pseudo code would

C ++ Operator Priority and Return Statement

If I do something like return a ? b : c; or return a && a2 && a3; Could it ever be evaluated as just return a and then the function just returns immediately before evaluating the rest?return is a statement, not an expression. So it can nev

Create a custom driver using Codeigniter

I'm trying to create my custom driver using Codeigniter Files structure: /libraries /Test_driver /drivers Test_driver_first_driver.php Test_driver.php Driver super class: class Test_driver extends CI_Driver_Library { function __construct() { $this->v

NullPointerException in Fragment

I am working on fragments in my current application. I am displaying 3 different tabs each of which having a fragment. I am getting a null pointer exception while accessing the view. Here is the code snippet: public class DetailsFragment extends Frag

Calculate the standard deviation of a defined list

Say I have a list of integer values, 1 through 10. Instead of having the actual dataset, I just have the quantities of each value. For example: 1 | 73 2 | 121 3 | 155 4 | 149 5 | 187 6 | 180 7 | 166 8 | 148 9 | 120 10 | 81 As you can see, it'd be inc

meaningLocationChanges will not work until the screen is lit

I am in the process of testing location updates via the background APIs that relaunch an app. I have successfully tested visits and regions and am using this same app to also test significantLocationChanges (SLC). I run my app, press home twice then

Modify: how to modify this code in LINQ-expression

First of all, sorry if my question will confuse you. Well, I'm still a rocky about this programming in c#. I am using the code below: foreach (var schedule in schedules) { if(schedule.SupplierId != Guid.Empty) { var supplier = db.Suppliers.Find(sched

AWT-EventQueue-1 NullExceptionPointer

I'm making a maze game using tiles. The maze changes shape in regular intervals. At this time the tilearray gets empty before the maze recreates. I'm getting NPE errors after different intervals and after a while the game stops. Probably because some

Regex checks whether parentheses are balanced

Possible Duplicate: Can regular expressions be used to match nested patterns? I am writing a regexp to check if the input string is a correct arithmetic expression. The problem is checking if there are enough opening and closing parentheses. Expressi

joomla 1.7 - How to create an rss feed for my content?

is it possible to create the feed for joomla website? what is the way?? the joomla doc page dont hv the related page yet what i mean is creating the rss using the contents of my joomla webiste but

Git-svn / hgsubversion clone of a renamed project

I have a SVN project and I want to clone to either Git or Mercurial. The cloning to both VCS' works fine, except for one major problem - I always get only the last revision, no any other history whatsoever. I can clearly see that the root of the prob

The action listener of my program will not work

It's me again and I just can't seem to get this code to work. I'm basically asking for any advice on why the button does nothing when clicked. Would you like me to attach the source code? The method I'm trying to implement: public static void UserInp

Can anyone tell me how to download wxPython Phoenix?

I'm trying to download the contents of but I don't want to single click the file, and that URL is not a valid git url. Does anyone know how to download this?According to ProjectPhoenix - wxPyWi