How to insert multiple fields in mysql

Hi I'm trying to submit a webform and insert the data into mysql. The problem I have is that I have setup the fields to have multiple input boxes. For example instead of just "name" I have "first name", "last name" and my add

Define compression headers and compress, root headers?

What headers should a send with an image output (image.php when opened allows user to download an image) to set caching time for that image to 3 days (instead of re-downloading the image from the user side) ?? and how can i compress the image and sen

MySQL Syntax with InnoDB

So I've taken over a database and am having a bit of trouble understanding what exactly these four lines mean. I realize that these lines are enforcing the relational aspect of the DB but I was hoping to pinpoint exactly what this syntax is doing. Ke

How to get the class class name in java

Hello all sorry my language is Bad! This is my code: MyCustomClass temp = new MyCustomClass(); for (int i = 0; i < jsonarray.length(); i++) { JSONObject obj = jsonarray.getJSONObject(i); temp.ID = obj.getInt("ID"); temp.PicName = obj.getStrin

Problem with changing iPhone orientation 6 - UIWindow object

I found the issue while trying to update our project to adapt the change in iOS8 and iPhone6. After a series of testing and debugging, I do not know the reason that causes this issue. Only clue I found is that when creating UIWindow object in iPhone6

Function to transform a string / regexp into a saved file name

This question already has an answer here: How do I deal with special characters like \^$.?*|+()[{ in my regex? 2 answers I have a list of regexps which are used to produce some graphs. I'd like to save the graphs with it's corresponding regexp in the

jQuery: Interchange Div with jQuery

There is a button on a page with value "button1". When pressed, it must delete itself and add new button with value "button2". When "button2" is pressed, it must delete itself and add "button1" back. Kinda infinite

CountDown Timer before redirection in Pure PHP

I am using a pure JavaScript count down timer that I shared below to redirect to a URL after some time and show the left time to visitor also. DEMO: JSFiddle <form name="redirect" id="redirect"> You Will Be Redirected To Next Pag

SQL query to simulate different

SELECT DISTINCT col1, col2 FROM table t ORDER BY col1; This gives me distinct combination of col1 & col2. Is there an alternative way of writing the Oracle SQL query to get the unique combination of col1 & col2 records with out using the keyword d

MFC Traces a Crossline with OnMouseMove

As follow code, I want use mpDC to draw a cross line on mouse point, when I move the mouse, the cross line will shift with my mouse point, but maybe I dont know the usage of BitBlt, so I cant see any line in my draw area (rectRange), CWnd *pWnd; CRec

Copy a function if nested

I've created a nested if function that works in one cell, but when I drag it down into different cells in the same column, it starts generating weird results that I don't want. =IF(F2=4,G515,IF(F2=5,G514,IF(F2=6,G514,IF(F2=7,G513,IF(F2=8,G513,IF(F2=9

Envelope SVG Folding

I am toying with SVGs and how it works. I am trying to animate this SVG, where the envelope closes and flies off to the right, then a check mark appears. So far, i have done the envelope SVG, i have managed to get the top to flip down, but it is abov

Merge the Rowset into the XML document

I have follwoing XML with me with multiple Rowset in it. I want to merge all Rowset into one. SO can you please help how would I do that using XSLT or with any other method? Current XML: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <

Simple understanding of the R-loop

Why does the following code produces x=10:14 for (i in x) { print(x) } this output [1] 10 11 12 13 14 [1] 10 11 12 13 14 [1] 10 11 12 13 14 [1] 10 11 12 13 14 [1] 10 11 12 13 14 I thought the for loop would execute 5 times. That is for x=10,x=11,x=12

How to use the SharpSSH SFTP library for .NET with a proxy?

i am using SharpSSH library to upload files to a SFTP server. I can do it fine through my home PC, but from my work's PC, I can not access the server. After contacting the sysadmins (located in another country), they told me I need to access the SFTP

Tip / Current for the razor section names?

So I have a case where the layout has evolved to become more complicated. There's the usual things like @section styleIncludes{ ... }, then other sections that define all kinds of the things that each page can optionally(but almost always) specify li

C ++ Strange Access Violation with OpenGL

I'm pretty new to C++ so I hope I can get some help here. I try to port my Game Engine to C++ but C++ behaves a litle bit... "Strange". Following Situation: if I run test1() It all works as it should. main.cpp #include <iostream> #include

What is a good parser generator for php?

I need to parse a small 'mini language' which users can type on my site. I was wondering what the counterparts of lex and jacc or antlr are for the world of php.I used LIME Parser generator for PHP a couple of years ago, and it was already mature and

Entity Framework 4: How to code projection to a class type?

If I have a class like the following: public class Customer { public int id {get;set;} public string name {get;set;} public string line1 {get;set;} public string line2 {get;set;} public string line3 {get;set;} public string line4 {get;set;} } And I o

Access / SQL Server 2008

I apologize ahead of time because this question is in various forms many times on this site, but none of the solutions I have tried implementing seem to work properly, and I cannot find an answered question that gets me the right answer. I am working

php mysql update two tables / columns

my tables: blocked_peoples and members. In table blocked_peoples column ips = members column signup_ip. Let's say i wanna block person from accessing my site. I block user by his IP and it too update members table and column banned with 1. In short,