Get the jQuery value from the invalid input field

I have an input field of type number. It requires a number like 21.5 or 0.1 but it fails an 21,5 or 0,1 I don't care actually abouth the seperator since I'm handling it in php, but I can't sent it using Ajax since it's not valide. But I like to keep

Heroku Precompiling Assets Failed

My app is suddenly not working after an update. Not sure what's going wrong. Basically, when I push to heroku, I get these errors: Precompiling assets failed, enabling runtime asset compilation Injecting rails31_enable_runtime_asset_compilation And a

Simple server with multiple clients

I'm trying to implement simple server with multiple clients. It should receive data from necessary socket, process and then send data to other clients. I use select module from Python standard library. Here's server: class ProcessingServer: def __ini

Python output file redirection

I'm writing a backup script I intend to execute in a cronjob every night. The script sets sys.stdout and sys.stderr to an output file to keep a log of what happens. To do the backup I use the following code cmd = 'rsync -av --del --stats --filter "-

How to guarantee certain characters in a random password

I am using this function to generate a random password of length 11, as seen in this post: import java.util.Random; public class RandomPassword { public static void main(String[] args){ RandomPassword r = new RandomPassword(11); System.out.print(

github angularJS bootstrap tutorial giving errors Above is the link for the best tutorial and code i've found for angularJS bootstrap combined elements. Code for html and angularJS is given for :datepicker,timepicker,typeheads,accordion,lot site to

Performance of the slow MySQL query

Please suggest how I can speed up performance of this query in MySQL. It runs very slowly. Query: SELECT * FROM product, search_attribute, search_attribute_values WHERE product.categoryid = 4800 AND product.productid = search_attribute.productid AND

Reason for retrieving REST data & ldquo; lazily & rdquo;

I am making a UIScrollView where the content is infinite, for example a calendar with events in it. I am fetching the events from a backend using a REST call. I am wondering if anyone have a pattern/chunk of code where the limits of: When to fetch mo

Regex, how to limit a match

I have a string: string = %q{<span class="no">2503</span>read_attribute_before_type_cast(<span class="pc">self</span>.class.primary_key)} In this example I want to match the words 'class' which are not in the ta

Renovating + OkHttp + GZIP-ed JSON

I'm new to Retrofit but it seems really powerful. Everything works fine with a normal JSON, but as soon as I try a GZIPed one I just get an error: I/System.out(14883): ------retrofit.RetrofitError: retrofit.converter.ConversionException:

Datetime in isoformat in Javascript

In Python I have this code: now = if "." not in now: now = now + ".000000" Can I achieve the same result in Javascript? The resulting datetime should match this mask %Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S.%f because the datetime

angularjs - ngRoute does not work properly

ngRoute was previously working fine and is stopped working now ater added few files and controllers. In The browser I get URL as http://localhost/#browsefp instead of http://localhost/#/browsefp below is my code, please help. Learning AngularJS and k

Drupal passes the argument to the page

I have a custom Drupal module displaying some data in a table. Each row has a link which if clicked will delete the relevant row. Specifically, when the link is clicked it will take the user to a confirmation page. This page is really just a drupal f

Reorganization with bootstrap 3

Can someone help me with the html to reorder columns below using bootstrap 3: ----- ----- ----- | 1 | 2 | 3 | ----- ----- ----- To this: ----- | 2 | ----- | 1 | ----- | 3 | ----- I know this has something to do with push/pull I just cant to seem to g

Removing duplicates from a list of tuples

I have a list of Tuple<string,string> objects and I want to remove duplicates where, for example, the tuples (a,b) and (b,a) are considered the same (these are the edges of a graph). What is a nice way to do this ?You need to create a comparer that

How to cancel ALTER TABLE using sqlplus (Oracle 10g Express)?

rollback; doesn't seem to undo alter table changes. Background: I'm generating some .sql scripts (based on parsed Hibernate scripts) which are trashing my tables. Importing the full database for testing takes up to 30 minutes (also slowing my machine

Raspberry Pi: Python try / except loop

I've just picked up my first Raspberry Pi and 2 channel relay. I'm trying to learn how to code in Python so I figured a Pi to play with would be a good starting point. I have a question regarding the timing of my relays via the GPIO pins. Firstly tho

What is wrong with this JavaScript code?

var menu = { minibox: document.getElementById("hypt_opContainer"), miniboxoptions: [document.getElementById("hypt_op"), document.getElementById("style_op"), document.getElementById("js_op")] }; Object.prototype = {

Separation of the HTML string

I have the following code: <div style='width:40%'> <p> "First Name1 " + FirstName1 + " Last Name1 " + LastName1 + " First Name2 " + FirstName2 + " Last Name2 " + LastName2 + "First Name3 " + Fi

Push Notifications Android Requirement iOS

I want to know what are the requierements to implements Push Notifications in an android and iOS app. I have a hosting plan to host my website and PHP scripts, so my real question would be if push notifications are made by php scripts or by a program

Database query to search using address

I am developing a search functionality to search for dealers by their address(i.e. by postcode(zip) or by name or by city)for my project. user will be provided with only one html input field to enter the search term (users can enter only one search t

Match Values ​​CSV python

I have a csv file with fields joburl, jobtitle,totalviews I am trying to retrieve values for all jobtitles separately. So far, I read all the jobtitles of all joburls and place unique jobtitles in a separate text file. Now I want to read all of the t

Show selection when textarea loses focus

I have a form with a text box and a button: <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" ""> <html> <head><title></title> </head> <body> &l

Does the Java syntax escape the symbols?

I need to process a command in cmd and the command looks like this: "c:\Program Files (x86)\HMA! Pro VPN\bin\HMA! Pro VPN.exe" -changeip But I can't really add the " because I will get errors.. Is there a way to do that? What i've tried cau