Iteration linked to the interior of objects

I'm a beginner in programming and I have troubles with linked iteration. If we have usual array like: String[] array = new String[10]; ...we can iterate by loops based on indexes, I mean, we can create a for loop: for(int index = 0; index < array.len

New onChange select window

This works but I require it to open the link in a new window: <select onChange="window.location=this.value"> <option value ="">select</option> <option value="">google</option>

Jquery Tooltip with overview

i have a small Tooltip Script when the user hover a block the Tooltip will be shown and if the user leave the block the tooltip is hidden. But i want also when the user hover over the tooltip the tooltip stay until the user leaves the tooltip or the

Structure code of the entity First and filling the join tables

I been practicing with EF Code First, SQL Express, and ASP.Net MVC3. When I run the website first the correct tables are generated by the FooInitializer and Student and Image are populated but for some reason the join table (StudentImages) is not bei

Why not use a foreign key? [Php + MySQL]

I'm working on an old web application my company uses to create surveys. I looked at the database schema through the mysql command prompt and thought the tables looked pretty solid. Though I'm not a DB guru I'm well versed in the theory behind it (ha

Extract doctype with simple_html_dom

I am using simple_html_dom to parse a website. Is there a way to extract the doctype?You can use file_get_contents function to get all HTML data from website. For example <?php $html = file_get_contents(""); $html = str_repla

Scala list match

List(1,2) match { case List(1,_) => println("1 in postion 1") case _ => println("default") } compiles / works fine. So do List(1) match ... List(3,4,5) match ... but not List() match ... which results in the following error found

Top negative vs left negative to hide items visually

The conventional way to visually hide something, but allow screenreaders to see it, is left: -9999px. Why not top: -9999px? Technically there are cases where someone could see something that's positioned way over to the left (eg a giant screen, or ju

Javassist add a method and invoke

I'm stuck with javassist. I've added a new method to my object class on runtime. My object class: package tmp3; public class Car { public Car(){} } My test class: package tmp3; import java.lang.reflect.Method; import javassist.ClassPool; import javas

Insert into the selected query error in SQL Server


Sorting the two columns in a column

Suppose i have a table - persons id | First Name | Last Name -----------------------------' 1 AA BB 2 EE DD 3 CC FF Here , i want to display first name and last name in 1 column. Such that output would be ---------------------- AA BB CC DD EE FF Can

Identify the affected direction

I am doing the View resize,move and rotate on single touch. I am trying to find the touch moved direction like, IF touch moved direction is Horizontal or Vertical then MOve the view. If touch moved direction is diagonal then resize. And if touch move

SQLAlchemy error handling - how is this done?

I want to handle a case where there's a primary key or unique key conflict, aka a duplicate entry. For this I'm catching the IntegrityError, which catches the error just fine. The problem is, I can't seem to find any simple error message or error cod

How do I write my own context menu to copy & paste?

I'm writing an application with EditText driven widget. and I'd like to create my own copy & paste menu. To replace android default menu on EditText, what should I do? Just overriding long click? or is there another way to implement? Thanks in advanc

Variable Parameter Function Implementing an Array

I have the following code : template<typename T> void fillArray(T arrayToFill, int numElements, ...) { va_list vl; double val; va_start(vl, numElements); for (int i = 0; i < numElements; i++) { val = va_arg(vl, double); arrayToFill[i] = val; } }

Redirect to action when validation fails

Good Afternoon All, I'm trying to figure out how I can stop a user from leaving the edit page, including clicking on other links until the user.valid? Does anyone know of a way to do this in the model. Just for reference here is the model currently w