Generic Search Algorithms for Qt Container Classes

The STL overs a variety of functions to find elements in container classes. Are there similar functions in for Qt 5.5 container classes e.g. QList or QVector? Especially, I'm looking for an equivalent one-liner i.e. std::find_if using Qt containers a

Reading and converting to R-frame data

I just imported a csv file as a data frame. I did this. myframe <- data.frame(read.csv("afile.csv")) but when I use the 'typeof()' function on 'myframe', I get a list. > typeof(myframe) [1] "list" 'myframe' turns out to be a nest

Bin Tree Post Order Traversal, No Recursion, No Knot Flag

Is there another way to do this? Just spent 2 hours trying to figure it out. I have a solution (see DumpPostOrder below) however, is there is a better or more efficient method? It feels like there may be. Rules are - no recursion, and the nodes canno

Filter a data frame

I'm trying to filter a dataframe for a certain date in a column. The colum entries are timestamps and I try to construct a boolean vector from those, checking for a certain date. I tried: filterfr = df[((df.expiration.month==6) & (

R system functions always return error 127

I need to execute external tool from R and process errors (if any) occurred in that tool. I know 3 functions to do something familiar with my task: shell, system and system2. Thying to test those, I see that command shell("notepad") opens notepa

C - Return value to main

Haven't found anything answering my question, so here goes: I want to return an integer from a function to my main for further use, specifically it's a an add() function that creates a list from entries in a text file. The integer I want to return is

How vertically do the text in the list?

<ul> <li style="background-color: red"> <div class="test">111 <br /> 111</div></li> <li>222</li> <li>333</li> <li>444</li> </ul> .test { text-align: center;

Is it possible to write a soap message in an xml file?

I've a soap message and I need to create an XML file which will include that soap message and I want to store that file in my local directory to send the file to the client later. Is it Possible using java. If so, than how?What are you using to prepa

SVG Height stretch

I'm using SVG's as icons in the following way The SVG's are saved from in Illustrator CC <div class="social"> <a href=""><img src="img/icon_twitter.svg"></a> <a href=""><img src=&quo

JSON objects in Retrofit 2.1 using Serialization

I am using Retrofit Library for Async request But before that I need to convert Json into java objects. I have seen few tutorials and was able to understand. I then decided to do a project on my own using Nomadlist api, the json link is https://nomad

How do I keep a key parameter default? (python)

Hope I doesn't repeat any question, but couldn't find... I'm trying to run a function with the same key parameter many times. I understand why the f function changes the x0 array, but I don't really understand why the g function takes every time diff

Center MKMapView and zoom in

I am using MKMapView on a project and would like to center the map on a coordinate and zoom in. Just like Google maps has: -33.8683, longitude: 151.2086, zoom: 6) Is there any Mapkit method for this?Code based o

Appropriate strategy for the version control database

I am reading this blog and I have a question regarding the 5 posts that is written. From what I understand you create on big baseline script that includes all SQL DDL statments. After this is done you track each change in separate scripts. However I

Dozer: JAXBElements to Java Types?

I'm trying (with Dozer) to convert a JAXB DTO to a POJO (well, actually, to a JPA-annotated Hibernate entity before persisting it). The problem right now is that right now Dozer does not seem to convert elements from the JAXB JAXBElement<> type to t

External USB devices to Android phones?

I would like to use Android phones as a way to do some processing and visualization of a sensor that would be attached to the USB port on the phone. The sensor would plug into the micro/mini USB, and then I would need to read the incoming data from t

How do I print multiline logs using the python logging module?

I want to create multiline logger using python logging module. When I use the code snippet below to format logger: import logging logger = logging.getLogger(file_name) logger.setLevel(logging.DEBUG) ch = logging.StreamHandler() ch.setLevel(logging.DE

Algorithmically expand a box to fill a space

I have an array of box objects, defined by their (x,y,width,height) properties like so: Box Q is anchored at corner point C. How can I programatically expand box Q to take up all the available space it has, while maintaining its aspect ratio? I have

Add the space between the two icons for all resolutions

I have one static row with two icons ion-email and ion-compose. In my demo there is no space between the icons. I need to add some but it must work for all resolutions. <div class="list"> <a class="item item-icon-right" href=&

LINQ query bool value to pass in a different int

Afternoon, I am passing in a bool value from a text box, and i need to check to see if its true or false then add the correct codetype (int) for it to search by. for example if (hasASIN == true) { int show = 5; } else { int show = 1, 2, 3, 4 (these a

How to implement a custom keyboard with UISearchBar?

In My application i develope a custom keyboard in one of local language.Now this keyboard works fine with UITextField and UITextView.For both these i implement the Custom keyboard like this. textField.inputView = Customkeyboard; textView.inputView =

Manually analyze the json data according to the kendo model

Any built-in ready-to-use solution in Kendo UI to parse JSON data according to schema.model? Maybe something like kendo.parseData(json, model), which will return array of objects?I was searching for something like that and couldn't find anything buil

Unable to download files from Web services

I am facing a problem while i downloading files from my API web services . When I tested it in advanced rest client . i didn't get my file but i 'v get characters .here is my filename = claims.jpg screen shots

What is the complexity of Linked List.get Last () time in Java?

I have a private LinkedList in a Java class & will frequently need to retrieve the last element in the list. The lists need to scale, so I'm trying to decide whether I need to keep a reference to the last element when I make changes (to achieve O(1))

MySQL `SUM` with` GROUP BY` missing data in results

I have a database with a table containing information on some images, each row containing a createdAt date and a viewCount. The data ranges from September 2014 until today (July 2016). I want to get a monthly sum of the amount of views across all ima

Apply week number to dates only for weeks

The time is: (m/d/yyyy) => 2009/01/04 Using this command using datepart(wk,'20090104') I can get the week number (for any given date). So : SELECT datepart(wk,'20090101') //1 SELECT datepart(wk,'20090102') //1 SELECT datepart(wk,'20090103') //1 SELEC

Saving a Custom URI to Manage Custom Resource Load from XAML

I'm working on a project where loose bits of XAML (and some associated IronPython code) will be dynamically loaded and executed by a client application. The client will be using a custom WCF service (and some local caching) to retrieve the XAML, back