Can I load ads from my server when using AdMob for Iphone?

I am newbie to Admob. After some RnD, I know how to integrate Admob to an iphone app. But i wanted to know is there a way that i can load ads from my server? If it is possible, can someone suggest some good tutorial/reference? Thankyou for the antici

Jersey Client Exception: A message body burner was not found

I am using Jersey client to hit a PHP web service for image uploading functionality. I am getting the following exception: Caused by: com.sun.jersey.api.client.ClientHandlerException: A message body writer for Java type, class com.sun.jersey.multipar

Check if an item already exists in a JComboBox?

Is there an easy way to check if an item already exists in a JComboBox besides iterating through the latter? Here's what I want to do: Item item = ...; boolean exists = false; for (int index = 0; index < myComboBox.getItemCount() && !exists; in

Why do my hyperlinks not change color?

I'm an elderly college student (no kidding!) taking HTML2 now and I figure I've probably missed or mis-coded something in my CSS. But for the life of me, I can't figure out the issue after many attempts/re-try's at locating where the problem lies. He

Find the address on Google Map v3 by pressing ENTER

I have working java script Google Map Api v3 with Geocoding. When I type for example post code in search box I can select address from list. If I will do same thing and press ENTER nothing is happening. How to modify code? <input id="address"

Can not download data in the background after 10 minutes?

I am working with the app in which i want to download data in background. As per Apple multitasking guidelines, you are allowed to download data for 10 minutes. In my case, it will take more than 10 minutes for downloading file and downloading get fa

Pass the response variable to the query in JMETER

In need to pass a data from a response to the subsequent request. Something goes wrong and the default variable value appears in the request. First request returns the JSON in response body which looks like this: {"issued_at":"2016-01-14T12 () always runs my downloaded photo

I want to create a web application that allow users to upload their image to the server. When they click send, their image will be uploaded to the server (multipart). Before saving, I want to make some operation with the image, so I decided to use ..

Editing List Items in a Loop

Is it possible to update/modify the list elements/items in a loop. Here I have to modify items of t n_wk=[1,2,3,2,3,4,2,3] t=['a','a','a','a','a','a','a','a'] for i in range(len(n_wk)): if i==0: continue if n_wk[i]<n_wk[i-1]: if t[i]=='a': t[i]='b' e

Defining Migrations SubSonic 3 ActiveRecord

I'm starting an ASP.NET MVC project using SubSonic 3 ActiveRecord. I added a table Users with a primary key ID and recompiled T4 files to generate User class. I want to make sure that, as I go along with the development, I can regenerate/migrate the

How to get SQL sequence.nextval in JDBC?

I have 5 tables where I use the same sequence's next value. The problem is, the subsequent tables gets a bigger value than the previous ones. My code is like this: String sql = "INSERT INTO table1(id, name) VALUES (id_seq.nextval, ?)"; ps.setStr

How to delete data in a specific column for duplicate IDs?

I have this simple dataframe: ID Name State 1 John DC 1 John VA 2 Smith NE 3 Janet CA 3 Janet NC 3 Janet MD I want to delete the State value for the duplicate IDs like so: ID Name State 1 John nan 1 John nan 2 Smith NE 3 Janet nan 3 Janet nan 3 Janet

Serializing a list of objects in a file in java

I have a list of around 20,000 object, which in turn have a very huge hierarchy. I need to dump the objects into a file, so that i can read it later anytime during my process. Now my problem is, I have worked on Java but not that much on serializatio

Mark as obsolete third-party class

I have some third part library Foo with class FooBar. I think that class FooBar is bad designed. I want write my own MyBar as adapter pattern. Can I mark original FooBar as @Deprecated without code [email protected] should be added to the sou

Regex to match clandestine fractions / mixed numbers

I have a series of text that contains mixed numbers (ie: a whole part and a fractional part). The problem is that the text is full of human-coded sloppiness: The whole part may or may not exist (ex: "10") The fractional part may or may not exist

parsing URL with regex to python

I want to get the query name and values to be displayed from URL. For eg. url='http://host:port_num/file/path/file1.html?query1=value1&query2=value2' from this parse the query names and its values and to print it.I agree that it's best not to use reg

Eclipse Juno can not make a new project after the update

I'm using Ubuntu 12.04, and to install Eclipse Juno I downloaded it from the official site (I don't use apt-get nor software center) After updating it from help > check for updates menu, my Eclipse cannot make new project. When I hover File > New, t

How to explicitly specify a path to Firefox for Selenium?

I got Selenium IDE, followed this post, got to python and it complains Firefox is not in my path: Please add the directory containing ''firefox.exe'' to your PATH environment variable, or explicitly specify a path to Firefox 3

How would you align the images?

I have a bunch of gif files which would be much more useful as animation. Unfortunately, they are not exactly the same size, and main features (country borders) shift a bit from picture to picture. NASA Vision Workbench seems like solution to my prob

Reading and writing java.util.Date from the Parcelable class

I'm working with Parcelable class. How can I read and write java.util.Date object to and from this class?Use writeSerializable where Date is Serializable. (But not a good idea. See below for another better way) @Override public void writeToParcel(Par

Serial.println () affects Serial1 reads

I'm having trouble converting some C++ code to Arduino. Any help would be appreciated. EDIT I have successfully done the above. However the only problem now is that the Arduino code I have reads the voltage accurately and properly but no other regist

Reformatting the control output delimited by spaces

I'm trying to parse the output of docker images which is this: <none> <none> efeea0b4d6fa 3 hours ago 812.9 MB crew/test latest 1c322a13e479 3 hours ago 826.6 MB ros jade-ros-core 3f011f658d70 42 hours ago 812.9 MB ros indigo d2756854a026 42 h

Unable to delete an object from an arrayist

I am not able to remove an item from a arraylist. What i tried is pasted below. Cannot seem to figure out what is wrong in below code. The xhtml is <p:dataTable id="emaildt" styleClass="hide-column-names" style="width:70%"

Cloth js Find the highest object at a point?

I have several paths in my canvas, i am trying to draw an image that is dropped on the canvas at certain position and also i want to clip the image based on the area where the image is dropped, I have the position, but there are more objects one belo

Regex, corresponds only to the last result

Tried this , but no luck. Matches both results (see in example). $lines = preg_grep("/1\.11\.\s\w*/m", $lines); Example 1.11 Test 1.11 Test //other paragraph Need only this to be found: 1.11 Test //other paragraph You can use preg_match() instea