Performance Tuning Tips Real world cloak?

I am seeing some serious slowdowns in "some" parts of a Clojure application. Does anyone have any real world tips as to how they have done performance tuning on a clojure application?My personal tips: Check your algorithm first - are you incurri

Set of mandatory variables in symfony

If there any way to discover the variables required from a Twig template? Example, if I had: Hello {{ user }}! You're {{ age }} years old, well done big man! I'd be able to load this template and then gather each of the required variables, eventually

The movement of the projectile using Box2d.

I need to know how to use box2d for projectile motion. initially, projectileTime=0; then i call the following function for projectile motion. It works pretty good. But i want to achieve the same thing using box2d. As far as i know Box2d works only wi

Map (& id) work but not pluck (: id)

In part of my code I need to grab users's id but pluck doesn't grab them. Only map(&:id) can do it. I was wondering why. I've wrote a quick and dirty block of code to find what's happen def remove_users user_ids p users_to_remove.class users_to_remov

Downloading a file to Facebook using Koala on Ruby on Rails

I followed the following blogpost to figure out how to create Facebook events remotely using my app. I've been having problems loading the images from my app, however, because I do not have images stored locally on my app, they are stored in AWS. @gr

Change the color of each element n

I have a for-loop which looks like this for(i=1; i<= json.tracks.length; i++) { $('<li>'+ json.tracks[i].name + '</li>').appendTo('#results'); } On default it run's 100 times and I want to apply a sequence of color's to it i = 1 --> red

The Content section is not displayed in the SSRS view menu

I just installed SSRS 2016 (SQLServer2016-x64-ENU.iso ) and noticed that there was no section "Content" in view menu. I have full rights. SSRS 2016 menu The proper menu consists "Content" section How can I fix it?This menu is context d

Resend ASP.Net authentication:

I have a Web Project using authentication mode="Forms". My login works perfectly. Now the Problem is that I have a link in a site that is only available to authorized users. It is possible that the pdf file of that link does not exist. W

Shrink image on scroll

I am currently building a small site and would like the logo to scale down when I scroll down my page. Currently the way it works, the header drops in size but the logo remains the same size. How do I fix this so it scales the image down too? Demo: h

Copy of VC ++ folder

i want to copy a directory from one drive to another drive. My selected directory contain many sub directories and files. How can i implement the same using vc++The SHFileOperation() API function is the workhorse function for copying files. It suppor

Placing items in a text box using jQuery

When I drop an li elements into textbox it arranges in the middle...How to arrange this elements at beginning? I use Foundation There may be a problem? My jQuery: <script type="text/javascript"> $(function() { $("#dragdiv li").dr

how to use Route :: input in laravel4?

I am trying to use Laravel 4 method called Route:input("users"). But I am getting following error Call to undefined method Illuminate\Routing\Router::input() Any idea how Route::input() works. Is there any file I need to change. Thanks all Route

Custom development of PHP vs CMS

I am building a website for my first client. I've built my own websites in the past from scratch using PHP, HTML, CSS, etc... without a framework or CMS. Therefore, before I proceed with this client, I want to make sure I'm going down the right path.

reaction-bootstrap: Warnings about unknown accessories

I'm not sure why but I am noticing a lot of warnings in my browser console regarding unknown props. Following are some of the warnings: "Warning: Unknown prop `navbar` on <ul> tag. Remove this prop from the element. For details, see in ul (crea

.net Regex.Replace not excluding character from caret

I'm trying to use .NET Regex.Replace (example here in VB.NET) to exclude all non-chars and spaces from a string. For instance, in the string s below, I thought the pattern [^A-z ] should remove all non-alphabets aside from spaces. However, that doesn

TypeDescriptor and child elements

This code: foreach (PropertyDescriptor descriptor in TypeDescriptor.GetProperties(lst[0])) { Console.WriteLine(descriptor.Name); } will write out the name of all the elements in my list. I.e. FirstName / LastName or what ever. How do I write out the

restarts only records () = 1

I have this table called myTable Posting Date|Item No_|Entry Type| 2015-01-13|1234|1 2015-01-13|1234|1 2015-01-12|1234|1 2015-01-12|5678|1 2015-02-12|4567|1 What I want, is only return result where a [Item No_] is ind the table 1 time. So in this exa

Try to create a modal context menu

I'm trying to create a modal popup (e.g. for a yes/no confirmation)such that code doesn't continue to execute until the popup is answered. I know that the recommended method is to add callbacks to each button (menu item), but this method gives a prob

How can designers work with Google Web Toolkit?

Some background, normally when I start a new project, a designer creates the HTML template, images, and css for it, and then passes it on to me. I then write the javascript and PHP code needed to get the site working. However I'm considering moving t

meteorjs iron-router and empty link tags

I am using iron-router in my meteorjs project. I am using an after: handler to set a session variable which shows or hides a leaflet map. I can't put the map in my templates like normal because meteorjs obliterates the map div and it's state. Now I a

Davies-Bouldin index in Java

I'm writing a genetic algorithm that tries to chooses a set of the data points to maximize the intercluster distance while keeping the intracluster distance small, between two clusters. I think some measure of cluster validity such as the Davies-Boul

The bottom of the margin does not work on the board

I'm trying to put margins on the bottom of a table to separate it from the content below it (another table). I tried creating a class: .seg_table { margin-bottom: 25px; } And then applied it to the table like this: <table class="seg_table">

Pass the button event in Kinect SDK 1.7

I am creating a WPF application using Kinect SDK 1.7 and I need to count how many times user place hand over the button (not push, just place over). I found only an event responsible for pushing the button in XAML <k:KinectTileButton Label="Click&

How to write this from javascript to JQuery

Simple question I need these few lines of javascript in jquery. Just trying to close a modal when I select outside of it. Thank you. // When the user clicks anywhere outside of the modal, close it window.onclick = function(event) { if ( =

Unable to write data to the plist file

This question already has an answer here: File write with [NSBundle mainBundle] fails 5 answers iphone SDK:Can write data to plist on Simulator but can't do same thing at Device? 1 answer I have check the method on the internet, but thats fail to upd