JQuery gets new objects

When using jQuery functions like replaceWith, the function return-value is (as clearly documented), the original jQuery object. However, I commonly want to chain with the replacement jQuery object. How do I do this? For example: $("#original").r

Guid.NewGuid (). GetHashCode () for DB

Would this be reliable for using as an ID for data storage(SQL Server)? I would use a guid but I prefer a numeric value.Would this be reliable for using as an ID for data storage(SQL Server)? No. GUIDs are 128-bit but hashcodes are 32-bit. Therefore,

SqlCommand, passing something that could be zero

I have a SQL command that I've been asked to modify, and I'm having some troubles with the fact that what I'm passing to the SQL can now be null. If I'm passing a value, I can rely on the columnName = @parameterName in the SQL, but with NULL, I can't

Find an orphaned DBRef file in the collection

Is there any easy way to find orphaned references in query? I've got a collection of elements having parent reference. After some parents was removed I'd like to search elements that pointed to them, i.e. those that have hanging references. I tried v

Modification of django projects

I'm to the point where I use many 3rd party apps, but I need to extend them. I'm trying to figure out the best way to modify an existing app. In the past I have just modified the code in the site-packages (knowing that it was bad), but that has its o

Jquery ajax asks not to work inside the click function

I am writing a web page which shows restaurants in a specified city. Back end is a node server which uses yelp API for getting results and forwards it as JSON. In the javascript file, when I call the ajax get method inside document.ready() function,

Play multiple videos on page with jQuery each function ()

I have a page with multiple HTML5 videos on it. For each video, there is a "poster" image that sits on top of the video. When someone clicks the poster image, the image disappears via CSS, and the video below it plays. My problem is that I can o

How do I create my own GTFS flow and travel planner?

I am a newbie onto GTFS and found some information on my research that said one has to provide the GTFS feed in txt formats to obtain the routes/transit information, etc. Now my question is, 1) If we create our own txt formats, and upload onto the GT

Extract the JSON text file in a table using PHP

I have a json file that I want to read with PHP http://rh.ernestek.cz.cc/webeast/static.txt I wanted to extract the "id" and the "key" I wanted to loop through the id and key so that I can produce a table like this: ID Key 1 9d07d681e0

HTML5 / jQuery - Hide content on old browsers?

My question is actually the opposite, but you get the idea. I have a form with placeholders and labels above the ´input´ fields. It looks kind of a stupid, but as old browsers don't support HTML5, where ´placeholder´ attribute is added, the labels ar

List of Google calendar events

I'm creating a website that makes use of the google calendar events API. If I go to: https://developers.google.com/google-apps/calendar/v3/reference/events/list I can retrieve the events without any problem. When I try to use GET https://www.googleap

Java: Look and Feel

I am using Netbeans on a Windows machine, what happens is that if I run the main java file the look and feel I get is different than in the case I run the whole program. Meaning if I do this: I get But if I do this I get Did you see the difference in

Regexp in a shell variable

I'm doing some regexp in shell to find coding style error in *.c files. Actually I'm doing something like this: # Operator < if [[ "$1" =~ ([^ ]<|<[^ =$]) ]]; then warn "$wmsg_space_operator (operator: <)" fi But I want to

jQuery event.preventDefault () does not work on h: commandLink

I want to show a jQuery dialog as conformation-popup, when the user clicks on a cancel link. ("Do you really want to cancel?") jQuery(#{rich:element('cancel')}).click(function(event) { var dialog = jQuery(#{rich:element('cancelDialog')}); if (di

Reshaping and reorganizing the table

I have a large array, which looks like this: 1 4 5 3 6 2 7 4 3 I want to rearrange this array that it looks like this: 7 4 3 3 6 2 1 4 5 My original array has the size 13700x1, so I cannot do it manually and if I use the reshape function, the array g

Get UTC offset in Ruby

I'm trying to get the UTC offset for a datetime. The datetime is saved as: Fri, 31 May 2013 15:19:08 EDT -04:00 What I'd like to get is "-04:00". When I do object.utc_offset, I get -14400. What function should I use?You are looking for strftime: