Does JaxB load all data into memory before sorting?

I keep hearing around that JAXB is a slower XML marshaller/unmashaller. This is because it loads all data into memory at once. StaX has been suggested as an alternative because it is a streaming API which only loads the particular line you are curren

Can I avoid "ldquo; To the right drift & rdquo; In Haskell?

When I use an imperative language I often write code like foo (x) { if (x < 0) return True; y = getForX(x); if (y < 0) return True; return x < y; } That is, I check conditions off one by one, breaking out of the block as soon as possible. I like

Which is faster between printf% s and loop% c

Please I'd like to know which is better/quicker to process between: printf("%s", foo); and for(int i = 0; i < len; i++) printf('%c', foo[i]);` I have noticed that the output is not always the same.The single call printf("%s", foo);

ListView, XML. NullPointerException

I have a trouble in this issue and I cant go forward, stucked for almost 2 days now. This is what i want Photos is below Photo 1 Photo 1

Set the value of the database to JavaScript using php

I have to show google map marker in my website where the value of latitude and longitude is coming from database from latitude and longitude columns. Initially JavaScript code is var map; function initialize() { map = new GMaps({ div: '#map', lat: -3

Creating a clear personal image format C

I am not a software engineer. Excuse me if you find the question awkward. I'd like to have an image format which is not supposed to be memory efficient but easy to manipulate in plain C. To be more specific, I desire to store every pixel in an array

Linq-to-sql orderby thenby

I'm using the following query syntax from table where where orderby orderby Where the first orderby is a date and second orderby is a date. I would assume this would work like orderby thenby but appears to be doing something else. How can I do an ord

Expected ')' in the prototype of function c

I have a function divided between a header and source files as follows, In the header file: uint8_t SoundEffects(uint8_t EffectType,uint8_t RecordedSample); In the source file : uint8_t SoundEffects(uint8_t EffectType,uint8_t RecordedSample) { // som

Add a test result to a testcase in VSTS

I need to add test result to a testcase in VSTS. I'm new to VSTS and not sure what went wrong with my code var ur = new Uri("https://{myaccount}"); VssCredentials cr = new VssCredentials(new Microsoft.VisualStudio.Services.Commo

ManualResetEvent.set does not fire in C #

I am working on Visual Web Express 2010. I am trying to upload a file to server and block the calling function and release it once uploading is complete. However, the main thread never gets unblocked. public partial class MainPage : UserControl { pri

Team Foundation 2015 Unknown PATH environment variable

I have a TFS 2015 build in which I want to run command 'dotnet restore'. On my build machine, the path to dotnet.exe is part of my environment variable 'Path'. When running the command from command prompt window, it works fine. When trying to run it

Script not working in Ajax returned the value

I am displaying item id and title.there is also a link "show items of this member".while clicking on it it will display the items of that user.I am using ajax for this.There is a script for detecting the order of clicking on checkbox.This workin

Does Eclipse not determine generics for anonymous classes?

The following piece of java code is highlighted red in Eclipse but it compiles fine. The IDE error is: Type mismatch, cannot convert from type Optional<Runnable> from Optional<new Runnable> The compiler should be fine with this from inferred g

Jquery set in textarea key in my code

I have an Jquery submit textarea, now I want to set textarea submit without button submit. Just using enter key. <textarea id="ctextarea"></textarea> Here it's the JS : $('.comment_button').live("click",function() { var ID

URLs restricted with data in query string or request body?

What's the rule of thumb for passing data in a REST URL in the query string vs. the body of a request? Ie: You're creating a service to add hockey players. You could go with: PUT /players { "name": Gretzky } or PUT /players?name=Gretzky If you'r

Finish the worker thread that runs the message loop in C #

I have used the SetWindowHookEx() Windows API in a worker thread and to receive the OS notifications I have run Application Message Pump by using Application.Run(). Now, I want to stop the message pump and quit the worker thread, but I have no good w

How to Generate a Web Service Client in Java Using Eclipse

Using Eclipse, what's the best way to generate a web service class?Here's a step-by-step instruction on how to generate a web service client in eclipse. Note that you'll need the Java EE distribution of Eclipse, and possibly install a JAX-WS implemen

Same thing, but why work differently?

We know that parameter receives arguments, that is we are assigning arguments to parameters. If that is, why does this statement int b[5]=a; generating an error called invalid initializer and func(a); is alright? #include<stdio.h> void func(int b[5]

Python: Printing in if instructions do not work

I am making a python program that is an adventure game thing through a haunted house. One of the big things in it is a list called owned_items. This gets items which are represented by strings like, "box of matches" or "torch" appended

LDAP plugin compatible with SonarQube 3.7.4?

Is there a version of the LDAP plugin that is compatible with SonarQube 3.7.4. When I go to the SonarQube Update Center for available plugins, it tells me the last version 1.4 of LDAP plugin is not compatible, requires SonarQube upgrade. We would lik

Accessing Job Configuration from RecordReader / InputFormat

I am using Hadoop and I have to create a custom InputFormat. To do this, I override the InputFormat and RecordReader classes, like it is explained here I would like to access to the configuration of the job (to access to some variable set before runn