C ++ function security argument

In a function that takes several arguments of the same type, how can we guarantee that the caller doesn't mess up the ordering? For example void allocate_things(int num_buffers, int pages_per_buffer, int default_value ... and later // uhmm.. lets see

Smooth quickly and push back ()

I'm writing easy space invaders and have a problem with moving ship. Basically I change position of ship and then repaint(). If the change is big it is more like jumping than moving. If the change is small animation is smoother but getting slower. Is

Click and drag in ActionScript

I'm trying to 2D "camera" movement (really just adjusting the x,y of the background image) when a user holds down the mouse button and moves the mouse. I know the MouseEvent.MOUSE_MOVE exists, and mouse click events exist, but I'm not sure how t

Returning ajax data causes a strange object

I know this question hast probably been asked a thousand times, but i cannot seem to find the answer. I want result to be the data returned from the ajax-request, which should be a json-data array (the result of console.log(data)). var result = $.aja

How do I use an installed version of Maven with eclipse

I have downloaded Apache-Maven-3.0.4 in zip format and extracted to a directory called My Documents\Software.I have set Path variable to point to the Maven\bin directory.Now when I am checking from command prompt mvn command is working only inside Ma

Parse-Server Cloud-Code and Stripe

I'm running a Parse-Server instance for a mobile web-app on Heroku. My problem is Stripe checkout plugin is working fine in my html page, but when the token is created and I call my Cloud Code it seems as if creating the variable initializing stripe

Composer does not paralyze composer.json

i have created a bundle. in bundle i am creating two tables in database. this is following my composer.json. { "name": "xxxx/xxx-designer", "description": "XXXX", "license": "MIT", "homepage

PHP Phone Number Validation

I need to validate phone number in PHP. I have made following regex, but I also need to it to accept numbers starting with plus char, how can I do that? ^[0-9]$ The regex you provided in your question (^[0-9]$) will only match a one digit phone numbe

How to enter IP: PORT with regex?

Okay, so I'm creating a small IP:PORT scraper in PHP. Problem is that I'm pretty unfamiliar with RegEx. So I've been piecing together what I can. Here's what I've got: /\b(?:(?:25[0-5]|2[0-4][0-9]|[01]?[0-9][0-9]?)\.){3}(?:25[0-5]|2[0-4][0-9]|[01]?[0

Unable to get $ (document) .html ()

This question already has an answer here: How do I get the entire page's HTML with jQuery? 4 answers This event is triggered when I make it: $(document).on('dblclick', function() { alert($(document).html()); }); But the exception is thrown in the con

Function Account Calls

I'm a beginner with JavaScript so please be patient =) I am trying to write a function that counts the number of times it is called. What I have so far is a function with a counter that is incremented explicitly: var increment = function () { var i =

How to divide a variable containing a set of strings

I have a variable that captures an assortment of strings: var values = $('#main option').text(); // This captures every #main option value and throws it all into one long string like: one/two/three/four/five... I'm trying to do an if statement saying

how to extract each element image in r

I have a little problem to print and count one by one array/dataframe string appearance I have a dataframe called Pos_1, it contains string like these : Pos_1 = (morning bliss great happy) and the other dataframe called Pos_2, it contains string like

Unable to display a string in a label or text field

As an iOS programming newbie I have a probably very easy question. I have an iPhone app, which fetches Facebook user data (the id, name, gender, city). The data is printed out using NSLog just fine: id: 597287941 first_name: Alexander last_name: Farb

The error message appears when I run a solution in VS2010

below error message pop-ups whenever i start any solutions.....of VS2010 what should i have to do for come out of it??? I think this fellow explains the solution very well for you: Add LOCALAPPDATA Environment Variable in Windows XP LOCALAPPDATA is o

Log4Net Configuration Issues

So I've got a website and a console app that runs daily. They both call a Function called ProcessIncident(). The website allows you to do it manually for an individual incident and the console app does a batch every night. Within the function I have

Windows and ABI compatibility

I have Windows 2003 server, with executable built on VC6. I would be needing to check the compatibility of the executable on Windows 2008 server (both servers 32 bit). I know that I need to check for ABI compatibility for these two versions. How do I

Combine the weight of the layout with minWidth

I have a layout which I want to split into 2 views using layout_weight (1:2). But, I want the left view to have at least 400dp width. For example, if the left view gets 420dp width by using weight then leave it, but if it has less than 400dp, than le