Is there a spring jpa equivalent to the following query?

Query : @Query("Select,t.points from Player p,Tournament t where And") I have my player and tournament entity and their corresponding JPA repositories. But the problem is we can get only entities from our query, b

Shorthand to verify equality with multiple possibilities

Possible Duplicate: C++ comparing bunch of values with a given one I'm needing to check for equality in a for loop in C++, however the loop needs to work for x equaling multiple possibilities. For example, right now I have something similar to: if(x=

How to separate # arguments defined in C

I'm working on an embedded project and I have all the ports and pins defined like this: #define SENSOR_1 gpioPortA,15 Is there a way to extract just the integer without creating a new #define? So far I used a typedef and assigned the pin value from t

Javascript or css to animate the transfer of files

I want to show a file from a folder to another folder, i have been able to do it using JavaScript but all what i did was: <script type="text/javascript"> var img; var animateR; var animateL; function init(){ img = document.

Extremely slow viewpager when scanning

I have a ViewPager that contains several Fragments of which I generate and provide a unique layout to. These Fragments are merely placeholders for a static layout that the user is not supposed to interact with. (Similar to a preview page). Here is th

WPF Data Binding will not work

Hey, I have got an UserControll with a DependencyProperty called "Risikobewertung" whitch has the own Datatype "RisikoBewertung"(Datatype created by LINQ). So in my Controll I try to bind the Fields of RisikoBewertung to the TextBoxes

Eclipse Error during startup

Have suddenly started to get an error on starting Eclipse (Juno edition). Error is written to workspace\metadata.log (see below) Have tried using a new workspace, deleting folders and files that people have recommended in other threads, but still not

Vundle for VIM does not work on Ubuntu

I installed Vundle via the instructions given at this blog but when trying to run :BundleInstall I get a VIM error E492: Not an editor command

How do I get a last record from a table?

I have a table with thousands of records, Now the problem is I want to get last record from the table. I don't know how to get, Can you please help usit's better to have some field e.g. creation_date and do the following select * from mytable order b

Open wifi parameters with the url schema

I need to open wifi settings, I wrote this line NSURL * appStoreUrl = [NSURL URLWithString: @ "prefs: root = WIFI"]; [[UIApplication sharedApplication] openURL: appStoreUrl]; but it doen't work, i should add something else or ...? Maybe you can

Register ruby ​​if to exclude multiple string variants

I'm trying to parse an array that I've created to ultimately write the 'good' values to a file. The array may look something like this, however the contents may change, so I can't match for a certain value: array = ["", "10.10.

The setText () method of JTextField does not work in a run ()

I'm having trouble with the setText() method of the JTextField class. In short, it doesn't work in the CounterPanel class below. It is called in the run() method and it does not update the text field. The rest of the code is run (it can be printed to

Tinymce Line breakdown on Safari and Chrome

Does anyone know how to fix the problem about Tinymce Line break problem on Safari and Chrome. For example, Let's say, I have two line pure text. When I copy and paste through firefox or IE. It's under one p tag. So it's same formatting i saw in the

Private class in a publicly used vector

In Java, what happens when you reference a private class in a Vector from outside the class? Example: public class A { private class B {} public Vector<B> vector = new Vector<B>(); public A() { vector.add(new B()); } } public class C { public

Recurring tasks in a Ruby On Rails application: Cron or other?

I am currently writing an application that pulls new information from RSS sources and has to update those RSS sources in a certain frequency. Currently I am pulling only when the user requests a feed but I want to change that behavior to automatic pe

Pig Mapreduce to count letters in a row

Instead of counting words I need to count letters. But I have problems implementing this using Apache Pig version 0.8.1-cdh3u1 Given the following input: 989;850;abcccc 29;395;aabbcc The ouput should be: 989;850;a;1 989;850;b;1 989;850;c;4 29;395;a;2

BLOB in SQLite?

I have created a SQLite database with an id AUTOINCREMENT and image BLOB. Now, I want to INSERT a image in the image column. I am a big objective-c nube and have been trying all sorts of stuff but they don't seem to be working. I know lots about MYSQ

Why does the compiler affect the stack more than necessary?

I have a simple C program. Let's say, for example, I have an int and a char array of length 20. I need 24 bytes in total. int main() { char buffer[20]; int x = 0; buffer[0] = 'a'; buffer[19] = 'a'; } The stack needs to be aligned to a 16 bytes bounda

Why does not the following scala experimental code work?

I'm trying to define a generic add function to numeric values: def add[A](x:A, y:A): A = { x + y } console:16: error: type mismatch; found : A required: String x + y ^ What's the compiler complaining about? Some of the stuff I've googled does not qui