When to use functional macros in C

I was reading some code written in C this evening, and at the top of the file was the function-like macro HASH: #define HASH(fp) (((unsigned long)fp)%NHASH) This left me wondering, why would somebody choose to implement a function this way using a fu

Use CasperJS / Javascript to submit a form?

Here is a snippet from my code: this.sendKeys('.usertext.cloneable > div > div.md > textarea', "Message"); //... this.evaluate(function(){ var entry = document.getElementsByClassName("usertext cloneable")[0].id; document.getEl

LinearLayout The left margin and the right margin do not work

In my app i have 3 LinearLayout in parent LinearLayout when i am trying to give some space in margin left and margin rignt in my first child but it was not reflecting it was working fine in my second child any one please help me XML <LinearLayout xml

Problems with rewriting url of the query string

I'm trying to rewrite urls like http://www.url.com/blog/?p=123 to http://www.url.com/#blog/123. I've read up on things and found that you can only parse the query string in the RewriteCond so I tried something like: RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} ^p=([0

Highlight a custom cell on the touchdown iphone

I am custom drawing cells, how can I hightlight the cells on touchdown thanksThe UITableViewCell has two methods that get called: - (void) setHighlighted:(BOOL)highlighted - (void) setSelected:(BOOL)selected Basically setHighlighted gets called on to

Shrink previous activities and restart application

I have an Android app in which activity A calls activity B which calls activity C. in activity C there is button to restart the whole thing but the user should be able to navigate between the activities if he presses the back button. I've tried start

Ajax never triggers success using ASP.NET

I'm trying to do a simple Ajax call to register a user from a HTML page, the function in the MVC 4 is called and working well, but what it returns never fires the 'success' function in the Ajax call. If I'm using my browser to manually access the Reg

Effective matching algorithm

I have a problem to determine whether a object contains subset of given properties. For instance, I want to look for a object has property of a,b,c,d.. M within N number of objects. for example search a,b,c,d object A - e,g,a,c object B - a,b,c objec

An array of floats that do not get correct size and mdash; C

I am writing a program that does some image filtering given a BMP file. I am given a function that does the filtering for me, but requires specific inputs that I get from stdin, and my program needs to put them in the correct format. One of the funct

How do I include a division of another page?

Basically I'm trying to scrape a few divs out of several of the intranet sites at work. and include them on a page I run locally (so I can look at one page instead of having 5 open). I'm guessing this is possible with JavaScript but I'm primitive wit

Delete a cloned form but leave the last remaining form

I've created a form that has a clone and remove button, if you click clone it clones the form, when i click remove it removes that form, so far so good. Now for the tricky part, well i think it is... When i click remove I want the div to remove but o

Using a language like Ruby or Python to interact with APIs

I'm looking to start building a web apps. I need basic CRUD functionality. I understand the basics of how to do this in ruby and python - but here's where I'm stuck: How to I parse a GET or POST request in Ruby/Python? I'm trying to interact with som

Join the tables based on the delay date

I need to perform a LEFT JOIN to bring in a variable from table B to A by joining on the date with the new variable in Table B having a lagged date of the date in Table A: Table A: Date Var1 1/3/07 1 Table B: Date Var2 1/2/07 2 1/3/07 3 JOINED TABLE:

How to use & ldquo; using & rdquo; for a function?

How to use "using" for a function? For example class A; void f(int); struct B { using BA = A; using Bf = f; ??? }; You can do struct B { using BA = A; constexpr static auto Bf = f; } That way you don't have to worry about specifying the type, wh

Why would scaling increase latency?

We are scaling the number of users on our GAE java app. We now have about triple the active users we had a few days ago. We've noticed that average latency as reported by the GAE dashboard has increased almost by a factor of 2. There have been no cod

Rails 5, Bootstrap Carousel no rendering - configuration

Im trying to use an image carousel in my Rails 5 app. I'm trying to follow the approach in this article: https://www.toptal.com/ruby-on-rails/rails-helper-bootstrap-carousel I have an models for proposal and image. The associations are: Proposal has_

how to find the list of different geometries and aesthetics

This question already has an answer here: Is there a table or catalog of aesthetics for ggplot2? 2 answers I am trying to find the list of aesthetics and geoms in the ggplot2 package for R and the problem that help(qplot) does not yield any results.

Why do php files start with & ldquo; & lt; Php? What happens?

I tried searching here and using my Google-foo but really couldn't find a thorough explanation. Can someone spread some light on this?When PHP parses a file, it looks for opening and closing tags, which are which tell PHP to start and stop interpreti

Remote Verification of Jquery Single Validation Not Working

I wanted to post this online because I have been searching for days on this JQuery Remote validation issue. I cannot get it to work. I think my PHP code is correct as I have test the URL with a query in the URL and it returns false and true depending