Sort by number / identifier in an object in javascript

is there a way to order these (alal SELECT * FROM this ORDERBY....) in javascript. So if I just wanted to append new list elements to a DOM from an object, but wanted to control the order kind of thing. var example = [ {id:1, data: { val1: 'val1', va

Customizing list-lists

Possible Duplicate: How to give empty space between rows of listview? How to give empty space between pulltorefresh -listview items or rows? In my app I have a requirement of having a custom listView. I want to have empty gap between the rows, so tha

Unable to send a session cache limiter - PHP

I just changed a couple of websites from an old web server to a new one. This error is occurring in various pages of the e-commerce website. Any idea of what it could be?this may sometimes happen because of something being send to the browser before

Test for an empty nested array

I have the following array: array(4) { [29] => NULL [31] => NULL [33] => NULL [35] => NULL } I would like to test all keys if all keys contain NULL values. if(count(array_filter($input, 'is_null')) == count($input)) { } should be what you are

PIG - match to toDate

I am trying to cast a string into a datetime object in hadoop pig. But Grunt give me a strange error message : it is like It can't choose the correct 'ToDate' function. It is asking for an 'explicit cast', but I have no clue how to do so. Any idea ?

Is the position of the CSS properties important or not?

This may seem like a simple question but I want to know how to position the property in the individual selectors, eg: display first or width first etc; Bellow is example, position is mixed with styling and really all over the place. .box { display:bl

The background does not appear in the Android project

I am trying to add a gradient as a background into my Android app. I started by creating a drawable directory in my src directory and created a gradient.xml file gradient.xml <shape xmlns:android=""

Parse Cloud Code Get the user who made the request

In Parse Cloud code I can get the user object making a request by the following: Parse.Cloud.define("getSomeData", function(request, response) { var user = request.user; console.log(user); } This will log out something similar to the following:

Java Conversion of% sign down

I am trying to do string.format of a string and to produce a literal % I am using 2 signs. But still java is failing to recognize it and I have no idea why. It tries to use the following characters as a conversion and it fails. And here the exception

How to highlight a button that is clicked on

Highlight, just like when you hover over to the button, its being highlighted. But how do you retain the highlight when you have clicked the button?To highlight a button you have to use two buttons. a button with red in color (example-red_button) a b

How To Repair My Reminder Horror Code

I am trying to create a notification app and here is my code firstly: function sendNotification(messageUser, messageText, messageDepartment, messageTopic, userIDs) { var userAndroid = []; var userIOS = []; var userDevice; console.log(userIDs); for (v

Connecting to a local HTTP socket in Haskell

What is the best way to connect to a local socket in Haskell? Once the connection is made HTTP is used to communicate (I want to connect to the local Docker socket) wreq and http-client seem to deal only with URLs rather than sockets. On the command

Change the name of the model attribute according to the status?

I have a Match model that has 3 users: an observer, a player1, and a player2, and a status enum (which could be finished or pending). When the Match is finished, I want to be able to access the winner of the match (which would be either player1 or pl

Use ssh keys for authentication in other applications?

Let's say I want to set up a poor man's authentication scheme for a simple network service. I don't want to bother with username/password authentication, for simplicity I just want to have a list of public keys in my application and anyone who can pr

Find a substring that ignores the specified characters

Do any of you know of an easy/clean way to find a substring within a string while ignoring some specified characters to find it. I think an example would explain things better: string: "Hello, -this- is a string" substring to find: "Hello t

Moving an image on the right side of a paragraph

Good day folks, I am struggling with this for a couple of hours now and could really use some good help! On my website I am trying to move an image to the right side of a paragraph of text. My code snippet: .innercontent { display: inline-block; posi

Validation of Modal ASP.NET / bootstrap dialog

I've been trying to validate some control in a modal dialog for days now, and despite all the examples and other posts here on SO I can't seem to get it working... In my webpage I have a button that opens a modal dialog. That modal dialog has three r

how to use the same ajax function for multiple buttons

i want call the same ajax function for multiple buttons please help me the code is given below. this code will generate buttons and when we click on the buttons it prints the details ...please solve. This code will generate buttons in table. <head>

DELETE Declaration with Strange Subquery Behavior

This question already has an answer here: sql server 2008 management studio not checking the syntax of my query 2 answers I have 2 tables with which I'm executing a delete statement. When I select a column with an invalid column name it throws an err

Multiple thread to handle List contents

SomeClass { while(itr.hasNext() { if (MDS.contains(subj)) { } else { listOfLme.add(new LME(subj.getName(), promptBuilder.toString(), cobBuilder.toString(), openInt)); } } } //end class Hi, I have a loop that adds LME object to a LinkedList. As LME ob