Send a string between the python script

I want to send 'hello world' to a script in python already running in ubuntu. The script that's always running is this one (part of it): print("$ echo 'foobar' > {0}".format(get_ttyname())) print("$ echo 'foobar' > /proc/{0}/fd/0"

Stop GIF animation by program

I am developing a Twitter application which references to the images directly from Twitter. How can I prevent animated gifs from being played? Using window.stop() at the end of the page does not work for me in Firefox. Is there a better JavaScript ha

How to encode URL in angularJS

I'm trying to get the data from my Rest API controller using anuglarjs http GET request. However, the params that I need to send include "." symbol which caused the URL failed. I tried to encode it but it does not work. Here is what I did: funct

Retrieve ad scripts until all other JSs have been loaded?

I'm using Revive Ad Server, and I moved the Invocation Code for my ads in divs below my footer, and then used jQuery to append them to where they're supposed to load. How can I delay the loading of the ads so they rest of my scripts can load? For exa

Double list box - how to move items between two list boxes?

Do you know any jquery plugin or something to implement dual list-boxes? I searched and found this project but the it is very simple.Have a look at

JQuery gets css background-color value of parent element

I want to do something a bit awkward and my pseudo code isn't working, but should explain what I'm trying to do. I have groups of 4 radio buttons, in 6 separate divs, so 24 radios in total. Each div is a particular background colour. When a radio but

Lines of codeigniter 404

I have a website on a local wamp server (I have used a virtual host setup). However when I try to link to another controller on the site, I just get a 404 page (not codeigniters 404). I'm sure I'm missing something simple, but what I'm not quite sure

Add chi square test results to each row

I am interested in generating a chisquare value (X-squared and pvalue) on each row and appending the test results in separate columns. The data I have is a gene for each row and counts of mutations or normal (wild-type) for two separate groups. Here

startimage for swf video

Hi I am trying to show startimage before my swf video starts playing, I am using flashVars to do this but for some reasons its not working, below is my code: <object id="M97012085" classid="clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000"

FTP connection denied (Using FILEZilla)

I have googled and searched all over but I am still having trouble getting connected to a site using the ftpzilla I am getting this read out when I try to connect to the server using the network connection wizard Connecting to probe.filezilla-project

Mathematical domain error in Python - do not know why?

This question already has an answer here: Why do I get math domain error? 2 answers I've received a maths domain error in Python and i have no idea what happened? Help would be appreciated from math import * def factors(A, B): a = 1 b = B/A c = B x =

SQL Server Rounding Problem 5

As far as i know according to mathematics rounding should work as below when rounding number is 5. 2.435 => 2.44 (Round Up, if rounding to digit(3) is odd number) 2.445 => 2.44 (Round Down, if rounding to digit(4) is even number) if we do summation

JSON.parse () of local storage problem

I am currently working on a little browser game and I am using the HTML localStorage to save some data. The problem: I have an empty array that i will later .push() some data into. I am storing this array in the localStorage but when i try to read fr

How to create a pure CSS div with a gradient background?

Let's say the height of the div is 34px and the width is 480px. The div should look like this: and I don't want it to actually use an image, just CSS. Is it possible?It is with CSS3. There's even a handy gradient generator which takes the guesswork o

RoboMongo - Unable to delete documents from the collection

I'm using RoboMongo to delete a number of documents that match a query. However, it is saying no documents have been delete with the following: db.getCollection('assets').remove( { "source": "red" } ); However, this works perfectly: db

Retrieves the referenced object from a Ruby variable

I am working on a task where I get a set of classes( ActiveRecord classes to be more precise) and I want to get their names. I do this by iterating over this set and applying methods like #name to the elements of the set. Something like this: array_o

Default a value on a jpa spring data query?

I have a table with a logical deleted field - CREATE TABLE DOCUMENT ( ID VARCHAR2(255 BYTE) NOT NULL, DOCUMENT_NAME VARCHAR2(255 BYTE), DELETED NUMBER ) And I create the JPA object - @Entity(name = "DOCUMENT") public class Document { @Column(nam

Which gps library would you recommend for python?

I'm looking for a free library for python that can calculate your direction and your speed from GPS coordinates and maybe can calculate if you are in some boundaries or things like this. Are there Libraries that you know and that worked well for you?