How to uninstall Apache with the command line

So I'm trying to find a command to uninstall apache from windows that I have installed earlier with an NSIS script. Basically apache is part of a package of aplications we use for our program, and when uninstalling our program we uninstall them all.

SAS DDE Does Not Format Excel Exactly in Excel

I'm just looking to export a SAS dataset into a pre-made Excel template. First 6 variables of my dataset (which is a .wpd file) look like: StartDate EndDate product_code Description Leaflet Media 04-Jul-13 07-Jul-13 256554 BUTCHER BEEF 1PK (1 KGM) 54

How do I write 2D-array to a file using C?

I am trying to write a program that has to store an ASCII picture (every line has a different length) in an 2D-Array and then print it out again. Either I have to cut the array at "\n" or I have to create an array with dynamic size. Here is what

Generating BitCount LUT at compile time

Let's say that I need to create a LUT containing precomputed bit count values (count of 1 bits in a number) for 0...255 values: int CB_LUT[256] = {0, 1, 1, 2, ... 7, 8}; If I don't want to use hard-coded values, I can use nice template solution How t

AngularJS: custom filter with special rules

I'm trying to make multi filter, that filters three properties in object. what I already did: <div class="" ng-repeat="selectedCard in Cards | filter { status:filterValueStatus, monitorLevel:filterValueType, monitorSystem:filterValue } &

Join the database in SQLite from Java

My code to attach a sqlitedsb to another worked fine until I upgraded to JAVA 7 ( my guess ) Howto create the syntax for attaching the database from java ? My syntax works fine using a SQL-Tool, but from JAVA I do not succeed. My Code : import java.s

Bash: Numbered Files in Find

I was writing a bash script that finds and deletes the .blend1 and .blend2 files that blender creates as you edit and save .blend files. It contains lines in pairs like this: find Documents -name "*.blend1" -exec rm -rf {} \; find Documents -nam

How to get the variable except the options in bash scripts?

I made a script and the usage should be: bash -r chr1:1000-2000 -n 123 test_1.fq test_2.fq I want to get the input test_1.fq test_2.fq at the end of input. But when I used $* in the script, input=$*, I just got the whole input -r chr1:1000-20

Redirect URL to GONE status

This one is driving me crazy. Whatever I do, it doesn't say the page is GONE. Full url will be something like: I want to give every page that starts with product_details.php the status GONE. I thought that one of

How to Link Realm Objects

I'm new to iOS development and currently using Realm as database. My first tableview display Restaurant object and second table display customer objects. How can i link this two objects?. Means when i click each restaurant it will display different c

SQL detects elements in the OR clause

i need an sql which whould do somethig as follows: SELECT col1, col2, cond4 as cond4_is_exclusive FROM table WHERE (cond1 AND cond2 AND cond3) OR cond4 Where cond4 = (col3 IN (...)) I NEED cond4_is_exclusive to be TRUE only if condition is met by con

Diff two methods in eclipse

I have an eclipse which generates java code. So if a method is there and is regenerated I want to show the old method and the newly generated one so the user can see the difference. Is this possible?If your code generator is the one used by default b

User profile entries will not be saved to the database

On a page a user is prompted to enter their location, twitter screenname, Facebook URL, and LinkedIn URL. What is missing that is not allowing it to be saved in the database? User model (user.rb): class User < ActiveRecord::Base has_many :chatpost, d

openURL tweak in UIApplication (CaptainHook)

how i can load a hook in UIApplication? #import <CaptainHook/CaptainHook.h> #import <SpringBoard/SpringBoard.h> CHDeclareClass(SBAlertWindow); CHOptimizedMethod(1, self, void, SBAlertWindow, displayAlert, id, alert) { NSLog(@"load display

Django, JQuery and autocomplete

After some extensive research (googling), I cannot find a current tutorial on how to set up autocomplete using Django and JQuery. There appears to be a variety of plugins and there appears to be no consistency or standard about which to use or when.

Netbeans and Javadoc

You awesome people may know how to do this. I know that once I download the correct file I can import the file by clicking Tools > Library > and select Javadoc > then selecting add zip/folder. I am running the following. Product Version: NetBeans

Loop and compare

I have this code here the product tags can be animals, life or market. What I am trying to do is separate their list, but this code creates a new ul for every tag after animals and I do not know why, can anyone help?: <?php $versionvalues = get_the_t

Batch Script: How do I define a second argument in a CALL?

for /f %%j in ('dir /b *.txt') do ( findstr /m /i "yoyoyo" %%j if !ERRORLEVEL! == 0 ( set post=yoyoyo CALL postset.bat "yoyoyo" %%jj ) ) I'm trying to pass 2 arguments to a CALL the first is going through but not the second. edit my re

adding a class to a random list item

I have an unordered list with list items. I have a class called 'active', wich I want randomly be added on a list item. I now have this: // I want this class added on a random list item $("#gallery li:first-child").addClass("on"); Math

One JFrame and two JPanels

I'm a newbie in Java and I have a problem regarding panels. I have one JFrame and two JPanels in my program. When I click button1, panel1 will show in the frame. When I click button2, panel2 will show in the frame and panel1 will disappear/hide. The

Azure Environment Variables in Python Cloud Service

I have a Python Cloud Service running on Microsoft Azure which should be using a different Storage Account (for blob storage and queues) when it's running in dev vs. staging vs. production. I'd rather not hard-code the Storage Account credentials, bu

unable to use group and not retrieve data, MySql

Hope someone can help me on this. My table looks like this: user_id query_id 1 1 1 2 1 3 2 4 2 5 4 6 basically for each query_id it's linked to a and it can be many-to-one. what i was looking for is all the queries except the first one that b

The best way to assign a large local memory to a C ++ function

I have a program where I'm a table of a decently large block of memory, it's a structure with two integers (they would have to be at least 4 bytes a piece to hold up to 1,000,000,000). The structure currently has a little more than 500 entries into i

rearrange the specified columns in an ascending data.frame

I have one short question, how can I reorder a dataframe only for selected columnnames. I would need a universal solution here because I have to use it on changing amounts of V columns (everytime with V columns >100) Example: Consider I have the data