What is the standard for the interface name in java api

I am asked by one of colleague about the Throwable class in java API. As per standard, I do understand, every word ending *able is a interface in java API. There is a industry standard about using such words as Interface names. So, I unknowingly, tol

Android: How to transfer data to Runnable in runOnUiThread?

I need to update some UI and do it inside of the UI thread by using runOnUiThread Now the data for the UI comes from the other Thread, represented by data here. How can i pass the data to the Runnable, so tht they can be used to update the UI? Androi

How to completely remove a custom theme from magento

May i know how to remove a custom theme from MAGENTO completely. I am using Magento and how to disable it completely. What i did and face problems. I have two custom themes say Theme 1 and Theme 2. Theme one is compatible with and the

Android connection with the MYSQL database using php

I am trying to connect my Android login page with MySQL database present on the server. But I am facing problem now in passing php file through Android. My connection from PHP to MySQL database is successful, though. PHP code: <?php $host='localhost'

Making a request since the return of the Rails 302 console

In Rails 4.0.3, I try to send a http get request from rails console: app.get '/' it returns with response code 302 redirected. Started GET "/" for at 2014-09-03 11:57:11 +0200 => 302 However, this page is a public page, shouldn't be

Run awk in a bash script

Is there a way to run a awk script within bash script? I have a large file (~40GB) that I want to split based on 3rd field. The third field can be either chr1, chr2 ... chr22, chrX and chrY (total 24 types). When I run awk 'BEGIN{OFS=FS="\t"}$3=

Powershell to create folders and subfolders from csv

I try to prepare a script that will create folders and subfolders from CSV. When I create a CSV with 1 column 'Name' like so Name XYZ ZXX FFF with the following script I can achieve creation of folders $folder = "D:\Test\" $name = Import-Csv D:\

CSS - wavy border

I need to create a wavy border for a div and I am trying to do that with pure CSS, no images. I know there is this answered question here, but what I want to create is an infinite sine wave as border. Any ideas?I think there is no use hacking CSS to

How does the Linux driver md write data to the SATA drive?

In an Intel white paper, it says: MD RAID in linux is a block driver that filters data between the Linux File System driver, such as ext2 file system, and the low level hard disk drivers, such as the AHCI driver and SAS driver. In kernel code drivers

Knit a string in Python

When we need to slice a string at a particular location, we need to know the index from where we want to. For example, in the string: >>> s = 'Your ID number is: 41233' I want to slice the string starting from : and get the number. Sure I can cou

How do I split (copy) a feed into .NET?

Does anyone know where I can find a Stream splitter implementation? I'm looking to take a Stream, and obtain two separate streams that can be independently read and closed without impacting each other. These streams should each return the same binary

Web Service Client like Singleton?

Last week I started working on existing code for a Web Service Client which was implemented on a Singleton. I never considered doing this myself, so I started searching for opinions from people with a deeper understanding of the request handling, etc

Coldfusion string :: split () issue

I have the following code <cffunction name="getObjTag" returnType="string" output="false"> <cfargument name="obj" Type="string" required="true"> <cfargument name="tagname"

Disable Button If Not Match

Currently I use jquery .keyup function to check if has started to type in the input field. And then it enabled button. Else if no text in input disables button. Question: Instead of keyup function I would like to be able to make the button disabled i

transform commas into html entities? it's possible?

I'm wondering if it's possible to take a block of text, grab all the commas and convert them into it's corresponding html entity. Something along the lines of what htmlentities($var, ENTQUOTES) does, but for commas. It could be that I'm overcomplicat

The pure CSS drop-down menu with dynamic dimensioning?

I've created the following pure CSS drodpown menu: http://codepen.io/sontek/pen/akPaWK @import 'https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Roboto:300,400,500'; @import url(https://maxcdn.bootstrapcdn.com/font-awesome/4.6.3/css/font-awesome.min.css); bod

Changing the colors of the window buttons in Mac OS X

How can I modify the red/yellow/green window buttons for close/minimize/zoom in Mac OS X? There must be an editable resource or plist somewhere. Here are the buttons I'm talking about: For red/green colorblind individuals, those colors can be maddeni

Beautiful soup does not get NBA.com data

I want to extract the data from the table on this webpage: http://stats.nba.com/league/team/#!/advanced/ . Unfortunately, the following code does not give me anything because the soup (see below) contains no "td"s, even though there are many &qu

Are the storage changes original?

bactuals is a list of strings. So is bpeaks. actuals=bactuals[1:] peaks=bpeaks[1:] If I look at bactuals now, I see that it is still a list of strings. If I do the following, though: actuals=bactuals[1:] peaks=bpeaks[1:] actuals=bactuals peaks=bpeaks

Need to show the contents of my application in the lock screen

I need to create an android app same as like this unlockar to display my app contents in lock screen. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=app.unlockar.com&hl=enyou should use this flag:FLAG_SHOW_WHEN_LOCKED example: getWindow().addFlags(Win

The JavaScript sorting table does not work

I'm trying to sort an array of objects with an attribute page. This is being done in a computed property with Vue. To do this I'm using the following function, which first builds the objects: sorted: function(){ var pages = this.selectedKKS['pages'];

adding objects to a single order java arraylist

I'm trying to add objects to an arraylist in such a way that it'd kind of look like this, first add 1 second add 1 2 third add 3 1 2 fourth add 3 1 2 4 fifth add 5 3 1 2 4 and this is what I have so far public deckOfCards() { arr = new ArrayList<Card

Use Power BI Embedded in PHP

Am new to Power BI embedded and have gone through several tutorials but all i could get was tutorial on embedding it in csharp, am a php developer and have no idea of csharp. I have created my Power bi report and generated the tokens by registering a

Managing items on the RecyclerView OnClick method

I am trying to make a biography app which includes cardviews. I can not achieve that when I click on each item on RecyclerView, second activity which contains of detail info must be opened. Here is my code. Where am I doing wrong? Thank you so much..