What is the relationship between Selenium RC and WebDriver?

I can see that since selenium 2.0, WebDriver and Selenium RC are packaged together for download. Now I primarily use WebDriver, but can I bring in Selenium RC in my testing scripts from now and then? Is there anything that Selenium RC is capable of b

PHP & amp; RegEx to find several links in the source code

(Hope the title makes sense, if there is a better way to describe feel free to update) Summary: I have a bunch of HTML source code that I am tasked with to walk through and pick out the specific links from. In the code.. to identify the links I need.

How to extract a string from a string in c #

VS 2015, c#. I have a string... string str = "Name;IPAddress"; I want to extract just the IPAddress. I suspect Regex is the best way to do it but I am unsure. Any assistance greatly appreciated.You can use Split string str = "Name;IPAddress

Why do I get a syntax error?

The following snippet gives 2 syntax errors where I check the condition in the if block public function __construct() { if(isset($_POST['update_email')) { # First syntax error $this->email = $_POST['update_email']; } if(isset($_POST['password')) { #

Cast UIView nextResponder to the UITableView delegate

Within a UIView how do I cast self.nextResponder (which points to the view's controller) to avoid a compiler warning on the third line below? UITableView* tableView = [ [ UITableView alloc ] initWithFrame:CGRectZero style:UITableViewStylePlain]; tabl

Controller methods are not called on the following loads

I have 2 pages defined in my route - /** router.js **/ Router.map(function() { this.route('index', {path: ''}); this.route('item', {path: 'item/:item_id'}); }); Each page has a method called "itemlist" /** controllers/index.js **/ var IndexContr

This Swift code with SpriteKit does not do what is expected

I am very new to Swift and iOS development. I was watching tutorials on iOS development w/ Swift and SpriteKit. Following the tutorials I opened Xcode, new project, game, universal; and all I changed was the GameScene.swift. Here is the new code: imp

C ++ accesses objects away from the current class hierarchy

I think this is a really newb question, but I never found out the answer. I don't know how exactly to phrase this question, but I often find that I have to access objects that are "far away" from the current object in terms of the current hierar

Effect of Desktop Desktop mode for java application

Does anyone now how to achieve a "Secure-Desktop Mode" (effect) such as one gets from the Windows Vista/7 UAC consent-blocks? I assume it is some function which will remove pixels here-and-there (and possibly graying them) and then finally drawi

What is the minimum step in the dual type of data? (.NET)

My question is a bit theoretical but actually I need it in practice. Let's assume that we have two double variables X and Y. Y is certain next double number of X (as you already know we can't keep any real number in double because real number are inf

DotNet Roundoff Datetime to last 15 minutes

This question already has an answer here: How can I round up the time to the nearest X minutes? 9 answers Is there a simple function for rounding a DateTime down to the nearest 30 minutes, in C#? 7 answers Is there a function to round off the datetim

How are ssl certificates verified?

What is the series of steps needed to securely verify a ssl certificate? My (very limited) understanding is that when you visit an https site, the server sends a certificate to the client (the browser) and the browser gets the certificate's issuer in

Get svn repository log, do not work copy

I want to get the log's from a svn repository. Now, I'm capable of doing this in two ways, make a local repository and get the svn logs from there. Or, number 2, get it from the DAV/HTTP served svn repository. Is there a way to get the svn logs direc

Class-level variable defining Ruby dynamically

I am new to ruby and wanted to know if this is possible. Suppose I have a file with different blocks like this fruits[tomato=1,orange=2] greens[peas=2,potato=3] I have parsed this file and stored it into a hash like this {"fruits"=>{"tom

Selecting options in a choice via JQuery

I have a select with the following options: <select> <option value="1">A</option> <option value="2">B</option> <option value="3">C</option> </select> I don't know what the value

JAVA: How to convert a String variable into a double variable?

I'm writing a program that is dealing with about 150 different variables, which I have extracted off a webpage. I was looking at how to change them into a double variable, so that I can compare them later in the program, and found this code to do so:

what CSS selector after a br-tag

how is the selector for the "item b" in this sample: <td class="col_3">item before br-tag <br/> flexible item after br-tag</td> This is not working: td.col_3 > br {display: none;} I am sorry to tell you that there

Smarty PHP / template output problem

I have problem outputing this to page.. for ( $i = 0; $mainarray[$i] != ''; $i++ ){ $query = mysql_query("SELECT ... FROM ... WHERE id=$i") or die(mysql_error()); while($tmp = mysql_fetch_assoc($query)) { $something[] = $tmp; } $smarty->assig

Load and store in Go Language

This question already has an answer here: Efficient Go serialization of struct to disk 3 answers I am new to Go and was wondering if there is a way to load and store precomputed variables in Go like pickle in Python. My code is creating a map and an

SQL Server 2000 Remove the top (1000)

I have a large SQL Server database with a table at about 45 million records. I am archiving this table, and need to remove all entries greater than two years ago. I have the inserting into my archive table working fine, but I'm having issues with eff

Unable to get {{success message}} in Angular

I am trying to replicate this form http://sunzhen.blogspot.com/2014/08/angularjs-contact-form-with-bootstrap.html and have been able to get the emails to send but am not getting the error and success messages from the contact-form.php file. I had to

setInt on another VC does not work

I'm trying to set an Integer on another VC using prepareForSeguemethod. I've got four buttons and each button has its own boolean value changed when pressed - (IBAction)answerChoiceFourPressed:(id)sender { self.ButtonFourPressed = YES; } I have got t

Algorithms in O (n ^ 2) vs O (n)

This question already has an answer here: What is the difference between O, Ω, and Θ? 6 answers I'm new to computer science and just started with pseudocodes and I have some questions. It's my third week in the semester and majority is self-studying.