How to GetBytes () in C # with UTF8 encoding with nomenclature?

I'm having a problem with UTF8 encoding in my mvc 2 application in C#. I'm trying let user download a simple text file from a string. I am trying to get bytes array with the following line: var x = Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(csvString); but when

How to get annotations of a method in Scala 2.11

Let's assume a controller object like this: object Users extends Controller { ... @ApiOperation( httpMethod = "POST", nickname = "authenticate", value = "Authenticates an user", notes = "Returns the JSON Web Token to be

How to send status information from a running Web service?

I'm new to web development so I'm not sure what's the best option for the problem that I'm having. Basically I have a web application that calls a web service for processing some data. This process may take a long time (hours) and I would to know if

Determine the modified property

I have a public class with properties. They can be changed by user and in some internal code. How an i determine if the property was changed by user ? Maybe there are some patterns for this task ? It looks like i explaned my problem not clear enough.

Multiplication of two matrices in Java

I am currently developing a class to represent matrices, it represents any general mxn matrix. I have worked out addition and scalar multiplication but I am struggling to develop the multiplication of two matrices. The data of the matrix is held in a

C ++: how to encrypt strings at compile time?

I want to hide some strings in my .exe so people can't simply just open the .exe and look at all the strings there. I don't care about the strength of the encrypting method, so I will probably use XOR etc. How can I do this at compile time? That way

C # How to display an integer entered by the user as time

I'm writing a program where you need to enter in minutes how long you have been cycling and then it displays how long you have been riding in hours hh:mm so for instance if the user wrote in 88 mins it should display 1:28 I have looked for hours now

Angular2 HTML Element Carousel

Does someone know a good carousel library for angular2? Such as but just the carousel?You might want to look into Angular2-drag-scroll, it has features like mouse drag to scroll and hide scroll

string.ToLower () and string.ToLowerInvariant ()

What's the difference and when to use what? What's the risk if I always use ToLower() and what's the risk if I always use ToLowerInvariant()?Depending on the current culture, ToLower might produce a culture specific lowercase letter, that you aren't

date_diff returns 0 if the difference is greater than one year

I am using this function to get month difference between two dates. $interval = date_diff(date_create('2015-10-08'), date_create('2014-10-10')); $total_months = $interval->format('%m'); RESULT: 11 (That's Correct!) But, When the difference is over a

How to get the time in SQL Server?

The scenario is this: select max date from some table, when the target table having no data, so the max date is null. when the date being null, I want to get the earliest date of system, so the epoch time seems perfect. I have searched some ways incl

The mysql database does not work in xampp 1.8.3

i am using xampp 1.8.3 on windows 7. when i restart mysql from xampp control panel. it shows 1:33:10 PM [mysql] Error: MySQL shutdown unexpectedly. 1:33:10 PM [mysql] This may be due to a blocked port, missing dependencies, 1:33:10 PM [mysql] imprope

Implementing MPI for Java

Is there a current Java MPI implementation. I have programmed in MPI a bit, and I enjoy programming in Java. I have seen this implementation in Java, but it seems dated. Is there a more up to date Java implementation that is being kept up?Have a look

Preserve the HTTP / HTTPS protocol in .htaccess redirects

I have to redirect port 80 to 2368 in htaccess but I'd like to keep the requested protocol intact so that SSL doesn't break. I currently have this: RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^$ [NC] RewriteRule ^{REQUEST_URI}

C # WritePrivateProfileString () other than the English language

I am trying to save a file path in ini file which contains a folder in Arabic language. i.e. D:\ملف جديد\Checking Folder But after using WritePrivateProfileString() to write it in settings.ini . It shows path as follows: D:\??? ????\Checking Folder W

Loop script until the file has an equal size for one minute

I have cronjob to run a script every day in specific time. The script is for conversion a large file (about 2GB) in specific folder. The problem is that not every day my coleague put the file in the folder before the time, written as cronjob. Please

What is the purpose of Scala's curry functions?

I am just new to Scala and it seems a little bit confusing to me why Scala provides "curried functions" such as: //curried function def add(lhs: Int)(rhs: Int) = lhs + rhs //so we can do partially binding like val add1 = add(1)_ Its confusing be

How to use a javascript variable in the java part of a jsp

I currently have in javascript: var target = getTarget(); I want to check that target does not start with "select" so I am thinking of using the java method startsWith to do that because I couldn't find an equivalent in javascript So I did: <