Columns / Rows of equivalent height JQuery with a DIV Class

How can i make equal height rows with one DIV-Class without adress all Column-Classes but rather the row with the 4-Line-Text in the first row ? Here is my example and the problem $('.container').each(function() { var hig

Select the lowest value from the selection

I have 3 tables all with one to many relations Product id | slug | 1 | 1-a | 2 | 2-a | 3 | 3-a | Product Sku id | product_id | 1 | 1 | 2 | 1 | 3 | 2 | Product Image id | product_sku_id | rank | 1 | 1 | 0 | 2 | 2 | 1 | 3 | 3 | 0 | What I am trying to

View django errors when using ajax

I want to use ajax in my invitation form. It is a simple form which is about posting email. I did the invitation form with the ajax but i could not show django specific error. For example, if i try to post the same email address, it should throw an e

Set of C-Counters

I'm trying to count letters in a file with this text : "abbcccddddeeeeeffffff........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz" I want to create an array of counters: in order to do this: count[0] = 1 /* # of a's */ count[1] = 2 /* # of b's */ /* ... */ count[

Loadrunner Epoch Time to Hexadecimal

I am looking for a way to convert epoch time in decimal to hexadecimal (for example: decimal = 1417502160098 and hexadecimal = 14a09b674e2). Loadrunner script is using hexadecimal value to get the latest image. I am finding this difficult as there is

How to effectively train a set of suffixes?

I was looking for approach make array of suffixes at Java. I found two ability variants. Moreover I want much more deeply understand differents between this variants. Includes running time & space. Code (suffixes): public static String[] suffixes(Str

Ring Drawable on the Android version 5.1

I'm new to android i'am creating an app where I include an ring shape inside one layout for that i'm using the below code: Display display = getWindowManager().getDefaultDisplay(); Point size = new Point(); display.getSize(size); int width = size.x;

OR does not work

I have an IF statement with 3 OR, but it's not functioning. $package = mysqli_real_escape_string($con, $_GET['package']); if ($package != 500 || $package != 1100 || $package != 2400 ) { $error = "Invalid Package."; } It always echos "Invali

How do I get a Plupload file name?

I am using "plupload" to upload files then redirect to an acknowledgement page. What I would like to do is add the filename to the url string EG(www.mysite/thanks.php?file=file.jpg) For someone at my level the documentation for plupload comes ac

segfault when using mmap

I'm trying to use mmap for the first time to store a tree object with a lot of data in it. The tree class basically contains a pointer to the root of class Node, and each Node instance has an array of pointers to it's children. I think mmap is doing

How to pass the name of the element clicked on another class

How to pass the name of the item clicked on the on list item clicked through Intent? is this correct? public class View_PPT_List extends ListActivity { private final String SAMPLE_DB_NAME = "project"; private final String PPT_TABLE_NAME1 = "

ASP.NET MVC Login ReturnUrl always NULL?

Using Forms Authentication in ASP.NET MVC when trying to log back into a site, it puts a ReturnUrl parameter in the query string. My Logon action method accepts a "returnUrl" string. However it seems that returnUrl string is always null, even wh

codeigniter - insert data in db does not work

When I click on the submit button I keep getting the message "Your menu was not added, please try again" while the code was working properly before but after committing it on svn its not working and the data was being inserted into the db Contro

Python Try-Except inside of Function

I've got a pretty good understanding of python's try-except clause, but I'm encountering problems when trying to put it inside of a function. >>> def tryAppend(child, parent): ... try: ... parent.append(child) ... except NameError: ... print &quo

DB2 error on SQL using the SELECT AS alias and an internal join

I am writing a T-SQL program over a DB2 database on a LINUX box (DB2/LINUXX8664) using a linked server. I think the DB2 is Version 9.5.3 but not certain. I am receiving an error that I feel is likely a DB2 issue as the syntax checks out okay in T-SQL

Is there a good web application for manipulating pdf files?

Is there a good web application for manipulating a PDF files? For example, drag and drop images to it and save for future reference, then remove the dropped images anytime etc. I want to integrate it with my existing web application also. EDIT: These

How to create a new file in each iteration of a PHP program?

I am creating a file using PHP but I am unable to create a new file in every execution of the application. I am generating an XML file using a database. I want a new file in every execution of my code, how can I do that? This is my code: <?php $confi

How does 'CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS' work on wp-config?

The text on my wordpress text editor is white on a white background so its invisible for most people.. I searched it and the solution I found was to add the following code to wp-config.php define('CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS', false ); It worked fine but I c

Sequential grouping using Oracle SQL 10.2

I'm struggling with some SQL select and need your help. I'm dealing with this kind of data: key1 key2 key3 id attr 550928 * * 5 2225 550928 * * 6 4060 550928 * * 10 7125 550928 * * 20 7105 550928 * * 22 2220 550928 * * 25 7125 550928 * * 30 7110 5509

T-SQL update 1 to 1000 column

I want to update a column in a table 1 to 10000 which is the best method for doing this. Environment: Sql Server 2008. I thought a may be USE [] GO SET ANSI_NULLS ON GO SET QUOTED_IDENTIFIER ON GO CREATE TABLE [dbo].[mytable]( [userid] [int] NULL, [n mvc How to display the default value in a date type

I'm developing in mvc. I want to have a textbox which is date type, so there's a shortcut that user can click and select a date instead of type in. Meanwhile I want the textbox to display a default date value. I have tried 2 ways: <input type

How to program in c to get the char and int separated in c?

Input: AB5, BC2, CD3, BE4 When we input i/p to a program as above. we need to get each string separated by "," and also need to separate string to char by char like getting 'A' 'B' '5' .. how to do this efficiently in c??? I have implemented lik

Dependency of project missing when project is returned

I'm facing some issues with dependencies when referring projects in Visual Studio. Here is how my solution ReferenceTest is structured: Common. A class library containing a static CommonClass.HelloWorld() method returning a string. The string returne

MS Header Control - how to update (repaint) a single element?

We are using the standard Header control from the OS common controls lib. We need to force the control to refresh the area related to only one column header (item). Is there a special WinAPI message for that, or a trick we could use?Use the HDM_GETIT

Editing XML texts from an XML file using Python

I have an XML file which contains some data as given. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> - <ParameterData> <CreationInfo date="10/28/2009 03:05:14 PM" user="manoj" /> - <ParameterList count

Error After Updating Android Studio

I have updated my Android Studio to and now i am trying to create a new project and it shows an error: "Error Loading Default Project " Fatal error initializing 'com.intellij.openapi.vcs.changes.shelf.ShelveChangesManager' Please suggest