How to count 2D int array in Java?

Say for example I had the following: int[][] courses = { {1, 0}, {2, 0}, {3, 1}, {3, 2}, }; Now don't the first index represents x, and second index represents y? For example, courses[x][y], so courses[0][1], should print 2, but actually prints 0, wh

Group not captured in RegEx java

I have written a code, but it doesn't work correctly. Here you can find my RegEx, what I have as the input and what I expect as the output. I am using a non-capturing group, because I want to read the text unti I get "Bundle" word, but I don't w

Why does not & ldquo; Sort file1 & gt; File1 & rdquo; job?

When I am trying to sort a file and save the sorted output in itself, like this sort file1 > file1; the contents of the file1 is getting erased altogether, whereas when i am trying to do the same with 'tee' command like this sort file1 | tee file1; i

Why print vars.put, the result is null?

String pass = "123456789"; vars.put("token01",pass); System.out.println(pass); System.out.println(token01); the result of System.out.println(pass) is right ,it is 123456789, but the result of token01 is null, I can not understand .If y

And events (INotifyPropertyChanged, specifically)

I've run into a really strange problem I can't seem to reproduce with a small example. Sorry if this question is a little vague. I have a Person which contains an Address. Both inherit from BaseEntity which implements INotifyPropertyChanged. I want t

Handling of the primary key in the relational object

I have two objects: MailBox and Email. Each Receiver has many Emails. public class MailBoxRealmModel extends RealmObject { @PrimaryKey private long id; private String name; private String mailboxId; private RealmList<EmailRealmModel> emails; } publi

Reply to Ping in Node.JS Server

I have a NodeJS server that is running on AWS EC2. For EC2 Health Monitoring, the server needs to respond to Ping requests. I haven't been able to find a way to do so. I've found many express middleware components to send a Ping from the server, but

Area of ​​division into a given number of squares

I have a DIV Element that can be resized by the user. Into this DIV I want to draw a given number of squares. Now I need to find out, what the perfect side length for the square would be so that all fit into the DIV without overflowing. This is what

How to insert long strings into the mySQL database using PHP?

I'm using a simple html-form and PHP to insert Strings into mySQL Database, which works fine for short strings, not for long ones indeed. Using the phpmyadmin I'm able to insert Strings of all lengths, it's only doesn't work with the html file and PH

Web Forms - Repeater Enum Display Value

I have a list of objects that I want to bind to a repeater (not necessarily displayed in a table format) using the following code: C# object code: public enum CategoryEnum { [Description("Entertainment and Film")] EntertainmentFilm = 1, [Descrip

Publish the same application several times

I need to publish the same app multiple times with just some small differences (app name, app launcher icon, colors and images). I will configure Gradle to have a different applicationIdSuffix for each buildTypes. So the apps will have this kind of p

Get a gosub-free return in my own function in vba

I've been battling with vba for a bit and surprisingly it's not getting much better. I have written the following code so I can have a special comparison operator for an object. Public Function myEquals(v As CCtypestore) As Boolean If v Is Nothing Th

Read only files in the top directory in python

I have a directory containing many .txt files, this same directory contains another directory containing .json files. I am trying to read the text files only and apply a function to them, then read the JSON files and apply a different function to the

Android BroadcastReceiver does not work when screen is off

I have a BroadcastReceiver with ACTION_BATTERY_CHANGED. I get events only when the screen is turned on. I want to get events of battery change even if the screen is turned off? How?If you put your receiver in the manifest, It should be alive all the

How do I add information for my defined functions in a .NET DLL

How do I add XML documentation for Methods in c# that comes in .NET functions. Example Guid.NewGuid(); when user press . key he gets a help about the function NewGuid what it does. I have a class GetDocsInfo which have functions like getDocTag and I

Design of problematic databases causing performance problems

I am designing a multi-module C#/SQL Server-based application. My design is to hold all generic look up values in a table called KeyTypeValues. This table is related to KeyTypes which defines what type of data it is. For example: oms.KeyTypes -------

Name of the MySQL table as parameter

I'm trying to set up so that the table name is passed to the command text as a parameter, but I'm not getting it to work. I've looked around a bit, and found questions like this: Parameterized Query for MySQL with C#, but I've not had any luck. This

The php error with mail () requires clarification

im new to php and i need a bit of clarification. ive searched google but tooo many results, none clearly identify whats wrong with mine. since i dont get any errors im not sure whats happening. the error im getting is this: Warning: mail() expects pa

Problems Running STIP (Space-Time Interest Points) in Windows

I'v downloaded the windows version of STIP (space-time interest points) named I'm trying to run it from Matlab using the command: system('bin\stipdet.exe -f data\walk-simple.avi -o data\walk-simple-stip2.txt'); But I'm getting

Retry memory allocation if it fails the first time?

I want to write code that is somewhat resistant to running out of memory. How I'm trying to go about it, is if any memory allocation fails, it will pause execution at that point and ask the operator if they can attempt to free some memory before re-a

Android Java: Diaglog setText & amp; Problem getText

I have a dialog bux which opens when an textView is selected. The dialog box contains an editText. What i want to do is be able to type a sting into the editText, and when the 'Done' button is pressed it will store the string from the editText to a v

Add a close button to a rich tooltip

Is there an easy way for adding a "close button" to a rich:toolTip (so that it will remain visible until one clicks such button)? Thanks a lotuse tag hideEvent="none" <rich:toolTip name="tooltipTest" id="tooltipTest&q

PHP: require_once library - & gt; Failed to open stream

I might be a bit confused and may need your help with this. I'm inside inc/newsletter.php and want to include a library that is inside lib/mailchimp-api-class How do I refer to this class file? I thought it should be - require_once '../lib/mailchimp-