Linux Command Outputs Completed Processes

I'm working in C and using the following code to execute the ps linux command: char *const parmList[] = {"ps","-o","pid","-g",processGroupID,NULL}; execvp(parmList[0], parmList); The problem is that it prints all th

Having problems with recover.c

I'm having problems trying to execute the following code correctly. The problem is that I am creating the exact number of JPEGs, and they seem to open correctly, except there is no image being shown. I'm doing recover.c of Pset4 in the course CS50. /

Make a pdf in PDF / A format only with images using iTextSharp

I'm using iTextSharp to generate pdf-a documents from images. So far I've not been successful. Edit: I'm using iTextSharp to generate the PDF All I try is to make a pdf-a document (1a or 1b, whatever suits), with some images. This is the code I've co

Forvalues ​​in statement if

I've been searching SO for answers to this particular question, but wasn't able to find any. I have two groups of variables linking people in a dataset to their mothers and fathers respectively. My goal is to link people with their siblings. My datas

Cumulative sum of a table

So i'm working on a problem that focuses on taking the cumulative sum of an array so for example if i have an array of ({0,2,3,-1,-1}) it returns {0,2,5,4,3}... or if you have an array of [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10] it should return [1, 3, 6, 10,

Html css effect blur in divs

I am developing a website but there is a problem ,there is need of Gaussian blur in a div, I can do change the opacity but not able to make the text blur in that. Please help me <html> <body> <div id="blur" style="">h

Apps-Script: element of equality?

Since this is always false: doc.getBody().getParagraphs()[0] == doc.getBody().getParagraphs()[0] How do you test element equality in Apps-Script?I tried it and its always false, for some reason the method returns different objects. In this case you a

Add a widget to the post-new.php i address in the dashboard?

How can i add a custom widget to wp-admin/post-new.php? Some themes use it, and i wan't to be able to do the same thing in my theme :) Thanks /RichardYou can create yourself a new side bar in functions.php, copy and paste one of the current ones, eg:

I want to look for this year's wise data

Select CIDetail.Itemname, sum(CIDetail.TaxAmount+ CIDetail.LineAmount) As [TotalAmount] From CIDetail (Nolock) INNER JOIN CIHeader On CIDetail.InvoiceNo= CIHeader.InvoiceNo Where CIHeader.InvoiceDate Between '2010-04-01' AND '2014-04-01' Group By CID

Rewrite and redirect my URLs with? Who was indexed by google

So here's how it is, i am using codeigniter for my website, and before theres always that index.php? on my every url or links, for example Google has indexed all of my urls with that index.php? and i want to remove it and

JCheckbox does not delete correctly

I asked a question this morning about JCheckbox but was told to narrow down the problem. After several debugging, I kind of narrowed down to the problem but still was not able to solve. It seems that if I select a JCheckbox and another JCheckbox that

Collision Detection with Labyrinth AS3 Tiles

Hey guys so I created a maze with this code and I want to hitTest the walls but when i try something along the lines of if (mc.hitTestObject(tile)) it doesn't do anything. And I'm not sure why, here's the code : package { import flash.display.MovieCl

Excel - holiday expenses, summarizes who paid for what

A friend and I visit a new place each month. We log our costs in an excel doc. The doc looks like this: I want to sum up the costs paid for by "M" and "L". I'm not sure why but my formula doesn't work properly even though I think its c

Crash due to CALayer limits contains NaN: [0 0; Nan 20]

I am working on an iOS app that incorporate tableviews within tab bars however when the user presses a tab bar, the application crashes and I'm not sure why - the crash is due to CALayer bounds contains NaN: [0 0; nan 20] although I have no idea what

Timing Tick no shot

There is a simple code in which I added a timer and generated tick event but the event is not firing. <asp:Timer ID="Timer1" runat="server" Interval="1000" OnTick="Timer1_Tick" Enabled="True" EnableView

Confusion of passing parameter with rvalue?

I am a little confused of rvalue passing with a function call, see my code below: #include <string> #include <iostream> void func(std::string & s, char a) { std::cout << "here1" << std::endl; // ... } void func(std::s

ListVIew on Google Glass

Is there a possible way to implement a list on Google Glass that looks and functions (Scrolling with head movement) like the list on the main Glass screen. The list I mentioned looks like this on Glass: I could not find any documentation on this so a

Differences between Greenrobot EventBus and Guava EventBus

I´ve been using quite often EventBus from greenrobot But I´ve just realised that Guava has its own EventBus Does someone know if there are big differences?Both are excellent q

Custom HTML text area in HTML / CSS

Is it possible to have custom shaped text areas in HTML/CSS (Textarea that has more than 4 edges)? How? Something like this: OR if possible;something more complex like this: I shudder in the act of giving this link, because it's super un-semantic. Yo

iOS5 Twitter integration: how to add custom text?

I have implemented the Twitter-framework and it lets users tweet posts from within the app correctly. However, I would like to add some text at the end of every tweet a user sends from within the app. Example: Tweet: Oh this app is so extremely aweso

The code can not be executed because of this error?

consider the following code, i cannt run it because the error "break outside the loop" ? process_queue = [] total_wtime = 0 n = int(raw_input('Enter the total no of processes or 0 to quit: ')) if n == '0': print 'good bye!' break Yes, Because yo

How to wait for the callback function to finish?

I have two simple functions:A function which returns a promise function showBootbox(){ return new Promise(function (resolve, reject) { bootbox.confirm('Are you sure ? ',resolve); }); } and a function which uses a callback. function getBootboxValue(ca

SQL Server: Pivot and Unpivot

I'm trying to pivot this SQL Server table, however I'm struggling to wrap my head around what I need to do. I can do a basic pivot, however this has become very challenging. I am in essence to convert the table below to Company Code Account Class Per