Qt QCombobox changes the scroll arrows

Hello i have a problem with the ComboBox in QT. I have searched for a while now but i could not find any information. I have to build a Combobox to select some Data http://fs5.directupload.net/images/160606/2ekorosf.png The up and down arrows at the

How can I load the summary content of the website faster?

I have a method on MasterPage of my website and it loads the summary contents of my Website like Last News, Last Posts, Most visited Posts and etc. all data have been load from SQL database tables. this method call per user visit (over 40000 time a d

Android Activity Recognition does not work with Nexus 5

I had a code working that was using Google's Activity Recognition Updates. Now all of a sudden these seem to send updates either several times per second or never although requested every 20 seconds. I haven't changed the code and checked earlier ver

Added the top right button of the block level items

How would I add a button to the top right of block level elements? Lets say i have : <div>some content here</div> and lets say this content is long enough to make a "block", how would I format to have a button at the TOP RIGHT of the

Differential AJAX updates for HTML table?

I have a game that's based on a 25x20 HTML table (the game board). Every 3 seconds the user can "move," which sends an AJAX request to the server, at which time the server rerenders the entire HTML table and sends it to the user. This was easy t

How to sort a vector against another vector?

I have few vectors with same data type as. v < int > = {5,4,1,2} v2 < int > = {2,4,3,5,1,6,8,7} v3 < int > = {1,4,2,3} There is any way to sort vector v2 , v3 ... with respect to vector v using STL of C++(algorithm) so that after sorting

Fire Click Event on Nearest Parent

I have to refactor an existing GWT web project, with no existing test cases. Before I start I want to create test cases for common action. I am trying to write a test case with zombie.js. But my problem is more of a general javascript challenge. Take

Extracting an output section from STDOUT

After about the 5th time today that I did for /? and spaced through all of the screens to get to the bottom for the substitution reference I decided to come up with a way to get just it quick and easy. After awhile, I came up with: for /? | more +118

Python regex to PHP?

I'm trying to convert a Python script into PHP. The following 2 regular expressions work in Python: '/\*\*([\w\n\(\)\[\]\.\*\'\"\-#|,@{}_<>=:/ ]+?)\*/' '(?:\* ([\w\d\(\),\.\'\"\-\:#|/ ]+)|(?<= @)(\w+)(?: (.+))?)' ...however, if I try to

Sign in to multiple websites by logging in to my site

I want to create a site in php such that, when user would login to my website, then they can add their favorite website and enter its login information once. My site will save his login information for other sites in my database, and the next time, u

Replacing util.pump () with Node.js

I recently updated to the latest version of Node.js (1.10~) from 0.8~, and I've been getting a message when running that says: util.pump() is deprecated. Use readableStream.pipe() instead. I've tried to switch my functions to say readableStream.pipe(

Latex PostScript files are blurred

I use Mac OS X's Preview to view pdf and PostScript files. However some ps files generated with latex appear blurred, for example, alt text http://img261.imageshack.us/img261/4686/picture1ky5.png Is there a way to solve this issue?I've been bothered

Processing: Draw a vector instead of pixels

I have a simple Processing Sketch, drawing a continuous line of ellipses with a 20px diameter. Is there a way to modify the sketch so that it draws vector shapes instead of pixels? void setup() { size(900, 900); background(110, 255, 94); } void draw(

grep or sed - need to extract a particular text

How would I extract only a substring of matched text. I have an XML file with multiple lines. However this is what I am concerned with. <url>/localhost/index.html</url> I tried cat file.txt | grep -o '<url>.*</url>' It gave me the

Shuffle: sorting influence

Does the line with the sort result in a more random array or is the sort here only a waste? use List::Util qw(shuffle); @random1 = shuffle sort keys %vocables; @random2 = shuffle keys %vocables; If placing a sort before the shuffle made a difference,

IPhone camera images are rotated when downloaded from the Web

I'm using UIImagePickerController to take a photo in portrait mode on the iphone and save to the web. The photo appears in portrait on the phone, but rotates 90 degrees on the web. If I download the photo and look at it in Preview (mac) or Photoshop

.NET API to Determine VM Fragmentation

Is there a .NET API for getting detailed info on VM use? I'm specifically interested in determining how fragmented my address space is. Thanks!The kind of Windows API functions that can give you some insight in this are VirtualQueryEx() to enumerate

Alternatives for the switch statement

I am developing an Wicket application. But my question is not really Wicket related. In that app I have a horizontal menu. This menu is created by few links. On clicking the link you will be navigated to some page. Now based on the page you are curre

All resources and CSS Sprites files

While there are many resources for Icons, free graphic files why can't i find any that hosts CSS Sprite images so that as a web developer that saves me time from uploading, stacking and doing nonsense stuff rather than developing the website.(I am no

Haskell Eq between different types

I need to use this data structure data D = C Int Float and I need to compare it with an Int, for example a::D == 2. How can I create an instance to define this kind of Eq ? Thank you!You can't; == has signature a -> a -> Bool, so it can't be used li

Sending an e-mail from a Web site without a Server-Side script

I'm trying to send a simple email from my website using a HTML form. I am not allowed to use any server-side scripting. I'm wondering if it's possible to send a simple message from a HTML form using maybe Jscript or Javascript or DHTML or VBscript or

Reading and writing C ++ vector to a file

For some graphics work I need to read in a large amount of data as quickly as possible and would ideally like to directly read and write the data structures to disk. Basically I have a load of 3d models in various file formats which take too long to

The Laravel 5.4 field has no default value

I am having this error and none of the googled result i checked is similar to my problem. I have an application with class Deal, User, and Matches A deal has many matches. A user has many matches. A user has many deals. I am attempting to create a ne

-f command in Perl does not work on my system

I have windows 7, I am trying to open a directory and print all filenames in the directory but the -f command is not working on my system. The program is as follows: enter code here $directory = '\Users'; opendir(DIR, $directory) or die $!; while ($f