Increasing the MySQL Server Timeout Value

I have a find() call which sometimes takes a long time to complete, depending on the date range selected by the user. This can sometimes cause the server to time out (2006: MySQL server has gone away), causing the find() to fail. I have tried alterin

Python - Spaces in File Names

Possible Duplicate: How to escape os.system() calls in Python? Is there a Python method of making filenames safe (ie. putting \ infront of spaces and escaping ( , ), symbols) programatically in Python?Spaces are already "safe" for Python in open

How to detect that emacs are in terminal mode?

In my .emacs file, I have commands that only makes sense in graphical mode (like (set-frame-size (selected-frame) 166 100)). How do I run these only in graphical mode and not in terminal mode (i.e. emacs -nw). Thanks!The window-system variable tells

Counter repeater of a line with itertools?

I want to write an infinte generator using itertools that combines a the count and repeat iterators, by repeating each number n times before incrementing. Is there a more concise way to do it than what I came up with? from itertools import * def repe

Quick locking with Alamofire

I am making API calls to a server. I am leveraging Alamofire to handle this. I'm trying to create a function that uses Alamofire's GET function to return an object based on a custom class that holds the various outputs provided by this GET function.

Look at several variables with the full name unknown

I have an Angular controller as follows: function SignUpController($window, accountService) { var vm = this; vm.errors = null; vm.user = null; vm.submit = function (user) { accountService.signup(user) .then(function (response) { $window.location.href

Chain difference by single letter

I want to find out wheather a string has single mismatch. 1)CHARACTER INTERCHANGE W/O DISTURBING PATTERN ACRPG0182F v/s ACRPG0812F ACNPA4428K v/s ACHPA4428K 2)CHARACTER LENGTH DIFFERS BY 1 DIGIT ACRPG0182F v/s ACRPG0812 ACRPG0182F v/s CRPG0812F In ca

UIViewController is retained

In my application, I have three UIViewController objects. V1 -> V2 -> V3 When I move from V2 to V3, I'm using push and from V3 to V2 using pop. But somehow, the objects of V3 are being retained. I thought that when we do pop, all the objects - V3 ob

Link the template to the custom directive

I attempt to provide a model(geography) in the controller as an input to a directive in angularJs1.3 - index.html <html lang="en" ng-app="directivesApp"> <head> <script src="js/angular.min.js"></script>

SQL Aggregate function issues using DISTINCT function

I'm needing help with a question that I've been racking my brain on for two days now (Almost), on this assignment. I'm still pretty new to SQL and I'm just struggling. I DO NOT WANT THE ANSWER!! I'm just looking for help getting going in the right di

Excel string sharing on html tags

I am searching since a while for a solution to this and I am sure it exists. I came close but I am simply not able to get it working: I have a excel file with a list of products and their 3 selling points in html. A1 contains the string: <li>Selling

Image from a byte failure

I have a function called: DisplayAndSaveImageFromByteArray. by its name you probably understand what i am trying to do. In the bytearray the values are pixeldata. so like this 255,220,130,0, etc.. The size of the byte is the Width and the Height of t

SharpZipLib ~ File version

How do I get the version attribute of a file? I tried the "Version" prop but it gives me the same number for all files My Code: while (getNextEntry) { ZipEntry entry = inStream.GetNextEntry(); getNextEntry = (entry != null); if (getNextEntry) {

How to make a variable to use For Loop

How can I put textboxes in a for loop in VBA Access? txta1=a(1) txta2=a(2) txta3=a(3) We had in FoxPro: txta&i =a(i) try this for i=1 to n me.controls("txta" & i)=a(i) next i

JQuery Hide Function Does Not Work in Safari

I have created the following code to show and hide divs. This shows one div at a time and hides the others. This works on all browsers except Safari. HTML <div class="buttons"> <a class="button" id="showdiv1">Div

Jquery problem with passing function click to run

I would like to push data from mysql db to div every x seconds. at window.setTimeout(update, 60000); - how to pass in the function into it again??? Not too sure about the syntax for passing in function call. Here's the code for referen

How to create a new getter in the Magento grid

I have the following piece of code in my custom module grid. $this->addColumn('action', array( 'header' => Mage::helper('module')->__('Action'), 'width' => '100', 'type' => 'action', 'getter' => 'getId', 'actions' => array( array( 'ca

ASP.NET FTP Download

I have a need to push out a file package that includes a driver via my website for download. The only issue is it cannot be transferred in ASCII mode or else it becomes corrupt. I've looked at alternatives for FTP download but would rather not have a

Algorithm to name embedded images in OpenOffice

I need to embed images inside OpenOffice Text documents without the help of OpenOffice itself. For that I need to work directly inside the zip archive and modify the appropriate xml files. The problem I have now is that OpenOffice stores embedded pic

Phoenix Slow response time

I've started getting slow responses for every single page in my website. I'm not sure how this came about. Phoenix logging reports micro or milliseconds, yet the actual response time has a noticeable delay, always around half a second as reported by

compare channels when typing

I'm having some difficulty with a string comparison function. I have a textbox that has a keyup event. when a key is pressed, it calls a function to compare what is in the text box with a list of values. I want to be able to allow the user to type a

Execute the program without ending it

how can i select 1 or 2 or 3 and after running the program back to select option menu ... i dont want my program ending after select 1 or 2 how can i do that ... thanks in advance. this is my selecting option program ... public class Dialog { AddList

setTimeout () does not work with onClick

I have a button (in apDiv126) which when clicked shows an image (which is in apDiv129) <div id="apDiv126"style="display:none"><input name="Yep" type="image" src="accept.png" onClick=toggle_div('ap

generic OCaml chronometer function

I am trying to implement a generic timer function in OCaml which will take as input a function of arbitrary arity and return type 'r and returns a function with: the same arity and types of input parameters , and return type float * 'r where the floa

Faucet Earphone for List Item of Polymer Iron?

I have a custom element that utilizes iron-list to display an array of objects. Each item is generated via a template as follows: <iron-list id="projectList" items="[[projects]]" indexAs="_id" as="projLI" class=&