How to call fgets in the x86 assembly?

According to the documentation for fgets(), the function takes three parameters: char * - a string that will hold the input int - an integer that represents the maximum number of characters to read FILE * - a FILE * to the stream to read from I have

Examples of application of the c # 2008 visual database

i just have a few weeks programming with vc# (2008) and i'm trying to build an application (winforms) and i have the following problem... i need my application to work with and without connection to the mssql database, this sounds like piece of cake

The library works when called in Form1, but not otherwise

I have this library I've downloaded it and compiled it to DLL. At first I had a weird problem that it haven't worked in my project, but it did (in the exact same code) worked in the demo project, but i

Bootstrap 3.2 jQuery in Modes mode

I want to use some jQuery in my Modals. For like form validation, but the problem is more general. I load the content of the modals from another html-file. In Bootstrap 3.1.x it worked with just putting the jQuery code at the end of the html file fro

Decimal to Fraction Conversion

I have a method that is converting a decimal (double value) into a fraction and putting the numerator and denominator values into an int[] of size 2. Testing it works out fine for most values except when I hit 0.0001. Then the return value is 1.0/1.0

How to return a certain Boolean value in a recursive function?

I want to make a recursive function that determines if a string's characters all consist of alphabets or not. I just can't figure it out. Here's what I've done so far but it doesn't work properly. bool isAlphabetic(string s){ const char *c = s.c_str(

Unable to overwrite bootstrap-sass font with font

I am using bootstrap-sass and the font-awesome ( gems. I would like to override the bootstrap font setting from that of font-awesome. From font-awesome's site I can override the bootstrap defaults

How to insert a record in MVC4?

How to insert a record in MVC4 with Entity Framework? here is my viewpage: @foreach (var item in Model) { <tr> <td> @Html.DisplayFor(modelItem => item.brand_id) </td> <td> @Html.DisplayFor(modelItem => item.brand_name) </t

Understanding Persistence.xml in JPA

I am trying to understand the following things: When I make an EJB project and deploys it to Glassfish do I set up JDBC resources/connection pools at the administrator center of Glassfish or do I add all the different properites for username, passwor

Use a DIV as input

Sorry if this question is very basic, but I'm trying to get back into programming and I'm stuck with this. I want to have text input into a <div> in HTML, but I don't want the default chat box that comes with <input>. I just want it to directl

Is there a Drupal module available to support video and image?

I'm new to drupal, I want something like this, is there is any module supporting both video and picture, please suggest me how to achieve this!!! Module which provides your required functionality is Dynamic display block module. But there are other m

Need help with SQL query in Azure Stream Analytics

I am working in streaming of data by using Azure Stream analytics job which will use T SQL Query. I Have the following Requirement: I can do it by using case and sum statements, but I have lot of countries and issues (L3), so is there any pivot optio

Are .NET modules secure?

I have a .NET module that I need to call from an instantiated class. Can I count on only one object at a time being able to access the functions in a module (something like instantiating a module) or will I need to look at locking within the class? I

jQuery setting input field value

I have a form to edit user and i would like to insert user data from database into forms' fields. What i do is Link <a href="javascript:void(0)" onclick="editUser('/edit/${user.login}')">Edit</a> Script function editUser(ur

Update the Boolean value in a dictionary

I am trying to update a boolean value in a plist dictionary in an iphone app. The plist dictionary contains several strings and two boolean values. Below is my current code. I first define the plist and then define the NSMutableDictionary. When the t

React.js - reactive-google-maps events return

I'm using the react-google-maps package in React but I'm struggling to get the onDrag event from the component. My code is as follows: import React, {Component} from 'react'; import GoogleAddressAutocomplete from './googleaddressautocomplete.js'; imp

Source not available for Crystal report on visual studio 2013

I'm developing a windows application with c#. I want to generate a report with data which i stored in MySQL database. I used SAP crystal report to generate it. but after clicking generate button (button used for generating a report) there is an error

Django Mysql Complex annotations require an alias

I am trying to use variable as filter key value. All variables take exact values i want but then i get this error. here is my view: @api_view(['POST']) def map_data(request): query_id = request.POST.get('queryId', 1) group_name = request.POST.get('gr

How to pause while some processes take place in loops (delphi)

how can i pause and resume in application while working with loops i can put some sleep(xxx) at begininsg of my loop to pause ,but i want pause when ever i want and resume when i ever i need any ideas ? thanks in advance ok here is alittle more expla

How does the lambda function takeOrdered function in pySpark?

I can't quite get the behavior of lambda in following code: rdd = sc.parallelize([5,3,1,2)] rdd.takeOrdered(3,lambda s: -1*s) From what I have understood, lambda applies an operation to all elements in a list, so I expected above code to return [-1,-

Regular expression for date

I have a date format like: YYYY-MM-DD, as we all know that the months only contains numbers like 01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,09,10,11,12. How can I actually write a regular expression that allows me to only get the correct months as well as dates. I coul

validation of the JSON code

the following bit of JSON code is seen as invalid in two independent validators (but I have a suspicion that some validators would accept it). Since I know very little about JSON, could anybody please point out the mistake? { "cz": "CZ 5174