Str () prints first regardless of the order in R

I am writing a function that would give the dim() and str() of a given dataset. JustfunFun <- function(.csv) { csv <- read.csv(.csv) dimVal <- dim(csv) print("The dimension of the dataset is:") strVal <- str(csv) print("The stru

Checking the list box in

I have two listbox controls Listbox1 and Listbox2. I want to get the count of items of Listbox2 which are selected from Listbox1 in c#? Suppose i have total 7 items in Listbox1 and from those i have selected only 3 items in Listbox2 control. I want t

Regular expression corresponding to nested TAGs

Hello I'm trying to match multi-nested quote's blockquotes and transform them back into BBCode This is what I got so far as far as regex is involved Converted it back to html entities to be seen on stackedoverflow <div class="quoteheader">

Key Key Foreign key relationship with different values

I want to create a foreign key relationship in a table but the column which i want to give relationship has an extra character. For example in primary key if it is PPL in the other table(Foreignkey) it is PPL.M. Could some one tell me how can I give

Ignore characters & ldquo; & Rdquo; In rope

I want to have a program that will be able to write to the file: addr_new = serverInfo.REGION_DICT[0][serverNum]["channel"][serverChannel]["ip"] , but must ignore the characters "" in the text My restult: Visual studio does n

Pop-up menu associated with Windows 8 specific file type

There is a need to add item to particular file type's context menu. In Windows 7 and previous versions that's done by adding HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\<extension>\shell\<commandname>\command key with value of @="<path_to_app> \"%1\&quo

Selection of the comparable company

I have been at this problem for a while, let me explain. I would like to find companies with similar business models, i.e. they do similar things. I have searched for various ways to model out companies based on their business description to compare

Different ways to quit a C ++ process

There are various ways of exiting a process: e.g.: ExitProcess, ExitThread (from the main thread), exit, abort, return from main, terminate. I'd like to know the effects each method has on static/global/automatic object destruction. For example, I ha

How to automatically install an application on your iphone?

I'm looking to find a way to install an app automatically on an iphone. An example would be: I have an app called It's located on my desktop on my mac. When I plug in my iphone to my computer it automatically installs on to my iphone.

I need help writing a summation query in MySQL

I have a table that looks like this: posid sales eid 1 20 001 1 20 002 1 30 001 2 30 001 1 30 002 2 30 001 1 30 002 2 20 002 2 10 002 I want to write a query that would give me sum of sales for each employee on particular pos. the result needs to be

Problem with HTML form submit

Can anyone tell me why this form does not properly submit values to server? <form method="post" action="http://www.***.com/index.php/session/authenticate" class="form login" id="login_form"> <div class=&quo

How do I send a dataset to be bound in the Controller action?

How I need to send the data from the client in order to get it in Save action? Mean while the contacts list I get in Save action is null. I checked fiddler and it sends id=1&address=a&id=2&address=b. I realize that I need to do something in or

Reply to Button using KeyBIndings

I want to make a program with these goals: 1) Make a JButton 2) Attach the button to a key (The "A" Key) using KeyBindings 3) Execute some code when "A" is clicked Here is the code I have so far: // Imports Public class Test{ JButton b

C # multi-casting example

Could someone write this literally for me so I can understand how the casting is being carried out? The amount of brackets confuses me. (Dictionary<String, String>)((Object[])e.Result)[1]; Was only able to find simple cast examples searching (possib

C ++ function pointer as a template

I just started on C++ so sorry if this is a newbie-ish question. I searched all over the web and didn't find anything about this. In fact I wasn't even sure how to formulate my search... I saw this code somewhere: template <class T> struct SomeStruc

How to deselect a double void pointer to an int pointer

I have a code that looks somewhat like this: int num = 5; int *ptr = # void **xptr = &ptr; printf ("values:%d\n",**(int *)xptr); Why can't i de-reference a void double pointer,which points to an int pointer ? The below two examples work. Sni

Defining Data Frame Column Levels in R

I am trying to redefine the levels that are assigned when I am using cbind to create a dataframe from select columns of other dataframes. The dataframes contain integers, and the rownames are strings: outTable<-data.frame(cbind(contRes$wt, bRes$log2F

What is wrong with this WPF link?

The instance of the class is a private member of the view code exposed as a public property named "ViewModel".You are setting the DataContext of the Grid to a string equal to "ViewModel". You need to make sure the DataContext property