Show a custom mouse on a bubble chart in Highchart JS

I have a Bubble Chart made through HighChart JS Module. The bubble chart is normal and is doing what it's suppose to do, the only issue I have with it that I want a customized output on hovering on a data bubble. Have a look at JSFiddle I created her

Using jQuery Load to get part of the page

All, I'm using Wordpress so I know the main content falls within the following div: <div id="content" role="main"> I'm trying to use the jQuery load function to display only the content in between those tags. How can I say the id

Local SVG snap.load () fails to load

I am using the example HTML file called tutorial from the adobe-webplatform Snap.svg / demos / tutorial on Github. I changed the location of mascot.svg so that it will point to the local file. However my SVG file will not load and I get this error me

Get a value from the database in C #

Afternoon all! So, I'm trying to get a value from my database and this is my sample code: MySqlCommand cmd = new MySqlCommand("Select * from tbluser where userName ='" + txtUser.Text + "' and userPass ='" + txtPass.Text + "'"

How to use clang / llvm with Eclipse CDT

Is it possible to use Clang/LLVM with Eclipse CDT and if so, how is it configured to actually make it work?I am the main author of the (only) LLVM plug-in for Eclipse CDT. It is still in development so might not be suitable for production environment

SQL Injection Prevention with PHP for SQL Server and PDO

This question already has an answer here: How to escape strings in SQL Server using PHP? 13 answers I can sanitize and validate my input as much as possible but that definitely doesn't cover everything and if I scrub hard enough, thoroughly enough, I

Xamarin iOS Crash with Twilio Client

I have a crash in a Xamarin app that is using the Twilio Client Component. I use the "Getting Started" code to make a simple app that makes a phone call out when I click a button. From the crash log I see a reference to "CRASHING_DUE_TO_PRI

Lisp code screening

During web searching, I found the following comment : Traditional Lisp debugging practices can still be used. What are the traditional debugging practices? Normally, what tools are used for debugging lisp (with/without emacs)?I don't know what Bill m

How important is the sizeof parameter (sockaddr_in)

In functions as connect() the last parameter is the size of the sockaddr_in structure. All well, but sin_zero is unused (the system doesn't "pop sin_zero" as I understood in

Replace all the words of the table in php

How can I find & highlight all words from array in text? example: $words = array('Test', 'I', 'tHiS', 'diFFerent'); Expecting result is: Hi, i'm in this simple test I'd like to show you who we can replace different words. $str = preg_replace("~(&

jQuery: Why does it create two list items from an item

I have been trying to create a list within a specific div using jQuery that should be working as a menu that links to certain recipes within the page. Hence, the list is determined on the recipes in the html. I have managed to create the id for each

Code can not find class

I have a class called ContactList that i make a instance of, but it claims it doesnt exist the Class is in the App_code folder and i have other pages that i could access other classes from, only this one wont work. Image of error using System; using

interacting with a CMutex without MFC

We have multiple MFC apps, which use CMutex( false, "blah" ), where "blah" allows the mutex to work across process boundaries. One of these apps was re-written without MFC (using Qt instead). How can I simulate the CMutex using Win32 c

IntelliJ - Bower command not found

I'm trying to initialise bower on a AngularJS project created with IntelliJ. I could install it correctly in the project using npm install bower But when I run bower init I get bower: command not found even if I can see it in my project, into the nod

Filter a list of criteria

I am trying to Filter a list on Multiple columns. I know I can loop thru the list collection and filter the records, is there any better way? My first criteria is colA != "X" and if colA == "Y"than check for colB value for this type on

Changing the title of the user control's parent page

I am a newbie to I have an page which uses a user control. On Page_Load event of this control, I want to change the title of the parent aspx page. I need help on this please.You can try create a property in usercontrol and next call

How to shorten this code to avoid code duplication?

I had this question for quite a bit long. I am trying to visualize the 3 doors problem, just for fun and practice with Swift. So I have: 3 doors, and therefore 3 different IBActions & 3 functions for all doors. These function are all exactly the same

div height filling rest of space white

I'm trying to make my orange div to get all of the white space in height. Im using 1920x1080 monitor. When i open bottom code in my page i have white space under red, blue and green div's. I wanna orange div to move my red, blue, green div's down and

Why should I use affirmations?

I never got the idea of asserts -- why should you ever use them? I mean, let's say I were a formula driver and all the asserts were things like security belt, helmet, etc. The tests (in debug) were all okay, but now we want to do racing (release)! Sh

Need to create a web application in osgi

I have to create a dynamic web project with osgi. Referred different link available on internet but all of them are not useful. Please give me useful link or suggest me some way to create a web application with osgi. I am new in osgi development so i

jQuery validation check a single element

I want to validate an element with jQuery validation. How should I do that? My element conditions are: its length is more than 5 and it is a required field. My element code: <input type="password" name="password_field" /> I don't

Recursive confusion

Hello everyone I had a tough time understanding recursive function calls and just when I thought I have understood them, I saw a question which made me realized that I am wrong I am not able to understand the flow of the program #include <stdio.h> v