Copying characters from a string into an array in a new array

I'm making a program to test whether or not strings in an array are palindromes. I'm trying to take the strings from one array and take out any spaces or other characters so that it is only letters or digits. Then taking the "clean" strings and

Need to clear local storage with a check box

I understand local storage is cleared using: localStorage.clear(); How would you use this with a checkbox? Let's say you have a checkbox: <input type="checkbox" id="all" value="" name="all"> Remove All I'd pre

I want my UILabel to follow my UISlider value

I follow the code of user2207904 on viewDidLoad I create 20 sliders and 20 labels then my 20 labels take the values of my faders (label.text= [NSString stringWithFormat:@"%i", slvalue];) but like this if I move my labels don't follows my faders

Are CollectionViewSources Negligible?

tldr: CollectionViewSource.Filter is overwritten by another control. How can I have two tiers of filtering so that the control only sees a prefiltered collection? I have a third-party gridcontrol that I bind to a collection in my viewmodel via an ICo

A: hierarchical condition with multiple and parallel results

I am looking for an elegant solution to the following problem: I need to allocate owners to firms based on different matching criteria. These matching criteria are of different quality, hence criteria with weaker quality should only be used if higher

How to keep your own debug lines without checking them out?

When working on some code, I add extra debug logging of some kind to make it easier for me to trace the state and values that I care about for this particular fix. But if I would check this in into the source code repository, my colleagues would get

Puppet - Apply the table to the resource

Consider the following snippet : define custom::line_mgmt ($file, $line) { exec { "/bin/echo '${line}' >> '${file}'" } } When the custom::line_mgmt is used to insert a single pattern, it works as expected : $demovar = "TEST1" cus

put a restful restoration behind NAT

As I understand it, it is not simply possible to implement a rest webservice on a device which is behind NAT. So i was searching for some solutions for this. Is it possible to use long polling in order to implement the webservice? this way, the local

Multi-Line SQL Split Values

I have table : id | name 1 | a,b,c 2 | b i want output like this : id | name 1 | a 1 | b 1 | c 2 | b If you can create a numbers table, that contains numbers from 1 to the maximum fields to split, you could use a solution like this: select tablename.

Double-linked to list Null pointer extinction

I'm trying to work on a remove function for a doubly linked list, but I keep getting a Null Pointer exception on the =; part. I don't think I really understand what a null pointer exception is, because I have no idea wh

Deserialize the json string string array

Lets assume I have the following JSON Object: { "Key": "\"QTuY+0m31w2QiZGl4h+W8w==\"", "Value": [ "addgroup", "viewgroup", "editgroup" ] } How can I deserialize the Value part in a C# s

How to initialize multiple C ++ variables to the same value?

Would this work? double a = 2.0, x, y, z = 0.50; Would the second line of code work properly and initialize x, y, z each to 0.50?Your code leaves x and y uninitialized. However, a slight rearrangement can save you from repeating an initial value: dou

Django Can not Find Model Directory

I know there are many questions similar to this one, but none has solved my problem yet. Python version: 3.4 Django version: 1.8 I get TemplateDoesNotExist at /lfstd/ when loading BASE_DIR = os.path.dirname(os

AngularJS - ng Show - Does it make the DOM composition?

I know that even if ngShow evaluates to false, it still performs dirty checking inside the directive. So does ngShow (like ng-show=false): compose the DOM inside ngShow (since it has to do $compile) and then hides/removes the contents, or only perfor

access to s3 images in case of sensitivity

I was using express in node.js where it was serving static images in a case-insensitive way, but when I moved to s3, I found that the images are case sensitive. Is there any way in amazon s3, to serve the static files (images) in a case insensitive w

Function Parse inside Json

I have this JSON as a result of the function JSON.stringify(): {"get":"function (f,g){'use strict';var h,i;if(i={},'string'==typeof f){if('object'==typeof g)for(h in g)i[h]=g[h];i.url=f}else if('object'==typeof f)for(h in f)i[h]=f[h];return

How to back up 100 mysql databases on both localhost?

I have 100 databases in my localhost. I want to backup all of them at once. I want a quick method to do this. Is there anyway to backup all databases at once?check this url

Project MVC 5 with solution, packages and nuget

I am working on NetCollab which is similar to WebCollab. I m working on this project on Computer A. When I clone this project from another computer, Computer B, i have to restore packages. Then I see lot of items

Use NSScanner or NSRange to find NSSet objects

Basically I'm trying to find NSSet objects contained in a url for my webview. How would I use NSScanner or NSRange to do this? Below is what I'm working with. //External file links NSURL* externalURL = [request URL]; NSString *externalFileExtension =

Back dynamic array of VBA function

I am trying to create a function that outputs an array. However, I got the Function call on left-hand side must return Variant or Object. How can I return a dynamic array from this function? Public Function Fibonacci_Array(max As Integer) As Integer

How to perform a click event programmatically?

I have a HyperLink given below, <a href="" id="click1" target="_blank" >Apply now</a> I want to click the Link programatically on page load. can I do it?Try with trigger on page load like $(function(){