JQuery .get (), submit values ​​in / off form

I am trying to submit a bid to my php system using a get request ".get()". I've been trying to interpret the documentation, and I feel like I have most of the steps correct. Regardless, here is my html: <div id="1001AIE0322921TTGOD"

Scrape screenshot using Phantomjs, results stored in MYSQL

I am looking to scrape this website: http://www.machinerytrader.com/list/list.aspx?ETID=1&catid=1002 I initially tried to use PHP to do this, but discovered that the body html is encrypted. And so it appears this html is best accessed using a headles

Asp.net mvc api json wrapper

I Have an asp.net mvc api controller method that has a List as its return method. When called it returns this json data: [ { "AreaName": null, "AreaId": 0, "DestinationName": "Alanya", "DestinationId": 14,

Using the PS2 USB Controller in C # .NET

I'm attempting to create a program that takes input from a usb ps2 hand controller, translate and passes the info to a rs232 device. I already have everything working for the rs232 device. The problem is interfacing with a usb controller. There doesn

JSON.stringify () does not escape the apostrophe

...using JSON2.js and JQUERY as you can see from the first image the object property customerReport.Title has an apostrophe. In the code you can see that I'm calling JSON.stringify() into reportAsJson string which still has the unescaped apostrophe.

Scale HTML proportionally to fit exactly the size A4 PDF

I am using PHP, Mysql, jQuery. I have a webpage that is to be converted into high-res A4 size PDF: http://optisolbusiness.com/funeral_site/sample/index/id/255. I have converted the HTML to PDF using wkhtmltopdf, which works great. Here is the generat

Error execution (22: 7): ORA-06550

HELLO I'm student and I'm new with oracle I trying somethings but have a problem with this procedure and I didnt find the where is it.I hope you can help me Thank you in advance.. error msg : [Error] Execution (23: 7): ORA-06550: line 1, column 7: PL

What is the best H2 or HSQLDB?

HSQLDB 2.0 is soon to be released. I wonder if it will outperform H2 since, as far as I know, most users prefer H2 than HSQLDB. I am interested in the MVCC support of HSQLDB 2.0. I have learned that MVCC on H2 is still experimental. With regards to s

newspaper / history of iPhone calls

I'm doing some research on the feasibility of an iPhone application, and can't find any indication in Apple's documentation that an iPhone app can read the call history of the phone, specifically the number called, when, and the duration... I also ne

Pharo gitFileTree: how to block commit (step only)

How can I config gitFileTree/Monticello don't commit on project save ? I have some out-of-tree files in local git repo (autogenerated sources) and I want to do commit manually: first stage all changes in Smalltalk system, then stage all external file

Air XmlHttpRequest time time if the remote server is offline?

I'm writing an AIR application that communicates with a server via XmlHttpRequest. The problem that I'm having is that if the server is unreachable, my asynchronous XmlHttpRequest never seems to fail. My onreadystatechange handler detects the OPENED

How do I use the ajax tools controls in my web application?

I'm trying to use some of Ajax toolkit controls in my ASP .net application but it seems that it does not work . I want to use Modal popup in my form but the panel that must shown on popup , displayed on browser and the button do nothing . why it does

jquery radio button group problem

I have a radio group which is validated for required. It works fine except when in certain cases I need to disabled first radio button leaving user to select one from remaining. Even in this case radios are validated but error message is not displaye

How do you color the NAnt output?

We are looking at using NAnt as a deployment tool for our internal (usually web based) applications. One of our (many) current solutions uses colored output on the commandline to indicate if there was a problem with the installation (green and red).

How to create a JSON string from a JSON object

This question already has an answer here: Serializing to JSON in jQuery [duplicate] 11 answers I am trying to take a JSON object and build a JSON string but I'm not sure how to do it. This is what I have so far that is giving me the correct output. v

Remote Debugging of Safari on Windows

With the release of iOS 6, Apple implemented a feature called remote debugging A client is having problems with my webapp since installing the new iOS 6 and I can't figure out the issue. It doesn't seem to be an issue with caching of AJAX requests, b

select from a table, insert it into another sql oracle table

I am trying to select data from one table and insert the data into another table SELECT ticker FROM tickerdb; Using OracleSql I am trying to get the ticker symbol "GOOG" from the tickerdb table, and insert the t.ticker into the stockdb table. se

Generate the decision table in C # programmatically?

I have this situation that I need to let users define decisions based on the number of given conditions. For example my program needs to automatically generate a matrix as below given that there are two conditions (IsMale and IsSmoker): IsMale: YES Y

Python to list of lists

I know this has already been ask many ways, and I tried to read most of them, but still having trouble... I have the nested dictionary city = {'centerLatitude': '40', 'centerLongitude': '-86', 'listings': {'A Name Here': {'address': 'the address', 'c

listing all functions in a python module

I have a python module installed on my system and I'd like to be able to see what functions/classes/methods are available in it. I want to call the doc function on each one. In ruby I can do something like ClassName.methods to get a list of all the m


this is my function, where i post json only function test() { var imgFile = document.getElementById('image'); // var imgData = JSON.stringify(getBase64Image(imgElem)); //var imgData = Convert.FormBase64String(imgElem); $.ajax({ type: 'POST', dataType