Creating a Contextual Calendar in an Excel VSTO Project

I'm trying to use the System.Windows.Forms.MonthCalendar control within a VSTO Excel workbook. I want the MonthCalendar to pop up when I click a button in the ribbon, but so far I can't get the control to display at all. Private Sub DeliveryDateFromC

C # / LINQ - having trouble querying the database with LINQ

I have a database with two entities, A and B. A and B have a many-to-many relationship between them (there's also an AB table too that is created automatically to realize this). A has A_prop (key) and B has B_prop (key). I want to, given a specific B

How to have a multiple instance of the same servlet on Tomcat

I write a servlet and this servlet must to be instanced many times in the same server. How to do that ? Is that some alias or parameter to define many "web servers" from the same servlet (with different parameters) Thanks for your help Thierry V

Capture node.js crash reason

I have a script written in node.js, it uses 'net' library and communicates with distant service over tcp. This script is started using 'node script.js >> log.txt' command and everything in that script that is logged using console.log() function gets

Iterate via json_encode array in PHP

i'm having problem on how to iterate in the array in json_encode. I do ajax POST, in where i have a looping code that do "array push" in jQuery, something like this: $(this).closest('tr.header').nextUntil('.header').each(function(){ i++; var for

Does UIKit have classes for contextual popups?

A number of apps use contextual popups that look a bit like a "speech bubble." They have a little tail to indicate their context, ie. the control that displayed them. Are there standard UIKit (or open source) classes to create these? Yes. That t

Table unknown in MULTI DELETE

This query gives me an error in MySQL 5.1.57, works in 5.1.53 though: DELETE f FROM table1 AS f JOIN table2 AS dsy JOIN table3 AS ds JOIN table4 AS dp JOIN table5 AS dg WHERE dsy.f1 = f.f1 AND ds.f2 = f.f2 AND dp.f3 = f.f3 AND dg.f4 = f.f4 AND

Have I installed SP1?

Does the indicate that I am on the latest Service Pack, which I assume is SP1, found here? I am confused by the "SP" with no number following "Version 9.0" Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Version 9.0.30729.1 SP Microsoft .NET Framework Ve

Compare the two forms checked or not

I have two or more form. and each form contain some check box and the check value shown in a text box. I want that when I chek some check box total value will shown in a text box in that form. I want that when I check some check box of one form other

Lifecycle and fragments of Android activity

I have been working with fragments for a while and what I find frustrating that I cannot get state of activity from fragment. I cannot do something like if (getActivity().getState == ActivityState.PAUSED) Is there any universal way to handle activity

Force validation INotifyDataErrorInfo

I have implemented INotifyDataErrorInfo exactly as described in the following link: I have a TextBox which is bound to a string property in my model. XAML

Is an element an entry?

How can you check if an element is an input? if(elm.val() == null){ // is not an input } else{ // is an input } Well you know what element you are selecting. or (if you really do not know) you can do: if('input')) {} //assuming elm is a jQuery

Test with a shoulda

I'm having some difficulties in testing devise with shoulda: 2) Error: test: handle :index logged as admin should redirect to Daily page. (Admin::DailyClosesControllerTest): NoMethodError: undefined method `env' for nil:NilClass devise (1.0.6) [v] li

Why $ -reference possible to Perl array?

This question already has an answer here: What is the difference between `$this`, `@that`, and `%those` in Perl? 5 answers I am thinking how you can refer to an element in Perl array by the sign $. Minimum code my @x = @{ $_[0] }; for(my $i=0; $i<$#x

Run a macro automatically when the computer is enabled

I was wondering if there is a way to automatically run a macro as soon as I turn on the computer. I know the Sub Auto_Open which allows to run the macro as soon as I open Excel, but is there a way to run the macro when I turn on the computer ?I'm not

Shell programming in inventory book management

function add_new_book { echo "1) add_new_book" echo -n "Title :" read title echo -n "Author :" read author echo -n "Price :" read price echo -n "Qty Available : " read available echo -n "Qty Sold : &q

CQRS Validation & amp; uniqueness

In my CQRS architecture, I'd like to validate that when I send a InsertSettingCommand (setting is a key/value object), I want to check that the key doesn't already exist in my database. If I understand CQRS & validation well, it says that the validat

Query SQl Server 2005 Full Text Search for Noise / Stop Words

Is it possible to get the list of Full Text Search noise/stop words from SQL Server 2005 by querying the database? I am aware that the noise words are in a text file ~/FTData/noiseEng.txt but this file is not accessible to our application. I've look

Can not deserialize some tweets using NewtonSoft.Json

Hi All, I am running a C# console app that is using the Twitter Stream API. My code is below JToken json = JObject.Parse(ResponseStream.ReadLine()); For every +- 20 tweets, I get the following error "Error reading JObject from JsonReader". I cop

Backbone.js view + underscore.js templates

I have a div container element and inside this container element I have multiple templates. I want to selectively load templates based on the json returned from backend. It's a trivial problem but facing issues doing this. Some logical code. <div id

Draw a 2D polar mesh with ggplot2

I have data that is computed on a 2D polar mesh: # The mesh created is in two dimensions: r and theta. # Mesh steps in theta are regular, while mesh steps in r are more refined # close to the origin nb.theta <- 50 theta.max <- 130 theta <- seq(0,

SQL: Finding a missing value

I have 3 tables ID, STAT and STATVALUE with data like this in STATVALUE => ID STAT VALUE 1 10 50 1 11 60 2 10 20 2 11 30 2 12 40 3 10 10 3 11 10 3 12 10 I would like to retrieve the missing STAT with a result set like : 10 1 11 1 12 0 In this case, i