Customizing the mobile print format in a mobile application

I want to print a receipt containing text from MC75 [Windows mobile 6] and using a bluetooth printer (Zebra ). I have a code like this: is working fine. But I want to change my print format Private Sub SendZplOverBluetooth(ByVal theBtMacAddress As [S

Programmatically find outdated or disabled images

Most modern mobile cameras has a family of techniques called Image Stabilization to reduce shaky effects in photographs due the motion of the camera lens or associated hardware. But still quite a number of mobile cameras produce shaky photographs. Is

Algorithm to distribute bits evenly but with increasing density

I'm looking for an algorithm to generate a series of bits such that the density at the start of the series is very low (i.e. mostly 0s), and by the end of the series is very high (i.e. mostly 1s). I've got this to work by varying the probability that

Adding all map values ​​using std :: accumulate

I am simply trying to add values of a map defined in the program below: std::map<int, int> floor_plan; const size_t distance = std::accumulate(std::begin(floor_plan), std::end(floor_plan), 0); std::cout << "Total: " << distance

Processing the file with the VM endpoint

I'm trying to read a large file in chunks, create a list of the chunked data, and send it to a VM to further process. So for example I have 9 emails in a file and I want to process 3 at a time and put the list of 3 emails on a VM (each as a message p

Generate a report on the fire register

I am stuck figuring out a working SQL Query for the fallowing: I need to generate a Fire Register report (how many people are still inside the building) based on an Access database that records login/logout events along with some metadata. The Access

HTML page loads For iframe?

I have an iframe link from a game I have hosted on a site called Scirra. I took the embed code and it is positioned at the bottom of my page. The strange and annoying this is that once the page is opened, the page loads up and shoots straight down to

SUMIF function in PowerPivot

I'm very well versed in Excel, but very new to PowerPivot. I have a data set which includes game logs for every NBA player for every game of the season, and I want a new column which calculates the aggregate minutes played by a player's team on a giv

Is it safe to longjmp through a try block?

I have the following lua_CFunction, written in C++: int my_function(lua_State* L) { int x = 0; try { x = do_cpp_stuff_that_invokes_lua_API_as_well(); } catch(const std::exception& ex) { lua_pushstring(ex.what().c_str()); lua_error(L); } return x; } M

How to Add a Constant Value to a Pork Relationship

I want to keep the tuple count of a relation to do some calculation, what is the most efficient solution. Currently i approach it like this : G4 = GROUP D ALL; E = FOREACH G4{ total = COUNT(D); GENERATE FLATTEN(D),total as total; }; the above pig cod

Run the variable in a string

I am a ruby on rails developer and have a simple question which I am not able to figure out. location.href = "/home?selected_date="+selecteddate;"&days_ago="+dateDiff(selecteddate , todaysdate); I have to generate a URL by using th

Horizontal navigation in long lines

How can I do the following: shift faster to the right, something like zw (analogy to zl but jump on words) shift only the one long line where is the cursor. The rest of the file will remain in its position I have .vimrc settings set nowrap. That's be

Reactivate the onSclick JS event handler

I have var TestApp = React.createClass({ getComponent: function(){ console.log(this.props); }, render: function(){ return( <div> <ul> <li onClick={this.getComponent}>Component 1</li> </ul> </div> ); } }); React.renderCo

How to save images with Node.js

The further I go with my blog the more problems I hit :) Can anyone tell me what is the best way to save images. I store the data in mongodb, should I save images in there as well or should I use local file system? Thank youuse file system to store i

IF formula #Value! Error (built-in formula)

=IF(OR(F16<=$H$4,F16>=$H$5),$H$2),IF(AND(F16>$I$4,F16<$I$5),$I$2),IF((F16>=$J$4),$J$2) ^I've been fiddling with this formula for hours on end and cannot fix it. I've replaced the value of H2 I2 and J2 with "words" and have also us

change sidebarPanel with navbarPage in gloss

I'm working with the sidebarPanel, using navbarPage. I would like to "declare" only one widget (radioButtons in this example), then link each tab to the "main" sidebarPanel. As you can see, tab2 is not reactive to the relative radioBut

to divide the data in one field to another using SQL2000

Please help me to find a solution. I have data in table like ID Code 1 123,456,789,12 2 456,073 3 69,76,56 I need to list of code in row ID Code Ref 1 123,456,789,12 123 1 123,456,789,12 456 1 123,456,789,12 789 1 123,456,789,12 12 2 456,073 456 2 45

wildcard does not work to change directory

i cant use * or ? for change directory chdir ("c:\win*\system*"); how it work, i cant guess full name of windows whats that, for example WIN or winxp or win7. or how to guess whats full name of thatYou are likely misunderstanding that chdir is e

How to find a factorial?

How can I write a program to find the factorial of any natural number?This will work for the factorial (although a very small subset) of positive integers: unsigned long factorial(unsigned long f) { if ( f == 0 ) return 1; return(f * factorial(f - 1)