C ++ LNK2001: unresolved external symbol problem

Greetings. I have searched for a solution, but I think this problem is personal code specific, hence my posting here. I'll get straight to the point. In my main I have two objects. Computer *computer = new Computer(); Player *player = new Player(); I

Need to get the rest of a python iterator

Say I have an iterator. After iterating over a few items of the iterator, I will have to get rid of these first few items and return an iterator(preferably the same) with the rest of the items. How do I go about? Also, Do iterators support remove or

Sorting a hash of a hash table by internal hash value

Having a hard time wrapping my head around this, and I'm sure it's just a case of be being dense today. I have a data structure similar to this: { PDGFRA => [ { "p.N659K" => 22 }, { "p.D842Y" => 11 }, { "p.I843_S847>T&

NSUrl is not stored as absolutestring in NSUserDefault

I am referring Previous Post for storing NSURL of iPod Library in NSUserDefault. But it is not stored in NSUserDefault after application is closed. I am using other NSStrings to store in NSUserDefaults which is perfectly done, But when i store NSUrl

Git with a workspace for each different branch

What I am wanting to do is to setup a remote server to mantain code with git. I would want to generate a different workspace on every branch (including master) in order to serve the different versions at the same time. Why? I am configuring git serve

How to implement wrapper for several exceptions?

I've some modules, each containing some models what I want to parse from persisted file(s). When I read a file I don't know which module will be able to parse it, that's why I try to parse it with my first module's parser. If that fails I try with th

Regular expression with findstr (ms-back)

I am trying to use ms-dos command findstr to find a string and eliminate it from the file. At the moment I can find an explicit string but I am really struggling with regular expressions. The file looks something like the below: PLs - TULIP Report Ou

How to print abc in zyx (mirror values ​​in alpha) in java

how to print mirror value of alphabet in java? public class Alphamirror { public static void main(String[] args) { // TODO Auto-generated method stub Scanner sc=new Scanner(System.in); String s1=sc.next(); String s2=""; char c; int i; for(i=0;i&

Fade / pulse effect as used on this site

I've tried searching but can't find a definitive answer, does anyone know what Stackoverflow uses to highlight changes to a page through that fade-in orange highlight? Is it just a jquery fade or some sort of pulsate effect? So for example I've a pag

What is the reason why all types of value can not be canceled?

Is there any penalty, such that you should only set them as nullable when you really need it? ThanksVarious reasons: History: Nullable<T> didn't exist until .NET 2.0, and it can't break existing code - especially with the different boxing rules for

Create a debug IDE for a proprietary language

I am using a rather obsure, proprietary langauge called WIL/Winbatch that had an awful IDE (winbatch studio). I would like to develop an alternative environment; however, without the ability to set breakpoints, step, and examine variables, there is r

How to link the list to GridView

I have a list in a class and I want to use of this list in the other class and bind it into the gridview. In this class I make my list : namespace sample_table { public class ClassDal { public List<phone> GetAll() { using (PracticeDBEntities1 contex

How to add a double value and a list item that is double?

I tried a code double temp=0; List list=new ArrayList(); list.add(1.1); temp+=list.get(0); //error occurs here Error that occurred is as follows bad operand types for binary operator '+' first type: double second type: Object What should I do to add

Python OpenCV output list

I want to get a simple python list from the pixel colors from an image the output list should be monodimensional ordered as: output = [B1,G1,R1,B2,G2,R2,B3,G3,R3....] to get the image data: import cv2 image = cv2.imread('a.png') image array([[[ 0, 0,

How do I display a message when IE browser opens?

I have a question and maybe it is duplicate in this site but i can't find it! I want to display this message "Please open this website in firefox and you can download Mozilla Firefox from here" when users open my web in IE. How do it? Thanks in

Hibernate Back: Initialization of Antwerp proxies

In Hibernate Envers, all related collections of an entity are loaded lazily, regardless of what fetch type is set. So when auditquerying for an entity that has a collection of other entities (both audited, of course), the collection is a SetProxy at

View new properties on a custom user control in Visual Studio

I have two C# .NET projects in my solution. One project is a DLL that contains a WinForms custom UserControl. The other project is a WinForms EXE that references and uses that UserControl on a Form. I have added a handful of properties to the UserCon

Osgi Synchronization Services

It is posible to syncronize an osgi service from outside it,from an other bundle ? OsgiService oS = retrieveService(BundleContext); synchronized(oS){ ... } I dont want to alow the calls from outside a bundle to do changes during a specific method exe

website security

how to minimize threat on website?can u list the way to minimize that problem?This is an extremely broad topic, and can't really effectively be answered in one answer. But here's a few common vunerabilities you should be researching and learning abou