D3 v4 zoom in the center

Is there an obvious d3 V4 equivalent to the V3 d3.behavior.zoom() .center([width / 2, height / 2]) syntax. (I've searched around, and most working examples of manual zooming etc run in V3... and the API docs don't mention it as best I can tell. ) I a

How can I "zoom page" on the mobile browser

There are two types of zoom. The 'pinch zoom' you get on mobile browsers where content disappears off the edges of the screen. And the 'page zoom' you get on desktop browsers, like when you do Ctrl +. After 'page zoom' the page is re-flowed, so with,

how can I enlarge the image from its central point?

this is my code i m successfully zooming from top left corner but i want to zoom in from the center of the image and want to increase size of image.I tried this code till now.Help me through it please @Override public boolean onTouchEvent(MotionEvent

Google map zoom between LatLng Bounds

I have two markers on a map that should both show at the same time. This is achieved through : final LatLngBounds.Builder builder = new LatLngBounds.Builder(); for (Marker markerTemp : markers) { builder.include(markerTemp.getPosition()); } this work

zoom in / out on a scrolling image

I need to zoom in/out a picture, when I'm scrolling on that picture. I'm asking you only about how to detect scroll in/out on the picture? I'm trying this (I've found it in the internet): $('.map').scroll(function(event){ if(event.originalEvent.wheel

Change the value of the variable on scroll - jQuery

I have this variable: coords.zoom. I'm using the value of coords.zoom to set the width and height of a zoomed image, thus giving me a magnification effect. And it works great! My only problem is that I don't know how to increment (or decrement) the v

JFreeChart Tick Labels disappear when you zoom in

I'm using JFreeChart to create XYLineCharts with a "logarithmic" y-axis but am facing a bug that I just do not seem to be able to solve. My values are very low in some cases (in one such case, the y-axis values range between 4.5e-8 to 1.7112). I

Mobile site: Focus on the container rather than the whole body?

I've really got no clue how to describe the subject in English, so here is more info: Check my (temporary) website on your phone (no matter what kind one) -> Click What you'll see is the whole site including the background spread over your screen, in

D3 completely remove the 'zoom'

I'm trying to remove zoom completely from a svg. zoom = d3.behavior.zoom() .x(userNodesScaleX) .y(userNodesScaleY) .on("zoom", zoomed); userMapSvg.call(zoom); And this has added a 'rect.background' to the top of the SVG, which prevent the mouse

iOS - Pinch to zoom - using CGAffineTransform - to a point

I have a UIViewController which is calling a UIView Class, and I'm using CGAffine Transform to zoom into my UIView class instance using the following code CGAffineTransform transform = CGAffineTransformMakeScale(recognizer.scale, recognizer.scale); N

whole UICollectionView zoom

I have an iPad App where I'm using a UICollectionView and each UICollectionViewCell contains just a single UIImage. Currently I'm displaying per 9 UIImages (3 rows * 3 columns) per page, I have several pages. I would like to use Pinch Gesture to zoom

How to progressively zoom in HTML?

Let's say I have a webpage, of a cat staring on me. The image will then start zooming in on the cats eyes. Deeper, and deeper....How can I make this in HTML/CSS/JavaScript?Apply a CSS3 scale transform: $("#cat").attr('style', "transform: sc

Google Maps style zoom control

I am using the Google Maps V3 Javascript API and would like to style the zoom control. Though the Google Documentation has information about moving the Custom Controls it doesn't seem to have any for styling the custom controls. https://developers.go

Keep the zoomable image in the center of UIScrollView

In my iPhone app, I need to provide the user with an ability to zoom/pan a large-ish image on the screen. This is quite simple: I use UIScrollView, set max/min scale factors and zooming/panning works as expected. Here's where things get interesting.

Jquery Zoom Plugin?

I seem to be having a difficult time finding a plugin that will zoom into my image while leaving the rest of the image at the same size. The reason why I need it is because I am using an image map and trying to zoom into the image on a particular con

everything is zoomed

I am building the following site: http://www.verbum.xtrweb.com/soon.php But as you can see, everything is zoomed. Not if you adjust it, but I dont want users to have to adjust their view for my site. I want my site to always appear with the same zoom

iOS - Zoom on UIImageView on a UIScrollView

I'm making a picture gallery, with an amount of UIImageView inside UIScrollViews, inside a main UIScrollView. The gallery allows to change horizontally the pictures, and doing zoom on each one. It works fine in general, but the animation of zooming i

pinch the zoom in scrollview

i am making a single view app, within a scrollview which contains a UIImageView, as the image view is a magazine page, all i need to do is to make it possible to zoom properly on it and scroll, so i set up the zoom by tapping (thanks to the apple's t

Zoom layer centered on a Sprite

I am in process of developing a small game where a space-ship travels through a layer (doh!), in some situations the spaceship comes close to an enemy, and the whole layer is zoomed in on the space-ship with the zoom level being dependent on the dist

UIScrollView or UIImageView?

I need to place a photo in the screen and it should be able to be scrolled or zoomed, I know UIScrollView does these, so I alloced one, but how about my photo? I guess I should not just set the photo as the backgroundColor of my UIScrollView, and I h

uiscrollview zoom in and zoom out does not work properly

I have a uiscrollview and there is a uiimageview inside it. I want the used to be able to zoom in out of the image since it's a big image. the scrollview only needs to scroll vertically not horizontally. before adding the zooming effect I had the fol

How to edit TouchImageView by pressing twice to zoom in or out?

I am modifying the TouchImageView (https://github.com/MikeOrtiz/TouchImageView/issues) to have zoom in and out for when you double tap. I have started as per this post - How does TouchImageView works? and have added the gesture detection. Now I have

Using Google Maps Javascript API to zoom in on my own image

I'm trying to create a mobile-friendly web page that will allow a user to drag an <img> around in a <div>. I've got this working using the image.ontouchstart method. Now I want to make it so the user can pinch-to-zoom when viewing this from an

VS2010 almost always zooms in on the parchment

You know the neat text zoom feature in VS2010 where you hold down Ctrl and then use your scroll wheel? Well, this seems to happen by default (and without ever pressing Ctrl) to nearly every file I open. Usually I open a file and have to scroll to som

jQuery - executing a function on a new image

I'm a jQuery novice, so the answer to this may be quite simple: I have an image, and I would like to do several things with it. When a user clicks on a 'Zoom' icon, I'm running the 'imagetool' plugin (http://code.google.com/p/jquery-imagetool/) to lo

Zoom in & amp; Out Custom Camera - Null Pointer Exception

I am trying to Implement Zoom In & Out functionality in my Custom Camera. NullPointerException: zoomControls.setVisibility(View.GONE); I am using this : Zoom Control in Camera is not working in Android PreviewSurface.java:- public class PreviewSurfac