How to define the order of zIndex layers for geoJson layers?

I would like to have certain layers to be always on top of others, no matter in which order they are added to the map. I am aware of bringToFront(), but it does not meet my requirements. I would like to set the zIndex dynamically based on properties.

Make the text appear in front of a relatively positioned image

I have an image that is position: relative and it is going over some text. Is there a way to make the text appear in front of the image? I tried messing with z-index but to no avail. Here is my code h2 { padding-top: 100px; } img { position: relative

The border / frame overlay blocks the content

I want to have a fixed frame and the content flowing behind it. I did it with the border property. But the problem is that the content underneath the layer with the border can't be accessed. Its visible of course but you can't select text (no problem

Z index problems with iframe in IE

IE seems to ignore elements with higher z-indexes, when they overlap an iframe. Have read various other posts that suggest adding a combination of &wmode=transparent to the iframe src, and wmode="opaque" attribute to the iframe itself; thoug

Problem of z-index in chrome only

I keep getting the same issue when attacking the problem in the method offered on various sites. Q.How can i set the nav to a z-index of 1000 to appear above all other elements in the site? I have tried position: absolute & relative' within the fixed

z-index - Absolute element between two other

I have a problem understanding z-index properly. Please have a look at this fiddle I created for you: <div id="content"> 1. Content <div id="popup"> 3. PopUp </div> </div> <div id=&

CSS transformed popup can not place on top

UPDATE: This is a webkit only issue. I tried removing translate 3d & relative positioning but both didn't help. I have a 2 divs that overlap each other: one as a top bar and one as a side bar. The side bar content is rotated by 90 degrees. I need to

CSS Fixed an index problem z background

Got a site here: The issue I'm having is the blog has a div with a height of 340px and a fixed background-attachment. .full-fixed-background { position: relative; width: 100%; height: 340px; background: url

How to do two divs with transparency

I need to make div, which will have for example opacity:0.5, an inside of this will be another div, which won´t be transparent. I can´t figure this out. Even if I set z-index of inner div higher than the outter div, it´s still everything transparent.

Z-index does not work in Sub Navigation

I have a problem where my z-indexes just won't kick in and I don't really get why. I am not able to reposition the elements in the DOM, I need a purely CSS-based solution without any greater hacks I have the following navigation: <nav> <div class

Difference between auto, 0 and no z-index?

What is the difference between: z-index:auto z-index:0 no z index at all all the above scenarios are for a div that encloses two divs, div1 and div2 each having a z index which is 9 and 10 respectively. The enclosing div is in the stacking context of

Border radius, Z-index, overflow break

I have two divs with border-radius set to max to make them circles. I have a header div in the first circle with a different background-color and overflow:hidden so that it looks like the top portion of the circle is a different color. The second cir

How to change the z-index of the Blogger header

here's a link to my blog I've just started on Blogger: My Blog My problem is that when I use the 'add background image' feature, the header containing the lettering 'Will Whitehead - Advertising Student' is also covered by the image, when I want it t

How can i keep a div in the maximum width and always on top

I'm not entirely sure how to describe my question on technical terms but I'm not sure how to execute it. I have a div that I want to position on a page. It should remain within another div that has a max-width. So when the browser window is increased

CSS: automatic overflow and Z-index

Here's the link: Is there a way to make the list show up above the div when overflow:auto is set? Like in the second container?yes; you can display overflow div outside of anything div when the child is absolute position

IE7 Z-Index problem (CSS DropDown)

I have tried a few different fixes using JQuery and CSS Tricks, but I can't seem to get my drop down menu to lay over top of my accordion slider in IE7. It seems to work fine in any other web browser. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Code snipp

miniature css grid wall as wallpaper?

i really want to make a wall of thumbnails to suit a screen resolution of 2560x1440px I want the grid to sit behind my page acting as a background on the site. But when the page is scrolled the grid stays still. i made some css and html and tested it

z-index, how does this affect performance?

How does the css z-index value affect performance? If I have multiple images on a page does it matter if I use high z-index values, like 10,000? For example, a page contains 15 images with z-indexes ranging from 500 - 10,000, and if the images are mo

z-index and iFrames!

I'm using the FancyBox plugin for some of my site's images. On one of my pages, I also have the embedded iFrame code from YouTube to place a video on the page. On this same page is a thumbnail that, when clicked, FancyBoxes the image. However, the em

z-index does not work well

Page in question: The first <LI> should be z-index: 2; and should be on top of any other <LI> further down. (Meyers) CSS: .sitemap #primaryNav > ul > li { float: none; background: #ffffff url('images/L

jQuery UI Autocomplete with the help of the z-index scrollbar

I have a textbox that I am attaching jQuery UI's Autocomplete functionality to and I am using CSS to give it a max height via the example here. My problem is that doing this causes the z-index problem that bgiframe solves to come back again, but in a