Youtube Embedded Video White Zones

<div style="position: fixed; z-index: 1000; width: 100%; height: 100%"> <iframe frameborder="0" height="100%" width="100%" src="

ffmpeg turns off when the stream is silent

I am running ffmpeg in a Linux environment, where I merge the audio stream from an Icecast-stream and a static image in order to be able to stream that to Youtube. At times, the Icecast stream get's very silent, sometimes for almost a minute. That is

Embed youtube video into a visual studio tool for cordova

I am a new at cordova visual studio. I want to embed or import youtube video in my android application in Visual Studio tool for cordova 2015. But it is not show any video when I run my code. Below is the code. <div id="player"> <iframe

Play a YouTube video in an AIR application (AS3)

I'd like to know if it's possible to play a youtube video inside an AIR app using AS3 code. It seems that youtube API is deprecated... If anybody knows a way or a good tutorial. Thx ----------------EDIT I've tried this code : var wt:uint; var ht:uint

How to cut an iframe content?

I have a 3rd party iframe containing videos from youtube, vimeo ,... Is there a generic way to mute the iframe content independently from the video/audio source?Step 1. First you need to access the iframe. var iframe = document.getElementById('iframe

Get the avatar / thumbnail of the YouTube channel from the URL

I've searched and tried a few things like DOM and a couple API methods. I can't find any clear documentation on the API either that relates to PHP. And I've never used DOM before till now, so I'm not experienced with it. So basicly, I need a method t

Youtube on JWPlayer on iOS

I am using JWPlayer to embed YouTube videos. I chose it because it supports SRT subs, and I can add subtitles to YouTube videos that I don't own. Which is absolutely great. The issue is, when I play the video on iOS, it automatically switches to YouT

Youtube V3 API and Etag

I use the youtube api v3 and i would like to understand how does the Etag. I would like to use it for what it takes to cache purpose but I do not know what to do in PHP. Could you tell me the steps to follow once the etag recovered ? please. Thanks f

Custom video thumbnails using the YouTube API?

How to upload custom thumbnails for an videos using php youtube-api . I tried using Zend framework for youtube direct video upload which is working ,but i not able to find any custom thumbnails upload methods.. i tried the following code $parms = arr

YouTube video in HTML does not work

I try to get a URL of a YouTube-video from database and embed it in a page. I get the "An error occured. Please try again later" message. Pls help! :( String in the DB: HTML code (inside a table): <

Analyze XML from YouTube feed (without Zend)

I need to get very specific values from a feed such as this: Some of the nodes I have to read from these bizarrely-formatted XML feed are: <title type="text">Uploading YouTube Videos wi

Play YouTube on iOS 5 without leaving the app

My application needs to support to play YouTube video and shows the first frame as Thumbnail. Since we need to keep our application running about playing video, therefore, in iOS 4.3.5, we used a method to embed a HTML link in a WebView. It works fin

Why does my fancybox plugin not work for my youtube link?

I cannot figure out why it isn't loading, it seems the same as fancybox's youtube link on their demo homepage. Plus, all the other fancyboxes on the page work. It's here and the one that isn't working is everybody's smoking video. Here is my html: <l

How to analyze a youtube URL to get video or playlist IDs?

I'm looking for a way to extract both (partials) youtube urls and single ids from a user input string. This article How do I find all YouTube video ids in a string using a regex? got me going quite well but still i'm struggling a bit. Is there a way

How to display YouTube videos with lytebox?

I have a youtube embed code here: <iframe width="560" height="349" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> that I'd like to display using a modified versi

Span regex replacement

I have a text in my databse. For example: Dummy Text Here... <span class="youtube">nmkW544sK9U</span> Dummy Text Here... <span class="youtube">yUBKZvq5G2g</span> ...and I need it to be replaced with: Dummy Text

Youtube or audio extraction of Flash file?

Hey Everyone, I was wondering if there is a current class or library in a web language (php, perl, etc.) that is able to extract audio from flash files or youtube links directly. Thanks for your time!The easiest way to extract audio from a video is t

Video formats supported for Youtube

Which are the video formats that Youtube supports? (like avi, ...)There are quite a and some below here are containers of formats, and itself can support formats: Windows Media Video (.WMV) 3GP (Cell Phones) AVI (Windows) MOV (Mac) MP4 (iPod/PSP) MPE

Android play youtube video in webview

I want to play YouTube video in WebView or When user click on youtube video I have to forward it to real YouTube app because in WebView I am not able to play YouTube video. Is there any way to play a YouTube video in our WebView?you can play video in

how to view YouTube video thumbnails

my site lets users upload the youtube video codes. I am trying to make playlist by showing the thumbnails of the uploaded videos and play the respective video after clicking on specific thumbnail. i would like to know the method of getting the captio

Play / Pause button in Youtube without chrome?

The question is closely related to my past question here, but it is not the same. Problem: to add a Play/Pause button in Chromeless Youtube here. Attack: I added the below code like here (search "SERVERFAULT" in the code) or like below: var play

Annotating YouTube videos by program

I want to be able to display a normal YouTube video with overlaid annotations, consisting of coloured rectangles for each frame. The only requirement is that this should be done programmatically. YouTube has annotations now, but require you to use th