visible odoo status bar widget

How to only show selected items from selection to statusbar. I inherited a view which Selection has only 'draft' and 'sent'. Then I added 'cancel'. state = fields.Selection([ ('draft', 'Draft'), ('sent', 'Sent'), ('cancel', 'Cancelled'), ] I wanted t

XSLT: Wrap some tags with another tag

I got some weird XML which I have to import elsewhere. The structure is like this example: <INVOICE> <HEADER_DATA_1> <HEADER_DATA_ITEM_1>foo</HEADER_DATA_ITEM_1> <HEADER_DATA_ITEM_2>bar</HEADER_DATA_ITEM_2> </HEADER_

Can not parse XML with xmlns

I receive an XML file which has on the root node a xmlns namespace assigned: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?> <Message xmlns=""> <Da

Sliding listing button

I created a list view, now I want to make it just like when I swipe them left or right it behave like call and message button respectively. . Just like this Image. A list view carrying some data. While we swipe it left or right it respond. Here I nee

T-SQL XML update with XML fragment of another linked table

I am looking for a way to update (.modify('insert into..') to be specific) an XML column in a table with xml fragments from another table linked by a foreign key. For example, my table structure looks like below (simplified): Fields 1 to 5 in each ta

Modify XPath expressions via Java?

I have XPath expressions of the type //*[@id='test-id' and @some-other-attribute='some-value']. I want to convert it into //*[@resourceId='android:id/test-id' and @some-other-attribute='some-value']. I can't seem to find any library function to do th

How can I parse XML with JAX

I have the following XML file and I need to parse it to Java classes with JAXB. I can't understand, how can I parse line like this: <project id="237" name="***"/> The full wersion of XML: 10387 *** <start_date>2016-03-17<

Convert datatable to xml with a unique ID line

I am converting datatable into xml. DataSet dataSet1 = new DataSet("Products"); products.TableName = "Product"; dataSet1.Tables.Add(products); dataSet1.WriteXml(directory + "//matrix.xml"); The code is working fine. I just wa

Merge 2 XML files into the same C # elements

I need to create a WebService that takes the name of a city as input and returns Location, Country and Weather information of the City. The thing is that the ID, Location, Country is in one XML file and all weather details in another. <City> <ID&

Error adding toolbar

I want to add a toolbar to my app instead of Action bar. But when i add toolbar to my app, my app crashes and i don't know how. This is my code. public class ToolbarActivity extends AppCompatActivity{ @Override protected void onC

Xelement Linq with a null value?

I try getting all the Xelement value and insert into an array, however when the Xelement is null, it will show the error as below when insert into array: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Is it possible to remove the null value? O

how to reorder the xml

Workign on xml reorder My XML is as follows: <Subjects> <Subject> <Name></Name> <Height></Height> <Addresss> <Address> <City>AB</City> </Address> </Addresses> </Subject> <Sub

Perl: Extract an element from XML :: Twig

How would I extract a single element from an XML document using XML::Twig? XML Code: <report> <reportheader> <month>February 2015</month> </reportheader> </report> What I've tried XML::Twig->new( twig_handlers =>

I want to return two results of a function in php

Here is my function in DB_Functions.php, i want to get two different values from two different tables in single function only here is the code what i have tried so far but the values are coming null. public function getUserMetvalue($exname,$fname) {

Android: XML conversion android: Java program code background

This question already has an answer here: Programmatically create textview background from drawable in android 2 answers I have created a RelativeLayout in an XML that contains a TextView like this: <TextView android:id="@+id/textView5" andro

How to add a node in an XML file with QXmlStreamWriter?

I created an xml file with QXmlStreamWriter, then I want to add each time a block before closing the xml file. but ,what I am trying to do is add the block to the end of the file with a startDocument, so in every addition I have a XML header, for thi

How can I get the node I want from XML

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> <Root> <Fruits> <Fruit>hahahaha</Fruit> </Fruits> </Root> If I try this code, string[] cFruitName; int i=0; XmlDocument a= new XmlDocument(); a.LoadXml(g

Continue reading the XML after the nonexistence of an attribute

I have this code for reading XML files: try { File fXmlFile = new File(fullFilePath); DocumentBuilderFactory dbFactory = DocumentBuilderFactory .newInstance(); DocumentBuilder dBuilder = dbFactory.newDocumentBuilder(); Document doc = dBuilder.parse(f

XML - backspace code

How do I add a backspace code to my code that will delete the o from Hello? For example, Hello would become Hell. I have tried to use &#8;, but it is illegal in XML.Backspace as a control character exists from the days of devices like teletypes, and

Can we convert text in XML format to internal XML format?

I want to pass xml formatted text to inner xml text. Is it possible? XmlNode parentNode = myTemplate.CreateNode (XmlNodeType.Element, "Parent","myns"); XmlNode childNode = myTemplate.CreateNode(XmlNodeType.Element, "head", &q

Xml deserialization fails on the empty element

I have an Xml document that looks similar too <Reports xmlns=""> <Report> <ReportID>1</ReportID> <ParameterTemplate /> </Report> </Reports> It fails serializing to this object [XmlType(TypeName = "R

XML in COBOL with nested tables and different children

Is it possible to use XML GENERATE to create XML with multi-level nested elements of different sizes? For example: 01 SOURCE-REC. 05 REPEATING-PARENT OCCURS 5 TIMES. 10 PARENT-NAME PIC X(7). 10 CHILD-COUNT PIC 9. 10 REPEATING-CHILD OCCURS 1 TO 5 TIME

Timeout error with Hpricot in Rails Controller

Hey--I'm writing a basic Rails app that uses the digg API. I'm trying to parse the xml data that digg's api provides with hpricot, but when testing the page, the browser hangs until I eventually catch the Timeout::Error exception. Here's the code for