Layout and TextView Attributes

Some sources tell that layout_width and layout_height are attributes of the class LayoutParams. ( However, we can use these attributes in XML code of TextView class. <Te

How ZXING Barcode Scanner not full screen only half screen

I want create application Scan Barcode using ZXING Barcode Scanner Like Blackberry Messenger This is my code "" package com.example.ridwan.myapplication; import; import android.content.Intent; import android

LanguageTool: words followed by a word different from

How can I match a series of words followed by a word different from x? For instance, how can I match at the cost of followed by a word different from some? I have tried the following, but to no avail: <rule id="AT_THE_COST_OF_!SOME" name=&quo

How can I find the error in value can not be zero

I already I have a c# code the contains an error value cannot be null. 1st try if (Global.Publisher != "") { opf.Descendants(GetNamespace(ref namespace3, "").GetName("metadata")).Descendants(namespace2 + "publisher"

unable to execute the Perl script, use the command not found?

I have an xml file (client_23.xml) in which I need to add few lines at a particular section basis on what is there in other xml file (abc_lop.xml). Here is my abc_lop.xml file in which you see I have lot of ClientField lines with name, pptype and dat

Android: Changing the color of the action bar

I had previously set the colour of my window background to white and now I am trying to change the colour of just the action bar to green. This is my xml code: <style name = "CustomAppTheme2" parent = "android:Widget.Holo.Light">

how to read some xml points using java

I'm new to XML and I want to append points from an XML file to a point container that I wrote. this is the XML file: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?> <container> <point> <X>56<

Read XML to Datatable dynamically

I have the following xml string that I am attempting to query into a datatable based on a dynamic set of columns. I do not have any control over the xml, it is being passed in from an external source. XML: <VmapMessage> <MessageBody> <Claim

Best way to load an XML

I am reading a XMl and using it for some processing in my application. var config = XElement.Load("c:/sample.xml"); Is there anyway to do load it in a better way? it takes a while while trying to process this line of code.Look at XmlReader class

How to edit the magento topmenu

i was to the topmenu.phtml to edit the topmenu magento, but the code found: <?php $_menu = $this->getHtml('level-top') ?> <?php if($_menu): ?> <div class="nav-container"> <ul id="nav"> <?php echo $_menu ?&

php thin (explanation of & quot request body & documentation)

I am working with Slim PHP for the first time and I am trying to understand one of the concepts. In the slim PHP documentation, it states: Request Body Use the request object's getBody() method to fetch the raw HTTP request body sent by the HTTP clie

TFHpple - Get the HTML element without element tags?

I'm parsing some HTML and I need to get all the innerHTML of <body />. I'm doing it this way: TFHpple *doc = [[TFHpple alloc] initWithHTMLData:[NSData dataWithContentsOfFile:sectionFilePath]]; TFHppleElement *body = [doc searchWithXPathQuery:@"

Error creating xml from mySQL database with php

I am following this tutorial from google for google maps: I formatted my code as so: echo '<markers>'; // Iterate through the rows, adding XML nodes for each for($i = 0; $i< $brewery

Analyze XML from YouTube feed (without Zend)

I need to get very specific values from a feed such as this: Some of the nodes I have to read from these bizarrely-formatted XML feed are: <title type="text">Uploading YouTube Videos wi

import only a few types from one xsd to another

The question here is – is it possible to import subset of types from an xsd? Consider following example : A.xsd contains three type a,b,c And B.xsd contains two types d,e. When I import A.xsd in B.xsd like following : <xs:import namespace="http://

Android layout issues with TextView and ImageView

I just started coding a new application for Android and stumble over a warning. This tag and its children can be replaced by one and a compound drawable Another problem I have is the image placed on the right side. How can I do this without having tr

The application is reduced on an Android 3.0 tablet

As seen here my app gets shrinked on Samsung Galaxy Tab with Android 3.0 It is also shrinked in emulator, but at graphical layout it looks ok. main.xml: <LinearLayout xmlns:android="" android:orientat

Are JSON and XML comparable?

I heard someone state that "JSON is the same as XML." Are JSON and XML comparable? What are the major similarities and differences of each? There are a few StackOverflow Q&As which touch on comparing JSON and XML [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7],

How would I analyze this XML with Ruby?

Currently, I have an XML document (called Food_Display_Table.xml) with data in a format like this: <Food_Display_Table> <Food_Display_Row> <Food_Code>12350000</Food_Code> <Display_Name>Sour cream dip</Display_Name> ....

Selection of plain text xml

Given xml like this: <container> <item> <xmlText> <someTag> <otherTag> Text </otherTag> </someTag> </xmlText> </item> <container> I would like to select all text that is under item/xmlText. I wou

How can I reference array values ​​in string.Format?

I am using XPath to exclude certain nodes within a menu. I want to expand on this to exclude nodes identified within an array. This works to exclude all the nodes in the menu with id 2905 whose type is not content: XmlNodeList nextLevelNodeList = cur

How to write an XML file from a ListView in C #

i'm having a ListView control like I need to store the data from this ListView to an Xml File. So the xml file will be like <root> <Child Name ="A1" val1="1" val2="0"/> <Child Name ="A2" val1="1&