How to push to see the presented controller form xib

I have xib of passcode and after I tap on login button there will be web service that will call and after success response, I have to present xib of passcode. When I complete that portion I have to push to another view controller from presented xib.

UIStackView Appearing Differently in Interface Builder

I have a simple test UIStackView which shows different results on iOS and Interface builder. This is how the UIStackView looks like on iOS: The same UIStackView in Interface Builder: How is it possible that in Interface Builder there are different vi

Custom UITableViewCell with optional UIImageView in an xib

I created a custom UITableViewCell with an optional UIImageView in a xib. I created the constraints where a label's leading edge is attached the the imageView's trailing edge. The image in the imageView is optional, and if I don't set the image I wan

My autolayout does not work for all screens

This is my layout when run on IPhone5. I am using AutoLayout to design app. It works well. But, when I run it on IPhone6 Plus, it does not look great. I don't know what happens. Please help me.You need to set tableview as per below screenshot.

Automatic layout with UIScrollView using .xib

I have enabled auto layout in my .xib but unfortunately, scroll view does not scroll anymore. Constraints on my view: Constraints on my scrollView: Constraints on my contentView: What I am missing here. Thanks for your help.Try to set contentSize lik

Expansion of UIView as UILabel grows

I have a UIView which is a superview of UIImageView and UILabel. UILabel can have different size depending on the amount of text in it. So, I need the UIView to grow and shrink together with the UILabel but can not make it working. The screenshot of

start of ios project without storyboard

Im having some troubles to start an iOS app using xibs instead of storyboard. The problem is that im getting a black screen and the first view controller is not being called (added break point to viewDidLoad method). In the app delegate header i have

iOS How can I set constraints for the device screen?

I want to set to fit device screenSize. So, I added constraints. ToolBar Contraints Top Space to SuperView Leading Space to SuperView Trailing Space to Supervier Height Equals 44 imageView Constraints Top Space to: Toolbar Leading Space to SuperView

Custom model system on iOS

I want to use some different templates (say like 5, and can grow after) for every viewController in my App. There are some different approaches I can think of: 5 different storyboards repeating the same navigation in each of them. Since the app may/w

Could not load UIBiewController XIB file in Storyboard in Swift

I've read Using XCode storyboard to instantiate view controller that uses XIB for its design but I'm having troubles making this work in Swift (Using Xcode 6 Beta 6). I'm wondering if I've done something wrong or if this functionality isn't available

UILabel color and XIB font size changes

I'm having some issues with an app i'm working on. It used to work just fine, but now I noticed that many of the UILabel I have in my XIB have a font and color reset. For example, if I set a white or red color in my XIB, it appears black when I run m

Use feathers and storyboards together

From what I have read on the internet, nibs and storyboards are comparable with each other in the same project. Now I am creating a tabbed application and would like to do the following: Tab 1: constructed with nibs, Tab 2: constructed with storyboar

Tint of UIImage in XIB

I was trying different things, but haven't found an answer for this question. Is there a way how to tint color of an image which is defined by UIImageView in XIB file? thanxthis works - (UIImage *)imageWithBurnTint:(UIColor *)color { UIImage *img = s

The lower button is not displayed in iOS Simulator

I am developing an app for iOS in which i took new ViewController In that ViewController i dragged two UIButtons Here is the image of .xib file : but when i run this project in my simulator i am unable to see my bottom button, you can see here in my

Change the loaded frame from Xib

I am trying to change the frame of my custom view which I load from a xib. Here is my init method of the view: - (id)initWithUserName:(NSString*)userName andComment:(NSString*)comment { if (self) { self = [[[NSBundle mainBundle] loadNibNamed:@"Commen

Load different xib files on Orientation in iOS

I have created two .xib file one for portrait mode and other for landscape mode, on each rotation i want to load respective .xib file, Here is my code snippet, ViewAppDelegate.m class - (BOOL)application:(UIApplication *)application didFinishLaunchin

Replicating PhotoScroller entirely in code

I've been trying to replicate Apple's PhotoScroller sample app entirely in code but had no success so far. Even if I copy the PhotoViewController, ImageScrollView, and TileView classes over to a new project and create a PhotoViewController instance p

Xib for iPhone and iPad

I have a Xib for iPhone and I need a similar view for iPad, only iPad size. What is the best way of doing this? Can you put both views in the same Xib and somehow specify which one is shown? Or do I need to be make 2 Xib files and 2 classes?I ended u

Separate NSTabView on multiple NSViewControllers and XIBs

I'm just getting into desktop Cocoa development (I have experience with iOS development). If this question seems basic, forgive me. That being said, I'm dealing with a large program with lots of calculations and functionality to deal with. There are

Load XIB into a UIView

I have a UIView that is not covering the entire screen of an iPhone... about 200 pixels by 300 pixels. I'm trying to load a xib into this view, but it seems to have an issue. The code works, but the UIView takes over everything at fullscreen... not a

customization view created in xib

I want to make certain. Can I create for example button programmatically in viewDidLoad, if this view is connect to the xib? Can I customize view programmatically via IBOutlet.Yes, you can create, add and remove in the viewdidload. Yes, you can modif

setStatusBarHidden: NO after loading XIB covers UINavigationBar

When setStatusBarHidden:NO is set before the view loads, the UINavigationBar and other elements appear aligned immediately below the StatusBar as they should. However, when setStatusBarHidden:NO is set after the view loads, the UINavigationBar is par

New NSWindow Application - Mission Impossible?

OK, what am I doing wrong? 1. Created cocoa app and appDelegate named: window2AppDelegate 2. window2AppDelegate.h #import "PrefWindowController.h" @interface window2AppDelegate : NSObject <NSApplicationDelegate> { NSWindow *window; PrefWin

Arbitrary objects to manage actions?

My question may be a bit stupid, but why can't any object instantiated in IB handle, say, button click? I mean I'm able to add my own object to a xib, and link outlets to cotrols and control actions to object's method, but once I press the button eve

Custom drawing with the Xib file present

I have a view that I want to add some custom drawing to. I know how to do this with a View that isn't connected to a Nib/Xib file you write the drawing code in the -drawRect: method. But if I init the view using [[MyView alloc] initWithNibName:@"MyVi