HTML div in div

please look at my code and say me why the div "bildunterschrift" doesn´t displays in the "bild" div.It´s always outside the parent-div in the right edge of the complete screen. I wanna have the div "bildunterschrift" in the r

How to make perfect div for footer?

I'm trying to get the div for my footer (id="Footer") to be 10px from the bottom of my screen. For example, if my page content cannot fill the height of the screen, I want the div to be 10px from the bottom. If my page content extends further th

Replace the content here

Ok so on W3Schools, it has the image below. Is there a way to keep the outer orange/yellow part and simply replace the "Content goes here" by doing src="somehtmlpage.html" which contains only a body or whatever? I know I can do it with

Problems with & ldquo; onload & rdquo; and XHTML validation

My name is Manuel, I am a web design student and am starting to take my first steps with web design. Recently I tried to validate this site: I used the W3C validator, at first I found about 30 errors, and can correct th

Is the left margin different in all browsers?

Using CSS3 I am trying to display search box with glass image. I am doing it basically by placing a image on text box and setting its left-margin. My code is here: <body> <form id="header-search"> <input type="text" clas

& lt; div & gt; in & lt; a & gt;

I have made a simple fragment of html, which contains this: <a href="#"><div>Something here</div></a> It obviously alert me that div cannot be inside an <a> tag. I have used a div, because I want the whole box (div

to display a caption on an image using CSS and JQUERY

I have the following jsfiddle but it doesnt seem to show the caption up: HTML: <ul> <li> <div class="caption" style="width: 220px; height: 140px; display: block; opacity: 0.0524612;">thi

Using & lt; strike & gt; or & lt; del & gt; in a selection box

Is there anyway to strike out text in a drop down. I'm making an commerce app and looking for a way to demonstrate that an item is on sale. I'd like to do this by showing the old price and the striking this out and showing the sale price next to it.

gaps in the menu tabs?

Why do I have gaps between my tabs? my css for each tab is: .tab1 { color: white; display: inline-block; height: 110px; width: 234px; background-image: url("../images/first-tab.png"); background-repeat:no-repeat; } .tab2 { color: white; display:

Javascript error in Internet Explorer

This error is only present in Internet explorer but works in Mozilla so far. Basically when someone selects an adtype on a drop down it should reveal the appropriate drop down. I will post the related code. <script language="javascript"> /

How to store TT code in templates?

I have some TT templates that I want tidy-up a little. I use tidy on the command-line. my command looks like: $ tidy -utf8 --preserve-entities y -indent -wrap 120 Unfortunately if I have code like: [% aoh.unshift({ label => '', value =>

Make an image invisible to search engines and Facebook?

When I try to add a link of Facebook, it reads every image as a thumbnail and I do not want that. Is there anyway I can remove that feature of the image, because if it reads it via Facebook, then Search Engines will be able to index the image. Any id

Dynamically create xhtml from db data in ICEFaces

we are migrating our application from an existing custom web application framework to JSF/IceFaces. we store window description in database: what kind of fields are on the window, what are their labels, etc. Can I have my xhtml pieces generated dynam

Dynamic editing of page titles and active classes with php

For some time now I've been using the following code to dynamically write in html page titles and add an active class to menu items. Is this still a good why to achieve this or are there better/smarter/optimal ways of achieving the same thing? <?php

Is there a way to make jQuery output * real markup *?

When using jQuery to dynamically build markup, it sometimes becomes useful to have it return the actual HTML that it's generating as a string, rather than as a bunch of jQuery objects. Is there a way to do this? For example, here: $("<strong>&l

How to better center vertically an image and text inside a div

I come up against this challenge frequently -- and when trying to solve I always wonder if I'm doing it wrong. In a 'div', I want to position an image to the left -- and some corresponding text to the right -- I'd like them to appear vertically cente

How to use line breaks in a text box?

I am saving text from a textarea in the database and display it in another textarea. The linebreaks are displayed as \n which should be right, but the textarea is displaying them instead of doing the breaks! How can I fix this?You need to send a lite

Encode citations in the HTML body?

Should I encode quotes (such as " and ' -> ” and ’) in my HTML body (e.g. convert <p>Matt's Stuff</p> to <p>Matt’s Stuff</p>)? I was under the impression I should, but a co-worker said that it was no big deal. I'm dubious b

Give an element at 100% width using a fixed padding

I have an element with width 100% of the body and i need to be able to give it padding in pixels. every attempt i had at it ended up adding scrolling. i can't use overflow:hidden because i need to have vertical scrolling, and overflow-x/y isn't fully

Set the selected option via CSS?

Is it possible to set the selected attribute of an option tag via a CSS class? I'm wondering if something like the following is possible in a stylesheet: option.selected { selected: true; } Then in HTML: <option class="selected"> Which wou