View the line number next to the Xcode logs

How can I configure Xcode to show the number of the line that caused a log to be printed? I'm seeing logs in my debugger, and I'm not sure where they're coming from.You can use built in macros: __PRETTY_FUNCTION__, __LINE__, __FILE__, and others. Obj

How can I detect dual support on UITabBarItem?

I've tried adding a gesture recogniser, not realising that it isn't possible with a UITabBarItem, here is what I did: Any other suggestions?I don't think this will have a simple solution, as double tapping a tab bar item is not expected behavior. Eve

How to access CLLocationManager from Swift?

Get User's Current Location / Coordinates has something that appears to be what I want: you should do those steps: add CoreLocation.framework to BuildPhases -> Link Binary With Libraries import CoreLocation to your class - probably ViewController.swi

Collection view recycling images while scrolling in swift 2

I'm simply desperate, searched for 6 hours now and can't seem to find an answer. I have a collection view with images loaded from a remote server and while scrolling the cells are being refreshed with previous images for a few seconds before settling

Reducing the deployment target for my application

I created my Universal device game app in iOS 7.1 and there for have my deployment target set to 7.1. I currently use both iPhone/iPad simulators with 7.1 and 8.1 iOS versions. Would there be an impact, in game performance, if I set my deployment tar

App only hangs in some ios8 devices

So I recently had my app rejected by Apple. This is what they said: 2.1: Apps that crash will be rejected ----- 2.1 ----- We found that your app crashed on iPad running iOS 8 and iPhone 5s running iOS 8, which is not in compliance with the App Store

UILabel color and XIB font size changes

I'm having some issues with an app i'm working on. It used to work just fine, but now I noticed that many of the UILabel I have in my XIB have a font and color reset. For example, if I set a white or red color in my XIB, it appears black when I run m

Swift Core Motion closing problem

I'm trying to convert an old game application built in obj-c to the new swift code. i'm having some issues understanding swift closures and how to use them for example in the"startAccelerometerUpdatesToQueue" method. i have initialized the motio

How can I detect a faucet anywhere in the view?

I have a tutorial for my app, which should display only the first time the app is opened and should be tapped to dismiss. I am initializing a UITapGestureRecognizer in my viewDidLoad: tapper_tut = [[UITapGestureRecognizer alloc] initWithTarget:self a

Shorten the code automatically in Xcode

I was wondering if it was possible to shorten code automatically in the last version of xcode. You know, when you press on the side of a void method for example and the (...) appear, and you have a shorter page. Is there a command to do it?Click on t

Cocoa Websocket Server on Mac OS X

I'm porting my application from Windows to Mac using XCode. One thing my application does is it runs a WebSocket server for communication. I've seen many WebSocket client libraries on github, but I'm having trouble finding one that handles server com

XCode 4.6 Syntax color display only blue

Now i have reinstalled XCodes 4.6 in my Mac Mountain Lion. After that all syntax color is show only blue like following pic. And not show line number. How can i do that Please help me?You can set the fonts and colors in Xcode's preferences. It even i

Changing the Segmented Control Segment Background Does Not Work

Ive added a segmented control to the header of a uitableview. this works fine. but for some reason i cannot make the segmented buttons (or at least just the first button) have a red background color. it just loads with the default silver. -(UIView *)

Could my friend launch my iPhone application without jailbreak?

I have done my iOS app, but I don't want to submit to App Store. Shall I pass it to my friend and run on his iPhone without jailbroken? I heard it has some certain certificate allow other guys to run it. I have developer account. would you please pro

UITableView Pagination

My app has custom UITableView cells. I want to show only one cell at a time - next cell should show partially. In ScrollView you can set isPagingEnabled to YES. But how can i do above in UITableView? ThanksNote that UITableView inherits from UIScroll

Automatic registration in NSStrings

I have three text fields: first name, last name, and age, also a photo. What can I do so that the information saves automatically, so that i dont have to click a button? This is my ViewController.h: #import <UIKit/UIKit.h> @interface ContactViewCont

iphone communicating with php web service - username / password

I have been trying to get this to work correctly and I think I have finally come up with the correct solution because when I login on my iphone it seems to work fine. I am sort of new to php so I was wondering if I made any mistakes or if I could imp

how to maintain the state of the button image in tableview

I have one table view and each cell has one button after pressing button, button image got change but if I scroll tableview then button image comes in previous state how to avoid this problem.Store in an Array the state of the button, and when the ce

IOS: automatic counting of references

I have a question: If I created an app with ARC, what's the last version IOS compatible for my app? If I upload my app in AppStore, everyone can use my app? or only people with a device with a specific ios version?ARC is supported on iOS 4.0 with one

Registration page

I need a registration page in my application which should appear only at the first launch of the application. I appreciate any help available . Thank you.Look into: NSUserDefaults (for saving and loading the registered info) -

to create a reusable library in XCode 3.2

How do I create a reusable library/module in XCode 3.2? What I want to do is create a bunch of classes that provide certain functionality compile them into some kind of library, add such a library to an existing xcode project and use the classes in i

How can I package support files in a Cocoa application?

I'm building an application where I want to provide the user with a few dozen templates that will internally take the form of property lists. I would also want to group them in categories, which would conveniently be achieved using folders. While I h