How can I write 1 byte in a binary file in python

I've tried everything to write just one byte to a file in python. i=10 fh.write( six.int2byte(i) ) will output '0x00 0x0a' fh.write( struct.pack('i', i) ) will output '0x00 0x0a 0x00 0x00' I can't understand why this is so hard to do.You can just bui

write a binary file in C

I realize this question has been asked a ton, and I've searched through (most) of the articles, but I just can't seem to write a file in binary. I can open the file and write in human-readable format, but what I want is non-human-readable data writte

Write to a text file error - Must be str, not list

I have been having problems with some code I am writing. Basically, when I run the code I enter an 8 digit number and it should scan the CSV file to see if the number is inside the file. If it is, the row should be written to the text file. However,

Is there a way to save multiple variables in python pickle?

I am trying to save multiple variables to a file. E.G saving an item in a shop so I'm trying to save the items price,name and code to one file, and multiple items to the same file def enter_item_info(): count = 0 count1 = 0 print("how many items are

android permission to write usb pen reader

In my app i need to write file on USB pen drive. On Samsung tab 4 I have no problem at all, both in reading and in writing. My apps works great. On asus zenpad 10, something is different... I have no problem in reading from usb pen drive On the contr

How to write multiple columns in a loop in C ++?

Suppose I have a loop: for(int i=1; i<=1024; i++) I want to fill a file with 128 columns (not rows!), so the first column contains numbers from 1 to 8, second from 9 to 16 and so on and so forth. Please, helpThe items for each columns are just 8i to

How to write in several files in Python?

I have two files I want to open: file = open('textures.txt', 'w') file = open('to_decode.txt', 'w') Then I want to write to both of them separately: file.write("Username: " + username + " Textures: " + textures) file.write(textures) Th

Can someone help me write to a file using a specific format

Hey can someone help me with the format when writing to a file. I've created a public class called car, i have then created a variable using this class and have stored three things, name, car number plate and the type of car(none of this matters), an

How to read specific lines from Excel to Java

Excel file here: If I want to list out all the Highs how do I do that? The program's output should look like this: 320 323 320 321 324Export the excel file to csv format then use the f

how to skip blocks of text while writing file in python

Is it possible to use python to skip blocks of text when writing a file from another file? For example lets say the input file is: This is the file I would like to write this line I would like to skip this line and this one... and this one... and thi

Perl Analysis Log / Results Storage / Reading Results

A while back I created a log parser. The logs can be several thousands of lines up to millions of lines. I store the parsed entries in an array of hash refs. I am looking for suggestions on how to store my output, so that I can quickly read it back i

Writing the first elements of the list

I try to write a prolog list's first two elements in recursion.. for example: if i have List:[a,b,c,d,e,f] when i enter first_two(F,S,List). It returns F:a, S:b ; F:b, S:c ; F:c, S:d ; F:d, S:e ; F:e, S:f . I try to do this with: first_two(F,S,[F|[S|

Python Multiple File Write Question

I need python to write multiple file names, each file name is different than the last. I have it writing in a for loop. Therefore the data files written from the Python program should look like this: data1.txt, data2.txt, data3.txt. How can I do this

Loop and Write Access Violation

Ok, I have checked out every single question about this, and still I can't figure out. I need to write a string array to a file, using a loop. My read section is working properly, but this one is'nt specific when I'm debugging. so, here's the problem

C Programming - Writing a text file that is compiled

I'm trying to write a file to disk that gets then recompiled automatically. Unfortunately, sth does not seem to work and I'm getting an error message I don't yet understand (I'm a C Beginner :-). If I compile the produced hello.c manually, it all wor

Efficient way to write to a text file in VB.NET

We have some information that we need to write (about 18 KB) to a .txt file stored on one of our network drives. The file is re-written about once every 15 minutes, but it is read practically at least every second. We are currently using StreamWriter

Where to find tips for effective typing?

E.G. I was reading some source code recently. and someone had the code. array = "name1 name2 name3 name4 name5".split() Which is really fast/easy to write. While if I had written the code I would've went. array[0] = name1 array[1] = name2 etc...

C ++ Problem writing to a file

My Code: std::ofstream m_myfile, ("zLog.txt"); m_myfile << "Writing this to a file " << " and this " << endl; when this C++ Program runs, I have another program that needs to read this file. Th

php errors file_get_contents

Hi I'm using the following code: to write contents from one file to another $page = file_get_contents('myPage.php?id='.$_GET['id']); $file = 'temp/form_'.$_GET['id'].'.html'; file_put_contents($page, $file); But I keep getting the following errors Wa

Writing only part of a line to a file

I want to clean up my output and only write part of the line that I need to a new file and not the whole entire line. This is the relevent coding section: counter = 1 for line in completedataset: print counter counter +=1 for t in matchedLines: if t

When writing struct to a file, too many bytes are written

I'm trying to write a simple TGA image file saver as a learning exercise in C++. I'm basing my code on an example TGA loader that declares a struct for the header and then uses fread() to load the entire header in one go. My program isn't working rig

Software design at complex levels?

I'm writing a software that appears to be quite a lot more complex than I realized earlier. It performs several sub-tasks, has a set of entirely different tasks and integrates itself to other applications, modules and programming languages. There are