WPF: Kill Windows GUI (explorer.exe), then restore it

What I want to do is to kill the explorer.exe main process (which will result in killing the Windows gui programatically and then open the gui again. I can achieve that by manually killing and then starting the process through taskmanager, but I can'

Add a column to the list that contains an image

I want to add a row using data from a ExpandoObject, which is similar to a Dictionary<string, object>. The string is the header of the column and the object's value is value of the column. Everytime, when I get new data I'm creating a new GridView,

The link does not work on GroupBox.HeaderTemplate

I created a custom header for my GroupBox like the following image: I want also to set a Binding on the Backgroud of this header, so I wrote the following code: <GroupBox Width="130" Height="80" BorderBrush="Black" Margin=

Listen to generic events

I have a function I would like to run on after update of a lot of different text boxes, is it possible to listen for a generic after update event rather than the specific events? So rather than 100 individual calls to the function, just one listener?

How to get specified properties from xaml

I have a loop with children of a grid. For every child, I want to know which properties have been specified explicitly in the XAML code. Do I have a chance to find out? For example: I have a TextBox <TextBox Height="150"/> Only the propert

Disable the Close button in the title bar of a WPF (C #) window

I'd like to know how to disable (not remove/hide) the Close button in a WPF window. I know how to hide it which makes the window's title bar look like this: But I want to disable it meaning it should look like this: I'm scripting in C# and using WPF

Save the list to a file on disk

I build WPF program , And i use this code to save a List of objects to a File: var list = new ArrayList(); list.Add("item1"); list.Add("item2"); // Serialize the list to a file var serializer = new BinaryFormatter(); using (var stream

WPF: ListView & amp; Editing ListViewItem

I want to be able to select an item and then edit its label: Select an item Item is highlighted Click on it's label Label's TextBlock is replaced with TextBox Modify the label Only one item can be edited at a time End the editing: Click onto item's i

Skip the methods in the interface

I have the following interface: public interface IModuleTile { void AddEvent(/*Type here*/ methodToAdd); void RemoveEvent(/*Type here*/ methodToRemove); } And I want to do this: public partial class TestControl : UserControl, IModuleTile { public Tes

List of WPF Link Enums (or similar) to the list of checkboxes

I would like to bind a checkbox list to a collection of enum values in WPF. The enum is not [Flags]. Context: It is for filtering a datagrid, in which each item has a instance of my enum. It doesn't necessarily need to bind to an List, a fixed size c

ListView and MySQL in WPF

I am trying to do an editable ListView in WPF with a List View, so I found this tutorial with full code on windowsclient.net: http://windowsclient.net/learn/video.aspx?v=83530 And It works great! But, I need it to connect to a remote mysql database o

How can I turn link errors into execution exceptions?

Just as there is "treat warning as errors" set in our projects to catch early possible problems, I would love to have a runtime exception to catch them early. I have recently been bit by this problem and I would have been glad to have this. Can

External alias in XAML

I'm currently using a library that implements Menus and ContextMenus for Silverlight 3 and 4. This library defines a MenuItem class in the System.Windows.Controls namespace. No problems with SL3 because there is no MenuItem class elsewhere in the Sil

C # WPF Text with links

I just found myself a new challenge: Make a Word Processor that is in handling more like the web than plain text. Designing a nice framework for this is what i cant wait to start with, but i do need to know what the possibilities are at the GUI side

Child controls are inaccessible due to access modifier

When I create a user control in WPF it would appear that all the children of this control are declared as internal? I've not been able to verify this, nor finding any resources discussing this matter at all. I can access the controls in the same asse

Wpf: inherited legacy code

I have several similar user controls which display listviews of respectively different data entities. In the code-behind files of these controls there is quite a bit of common business logic. How can these common methods be combined in a single "supe