Plugin Registration Tool and remote debugging

I am beginner in crm, could somebody tell me advantage or disadvantage of using remote debugger in crm. Should I use Registration Tool?You could get the information here:

stdout specification by modifying an input string with cwl

I want to write a simple command wrapper using cwl (common workflow language). I want to do the following for example: wc input.txt > input.txt.wc wc some_folder/some_other_input > some_folder/some_other_input.wc So, basically I want the code to put

Can not run my Git workflow (specific)

I have a quite specific need, and I can't get it to work, hence I turn to you, Git and Stack Overflow friends. I have a server my live site runs on. I wish to update the site using Git. To avoid live testing, I wish to set up a testing environment on

How to clear the SharePoint designer cache?

I created a workflow in SharePoint Designer 2013, but I can't see my changes. I think that SharePoint Designer is cached. How can I clear this cache?Here's a batch file that I use to quickly clear anything that SharePoint Designer might have cached l

How to change the default data source in activiti BPM?

I would like to change the default data-source to oracle. So as per the user guide another database the in the WEB-INF/classes of the Activiti Explorer web application should be changed if i change the again i need to crea

How would you simplify this process?

I have a bunch (over 1000) HTML files with just simple text. It's just a combination of text within a <table>. It's an internal batch of documents, not for web production. The job we have is to convert them into JPEG files using Photoshop and the ol

Business dashboard for BPM engine (s)

to select among BPM offerings, one of our key requirements is a business-level dashboard, which shows executive-level KPIs, such as process usage, delays, costs (based on costs of process steps), time spent, effectivity of human process particitpants

JIRA Plugin: where to start

I was asked to create a simple JIRA plugin that combines Workflow + Custom Fields + Conditional Steps I just started installing JIRA and finally managed to create a run a simple Hello World Plugin. I am already confused with how huge this interface i

New & amp; Renowned workflows with existing content

I have a site with a custom content type Content, which initially had a single workflow attached, content_workflow. There are several thousand existing instances of Content. I now have a need to add a second workflow to this type, content_beta_workfl

CRM 2011 workflow & ldquo; Invalid pointer & rdquo; Error

I have a custom workflow in CRM 2011 which is manually triggered against custom entity records. When a single record is selected for processing, the workflow is always successful. However when selecting more than one record, at least one will fail. T

Are there workflow engines that do not use BPMN and BPEL?

Our business is planning on building a rather large business application with about 2000 or so users. Many objects in the system require a mildly complex series of approvals, notifications, etc. For various reasons, our company has decided to reject

C # Workflow Engine - For the End User

All, I am building a typical database driven helpdesk application. I would like to enable the users to create workflows that will do the following types of tasks: Add a new ticket (a set of records in the database) at a given time of day, or date of

Sitecore security and workflow

The way we have our security setup in Sitecore, we have departmental roles that, through inheritance, define security on specific site sections. For instance, role "A" has write access to a section of the site, while role "B" has write

php: Mysql Database Design and Workflow, need more creativity!

i was wondering if any one can help me with my php-mysql design my current app. (is a more or less survey app) it let users store questions about targeting specific features in other products also saved in other table in database ! for example , a us

StatelessKnowledgeSession and Drools Flow

Is it possible to run a Drools Flow process from a StatelessKnowledgeSession? If so, how? It doesn't have the startProcess(id, params) method and seems to only implement rule functionality. I have a service whose method runs a process. So far, I've u

Complex LINQ query in a workflow

We have a "Documents" table. Each document must be approved before it turns active. Document approval process requires multiple participants. For example, designer approves first, executive manager second, general manager third. General manager

What is the code workflow for these presenters?

Short introduction Working on my first commercial iOS app, XCode 3.2 has proven to be far more challenging of an environment than I anticipated. Features I've grown fond of in other environments (For example Eclipse for Java, or FDT for ActionScript)

Specific hosting code in projects: push to Github too?

Imagine this common scenario: i hacked together a cool project i want to share with the world. So: i put it on Github, and fetch it from Github on my own website so people can see a demo. This also makes updating easy: just push from my local box to

Workflow testing in Django

I really love testing and building unit tests, but I find it quite annoying having to build tests for a website's workflow. e.g. Register -> Check email -> Activate account -> Login or Login -> Edit details -> Submit and view profile manual

Infopath Web Form - Submit and Change Views

I have an infopath form that I use as part of a MOSS workflow. The form has multiple views, and a Save button on each one. What I want to do as part of the Save button's rules, is submit the information and switch to the next view. I added two rules

Automating paper forms and process flows in the office

I have been tasked with automating some of the paper forms in HR. This might turn into "automate all forms" eventually, so I want to approach this in a way which will be best for the long term and will be a good framework as this project grows.

MS WF and MS CRM Dynamics 4.0 state machine workflows

MS CRM Dynamics 4.0 incorporates the MS WF engine. The built in designer allows the creation of sequential workflows whos activities have native access to CRM entities. Is it possible to: Create a state machine workflow outside of CRM (i.e. in visual