Workflow application in C #

I have a workflow application hosted (for now) in a Console Application, using WorkflowServiceHost to host an activity. This was based on a MS example, and works fine. I'd like to add another 'WebMethod' to this application. This method has nothing t

Total width of the images on the cursor of the foundation orbit

I have problem with width of orbit slider images. My images has 1600px width, but resolution of monitor can be higher - e.g 1680px. Is it possible to stretch the size of images to 100% of screen (in this example - 1680px)? My code is standard and loo

Break a while loop by using an external event

I have a while loop in a windows service which runs for some x times and inititate x phone calls after reading them from some file . Now if i want to make a user interface which gives an option to stop the phone calls i.e. break the while loop even b

C # Workflow Engine - For the End User

All, I am building a typical database driven helpdesk application. I would like to enable the users to create workflows that will do the following types of tasks: Add a new ticket (a set of records in the database) at a given time of day, or date of

Workflow Foundation 4.0 request-response in a long-term process

What is the simplest way to solve the following in WF 4.0: Send data/request to a WCF service (for example a request to start process X) Get a response (simple, success/failure of deserializing the input) only indicating that processing has started.

data sharing between workflow activities

I m with a list of custom activities(written in code behind, C#) where each is derived from NativeActivity, now I'm adding all these activities to a sequence with the help of a foreach loop. now the question is, how I should proceed if I need to get

How to disinfect a workflow uploaded by a user?

I have a multi-tenant application that may run arbitrary workflows as needed. I plan on using the workflow designer to create these workflows, but even if I limit the Activities in the Toolbox, that doesn't prevent a malicious user from editing his o

Examples of WF and WPF interactions in the real world

I'm looking for some good real-world examples of interaction between Windows Presentation Foundation and Workflow Foundation. Most of the WF tutorials I see demonstrate use within console applications. I'm more curious about applications that use a r

Plan a Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Workflow

I am in the process of puting together a custom workflow activity to be used in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 What I would like to ultimatly acheive is configure a workflow that runs on a schedueled basis i.e run every 2 hours Monday to Friday, rather t

Will MSBuild be dead because of Windows Workflow?

MSBuild in TFS 2010 has been replaced by Windows Workflow 4.0. It means when you are creating a Build Definition, you won't have a TFSBuild.proj to edit instead you must edit a workflow to customize your build. BTW am I correct if I say Microsoft is

View the xaml of a Windows Workflow file in Visual Studio

I have a file (just a file. It is not in a solution) that is a Windows Work Flow file. When I open it I get the GUI interface for WF. How can I show the xaml under it? (With out making a solution and adding my file to the solution.)Try the File / Ope

Dynamics CRM 4.0 Workflow Performance Question

I have developed a workflow for automatically closing appointments that are 28 days past the start date. To do this I have created a organisation scoped workflow using a Workflow timeout activity to wait until 28 days after the start date before clos

Get the user name of the SharePoint User field from the list

I have a custom sharepoint workflow that I'm developing in Visual Studio. The workflow is running against a document library which has a custom content type connected to it. The content type includes a user lookup field ("owner"). I'm trying to

Exceptional practices when creating a SynchronizationContext?

I'm creating an STA version of the SynchronizationContext for use in Windows Workflow 4.0. I'm wondering what to do about exceptions when Post-ing callbacks. The SynchronizationContext can be used to Send (execute synchronously) or Post (execute asyn

Dynamic management rules in a Web application

Greetings! Working on a web based project were business rules and logic need to be customized by client. I want to do this without having to recompile the application every time we sign up a new client on the system. The architectures I have outlined

Sql Workflow Persistence Service Does Not Save Workflow Status

Hallo everybody, I'm dealing with a pretty strange situation here. I have developed a State Machine Workflow and it worked just fine until today. Now, the Sql Workflow Persistence Service does not save the workflow state. There is no any exception, j

WF validation error at run time

I have two workflow foundation (.NET 3.5 SP 1) application which compiles fine. It has two declarative rule conditions in it. Both are very simple, examples: - !this.Shutdown - this.Runtime == null The project builds correctly without error or warnin

Windows Workflow Foundation, Exceptions, and try again?

I have a sequential workflow with a number of Activities. One of these activities needs to access my paid S3 account. It works fine, but to be cautious, I would like to make sure it can handle unexpected situations, such as 'Host not found' or some t

MS WF and MS CRM Dynamics 4.0 state machine workflows

MS CRM Dynamics 4.0 incorporates the MS WF engine. The built in designer allows the creation of sequential workflows whos activities have native access to CRM entities. Is it possible to: Create a state machine workflow outside of CRM (i.e. in visual

Comparison of workflow tools

There is a pretty strong need for us to design some workflows around various processes. The problem is none of us actually know any workflow technology yet, and finding good data to compare the available options has been tedious and not entirely frui