Can not connect to WordPress Dashboard

Some strangeness here. So I have build a custom theme for a client about a year ago and all has worked perfectly till about 3 days ago when I noticed that I could not login to the website. I kept and still keep getting the 'ERROR: Cookies are blocked

How to exclude wordpress from the root of magento

I have a magento store running on Now I am considering to install wordpress for blogging. Since I would like to integrate magento + wordpress as a fully integrate system (maybe with magento fishpig extension), i would like to knwo how

Wordpress performance very slow after switching to VPS?

We are struggling with the speed on our wordpress website. Have just moved to a VPS and this hasn't helped the speed at all. Can anyone offer any recommendations on what needs to be done? link to the website >> have some javascript

WooCommerce hide meta from front end order article (not admin)

I have a couple of order item meta details that I would not like the customer to see (on the view orders page under account info). I have found a filter that will remove this data from the ADMIN (where I would still like to see it), but can't find a

remove blockquote from Wordpress post

I have the following function which puts just the content on the page (images were removed) <?php $content = preg_replace('/(<img [^>]*>)/', '', get_the_content()); $content = wpautop($content); // Add paragraph-tags $content = str_replace('&l

Unable to send links in the email after setting the header

I am not able send links in email. I am using wp_mail() function to send email. When i set header $headers .= "Content-Type: text/html; \r\n"; this header removes href attribute in received email. i am using wp_editor for textarea. I also tried

How can I customize category pages in Wordpress?

I'm creating a blog with wordpress, I'm using the DIVI theme and I need to change the appearance of the category pages of the blog... what's the easiest way to do that? I understood I should look for category.php in the editor and create a new php fi

Archive for custom post tags

I've created a custom post type and have both a post and category archive for it. But when I click on the post tags the tag archive says "No results found". How do I create a archive for the tags?Most of the time no results issues is related to

I can not get the content in the page template

In my custom page template "portfolio template", I try to get title and content (from text editor). I can get the title, but content returns as empty string (""). What am I doing wrong? <?php /* Template Name: Portfolio Template */

Good way to add product price information

I am writing a simple WooComerce plugin. This is the first time I work with WordPress so my question may be quite noobish. The plugin should just provide some additional information about product price, which is approximate price in local currency (b

WordPress: first comment ID of the current post

Does someone know how to get the first comment ID from the current post? I have already searched long for a good solution, but found nothing suitable. I appreciate any help.get_comments() returns an object. So you can just access the first one like a

I lost all my sharing stats by buying a domain

I lost all the likes on my website on Wordpress then I bought the domain. It turns out that is the same site, but now no longer use the but .com ( Despite recent, my blog already had good statistics an

WP Rewrite - Add an identifier to the URL

I have a custom post type (job) in my WordPress theme. Posts of this type are inserted by users themselves, but if two or more jobs are inserted with the same title, the slug will be:

WooCommerce - Disable Shipping for Downloadable Shopping

I've just set up a Woocommerce based webstore and I'm very happy with it so far, but I've come across something that isn't necessarily a dealbreaker, though it's annoying for the customer. Some context: the store is for my band website and sells phys

wordpress get_post_meta using global $ user_ID

I want to change a wordpress script. I want to get all meta posts using get_post_meta. But how to do that with starting from $user_ID. I mean that I have user ID and nothing more, and I want to get his meta posts, similar output as of get_post_meta()

$ _SESSION Help How to use it in one page? (With redirection?)

I wonder if the following is possible? My website have a secret link ( I wanted to make the url look ( after they have entered + show them the special content because they are from the secret link. I thought about

Count WordPress widgets

Is there a way to count widgets in widgetized area in WordPress. I need to add specific class for every 3rd widget. For example: <div class="widget-item">...</div> <div class="widget-item">...</div> <div clas

page of custom taxonomy terms not found Wordpress

I'm getting a Page Not Found message when clicking on the link to display the terms in a taxonomy Scenario: I have a custom post type called "glossary" Attached is a custom taxonomy called "section" with the rewrite set to "librar

Ajax jQuery post to PHP script gives error 404

I'm trying to program an online experiment which posts some data using jQuery and ajax to a PHP script which saves the data to the text file, and I'm having some issues. The script works fine when the data I post is small (say 2kb) and will correctly