Can not connect to WordPress Dashboard

Some strangeness here. So I have build a custom theme for a client about a year ago and all has worked perfectly till about 3 days ago when I noticed that I could not login to the website. I kept and still keep getting the 'ERROR: Cookies are blocked

How to reuse the content loop of the initial page in WordPress?

I'm working on a site whereby there is a simple template for a certain page in the site. The page in question is an About Us page. On the page there is the first main WordPress loop which just spits out the standard content of the main Wysiwyg field.

Move WordPress to another domain

I have been making a website for a friend of mine. It's for a school. Now I want to move the entire WordPress site to his domain. I was going to follow this guide: (also unless I am mistaken this guide says I don't ne

WordPress: Find a Category Link

I try to get the link of a class of the page in WordPress. http://localhost:8888/Scriptura/ScripturaForWordpress/category/a-category/ I tried this, but without success: get_category_link( is_category() ); How to proceed ?The get_category_link() needs

How to include styles.css in the wordpress theme?

I am trying to include my styles.css stylesheet in a wordpress theme I am trying to develop (my first one). Question: How would one go about including it? I know putting the following code in my header.php file works: <link rel="stylesheet" h

I can not get the content in the page template

In my custom page template "portfolio template", I try to get title and content (from text editor). I can get the title, but content returns as empty string (""). What am I doing wrong? <?php /* Template Name: Portfolio Template */

add a custom text field to a single product page

I am working on a project in woocommerce. Can anyone help me to add a custom text field next to "add to cart"? I tried the following but it is not working. add_action( 'woocommerce_after_single_product_summary', 'add_custom_field', 0 ); function

WordPress: Create a template page with No Footer

I want to create a page template that doesn't use footer. Removing get_footer() will not work in this case. Because my theme adds the stylesheets and scrtipts after the footer (before /body) and if I remove get_footer() all the scripts and styles are

Reactive bar with three divs

In my Wordpress Child Theme (TwentyTwelve) I am creating a bar with a menu, a search form and a social link menu. I had problems to align them properly till I found a solution. I show a table row in css and then three cells (also in css). The code lo

How to change the title of a Wordpress page in the template?

I am setting up a wordpress theme and it has the "logo" h1 tag at the top which shows the title of the site. On the blog page specifically though I'd like to change the title in the H1 tag. I am aware there may be some php that does something li

Wordpress - Nested List of Categories & amp; subcategories

Im trying to display a list of my wordpress categories with nested subcategories. So far i've only been able to get a list of parent categories or a list of subcategories excluding parents but I haven't been able to join the two together. This is the

Wordpress displays 10 post articles

I used the Custom Post Type UI Wordpress plugins to create a custom post type (Venues) and a custom taxonomy (Venue Type). I then created around 65 Venue items and tried to display them on the page using the following loop script. Unfortunately resul

Customizing Wordpress to View Messages by ID in the Index Page

I'm having problem in showing posts in my index page in wordpress the title and contents doesnt show. Currently i'm modifying the index.php of twenty-twelve template to show the custom post by id, my goal is to show 3 posts in my index page, here's m

Understand how WordPress hooks are called

Here is how my current action hook example: it changes the meta description of the HTML page. add_action( 'wp_head', 'add_a_description' ); function add_a_description () { echo '<meta name="description" content=" This is new content"

WordPress has_posts () does not work in Functions.php

I want to ajaxify TwentyThirteen WordPress template and I have a function in functions.php function prefix_ajax_add_foobar() { echo("add_foobar is trigered <br/>"); if ( have_posts() ) { echo ("have posts <br/>"); while ( h

Pagination in the custom loop does not work

I have already searched several topics and questions regarding this problem, but I havenĀ“t found any answer that suits my code. The pagination for my custom posts is displayed, but when I click in Show next posts >> the same posts from the previous

Rounded lower corners?

I am currently having trouble with one section of my layout. My layout container is white with rounded corners and a drop shadow (which is working just fine). The thing is, I have a footer section inside the container div that is a light grey. I was

Warnings in php code

Warning: array_keys() expects parameter 1 to be array, string given in /home/hennacur/public_html/shop/wp-content/themes/montezuma/includes/image_meta.php on line 34 Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/hennacur/public_html/shop/

Multiple meta_key and order by specific meta_value

I am trying to get the posts order by a meta_value that i put in a sortable list of posts, i have an extra meta_key and meta_value to give extra info to the query, but i can't make the WP_Query return the post order, do you have any idea that whats i

WordPress theme error

I'm currently working on a word press theme and every time I try to view the page it comes up with the error message bellow. Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_header() in /home/temp/public_html/natural11/index.php on line 26 The code of my

Why is my statement broken WordPress?

I'm an experienced web developer, so I'm embarrassed to ask this, but why is my if statement cashing WordPress? <!-- THE BLOCK FOR THE HEADER IN THE CMS !--> <span class="PostHeader"><p> <?php if(empty(get_the_block("He

Insert a plugin manually into the wordpress page

I am working in worpress front page. I want to add a plugin to the page at a specific location manually but adding the code to the page myself. I basically want to include a plugin in a certain page on a certain location. So I'm create a div... <div

Get the list of the subcategory

I have this category on my wordpress: Test1 - Sub1OfTest1 - Sub2OfTest1 Test2 - Sub1OfTest2 - Sub2OfTest2 Now iam at url: http://localhost/wordpress/category/test1 I write the following code on file category-test1.php <?php $categories = get_categori