Why does not a major upgrade of WIX update all my files?

I've just taken over a complicated Visual Studio/WiX project (I've never used WiX) and all of a sudden upgrades no longer include all of the files. We don't version every .dll so we need to do every upgrade as a Major Upgrade. (I know this isn't usua

How to do a minor upgrade MSI and how to apply it?

I want to create an Minor Upgrade for a product, I already define a WIX project that generates the MSI installer . Directions from Microsoft states that in a Minor Upgrade, the ProductCode should not be changed, but ProductVersion must be changed. Fu

Uninstalling Control Panel is different from Remove from .msi

Is there a difference between uninstalling an application with WiX based .msi from Control Panel and from the .msi itself? If there is what is it? I am asking because of the following reason: The difference is the following: my .msi stores some files

Merge the existing configuration file into Wix

I'm using WiX 3.8 and trying to update my existing .config file on minor update but I'm having difficulties understanding how to achieve this. I created a custom action to read values from the existing config file but can't figure out how to insert t

MSB3073 'command' is released with code 9009

Whenever I execute this command it throws error MSB3073 with code 9009 $(WixPath)heat dir $(Publish) -dr INSTALLFOLDER -ke -srd -cg DatoCheckerWebComponents -var var.publishDir -gg -out $(WebSiteContentCode) The entire build file is here: <?xml versi

Delete item by reference

Using Wix Toolset (version 3.8) utility harvest to generate an installer xml file. We would like to use the xslt option to remove a folder with all its files and any reference to these files. The latter part of this is proving to be difficult; Here i

Copy MSI to a directory as part of the installation

I am using the latest release of WiX to build my installer projects, and need a solution to my problem... When I install ProductA.msi, i want ProductA.msi to copy itself into a directory, call it %PROGRAMFILES%\ProductA\Installer- so that the install

Wix installed files elevate permissions

I have a WiX project, and it installs some executables and libraries on a folder located at ProgramFiles. The problem comes when running one of these executables. Some of them need to be executed as Administrator to do all the tasks it should do. If

Delete registry keys under HKCU on a machine installation

I build a perMachine installer using WiX 3.6 to install a software I had not developed. Unfortunately the software creates some registry keys under HKCU during execution. On uninstall, the self created keys should also be removed. It seems not so eas

How to run a custom executable with elevated privileges?

I need to run executable for custom setup/tear down, after install and before uninstall. It needs to run with elevated privileges. How to do this correctly?Have a look at this blog at the section How to author custom actions that require administrati

Wix check if the file exists?

I'm trying to see if a file exists with Wix. I have tried the following: <Property Id="TEMPFILE" > <DirectorySearch Path="[TempFolder]" Depth="0" Id="TempFolderDirectorySearcher"> <FileSearch Name=&qu

Create a desktop shortcut to an existing DOSSIER using WiX

I have the need to create a Desktop Shortcut to an existing FOLDER (NOT to a file) using Wix. To elaborate more, my installer program has a CustomAction program written using C# associated with it. This CustomAction program creates a folder named "BS

Wix - ComPlusAssembly - Unable to install type library

I'm new to Wix and I have ran into a problem that I'm obviously not able to solve on my own, so any help will be very much appreciated. Quick background: I'm representing a software vendor building a comprehensive suite of SOA based applications for

WIX C ++ custom action

I have a basic WIX custom action: UINT __stdcall MyCustomAction(MSIHANDLE hInstaller) { DWORD dwSize=0; MsiGetProperty(hInstaller, TEXT("MyProperty"), TEXT(""), &dwSize); return ERROR_SUCCESS; } Added to the installer: <CustomAc

Theme for my WiX installer

I have seen WiX doing wonders in creating an msi which adopts to the current theme of windows. My curiosity is that whether we can hard code any theme for WiX. Whether we can design the look and feel. Is there any link where somebody has tried it and