Git sweater hangs randomly

When using git on windows normally (such as git push and git pull), it will sometimes be very slow. Running git pull over and over again returns within two seconds most of the time, but about 1/6 of attempts take about a minute. I have set git config

C # - How to use variables in other functions

I am trying to use the variable rand from the Rnd function within the BtnRed_Click function. The return does not do anything. And if I change the parameters for the Rnd function I get an error. Here's my code. namespace ColourPick_EDP2 { public parti

Can VB6 be installed on Azure VM Windows Server 2010 R8

First warning is "This program has compatibility issues". Then, it hangs in "Setup is updating your system..." and its window title reads Not Responding. and then error msg: "Install wizard for VB 6 Pro "..setup failed"O

Use find to return only the number

I have an external process which essentially needs to call: int myInt = exec('find /v /c "" filepath'); It's counting the number of lines in a text file. If there's a better way to get the integer amount that'd also work great. With find, the fu

Get the actual size of a screen

Is it possible to get the real screen size in cm not in pixels ? ie i need to know the size of the sreen not its resolution. I need this if it's possible in a windows application.All information about screen (from manufacturer) is in registry HKLM\SY

Make any command in CMD works in a .BAT file as a .EXE file

Redirecting CMD Commands To An EXE File Long story short, basically I have the problem that every time I run BCDedit on the .BAT that I converted into an .EXE it never worked and I thought that the reason why it wasn't work was because it wasn't on P

Automatically reconnect to the wifi network

I have a bit of a weird problem maybe. I have a server at home which is used for downloading and routing. Since I live in a old house with no network cables the server is hooked up through wi-fi. But my wireless access point tends to hang, causing my

case-sensitive file in cmd.exe

I just experienced a search dir * in a cmd.exe giving back as well as (my Test class filename structure). I can't infer a case sensitivity switch from the help output of dir /?. Is there still a way though? Add

Multiprocessing = several processes in progress?

I'm somewhat confused about multiprocessing. I'm a 3 years Python programmer, however never really needed to perform tasks in parallel (not just asynchronously). But what I know, or thought to know, is that when using the multiprocessing module in Py

Java, Mac OS, Windows and Linux

I have migrated from Linux (Ubuntu) to Mac OS. I have wrote an application in Java (swing). I have run it successfully the same code in windows and linux but in mac os I have some problems. Here is the code and problems in comments: public MainForm()

Why cvWaitKey (0) does not work?

I'm not sure why, but for a mysterious reason my c++ application doesn't wait anymore when it reaches cvWaitKey(0) it just passes this line, like this function doesn't do anything! I also tried cvWaitKey(100000) it doesn't work either... void main()

Installing PEAR on wampserver

All the guides for installing PEAR on wampserver, such as the Symfony guide, say I am to run a go-pear.bat script within some PEAR directory. I am on wampserver 2.1 and there is no PEAR directory and no go-pear batch script to be found. Is this just

listen () maximum size of the queue per Windows version

The Winsock function listen(socket, backlog) has a parameter to specify the size of the queue for pending connections. The program should pass SOMAXCONN to set the queue to its maximum size. Question: What is the maximum queue size for each Windows v

Deploy / install Windows Form App

I have a Windows form app that I've published but the end result is not what I've expected. After the wizard finishes, I click on the setup.exe and the application installs and launches, but I don't see any shortcuts in the All Programs. The applicat

Receive WM_COPYDATA messages in a Qt application

I am working on a Windows-only Qt application, and I need to receive data from a Microsoft OneNote plugin. The plugin is written in C#, and can send WM_COPYDATA messages. How do I receive these messages in a C++ Qt app? I need to: Be able to specify

Is there a restart function in Windows / C ++

In a windows project I am working on, I intend to have a menu selection that copletely restarts the app. Is there a Windows or C++ function that does this?There isn't a built-in for this, but a well-designed application can simply stop everything tha

Windows authentication prompts you for your username / password

I am trying to deploy an application in a client network, with AD/domain controller. My application is a simple c# application, using windows authentication. I am using win2003. Basically, using VS2008, create a new website, hosted on IIS6.0.

Configure Rails to work with sqlserver

Ok I followed the steps for setting up ruby and rails on my Vista machine and I am having a problem connecting to the database. Contents of database.yml development: adapter: sqlserver database: APPS_SETUP Host: WindowsVT06\SQLEXPRESS Username: se Pa