How can I RDP to the server and open Microsoft Outlook

Functionality: I have a server where Microsoft Outlook is configured/Rules defined in such a way that based on email received it run particular programs/scripts. Issue: server is scheduled to reboot every week for maintenance. Every time it reboot I

The browser does not ask for a client certificate

Background: I am updating an internal application to a two-step authentication process. I want to add a client certificate authentication process (via a smart card) on top of a traditional username/password form. The application is written in C#, hos

Check if the external database is online

I know that this sentence tells me that 'MyDatabase' database is online: select databasepropertyex('MyDatabase', 'Status') What if I need to check a database from another server? Suppose that I already have a link server, the call should be like this

Map my domain name with my own server

Hi I am having my own domain and i am having my own server (windows 2008) and a Public static IP. Now i want to host my site in my own server. Please give me the step by step information to get it done. Thanks.You need to register your

Azure startup task crashes

I have an Azure project with an MVC4 role where I have added the Visual C++ 2012 Runtime Library setup file, and a script to silently install it. The script works and the library gets installed, the only problem is that the task never finishes and th

Can not see errors on classic ASP sites

There are sites that I am trying to migrate from Windows 2003 Server to 2008. Some of the sites shows blank pages when I visit them. Obviously there are errors but I can't see anything. I already enabled client side errors and detailed error pages bu

IIS 7.5 + Mysql ODBC 3.51 Slows the website

I was using IIS 5.1 on Windows XP PC the page used to load in a fraction of second. Now I have moved to windows server 2008 R2 with IIS 7.5 and same DB. I checked MySQL, it working in the same way as previous machine. I have checked IIS 7.5 for basic

IIS 7.5 virtual directory to the mapped drive

I have an S: which is connected via a username that exists both on server1 & server2. The mapped drive works fine. I connect this as a virtual directory called config in IIS it connects and works fine. I can see in content view the files in the mappe

IIS 7 - Static content attempting authentication

I have a WebForms application hosted in IIS 7. When I run the site from Visual Studio 2010, my static content all loads perfectly. We have the same site hosted in another production environment and the site works great there also. However, when I am

How to run the C # ASP.NET Web application locally?

For a web application I am using ASP.NET C# (OS- Windows7, .NET 4) and the task has done. But I don't know how to run it locally in Windows7 as well as in Server 2008(.NET 4 and IIS installed in server 2008). And I have to run it in both the platfrom

is this the only way to install IIS on Windows Server 2008? so i have to create a role and then run a cmd prompt? really??? what happened to 'turn windows features on or off' console functionality?One of the best ways to install is using the web platfor

Configuring the server farm (DNS + Active Directory)

I have my DNS and active directory configured in Server1 ( FQDN: NetBIOS: abcde My second Server has Sql Server Installed (both servers are using windows server 2008, but when I try to add Server2( to the domai

Download plugins in Wordpress running on IIS7

I have a problem when trying to manually upload a new plugin in wordpress. Uploading media is working perfectly, and also automatically install plugins work as it should, but manually uploading plugins generate an error message: The uploaded file cou

Finding the thread startup parameters at the top of the stack

I've inherited some code that worked on Windows 2000 thats using a small piece of assembly code to locate the base address of the stack, then it uses an offset to grab the parameter value passed to the thread start function. However this doesnt work

How to set Keepalive on Windows Server 2008

I have win32 application in which winsock is used for TCP/IP communication. I am setting keepalive value with WSAIoctl function and it is working normally with windows XP. But on Win. Server 2008 WSAIoctl fails, and WSAGetLastError returns 10022(inva

Windows 2008 Remote Desktop Connection multiple sessions

Does anybody know how to adjust the number of RDC sessions for a specific user in Windows 2008 Server? Would really appreciate it! Thanks a million!Windows 2003 had 2 sessions + 1 console session, Windows 2008 has just 2. If you need more sessions yo

Windows Server 2008 Antivirus with an API

I'm looking for an Antivirus package that is compliant with Windows Server 2008. That's not the hard part. What I need is an API layer on the Antivirus that i can call from managed .net code. For example: I am developing an Asp.Net (C#) website that

Does NTEventLogAppender work on Windows Server 2008?

I can't find any reference to what versions of Windows the log4j NTEventLogAppender is supported on. I am specifically interested in whether it works on Windows Server 2008.Consider log4jna, an alternative implementation of NTEventLogAppender that do

How can I create an IIS 7 module interface?

I have had many requests come in to a project that I work on, to include an IIS 7 module interface. Does anybody know of any resources for creating an IIS 7.0 module interface? I have searched and I have not really found a good art