Download soundcloud data via API

I try to retrieve mp3 data from soundcloud through their API, I already have the download_url property and I want to save it directly to KnownFolders.MusicLibrary. The problem is when I try to download it with browser the link ask for save/play. Is i

How to define a daily toast in the application

I wrote a Windows Phone 8.1 (WINPRT) App. One of the features of this app is alarm/reminder. For Example: user sets the Reminder at 7AM in app's Reminder Page. App must give alarm/reminder daily at 7AM. Now as I got to know, that alarm and reminder a

Windows phone reviews on the store

to get windows phone reviews i use however that only brings me reviews of people with en-us as their locale. but if a user is en-bb say, it doesn't bring it.I have to to enter to see

How to use SQLiteConnection in Windows Phone Runtime?

I want to use SQL relationships in my Windows Phone Runtime app. So it seems I need to use SQLite-net Extensions I have referenced these files: SQLite.Net SQLiteNetExtensions SQLite for Windows Phone 8.1 But when I want to get a connection: var conne

ActionCollection of Blend custom behavior is always empty

I have created Blend behavior, but when I add children to it in xaml, they does not appear in the collection. What might be the reason of that ? When app is running, Actions collection does not contain any action, though it certainly should. <Helpers

Retrieve the WP system tray (notification area)

For some control layout calculations, I need to know the height of the notification area. Sure, I know that it equals 32 pixels in portrait mode in WP 7/8/8.1, but it's not a good idea to hard code this value for the future releases of the OS. How ca

How to use PCLStorage in the Portable Class Library?

My scenario is, I have a Portable class library which I am going to use for windows 8 and phone apps. So I created a common viewmodeland now I want to handle storage functionality in viewmodels. I found a PCLStorage package which is used to deal with

StackPanel with images in ScrollViewer does not display images

I'm downloading a lot of pictures from IsolatedSotrage and displaying them on the screen in a StackPanel. When I start the app I don't see the images in my phone (photos are not visible(why?!)), but when I lock the phone and unlock I have all the pic

Touch swipe does not work in Windows 8 IE 10 phone

we have tried capturing the event using following code in our JQuery.. but swipe is not working. if (window.navigator.msPointerEnabled) { this.element.addEventListener("MSPointerDown", eventHandlerName, false); this.element.addEventListener(&quo

WP8 + Color in XAML

I'm trying to create a WP8 application in which I can dynamically change a Rectangle color with 3 Sliders (like RGB one). Of course, I've got some other stuff in code behind but here is the weird thing : <Rectangle Width="100" Height="10

Strange error while analyzing the channel so far?

When I try to parse date like this: DateTime t1 = DateTime.ParseExact("August 11, 2013, 11:00:00 PM", "MMMM dd, yyyy, hh:mm:ss tt", System.Globalization.CultureInfo.InvariantCulture); It works correctly but when I do thing like this :

An exception of type 'System.Net.WebException'

I'm working on WP7-8 application which is using RestClient for getting info from WebServer. When I swich off internet connection I see: An exception of type 'System.Net.WebException' occurred in and wasn't handled before a manag

Image source and caching

I use the following code to show images from a webserver: <Image Source="{Binding Url}" /> The image gets automatically downloaded, and I assume there is also some caching based on the Url. My problem is, that when the app is offline, the

How to add Flurry SDK to the WP7 project?

I have a WP7 project and i want to add Flurry for Analytics and there is no WP7 sdk on there site when i contacted them in support they said " the Flurry WP8 SDK v3.1.2 which is backward compatible with WP7.x apps." But when tried to add to my a

Sender of the context menu

So I have a context menu that appears when a user taps and holds on a listbox item. I have this code to get the value from the item that was tapped. ListBoxItem contextMenuListItem = (ListBoxItem)(myListBox.ItemContainerGenerator.ContainerFromItem(((

Windows Phone 8 Emulator and copy text images to Camera Roll

I'd like to copy some images to the windows phone 8 emulator, but can't seem to find a way to do this. I was hoping when the emulator was running I would be able to access certain directorys via windows as per a real device. Any ideas, I can't help t

InsulatedStorage Windows Phone 8

How to view contents of Isolated storage on windows phone 8 app on like the IsoStoreSpy for windows phone 7.5?Windows Phone Power Tools seem to suit your needs.

Is there a SyndicationFeed class for Windows Phone?

Is there a SyndicationFeed class available for Windows Phone? The original lives in System.ServiceModel.Syndication namespace and then there is a new one for Windows 8 in Windows.Web.Syndication namespace. However, I don't see it on the phone.This cl

erasing a mapItemsControl.Itemtemplate WP7 Maps

hi im recurringly updating this map and i noticed its acumulating items rather than just refreshing all items for example Im assing items to it by mapz.ItemsSource = App.ViewModel.LocationItems; how do i clear the existing items in mapz before this ?

How to pop / finish a view in Windows Phone 7

I'm new to the Silverlight development stack in WP7 and have a need to blow away a view as I'm loading another. //some good stuff happens so I need to load the next activity/view NavigationService.Navigate(new Uri("/Checkout.xaml", UriKind.Relat

Resize the image of the URL for the background of the panorama

I'm working on my first WP7 app and now I'm exploring the world of the panorama control. I've loaded an object from a REST service and I've set the background of the panorama to the image url in that object. var brush = new ImageBrush() { ImageSource

ImageMap Behavior for Tiles

Is it possible to determine the area on which a user clicked on a tile? Just like an image map in HTML. I would like to specify two buttons at an image tile and carry out different actions for each of them.No. It is not possible to do this. With resp