Using ScrollViewer in a FlipView

I have a Windows Phone 8.1 app with a FlipView. Each FlipView item represents a magazine page (PDF page rendered to bitmap with some overlay). I need to enable pinch to zoom for all the pages. My FlipView ItemTemplate looks like this <DataTemplate x:

Convert a string to enumerate in a portable library

I'm trying to convert a string to an Enum, in a generic way, in a portable class Library Targes are: .NET 4.5, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone Silverlight 8 I have this string extension, which I've previous used in a Winform application.

Server socket on Windows Phone 8 and 8.1

I need to port an application to the Windows Phone platform. Is it possible to create server sockets on Windows Phone 8 and 8.1? All I've found is related with client side, like creating connections to remote machines. I can't find nothing the other

Build Windows Phone 8 app using Visual Studio 2013

I have x64 windows 8.1 pro, but the system doesn't support SLAT. So this means that I can develop WP8 apps, but I have to test app on physical devices. I have installed visual studio 2013 Update 2, but on opening new project to develop WP8 apps, opti

Add pushpin to the code card behind in Windows Phone 8

I'm trying to add a PushPin to a map in Windows Phone 8 from code behind. I know how to do this from XAML <maps:Map x:Name="routeMap"> <maptk:MapExtensions.Children> <maptk:Pushpin GeoCoordinate="22.34, 88.30" Content=&q

How to implement the modified Geoposition event

Currently I am migrating WP8 app into WP8.1 Universal app, In WP8 app I am using Background task using Geoposition Changed event. Whenever user position changed the code will get fired. I am confused totally after seeing the Background task implement

Formatting data in MVVM in the Windows Phone application

I have a DataModel and a ViewModel working successfully together with my xaml view. In the view I use databindings. In my DataModel I have some properties like Distance declared as int. When displaying the values in view, I want a formatting like add

Custom setting of the image source of the downloaded stream

My application shows images that require an Authorization http header to be downloaded. I am thus creating a custom control AuthenticatedImage that creates an HttpClient with necessary headers, downloads the image stream and sets the control template

How to use a user XAML control in a class library

I have a sub project wich is a class and contains DataLib.cs and an user controll MediumTile.xaml. This user control will be the generated to an image to use it as tile background. But before I have to change a few thing dynamicly. So how can I get c

Memory Resources Are Not Published in Windows Phone 8

I'm working on a Windows Phone 8 app and I'm having an issue with releasing resources from a file stream. The problem happens when I access the isolated storage to get an image, and then I set the image to an image source on the view; this all happen

Set the background image of the photo library

i have to set programmatically a background of a grid with an image taken from the picture library (NO assets folder of the app)... I have tried with this code MediaLibrary library = new MediaLibrary(); Picture picture = library.Pictures[rnd.Next(0,

An exception of type 'System.Net.WebException'

I'm working on WP7-8 application which is using RestClient for getting info from WebServer. When I swich off internet connection I see: An exception of type 'System.Net.WebException' occurred in and wasn't handled before a manag

How to keep an item at the top of a ListBox

I have some headers with some items underneath in a list box, however when my user scrolls down the list box I would like the headers to stay at the top of the list box until a new header comes along and pushes it down. My header is in the form of a

How to check the internet connection?

I know that you can check for network connectivity, but I can't seem to find a way to check if there is truly internet available, short of a ping. I know of a few use cases where a user would be connected to a local WLAN which doesn't have access to

Inherit user control from another user control

I am developing windows phone 8 app. Is would like to have some user controls which they inherit from a specific user control. I define my parent user control like this: public abstract class WidgetsUserControl : UserControl { } and the child like: p

Windows Phone 8 Emulator and copy text images to Camera Roll

I'd like to copy some images to the windows phone 8 emulator, but can't seem to find a way to do this. I was hoping when the emulator was running I would be able to access certain directorys via windows as per a real device. Any ideas, I can't help t

ARM NEON assembly on Windows Phone 8 does not work

I'm trying to call a function that is coded in ARM NEON assembly in an .s file that looks like this: AREA myfunction, code, readonly, ARM global fun align 4 fun push {r4, r5, r6, r7, lr} add r7, sp, #12 push {r8, r10, r11} sub r4, sp, #64 bic r4, r4,

Is there a SyndicationFeed class for Windows Phone?

Is there a SyndicationFeed class available for Windows Phone? The original lives in System.ServiceModel.Syndication namespace and then there is a new one for Windows 8 in Windows.Web.Syndication namespace. However, I don't see it on the phone.This cl

Windows Phone 8 error on a new application

i am using visual studio 2012 n windows 8 enterprise edition to create a windows phone 8 application! as i create a fresh application and want to run it just to see if it works, this error pops up instantly! System.NullReferenceException Object refer

Which of them are the 8 gain phone models?

So I have, among other things, XNA 4, windows 7.1 sdk, windows 8 sdk windows phone 7 sdk and windows phone 8 sdk. So in Visual studio 2010 I see the following, which I assume are all Windows Phone 7.x, Windows phone 8 SDK requires Visual Studio 2012,