Adding an appointment to WP7.1 using c #

I am attempting to add an appointment to the windows phone 7.1 calendar. It will be a button that when clicked, the button will cause an appointment to be added to the calendar. Does anyone know the basic c# code to do this? I am having trouble findi

Texture2d.SaveAsPng () Memory Leak

I have found strange issue with method Texture2d.SaveAsPng() Every call 1.5mb disapear. I use this method to save texture to isolated storage public static void SaveTextureToISF(string fileName, Texture2D texture) { using (IsolatedStorageFile file =

How to keep an item at the top of a ListBox

I have some headers with some items underneath in a list box, however when my user scrolls down the list box I would like the headers to stay at the top of the list box until a new header comes along and pushes it down. My header is in the form of a

Publish a request on windows phone

I tried to make a request on a webserver with my windows phone, but I doesn't work. I have this code that works on my computer var client = new WebClient { BaseAddress = "" }; var values = new NameValueCollection { {"

How to add Flurry SDK to the WP7 project?

I have a WP7 project and i want to add Flurry for Analytics and there is no WP7 sdk on there site when i contacted them in support they said " the Flurry WP8 SDK v3.1.2 which is backward compatible with WP7.x apps." But when tried to add to my a

How to download a selected photo from Windows Phone

I am trying to develop an app for Windows Phone in C# which basically uploads a user selected picture to a server (localhost, for example). This app is meant to work just like a PHP file upload script, where user chooses a file and then it is uploade

Delete cookies from the Webbrowser control in wp7

I have a problem with facebook and google logout. My scenario is when user first time login with facebook or google for particular site.(using clint api, it will redirect to their own web browser). then it will show the login page . after successfull

Text Styles in Location Resources

I've a question about localization resources at windows-phone. Let's say, I have a string in my Resources file, which should look like as: This is some text. This value is bold. This one is italic. And that all stored in a single string field. How co

Windows Phone7 custom messagebox with a popup

In my application I have created a custom messagebox(with a different backgroud color) using a Popup. There it has a button and I have implemented the button click event. With in the button click, it has a message box and according to "Ok" or &q

Combine two channels with DateTime

I have two variables. One variable represents a date from a datepicker on windows phone and the other variable represents a time from a timepicker. Now I want to combine these two strings to one string to represent the whole value. How can I do this?

WP7 dynamic ListBox with GPS value

I'll try to explain my problem ... Sorry for the English translation to Google. I'd like to dynamically display the values ​​in a gps listBox I have a class that stock values ​​gps: public class LocationManager : INotifyPropertyChanged another with t

POST Method of Windows Phone WebClient Class

I am new to this forum as well as Windows Phone Development. I am currently developing an app in which I am working with a Web-Service and I need to make a POST request to a web service. I am trying to accomplish a user login functionality here for w

Windows Phone How to scroll vertically

I'm just starting out in WinPhone development and can't figure out how to set the vertical scroll. For example i've started a new Pivot App, and this code allows the user to scroll up and d own to see all the entries: <controls:PivotItem Header="L

Work with the database in Windows Phone

I am a absolute beginner in Windows Phone Development with a basic idea in C# & Silverlight . I am building an application which will require some basic database functionality . Then , I discovered that SQL Server is not compatible with Windows Phone

Full-screen camera output - Windows Phone

I'm working on augmented reality and I wanted to know if it was possible to get the camera output in fullscreen with a normal scale. I'm currently able to get a deformed output (everything is larger than in the real world). Edit: I found in the Photo

problem using fast application switching

I am using from codeplex Tombstone Helper (Tombstone Helper) and am having problems fast switching between apps. I've included the "two line code" method and am testing my app in the emulator. I've activated the tombstoning option for debugging.

The XAML layout is TextWrapping Nothing in WP7.5

I've run into a bit of a strange problem with some XAML layout in Silverlight for Windows Phone 7.5. Basically, I'm creating a number of textboxes in a grid in a canvas, using my own bullet points. The issue is that the first bullet point (see below)

Windows Phone 7 programming the use of USB port

I would like to make a Windows Phone 7 application that takes advantage of it's USB port to communicate with the PC. I would like to write an application to control or push information/data to the PC from the application. But I am having problems fin

Silently sending an e-mail from a Windows Phone 7 device?

Is it possible to silently send an email from a Windows Phone 7 device? The reason I ask is because I would like to have a system from which an app will send information to a server which the server will log. I figure if I use emails it would be a lo

Silverlight website on mobile phone

I'm developing a Silverlight website and one of the functionality requirements is for the rotating images to show on all browsers. The test site looks great in all desktop computer browsers. The problem now is on mobile phones the system isn't loadin

Set the background / color image in WP7

I can't seem work out (even though I have seen other apps) how to set the whole background of a WP7 page to a image or colour, like in Panorama for example. If i set Grid x:Name="LayoutRoot" Background="#FF0079C1" Or <Grid.Backgroun

Not able to navigate the click button?

Following is my code.I am not able to navigate from MasterPage.xaml to Slide_show.xaml on a button click. public partial class MainPage : PhoneApplicationPage { public MainPage() { InitializeComponent(); Loaded += new RoutedEventHandler(MainPage_Load