How can I overwrite the file conditionally when installing WIX?

I have two work modes in my installer: use config files left from previous installation delete all existing configs and put default configs instead The mode is determined by the checkbox in the WPF UI of the installer. If second mode is selected, the

How to do a minor upgrade MSI and how to apply it?

I want to create an Minor Upgrade for a product, I already define a WIX project that generates the MSI installer . Directions from Microsoft states that in a Minor Upgrade, the ProductCode should not be changed, but ProductVersion must be changed. Fu

Why is my installer looking for another non-existent MSI?

My installer has recently started crashing during an upgrade. Just after laying down files, it displays a box saying: A network error occurred while attempting to read from the file: C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Temp\2\MyInstaller.msi I am sure this e

Uninstalling Control Panel is different from Remove from .msi

Is there a difference between uninstalling an application with WiX based .msi from Control Panel and from the .msi itself? If there is what is it? I am asking because of the following reason: The difference is the following: my .msi stores some files

Create an msi file from the .wxs file using the command line

I'm creating a -wxs file from dir using heat.exe and now would want to generate/create msi from wxs file using command line utilities with out visual studion. One of the user suggested in below question to referred to see Output window of Visual Stud

Storing User-Entered Data from a Wix Installer

I am creating a Wix installer and I would like to store some values that are set by the user during the installation process in such a way that I can read them at a later point in time. Obviously I could save these values in the registry but is there

Merge the existing configuration file into Wix

I'm using WiX 3.8 and trying to update my existing .config file on minor update but I'm having difficulties understanding how to achieve this. I created a custom action to read values from the existing config file but can't figure out how to insert t

Copy MSI to a directory as part of the installation

I am using the latest release of WiX to build my installer projects, and need a solution to my problem... When I install ProductA.msi, i want ProductA.msi to copy itself into a directory, call it %PROGRAMFILES%\ProductA\Installer- so that the install

How to format a file extension using Wix?

I'd like to conditionally set a file extension during install. As I understand it, in order to do anything conditionally in Wix, it should be a self-contained component. So for each file type association I would like to allow the user to set, I've go

How to run a custom executable with elevated privileges?

I need to run executable for custom setup/tear down, after install and before uninstall. It needs to run with elevated privileges. How to do this correctly?Have a look at this blog at the section How to author custom actions that require administrati

Determine if a service is already installed

As part of installing my windows service I have coded an alternative to installutil and the command line: IDictionary state = new Hashtable(); using (AssemblyInstaller inst = new AssemblyInstaller(typeof(MyServiceClass).Assembly, args)) { IDictionary

Role of Windows Installer Windows Service

There exists a windows installer windows service (pointing to msiexec executable). This service Startup Type' is Manual and 'Log On As' is set to be Local System. When we double click on any .msi file this windows service is started automatically. Ad

Install the file conditionally via msi (internal error 2732)

I want to install a plugins dll to a pre-installed application. Pre-installed application has its installed location in registry from where I can get its location. If I cannot found the registry. I simply don't want to install the plugin file. I am u

Windows Installer for the COM component

I have a C++ activex control that I need to make an installer for. It needs to drop the dll and make some registry keys. I have about 6 .RGS files which I made for self-registration via regsvr32, which work. To do an installer I am manually porting t

Remove the Repair Option Screen from the MSI Installer

I have created a standard MSI installer for P&D of my application which is using following components: A WCF Service hosted as Windows service. A GUI application that communicates with that service. A Shell extension Dll. Installer is working very go

MSI installation issues

I've got an MSI based install that I've wrapped in an EXE file as per my installation packaging software (which is Wise Package Studio 7.0 SP2). I've made many changes to the install, and every time I've tested them, they've worked just fine... up un

What is the meaning of CHECKDB = FALSE in MSI?

When running an MSI through the command line what does passing the arguement "CHECKDB=FALSE" really do? The MSI of course can be anything from Microsoft, to Compuware DevPartner, to a programmer compiled MSI from .NET.Running an MSI with that pa