Screenshot in Windows 8 OS

To capture screen shot in my java application i have write following code Rectangle screenRect = new Rectangle(Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit().getScreenSize()); BufferedImage capture = new Robot().createScreenCapture(screenRect); ImageIO.write(capture, "

Start developing a WP8 / Windows 8 application

I have to make an multi-project application and cross-platform which exists on iOS and Android. Multi-project : I need to develop several applications but having a common code base (mainly graphic order changes between each version) Multi-platform :

Firefox on Windows 8 as a touch device

On my Windows 8 desktop PC (non-touchscreen), Firefox 26 incorrectly reports itself as a touchscreen device while other browsers like Chrome & IE don't? Using the following different JavaScript snippets, Firefox always returns true and Chrome always

Installing the Metro app for other users

I have two registred users on my PC and I have no problems installing packages via sideloader on Admin account but when I'm trying to install it on other account nothing happens(I mean its not being instaled, altough in sideloader I get information t

MFC- Programatically Disable Charms Bar

I need to programatically disable Windows 8 charms bar. On MSDN i can find sample code to do that. However while using that code snippet with Windows 8 SDK installed on my machine i am getting Linker error. The code snippet can be found at System.Edg

Azure Script for verifying Twitter updates

I understood that my previous question was too vague and didn't explain awfully much. I hope this post will be more understandable. I'm currently creating an app which will pull certain @Twitter feeds as well as certain Twitter #hashtags and show the

Windows Metro application of Combobox style

I'm developing a xaml/c# metro style app in windows 8. I'd like to emulate the Microsoft Calendar app comboBox Style (In the event details page). I mean, having that behavior of coloured box and border after selection. How can I do it using visual st

WinJS Listview shows undefined when you browse quickly

I have a WinJS application with listviews in which if quickly navigate between pages before the listview is fully loaded, the next page shows the listview with all elements in it bound as "undefined". So say I have a hub page with a "to do&

Windows 8 - Running Eclipse (Java VM not found)

I just downloaded the Android Developer Tools Bundle. I started following the setup instructions and gotten as far as extracting the files to new location ("Development") as it says. I tried running the Eclipse app as instructed, yet a window po

Get all the power options available

I have Windows 8 and the Power options are too hard to get to so i want to make a little app to replicate Power tab. What i can't do is find a way to make windows Sleep. In windows 8 when the PC is Sleeping it is completely stopped and if you press a

How to call an asynchronous method?

I am trying to do a simple app that gets the current location in windows 8, but I cant find the correct syntax of the await keyword. The error says: Error 1 The 'await' operator can only be used within an async method. Consider marking this method wi

Efficient way to make a lot of textures in layers?

What's the efficient way to render a bunch of layered textures? I have some semitransparent textured rectangles that I position randomly in 3D space and render them from back to front. Currently I call d3dContext->PSSetShaderResources() to feed the p

Link to UserControl in WinRT

I created a simple Rating user control, the problem this control won't in WinRT work when I use binding, it works fine on windows phone, This is my Control: public sealed partial class RatingControl : UserControl { public int Rate { get { return (int

WinJS.UI.getControl in the VS 11 Ultimate subway app

WinJS.UI.getControl is not defined in VS 11 Ultimate. Is there any alternatives there to do the same? I mean, how can i access winJS controls in javascript?Don't know whether this issue is still valid or not and what the original cause was, but anywa