does windows 8 store apps support the Ms Access database?

I have just started leaning windows 8 store app programming and came around a question that does windows 8 store apps support Ms Access database ? If not then which all database does it support. thanksDepends on your definition of support, you could

Develop Windows Phone 8.1 applications on Windows 8

I'm having o Windows 8 OS on my pc and Visual Studio 2013 Update 4 installed. Is it possible to develop apps on Windows Phone 8.1 in these conditions or an update to windows 8.1 is mandatory for this?Windows phone 8.1 apps are two types - Silverlight

Read / write property files in the jar file

So i am getting back into writing Java after 4 years so please forgive any "rookie" mistakes. I need to have a properties file where i can store some simple data for my application. The app data itself won't reside here but i will be storing inf

C ++ Detect when the user presses the arrow key

I have been having a problem with detecting arrow key presses in my C++ console application. I have tried everything I have found, both here and on other tutorial sites, but all of them give me the same thing whenever I press the arrow: Process retur

Error during pricing application

In my app I get an error message when users press submit after rating. Get error c101a006. Not sure why this happens, open store but not able to submit review As far as I

How to use PCLStorage in the Portable Class Library?

My scenario is, I have a Portable class library which I am going to use for windows 8 and phone apps. So I created a common viewmodeland now I want to handle storage functionality in viewmodels. I found a PCLStorage package which is used to deal with

How to use the SET method on the LISTVIEW.SELECTION in WINJS

Anybody ever used the listView.selection.set(items) method in WINJS? I can make it work if I pass the numeric index of an item, but I can't manage to have it work passing a key. This is the documentation on how it should work but there is no example.

Unable to use combo box in C # code

I want to add itens to a combobox but in c# because i dont want to add all the time the same comboboxitens. My code is this to the combobox i want to add itens. <ScrollViewer Margin="252,130,296,134" Grid.Row="1" VerticalAlignment=&

The microphone does not exist in the current context

In reference to this article on MSDN. The assembly, microsoft.xna.framework.dll, has been added to the references and I'm using the namespace Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Audio, however I receive an immediate error on the first step, shown below: Micropho

How to click on the Windows 8 RichEditBox hyperlinks?

Maybe this is a stupid question, but how can I click (and capture the click event of) a link in a Windows 8 RichEditBox. I've placed the link using RichEditBox.Document.GetRange(0, 10).Link = "\"foobar\"". The link itself is shown in t

Detect touch events in Chrome on Windows 8 with touchscreen

I built a touch/mouse friendly jQuery plugin. It works on phones(ios, android...) and desktops browsers. But i have some issues with Windows 8 Chrome installed on laptop with touch screen. Unfortunately i dont have such a device and cant do any tests

load the xml file and read the Windows Store app

I want to load my xml file in my app and read just specific tags from my xml. Can someone help me? I have tried couple of things but all I get is the full xml text, not the specific tags. This is the code: try { StorageFolder storageFolder = Package.

SDK Surface only for the surface

This might be a stupid question, but I couldn't find the answer anywhere. Does the Microsoft Surface SDK 2.0 only work with Microsoft Surface products, or can I use it with other touchscreens? I really just like the way the SurfaceTextBox control wor

Delete & ldquo; X & quot; button at the end of a TextBox

I'm developing a Windows Store App using C# + XAML. When I add a TextBox with the property TextWrapping set to NoWrap, a "X" appears at the end of the TextBox when it's focused. So, I need to remove this "X" and the TextBox can not Wra

XAML Globalization Using Resources in a Combo Box

I am globalizing my WinRT app and I can't use language resources in my comboboxs. I can use it in my TextBlocks using Text property but not using x:string. What am I doing wrong? TextBlock x:Uid="Priority" Text="Default"></TextBl

XAML Image tag (Win8) not working with some paths

The Source attribute of the Image tag works only with the files which were added to the 'Assets' folder in the Solution Explorer. I've got two files in the Assets directory: Logo.png and Logo2.png, but only Logo.png is added to 'Assets' in the Soluti

Windows Store App, Grid Show items that do not display

i'm working on a windows 8 app but i'm new to WPF. I've spend a good day on this but can't figure out why it doesn't work. Basically I am trying to create a grid view of some images with text at the top. But only a gradient filled box is displayed, n

View compiled HTML code for the Windows 8 application

I'm building a Windows 8 app using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and I am becoming increasingly annoyed at the UI styles, specifically trying to override them. Without being able to see the compiled HTML, it's virtually impossible to know how to target speci

Link binding method in xaml

In Windows 8, C# + xaml i have some class Class ABC { public string a {get; set;} public void someMethod() { **some code, changing a** } } and binding in xaml <ListBox x:Name="playlistBox"> <ListBox.ItemTemplate> <DataTemplate>

Simulate measured connections in Windows 8

I'm having a little trouble working out how to simulate a metered connection over a wired network (can be on local machine or the simulator). Any help is very much appreciated! ThanksWe asked about this at an AEL and were told that there's no way to

winrt - System.UnauthorizedAccessException

I'm trying to write and read to local storage for Win8. Using a helper I am able to successfully write to my machine, but reading the .xml file gives me a: System.UnauthorizedAccessException occurred in mscorlib.dll error I created a codepaste so you

How can I make a no-op event in C # WinRT?

In .NET, if I'm implementing an interface that contains an event, but that event makes no sense for my object (say it's a change event and I'm writing an immutable object), then I can just provide empty bodies for add and remove -- a null implementat

Which version of RDP is used in Windows 8?

I've tried to connect to Windows 8 Developer Preview via rdesktop 1.6 and freerdp 0.8.2 from linux and there was no success. I've get: ui_unimpl: NOT IMPLEMENTED: Unknown Capability Set 0x1E ui_unimpl: NOT IMPLEMENTED: Bpp 254 Although I could set a