How can I restrict URLs to a specific wireless network?

Building my own authentification system at the moment and stumbled upon one idea: How do schools/universities etc can restrict pages to only be accessible while being on the School's Wifi? What's the technique behind it? Basically: How can I make som

Automatic WiFi connection NodeMCU

I am trying to resolve wifi connectivity using Lua language. I have been combing through the api to find a solution but nothing solid yet. I asked a previous question, dynamically switch between wifi networks and the answer did address the question i

Android: Get lat / long for the return WIFI scan?

I have been playing around with the WifiManager to do a Scan and get a list of wifi's in range. I want to be able to plot these on a map. The results that are being returned don't seem to have any kind of property that I can use for lat or long. Can

Get a unique identifier for a WiFi router

Is there any way I can get any unique identifier for a particular wifi router? I'm trying to write an Android app that needs to know which router it is connected to. I know that android provides a way to get the BSSID of the currently connected netwo

the credentials of the heart of the spark change

I'm working on a small product idea with my spark core, and setting up a serial interface for the customer to set up their product onto their wifi: String newssid = wifissid(3); String newpw = wifipw(3); WiFi.setCredentials(newssid, newpw); As you ca

How to send Arduino values ​​to Android via WiFi?

Is it possible? Please help me out with some codes. I would like to get status updates from my Arduino to know and display LED status if its ON/OFF through WiFi.I would've posted this as a comment on the other answer but I can't yet. You could make a

The server is inaccessible to the Android client

I have a client phone and server pc. I am sending some data from phone to my pc. The problem is phone is unable to connect to the server & I get exception, which means the server is unreachable. However, the server is waiting f

Automatically reconnect to the wifi network

I have a bit of a weird problem maybe. I have a server at home which is used for downloading and routing. Since I live in a old house with no network cables the server is hooked up through wi-fi. But my wireless access point tends to hang, causing my

How to get WiFi encryption mode on iOS / iPhone / iPad?

How to get Wi-Fi encryption mode in iOS without private libraries?The code from the answer above has been posted originally on this website: By the way, for

The easiest way to get information from Android to PC via WIFI?

What is the easiest way to get information from Andriod to PC via WIFI? I'm doing an app that receives SMS messages. I want to save the information in a database on a Windows computer, right after the messages have been received. I've tried: HttpPost

How can two machines be detected when their ips keep changing?

Let me describe what I want to achieve and where I am stuck. It is okay to suggest an entirely different alternative. I have an Android phone with NFC feature. I have a macbook pro. A wifi network. Whenever I tap my phone on a certain NFC tag I want

WiFi Internet access with additional authentication

My university runs their wifi authentication in a 2-step process. First you connect to the wifi network and then when you open a web browser, you have to type in some additional information about yourself to access the internet. 1) The university sys

Phy0 wireless LAN hard blocked

I'm using latest Fedora 17 3.3.4-5.fc17.x86_64 I used WiFi several days, but today everything just got wrong with no reason. I couldn't get WiFi working using gnome, so I opened a terminal and tried # ifconfig wlan0 up SIOCSIFFLAGS: Operation not pos

How to detect an unsecured wifi network from iOS App

I would like to detect the presence of unsecured wifi network in my app. Is there any public iOS API available to achieve the same?There is no documented API to get that information. If you application needs to send and receive sensitive data across

Find IP from my laptop on the wifi network from Android

I'm writing an Air app for Android that is going to interact with other apps on my laptop. They are going to be connected through WiFi. I've done everything to the point where I only need to know the IP address of my laptop on the WiFi network. How d

WinCE WiFi USB adapter

I have a development board that has a few USB ports available and I would like to add also WiFi connectivity using one of the USB ports. So far, I couldn't find a dongle that I could use, can anyone recommend a WiFi USB adapter that has drivers for W

WiFi WiFi Network Switching

My company is developing an iPhone accessory that requires a relatively high connectivity rate to the phone. Due to MFi limitations (USB 2 communications in HOST mode fair only around 100KBps), we're looking at hosting a WiFi ad-hoc network on our ac

Determine the location with Wi Fi

Is there a way that I can determine a location of a laptop/phone connected to my router via a wireless network access point? (I do not want to use GPS... only the access point).No. But let's examine why. If you can get the metrics from the router, wh

The Blackberry application does not work in wifi

hi all i have made application for blackberry .it is working on my Blackberry 8310 device .i m using vodafone Blackberry dataservice in 8310 and app working fine .but when i install this app in my 9550 and i want to used this app using wifi but i app

Missing method in

On the site, a method startScanActive is listed in the class WifiManager that makes it possible to perform an active wi-fi scan. It has been discussed here recently, too. Nevertheless, when I try to use that method in Eclipse, it i

Get the current position with GPS and WIFI

I'm currently using GPS only to get current location of the user to return certain results. As in Belgium, if you're inside, most of the time you can't get GPS-connection. So I want to get the current location with the wifi-connection. I've found thi

Relative positioning Android, Wifi: Time of arrival

SRC: I have been trying to understand how I can determine the relative position of 2 android devices from each other, within 0.3m accuracy. (Note: not absolute position, so I

Android Scan for Wifi networks

I'm trying to scan for wireless networks and found this helpful source on the net. Unfortunately it's not working and I have no idea why. My problem is that I can't wait 10 minutes for the result - I need them within a few seconds and thought about s

Wifi Triangulation

What would be the best way to triangulate a wireless network passively. Are there tools available? Algorithms? Libraries? My goal would be to create a relative map of various objects that sends or receive signals using signal strength (DB's), signal/