loop in R does not work

I am trying to loop over multiple time series in order to use seasonal package and while the code works just fine for individual series, the loop does not continue and I get something like this i = `i'+1 + } + Any idea what's wrong in the code below?

while looping at the beginning of the program

I'm trying to create a loop in order to bring the user back to the beginning of the program. I can't get it to print "Welcome to the comparison function". The program will run, asking user for input 1 and 2 and then will print the answer of the

Best way to update Android-UI in while loop

I'm working on a Tetris-app and I have a Thread.sleep command to animate the falling of the tetriminos. But that creates a conflict with the UI. So I tried runOnUiThread() like this: while (gameover == false) { tetriminoSettled = false; try { Thread.

Javascript callback in a while loop does not work?

I'm trying to make an event driven while loop in javascript. Essentially it iterates through an array of values and makes a query during each iteration. Then, based on the result of the query it should either keep looping or stop and do something. I

Do everything in loop with switch-case in Java

LOGIN SYSTEM using Switch case i have problem with my source code for java if i input the right answer , it still repeat again and again please help meYou cannot compare strings with "!=" (in your while)

How can I restart the program in C?

Hi I'm new to C and I wrote a simple program. I want to restart the program if the user picked the wrong choice, here is the code: #include <stdio.h> #include <cs50.h> int main(void){ char choices; float math, pc, svt, eng, philo; do { do { pr

A loop to add a list item without high memory performance?

Everybody, a =[0, 0, 2, 4, 6] x=5 This a list (a) and a fix value (x). I need a loop codes which must add with x every element of list and add this value with previous list elements in every loop ( loop must continue as x value). Other words result s

While Loop Declaration

I am having trouble understanding some code in Java. I have researched around but I am still having trouble fully understanding it. boolean showShip = false; //set the ship to be hidden by default while(!showShip) //dont get this while loop { val = p

While - try - catch in Java

I need a java program that ask a number between 0 and 2. If the user write 0, the program ends. If the user write 1, it executes one function. If the user write 2, it executes another function. I also want to handle the error "java.lang.NumberFormatE

Loop not accept my key entry - Java AWT

I am using a while loop in my method public void keyTyped (KeyEvent e) The problem here is that, the program enters the loop, it asks the user for input. And if the input is within the parameters, set by "while", it just keeps on repeating that

SQL 'while' to read data from a table in a variable

How could I write a while loop to populate data from a table to a variable to be used in a seperate query ? EX: select ITEM from Table1 ITEM A0001 B0001 C0003 D0005 E0032 If I can get all that results here under column ITEM to @var1 and then use it i

Thread with while (true) sort of sort

I have a thread that is supposed to run continuously in my program and parse incoming serial data from a collection of sensors. //initialized as a global variable System.Threading.Thread processThread = new System.Threading.Thread(ProcessSerialData);

How to "read" multiple variables on a while loop

How can I read from multiple variables with a while read line? I'm trying to create a csv file from these variables which are multi-lined. Not sure if this the best way to do this. For example: 1st_list=$(..code..) 2nd_list=$(..code..) while read lin

while the loop stops after the first iteration in BASH

I wrote the script that has to convert *.avi files to mp4 format. However "while" loop stops after first iteration. #!/bin/bash shopt -s lastpipe cd <some_directory> find . -name *.avi -type f | while read -r avi do /usr/bin/HandBrakeCLI -

Understand the small basic loop

I have this code that Ive spent too much time on and I cant figure. Its supposed to get the averages of the numbers and then output the answer.I input the name and then when I type in the numbers it only takes 1 and after that i cannot continue. Im a

Why the global modifier does not work correctly?

Why does the "g" modifier not work in this instance? I thought separating a variable with a comma and adding "g" was an acceptable way to set the match to a global match? str = "cabeca"; testcases = []; x = 0; for (i = 0; i &

C ++ Converting a while loop to a do-while loop

I see a ton a questions for converting for loops to while and do while loops, but I cant seem to find anything on converting while loops to do while loops in C++. It still needs to maintain the same function as the original code as well. Here is the

Reading through the file 4 lines at a time

import os filePath = "C:\\Users\\siba\\Desktop\\1x1x1.blb" BrickName = (os.path.splitext(os.path.basename(filePath))[0]) import sys def ImportBLB(filePath): file = open(filePath) line = file.readline() while line: if(line == "POSITION:\n&qu

PHP: Use each line of txt to do it?

Trying to write a script that gets a line from txt (line is url), goes to the url, searches and grabs specific data. Grabbing the data works, but i need to do this multiple times. This is the find and get snippet it works fine. include(dom.txt); $htm

Counting the number of loops when using the 'While' function

I would like to calculate the number of times the function repeats before it exceeds the condition. For example; y=0 while(y<10) { y=y+2 print(y) } [1] 2 [1] 4 [1] 6 [1] 8 [1] 10 Obviously, the function repeats 5 times, but how can I show this in R?Y

Stop the loop using a C ++ thread

I'm having trouble stopping a while-loop in the KeyListener function. Every 10 seconds the Timer function declares Active to be false. But still the while loop in the KeyListener function keeps running. I can't figure out why the loop keeps running;

Are there problems with the nesting of many loops?

I am working on some homework and wanted to know if there is such as thing as too many nested while loops. Is there downsides to nesting several while loops? If so how would one refactor the code snippet I have below? Below is code to read a file one

While loop - break loop based on ID value

I'd like to loop through and output all the records in my table but if the $id were to equal 4 or 6 I need it to append a string to the ID value. My current code: $sql = "SELECT * FROM publications"; $sqlres = mysql_query($sql); while ($row = my

divide PHP mysql result left and right

$flag=0; if($q->num_rows > 0) : echo '<div id="testimonial">'; while($r = $q->fetch_array(MYSQLI_ASSOC)) : if($flag=0) : $class=test1; $flag=1; else : $class=test2; $flag=0; endif; echo '<div class="'.$class.'">';