Change the web page search in the page result style using css?

In an Electron webview using findInPage, can you use css to change the result colors? In the above image, the current find result is highlighted in orange while additional results are highlighted with yellow. I'd like to tweak the styling of both of

Remove html elements from a live website in WebView

In webview, can you remove html elements from a live website before it loads to the user? I've been looking at a bunch of stackoverflow questions regarding this, except I realized they were only locally hosted Web pages inside the app. None of their

Accessing the MainFragments Web View in Another Fragment

My application has a main fragment which has a webview in it, the webview serves different local html files, that the user selects from other fragments listview. I have implemented the onclick listener on the list view but when I try to populate the

Android WebView stops by clicking Back

My webview module isn't working. Whenever I try to navigate back from any webpage, the app crashes giving following error "Unfortunately the app has stopped". Can anyone please explain what is the reason? public class MainActivity extends Action

Develop an offline Android MathJax mobile app

I've been working on the development of mobile app that typesets the mathematical application, but I'm facing a problem. The code is OK as per the rules but the expression doesn't change. Not typesetting is taking place. This is my MainActivity code,

android close the current WebView activity

i have a WebView and that load a web page like : now in x.html a have a submit button and this file is load into my how can i close this activity when user click on the submit button?If you can redirect on button

WebView.Navigate only displays the blank screen

WebView.Navigate(URI) doesn't load the html file my uri points to. PathToIndex is from StorageFile.Path. private static readonly Uri HomeUri = new Uri("ms-appx-web:///" + PathToIndex, UriKind.Absolute); The html I want to load is from a Zip File

Passing a string to separate WebViewController does not take

I am new to Objective C and Xcode, but have come a long way in learning by following tutorials and searching on stack overflow. I have encountered a problem that I can't seem to find a solution for. I know I must be doing something wrong (perhaps my

Load the resource image on the WebView

I've problem with packing images for my application. I've raw folder in my project. The folder contains images in jpg, like img1.jpg, img2.jpg. I need to view these files in WebView in my application. I try String Url="file:///android_res/raw/"+

Android: How to download a file from a dynamic WebView?

In my app I am using a webview to navigate through to a site, automatically fill in a web form using javascript then submit to obtain a link to a CSV export file. The link looks like this: I'd like to download the

WebView with ViewFlipper with a website

I have some html files on my server that are displayed using a WebView. The html files are quite lengthy, meaning they have a lot of text (for example one is a copy of the US Constitution). Instead of letting the user simply scroll down the WebView t

Android Webview. HTML on-screen adjustment without scroll bar

I was trying to learn web view on Android. I have a few questions. I have a PHP page, which has 2-3 small paragraphs and an Image which is randomly generated. How can I make sure that the whole HTML page fits perfectly on the mobile device's screen (

Android Web pages in WebView

i want to store webpages inside the android project folder so that a user does nor needs a internet connection to view the webpages. i am using android webview. i am able to see the webpages with the HTTP protocol . My code is as below: public void o

Using the private class as a JavaScript interface

Is it possible to use private inner class, as Javascript interface for WebView? public class WebController{ private WebView wv; public WebController(WebView wv){ this.wv=wv; this.wv.addJavascriptInterface(new JSInterface(), "Android"); } private

Example of wxPython WebView

I am writing a small reporting app using wxPython (wxAUI). I want to render my data as HTML, to be displayed in a WebView 'widget'. I am looking for a sample 'hello world' snippet that will show how to display/render an HTML string in a WebView widge

Running Javascript in WebView when using LoadData

I am very new to Android Dev and I am developing what I thought would be a simple app. I have some HTML code that is stored is the raw resources folder - the code includes some Javascript. When I run the code in Google Chrome it runs fine - however w

Webview does not show rotating scroll bars

When I load the WebView it shows the ScrollBar according to the current view and the content. If I rotate the Webview, then as scrollbars were not visible in portrait view it does not show them in the landscape view, even when they are required. How

QML Text Scroll

I am using C++ and QML to create a nice interface. I would like to have a "console view", where plenty to text is printed through time. However, when the text of a text item or webview content grows, the view does not "scroll down". Ho

WebScriptObject JS function callback

The WebKit frameworks' WebView class has a property to access the current WebScriptObject. I know that you can invoke JS methods using this object, but is there a way to receive asynchronous JS callback notifications? I want to render something in th

Android play youtube video in webview

I want to play YouTube video in WebView or When user click on youtube video I have to forward it to real YouTube app because in WebView I am not able to play YouTube video. Is there any way to play a YouTube video in our WebView?you can play video in

Android Call SDK WebView Activity

I'm trying to launch an Activity when clicking a link inside a WebView component. My Webview is loaded inside and I would like to launch when clicking a link inside the Website which is in Also, how can I pass pa

WebView and localhost

I am getting inside my WebView, but am not getting my localhost in that. Can anybody help me?Use instead. This is a special ip address that the emulator routs to local host on your dev machine. assuming that emulator and the webse