jQuery is not defined in bootstrap-sass

I bootstrapped the Angular 2 app using angular-cli. Everything was easy-peasy until I decided to use bootstrap modal. I simply copied the code for opening the modal from our other project that doesn't use angular-cli. I added jquery and bootstrap dep

Angular 1.6.5 with the Webpack Load Model for ui Modal

I'm trying to open a modal window, the background is showing up but there is not a very model window. My code: let template = require('../modal/newModel.html'); let modal = $uibModal.open({ template, controller: 'NewModelCtrl as NewModel', windowClas

How I play and pause the React-gif image using the ReactJS code

Long time I am tring to react-gif animate with play and pause.Like facebook gif image exactly. I am using react-gif npm module.But does not working.Please anyone review my code. coding....... import Markdown from 'react-markdown'; import Gif from 're

Equivalent configuration of Nginx in angular2 cli

I am new to angular2. I have been using Nginx for my angular1. How to configure these settings in angular2-cli proxy_set_header Host $host; proxy_set_header X-Real-IP $remote_addr; proxy_pass http://localhost:8080/cloudface/; proxy_cookie_path /cloud

Can not implement webpack in angular2

I am new to angular2 and webpack, i have installed webpack and want to minimize the size of the file using webpack, here is the webpack.config.js placed in the root folder var HtmlWebpackPlugin = require('html-webpack-plugin'); module.exports = { ent

Strange line in the network debugger

Can someone explain what is that strange "file"? I'm using webpack and probably problem with configuration. /* Request */ Request URL:localhost:8080 Request Headers Provisional headers are shown Referer:http://localhost:8080/ Upgrade-Insecure-Re

HMR webpack does not reload html

Minimalistic repository for problem testing I have the simplest project structure now: root |-src --|index.pug --|--styles.css --|--app.js |-public --|--img Packages: "devDependencies": { "css-loader": "^0.26.1", "html-l

Why is my webpack named piece not working?

I am trying to use webpack code splitting with named chunk by following this tutorial. Code splitting works, but when I try to name the split chunk, it doesn't work. Here is my code for naming the split chunk: $('.load_link').on('click', function() {

Lazy loading with angular2 webpack

I am using angular2 full version and i am trying to implement lazy loading. my main routing is as below export const ROUTES: Routes = [ { path: 'login', component: LoginPage }, { path: 'reset-password', component: Myaccount }, { path: '', redirectTo:

templateUrl does not work in production mode

I am using webpack. I have followed all the steps that are given in angular.io related to webpack. In development mode it works fine but when I am using it in production mode templateUrl is not working. When I copy and paste my code of html and use i

Webpack returns a syntax error for JSX

When I attempted to use webpack to compile my react jsx code, I received the following error: ERROR in ./client/index.js Module parse failed: C:\Users\Gum-Joe\Documents\Projects\bedel/client\index.js Unexpected token (6:11) You may need an appropriat

Can not use hot reloading with babel, webpack and sass

I'm trying to use webpack-dev-server to have a hot-reload functionality for JS and SCSS files, but it fails to do so. I'm keep getting the same error: [WDS] App updated. Recompiling... [WDS] App hot update... [HMR] Checking for updates on the server.

exclude directories in the Webpack loader

I'm attempting to use css-modules in my webpack project but I'm also using some css from packages in node_modules. How do I write a loader(s) to only use modules in my module directory and not in the node_modules directory? I tried the following but

Why is my ReactJS webpack application so great?

I have followed as many tips as I can find in packaging my Webpack ReactJS app for production. Unfortunately, the file size is still 3MB. What am I doing wrong? Here is my Webpack Config file: var path = require('path') var webpack = require('webpack

Running Jasmin tests via Webpack (Terminal) to test Angular2

Currently I'm trying to get Jasmine to run along with Webpack, to execute tests written in typescript to test Angular2 Apps in the Terminal. I researched yesterday which packages are available for testing, and while angular2 has their own approach *1

How to disable strict mode while grouping React using webpack

Hello I am stuck with my application, my application working fine in all other browser not in IE it's throw the error 0x800a0416 - JavaScript runtime error: Multiple definitions of a property not allowed in strict mode I have implemented loader in we

Can I use hot webpack reloading with sails js?

I'm working on a project using sails.js and react. I'd like to be able to use Webpack's hot module replacement so I can edit my code and have it change on the browser instantly. However, it doesn't seem obvious how I can wire it all up. I'd like to b

import of angular services with ES6 and webpack

I'm trying to import $timeout with ES6 and webpack and I keep getting that $timeout is undefined. Can anyone help? If there's a way that doesn't involve using $inject I'd prefer it because I'm gradually trying to get rid of angularjs in my code. rand

How to code HTML with jade and webpack with hot reload

I'm new with webpack, trying to setup simple config to code HTML/CSS with jade templates, PostCSS, hot reload and serve HTML through webpack-dev-server to speed up coding experience. So I will have multiple entry points, some jade files with includes

How to restrict Webpack `require.context`?

I am developing a little static site generator on top of Webpack and React. Currently I'm making it more dynamic. One part of this is making it more configurable. Given a site structure like this . ├── _book ├── assets ├── build ├── drafts ├── manusc

ES6 (tracer) + Webpack + Comment

Is it possible to develop React component in ES6? For example: import MyWdiget from './MyWidget'; React.render(<MyWidget />, mountNode); also be able to use ES6 to define component: class MyWidget extends ReactComponent { render() { <h3>Hello