Is it possible to install Roundcube on a shared server?

Is it possible to install roundcube on Shared linux server running Cpanel. I heard from my service provider that it isn't. Well is it possible atleast on Dedicated IP... Please advice. Thanking in advance..Well, it is 100 % possible for sure( I have

Why is the PHP function imap_search () slow?

I'm creating a personal webmail but I encounter some troubles with imap_search() I use this code but the function imap_search() doesn't stop: $criteria = 'SINCE "'.date('d M Y', strtotime('- 1 days')).'"'; $uids = imap_search($mailbox, $criteria

AfterLogic Webmail Lite Web Server Configuration

I'm working on setting up AfterLogic Webmail Lite for my web server. I have a VPS through, and I host multiple different domains on this box. I'm looking into setting up a Webmail interface that I can theme to match my site desig

Find out where an email was sent

I'd like to find out from where an email has been sent. I already know I have to to find the "Received From" that's farthest down in the complete headers to get the private and the public IP addresses. But I'm a little bit confused when the priv

PHP can not send mail to webmail

I have a contact form in website that if you submit it will send to webmail. example : $isi_pesan = $message; $additional_headers = "From: ".$email."" . "\r\n" . "Reply-To: $email"; $subject = 'Pesan untuk engineeri

WebMatrix Do not send mail now that it is moved to the server

I am trying to get WebMatrix running on a local server (simply for testing within our intranet), but it is having trouble sending mail where it never did before on my local (work) machine. I am getting a simple, the operation has timed out message. T

How can I display images in the mail content?

I want send e-mail with some images in content. I think I must attached this images as attachments to e-mail, but my proble is how can I use attached images in mail content? CODE WHICH SEND MAIL WebMail.SmtpServer = "my.smtp.server"; WebMail.Sen

Wrong of the address in Gmail with WebMail.Send MV3 C #

When I send mail from my Web page is both the from and to [personalemailremoved] when I received the email. What do I need to change to view from mail in gmail that the user filled in on the web site? I Use Gmail to send email in my form an

Create a login form for an email on a website,

i have an outlook web mail login page which have a username and a password fields, to allow you to enter to your inbox, which was supplied by my web site hosting company. i need a way to put these fields in my main website (powered by mvc) an

Webmail System Script

I am planning to launch a free webmail service at mail(dot)com(dot)es where users can signup and have their free webmail account (for example like I am looking for a free or low cost webmail system script to install on my website. Do y

Importer of Webmail contact lists

Does anyone know of a Webmail Contact List Importer scripts (ColdFusion, PHP etc) like those used on Twitter and LinkedIn ? I've found some but they are paid for and I want some more bespoke & open. To clarify a little more I'm not looking for a way

Avoid being blocked by email companies for mass / bulk email?

Our company is sending out a lot of emails per day and planning to send even more in future. (thousands) Also there are mass mailouts as well in the ten thousands every now and then. Anybody has experience with hotmail, yahoo (, and si