Add text to GridView DataFields

I'm trying to append text in my ASP DataField: <asp:BoundField DataField='"" + thumbNailUrl' HeaderText="Image" /> However, this is not working. Is there any other way to do this?Use the DataFormatString

Single sign-on from ASP.NET Web Forms with Kentor authservices

I've recently started using the Kentor open source packages to do a SSO connection to a PingFederate service from a ASP.NET Webforms application. Everything seemed to work when I tested with the test service Kentor provided. However when I connected

Render MVC View From WebForms

I am using Visual Studio 2013. I have an existing WebForms Web Project which I added MVC too following this article by Dave Paquette - However what

How do I make my web form multilingual?

I am going to write a web form via Visual Studio 2013 with Devexpress v14.1. The web form is required to change the language with CheckedChanged event. I have read some of the articles from Google, but it seems that it required to set all of the cont

The ASP.NET Web Form and the Client Item ID

When using ASP.NET Webform I get element id´s like these : ctl00_ContentPlaceHolder1_ShowThreads1_repThreads_ctl03_divThreadTitle I know about the ASP.NET 4.0 Client ID Feature but this will only change the name of the element and I do not even use t

Dynamic image display in the web page

I want to display images in my website developed in form) dynamically. Like I have created a a page in admin section where I am uploading the image and the uploded image save in the folder and its path save in the database. Now uploading

The ASP.NET Web Scaffolding Feature Missing in VS 2013 RC

The ASP.NET Web Forms Scaffolding feature seems to be silently dropped from Visual Studio 2013 RC. In the latest VS 2013 (as of September 2013) the feature [Add] -> [Scaffold] -> [Web Forms pages with read/write actions, using Entity Framework] is j

Eval Can not Access an Invalid DateTime?

Usually, on a foreach inside the .ascx I access to a nullable DateTime with: <%=item.DataModifica.Value.ToShortDateString() %> but if I tried on a Repeater: <%#Eval("DataModifica.Value.ToShortDateString()").ToString()%> I get an Exce

PHP web form to send an email

I have set up an email web form in PHP. The form works correctly and sends the email. but rather than redirecting it comes up with this error: error; you need to submit the form! Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (ou

Routing Issue: ASP.NET 4 or 4.5

I have encountered a problem with routing. I need to create this kind of route: public class RouteConfig { public static void RegisterRoutes(RouteCollection routes) { routes.Ignore("{resource}.css/{*pathInfo}&

DevExpress: XtraGrid with WebForms and Entity Framework

I am completely new to XtraReports (and DevExpress in general) as of today.. I have 2 days to implement a report, so please be kind and provide a thorough explanation if you would. What I have to work with is: WebForms (.NET 4) Entity Framework (edmx

Learn ASP.NET Web Forms with MVC Wallpaper and Win Forms

Ok this is going to be pretty odd but my last project was all ASP.NET MVC 3, WCF/REST/SOAP and Win Forms and WPF. I know HTTP is stateless and I'm starting to get weirded out by the VooDoo that Web Forms is doing behind the scenes regarding web contr

Reading Xml files by its node c #

I want to read a XML file and then show it to the webpage but I am unable to do it in for loop XmlDocument doc = new XmlDocument(); doc.Load(@"c:/xmldatabase.xml"); XmlElement root = doc.DocumentElement; XmlNodeList nodes = root.SelectNodes(&quo

Web service does not work in ASP.NET WebForms ajax call

I'm trying to call a simple web service like this, on the client side: $.ajax({ type: "POST", url: "/service/local/newsservice.asmx/DoPost", // "/news/post/do", data: { title: _title, markdown: _markdown, categoryId: 1 }, suc

Adding multiple records to a form using jquery

I have an events form that allows someone to add a new event. An event can have multiple locations, what I want to do using jquery is on the add form give them the ability to add multiple locations before they submit the form. I have an idea of how t

Reasons why ASP.NET AJAX would be disabled

I have an ASP.NET application that uses ASP.NET AJAX and the AJAX Control Toolkit. The application runs fine on all recent browsers on a PC. It also works fine on my iPad, at least the first time the application is accessed. I have found that if I sh

Link a jQuery event to code created in ASPX code-behind?

For reasons out of my control I have both client-side JavaScript that builds up a row of an HTML table and similar code in the code-behind page that triggers after a button event. On the client-side, there is an extra method that is called after the

Is it possible to convert a WinForm to a WebForm in .NET?

I didn't think it was possible but I was just talking to a co-worker who said she had done it before. Is she pulling my chain?It's not something you can do automatically. The trick is that in both winforms and webforms a form is represented by a plai

A form, multiple submit buttons and submit links

Possible Duplicate: Multiple submit buttons in an HTML form I have web form with multiple submit buttons. To determine which button was pressed, each has a different name, like so: <input type="submit" name="foo" value="Foo Foo

Is there an equivalent of T4MVC for web forms?

I use T4MVC inside my asp mvc projects, mostly because it's brilliant. Is there an equivalent for asp webforms?It turns out David Ebbo (he also did the T4MVC stuff) has given asp webforms a little love as well:

HTML form with underline for handwritten information

I need to make some forms in HTML that a customer will need to print and write some entries by hand then scan or fax. So I want there to be an area for signing like "Sign ____________" Underscores are all good if the underline is a limited lengt

C # Where to place a code that retrieves GUI data?

I'm puzzling with where to place some code. I have a listbox and the listitems are stored in the database. The thing is, where should I place the code that retrieves the data from the database? I do already have a database class with a method Execute