NullReferenceException in the unit test result

I've just started programming in C# Webforms (previous experience in VB Webforms) and I am producing a web app that will be a small part of a bigger project. I have created 3 separate projects, one for the webforms, one for the class library and one

Get the value of the CheckBox control

How can I get the value from the CheckBox Control before is selected?? It doesn´t have a .Value method. else if (c.GetType() == typeof(CheckBox)) // c is control { string textValue= ((CheckBox)(c)).Text; // here I take the text string value= ((CheckB

Calendar extension does not work in ASP.NET

I am trying to add Calendar Extender using AJAX on my web application. I am trying to popup calendar on click of textbox. I have tried all steps as mentioned here in this example I have redownloaded AJAX TOOLKIT 4.5 and pasted it in bin folder. But n

Script recording with the user control

I have an webforms application that I am working on. It uses a main aspx page to create a layout, and then uses ascx pages within a panel to display data. What I need to do is use javascript with a user control (ascx files). I thought that ha

Problem solving parameters in web forms in three-level design

I have the following code; Student.cs public class Student { public string StudentId { get; set; } public string FirstName { get; set; } public string LastName { get; set; } public string Email { get; set; } } And my student operations are being done

How to create a dynamic control in MVC4

I created a registration form for employee. In that form I have a field called skills. If the employee click "Add another skill" button a new set of skill text box should be created. Likewise the number of skill text box should be created dynami

HTML wizards in Webform?

I have a old site that I want to use something like HTML helpers to generate special HTML(in this case complexed buttons). I know how this works in ASP.NET MVC but how can I do it in Webform(not Razor). I have read suggestions on static methods like PreRenderComplete takes a long time to finish

I'm having an issue with occassional slow performance on button click events on a particular page. There are times that it performs well within normal parameters, but it seems like whenever the server is under even moderate load(meaning I can produce

Force Close Web Page

I have a page (let's say page1) that open the page2 using: showModalDialog(page2, '', 'dialogWidth:55em; dialogHeight:50em; status:0'); I am facing 2 problems (in this post i am going to write the first one): 1) when i want to close the second page u

Dropdownlist with button when the button click on popup open

Can you please give me a clue how to do this? I have a DropDownList, that DropDownList is filled with ListItems. After the DropDownList, there's a Button called ADD NEW. When the button is clicked, a popup opened. If an item is not in the DropDownLis

DropDownList and update panel

I develop address control, which contains 2 DropDownLists (for cities and countries) and several TextBoxes. The second DropDownList DataSource depends on the first DropDownList DataSource. <fieldset> <legend><%=Title%></legend> <

How to extend jQuery from CDN?

I'm currently using a jQuery resides on my own FTP together with other web files. I am thinking of using a jQuery from CDN since suggested by the YSlow. The question is, how can I extend that jQuery? Or in other words, how can I add custom functions

How to handle big objects?

I have 5 types of objects: place info (14 properties),owner company info (5 properties), picture, ratings (stores multiple vote results), comments. All those 5 objects will gather to make one object (Place) which will have all the properties and info

Get the GET Query String in jQuery

suppose I have a form: <form id="someform" action="some.php" method="get"> <input type="text" name="somename" /> <input type="text" name="othername" /> ... <input i

Huge Webforms Project at MVC

I know this is a ridiculous pie-in-the-sky request, but I have a project I started a long time ago in WebForms that has grown into a relatively large and stable business that I would like to convert to MVC. However, for the past year I have been work

How to know if a refresh comes from a timer (C #)

I have a ton of update panels and such on my webform (which are created dynamically at runtime) I am wanting to put a locking timer or something similar in my form also. My problem is this. When someone is typing into a text box, and the timer happen

webform or winform, how to choose?

What would be the normal way to decide which way to go? In my case, what if user-base was under 10 persons you have no control over CAS but can install the framework needed to import/export let say excel file/pdf would be intranet security is really