ASP.NET WebForm Hide & lt; div & gt;

on my page I'am showing some items from database. How can I hide some div if some value of my Item is < 0 Here's div which I want to hide when Item.quantity == 0 <div class="campaign__offer-buybox" > <a href="/DodajDoKoszyka.asp

Managing the lifecycle events of the page

I am a VB.NET Developer trying to learn C# in my spare time. Please see the code below: public partial class Form1 : Form { public Form1() { InitializeComponent(); this.Load += Form1_Load;//event handler code } private void Form1_Load(object sender,

Font not installed on the client machine

I used some special fonts in my web application .Which are not found on every machine (which use that web application) and due to which that font is not visible to can i resolve itAs mentioned in this W3Schools article you should a

Create a dynamic DIV in asp .net c #

I am creating DIVs dynamically which will fetch data from my sql table(from each row) and will show it in DIVs. What problem I am facing is, it only shows the last row of my sql table in a div form Here is the html <div ID = "containerDiv" cl

SqlDataSource requery on the click button

I've got an issue with asp:SqlDataSource. I'm trying to pull some data based on a start and end date. I want this data to pull the last 24 hours on load but right now I'm just trying to pull it all back for testing. I have two asp:TextBox controls, a

Run a method at a specified interval c #

I have a button that when pressed gets the status of various windows services on remote PCs. I would like to refresh this button automatically every minute so that the latest status of the services are always shown. I have tried to set a timer but I

Jquery Radio Box

when user clicks radio button yes then another multibox control should be un-visible repair that jquery if there is any problem $('#MainContent_RadioButton1').change(function () { if ($("#MainContent_RadioButton1").is(':checked')) $("#MainC

assigning the QueryString value as a hidden field value

Just like the inquire on the best way of doing this. I am retrieving a querystring value in an aspx page and this value I want to assign as the value of the hidden input field. <%int productId = 0; if (Request.QueryString["productId"] != &quo

Microsoft.SqlServer.Types, Version = Missing

I have published the project on Azure websites and it throws exception: Microsoft.SqlServer.Types, Version= missing when I try to run report. Locally everything works fine. I have RepowrtViewer.WebForms and ReportViewer.Common both version 11

When to use runat = & ldquo; server & rdquo; in normal HTML

Is it ever appropriate to use runat="server" on a standard HTML element instead of a true ASP.NET control? I have full control over setting the html/text of the normal element, so why wouldn't I use it instead of a "clunky" ASP.NET Web

View / Edit HTML form

I have a form thats displays data, i want it to behave as an html form as well, when user clicks 'Edit' the fields would become editable and on save the form will be submitted. any pointers to the implementation?try this $(document).ready({ var span_

Separate pages into parts

Hi can I break the aspx into parts? E.g., one page for head, one page for body, and one for footer, and then combine them? Like that I can hide my JavaScript. Please advise. I can do so in python.use ASP.NET master pages: ASP.NET Master Pages these a web form Custom Router Manager

I am using a custom route handler for a webforms application. I am using routes to determine localization. ie: if the url has es or fr in the route it will load either spanish or french resources. for example: www.someroute/es/checkstuff/checkstuff.a

How to create flexible Web forms in ASP.NET

I'm using and I need to build an application where we can easily create forms without recreating the database, and preferably without changing the create/read/update/delete queries. The goal is to allow customers to create their own forms wit

How to get an UpdatePanel in fancybox

I'm using fancybox to display the contents of a div when clicking a link. This works using the code below: <a id="popupTrigger" href="#popup">popup trigger</a> <div style="display:none"> <div id="pop

How to disable a button once the form submitted?

I am using webforms; I want to submit a form and keep the button disabled until it gets saved to my database, exactly like Stackoverflow. Any suggestion? protected void Lb_Save_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { //disable my button //Do a DB

Convert textarea text to valid html

So there are a few paragraphs separated by line feeds "\r\n" in a textarea, say Paragraph1 "\r\n" Paragraph2 "\r\n" Paragraph3 "\r\n" what i want to achieve is to process each paragraph into tag. How do you do that?

ASP.NET: Moving ViewState at the bottom of the page

What are the latest and greatest ways to move ViewState to bottom of the page Can this be done in a IHttpHandler that can be specified in the web.config to intercept requests to "*.aspx"? <httpHandlers> <add verb="*" path=&quo