Why use the MQTT Node.JS library?

I am currently building a web app using the Paho MQTT Javascript library, and I was wondering in what case should I use the MQTT.JS library ? Could you give me examples when I cannot use the Javascript library and need to use the MQTT.js library (whi

CSS will not align & lt; li & gt;

I want to set list in header section but everytime I do, my home, about and blog goes out of background color or background color minimize. I dont know how much you can understand me what i want to say if you want i can put picture where i want list

Post method does not work when the button is clicked

Iam trying to create a registration form but when i click on Register button nothing Happens. I have tried checking through my code and cant see where i have gone wrong. Please Help. index.php <?php include("Login.php"); include("saga_fi

Correct way to use the logo in HTML5

What's the valid way of placing logo in a website. <a href="#" class="logo"></a> and CSS a.logo { display: block; background-color: transparent; background-image: url("images/logo.png"); background-position: cente

JavaScript Duck Hunt bug

I am trying to create a duck hunting game using JavaScript. The following code should move duck images from the left side to the right side of the canvas. There doesn't seem to be any syntax error but nothing happens when I test the code. I would app

Yii2: How to change / add answer headers?

I have some truble with Yii2. I try to add/set response headers in my controller's action. Below is code: Yii::$app->response->headers->set('Content-type', ['application/pdf']); Yii::$app->response->headers->set('Content-Disposition', ['

Smart search jQuery Show / hide content items

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"> <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"> <head> <meta http-equiv="Content-

Routing does not work in AngularJS

I am new to the AngularJS and I was learning it through CodeSchool's video series. But now I am facing an error when I try to route through a click on an image. Kindly help me. Here are my HTML and JavaScript files //app.js /** * Module * * Descripti

Bootstrap Bootlist

I'm making a web app which should list objects gathered from json in a tile-based list (kinda like shopping store), where every tile is a div. What is the best way to do that in Bootstrap ? I'm using Angular and I want to do it with a help from ng-re

Ring Buffer - Web Audio API

I want to make an application that stores (since opened) the last 2 or 3 seconds from the current moment (until is closed). Is it possible with any of this methods? https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/AudioContext/createBuffer https://de

RESTful architecture authentication / authorization policy

I'm working on creating an app using Angularjs and Node.js(hapijs specificially). I'm trying to determine a good authentication and authorization strategy for a RESTful type of architecture like this. I've spent a lot of time reading the net about th

Placement in the background

I am having an issue with the background on my web page. I have checked my .css (that I had not even altered, checked the in-line code, I have copy and replaced the header and footer codes with code that I know is correct, it is not inheriting any at

Problems with div inside div height

I have an issue with the code below. If you run it you'll see that the background doesn't flow with the content, any ideas how to fix this, thanks. All the divs are needed the sw is used to stop the content going bigger then 900px; one and two are us

Simple Web Page Navigation 'Previous Next' Php

I have 3 (.php) files/pages for a website (in a folder), I have Previous/Next Links displayed on the bottom of each. What php code on the previous/next link, would help me navigate to the next page. For Example: Lets say the pages are Page1.php, Page

Webservice: html animated tree?

I am looking for a web service that displays the html structure of a webpage like a graph. I have seen an app years ago that looked beautiful. The input was a URL and the output was a flash tree with branches acting like springs and nodes had differe

MVC Edit the list in the object

I have a basic Create / Edit / Delete / Index format created by MVC with my class (ClassA). The class contains a list of objects (ClassB). When I call the view to edit the object I can edit all the members of ClassA (textfields etc), but how can I ed

CSS is not updated after the change

Here is my simple (I hope) problem: I 'm running a web app with eclipse through tomcat 7. I use the classic servlet-model-jsp pattern. My problem is when I change something in the stylesheet (CSS) and restart tomcat and reload the page on the chrome,

why we can download faster with IDM

I have a question about downloading with IDM or without it the question is, we have the same bandwidth and the server sharing same bandwidth for IDM and simple downlaod manager. but why we can download faster with IDM? what is the reason? TNX...Witho

Dynamic Google plus a +1 button (with URL change)

I have a website with a photo gallery and i want the plus one button to point to the photo page and not to the gallery itself, meaning that i will need to change it dynamically when the user flips through images. What would be the proper way of doing

Can not render SVG image in Safari

As the title states, I have a svg image, but I am not able to render it in safari, and opera. But it works perfectly fine in Firefox. I found this post Doctype problem displaying SVG with Safari which has mentioned to change the content to xhtml. So,

Webanalytics tags

I'm wondering why web analytics softwares use a 1x1 gif element to send a beacon, rather than simply including a <script src='http://my.analytics.com/script.js?my=params'></script> element to send the beacon and thus avoid having to actually r

JQuery Reduce and develop code

I want to expand boxes on click. For some reason, the code doesn't work. http://jsfiddle.net/9UJ7f/1/ PS: I also want the expand to be animated, what do you think is the best way to do this ? Maybe checking for "expand" and then do an .animate ?

HTML, JavaScript: Unframed Windows

How to produce frameless window in HTML5, JavaScript, please? I searched the web and found mostly links to use libraries. I wish to develop my own frameless window from scratch, without using a third party library. By frameless window I mean a window

Web user interface for the Delphi desktop application

I want to develop Web UI for my desktop application to allow users do some tasks remotely. The Web UI server and desktop app will run on the same computer. Question is: what is the best way to implement it? I found several possible solutions: The Del

Get the IP address of the URL in python?

Possible Duplicate: How can I do DNS lookups in Python, including referring to /etc/hosts? Im using Python 2.7 and im creating a iptracer with an online API. And i want the user to have the option to type e.g google.com, http://google.com or www.goog

Why does updating domain name servers take so much time?

When I change my domain's (a dot com) nameservers it can take up to 2 days. I know that that's usual, but WHY is that? Just curious because my webhosting went down and I have to wait now because I changed nameservers, why? EDIT: Did some little resea