RESTFul Web Service with Ajax

I am new to web services and I am trying to use RESTFul webservices. I am trying to pass parameter to RESTFul web server in Java from ajax. Here is what I did index.html <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <meta charset="UTF-8">

Integrating R with an Existing C # Website

We have existing website built in C# and hosted on a shared Windows server. The aim is to build a simple app within existing website that would take in some data, entered by user, and process it using some R scripts (some statistics) and publish the

JAX-RS @POST does not return a string

I am trying to write @POST sync method which will take in 2 String parameters. When I access the 2 links from the browser, I did not get the return String "SUCCESS!". It seems the methods doesn't get called at all? http://localhost:9080/SampleWe

How to pass parameters to a subreport

This question already has an answer here: Passing parameters from main report to subreport in Jasper 3 answers I've created master report and I am adding a subreport which uses "Web Service DataSource" according the documentation. I am strugglin

How to use asynchronous methods (JSON Restful services) in iOS?

I have an iOS application that sync data from a JSON restful web service. This method is called from an external class (not UI controller). This class has a sync method and It sends and retrieves data without any problem. My problem is how do I pause

Webservice not accessible on IIS, behind proxy

Spend two days looking through lots of questions but found nothing or may be I am doing something wrong. Basically, I am accessing an AXIS web service from inside a class library, and library is used by web application and windows service. Service re

I want to return two results of a function in php

Here is my function in DB_Functions.php, i want to get two different values from two different tables in single function only here is the code what i have tried so far but the values are coming null. public function getUserMetvalue($exname,$fname) {

Symfony2 creates a web service

I am trying to create a web service in Symfony. I have looked at these webs, and tried them all, but they do not work for me.

Webservice: html animated tree?

I am looking for a web service that displays the html structure of a webpage like a graph. I have seen an app years ago that looked beautiful. The input was a URL and the output was a flash tree with branches acting like springs and nodes had differe

SOAP Asynchronous Web Service

I have an interface that I've exposed as a regular SOAP web service. One method of the interface consists for the client to send a file to the server, then the server processes the file and returns a result file. Processing the file may take some tim

How to test @DELETE relying service call from JMeter

I am trying to find how to issue a call to the following restful service from JMeter: @DELETE @Path("/user") void removeUser(String userId); There are plenty examples on POST, GET, but I cannot find one for delete. Specifically, I cannot find a

Spring Web Services

Hi I want to implement a web service on a remote application server that will perform write actions to the database. Another application running on another application server will be consuming those web services that are exposed. How would I go about

Publishing to a REST Web Service from .NET?

I was trying to hit a web service using the instructions here: I came up with the code below: string paramContent = "api_key=afs684eas3ef86saef78s68aef68sae&issue[summary]=abeTest&issue[lat

How to structure a PHP service that responds to Ajax requests

I'm struggling to design the server-side script that responds to requests from an Ajax application. In its current state, the app is divided into discrete pages (e.g., Orders, Items, Finances, etc.). Only when you switch between these pages does the

How can I do a service that sends emails every 5 minutes?

Hy, I have a c# program that sends emails with GMail SMTP server and I want to make a service or something running behind that sends this emails every 5 minutes. Does anyone have any idea how can I make this with c# and options that sprin

How to manually deploy a web service on Tomcat 6?

I'm learning how to develop SOAP web services with Java. So far now I've been following this excellent tutorial It all goes well, I have my web s

Calling the client web service over SSL using Apache Axis

I'm using Apache Axis 1.5.1 to code a web service client connecting to a service over SSL. My application is running in Tomcat with SSL configuration setup in JKS. However, when I connect to the server, the connection is failing because the cert from

Starting an axis2 service programmatically

I'm programmatically starting a service in Axis 2 (1.5), like this: ConfigurationContext context = ConfigurationContextFactory.createConfigurationContextFromFileSystem(null, null); AxisConfiguration cfg = context.getAxisConfiguration(); Map<String, M

Find the origin of javascript

Is it possible from a Javascript code to find out "where" it came from? I needed this to provide scripts that could run folder-agnostic, e.g.: http://web1/service-a/script.js http://web2/some-folder/service-b/script.js And they're linked in: htt

Country, State, Province WebService?

Are there any good webservices out there that provide good lookup information for Countries and States/Provinces? If so what ones do you use?If you only need US information, the US Postal Service provides a set of web services it calls WebTools for t

Geolocation service based on SOAP or REST?

Is anyone aware of a (preferablly free) webservice that would accept a SOAP or REST request. This request would contain an IP address, and the service would return an approximation of that IP's location. EDIT: I need resolution down to the city of po