Java desktop and web application using the same file path

I wrote a desktop java application with a class (say ClassA) that reads the content of a file, processes it and returns some results. The filename was specified relative to the project using File input = new File("config.xml"); Now, I want to up

Slow Tomcat Webapp start when a lot of files in WEB-INF

I've got a Webapp with a lot of files under the WEB-INF folder (1000s). When it starts or restarts it takes a long time > 10s even with Jar and TLD scanning turned off. I even created a custom JarScanner class that does nothing which made no differen

Native-like momentum-scrolling on BODY in iOS webapp

According to this article one should be able to enable native-like momentum-scrolling like this: body{ -webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch; } However, this doesn't change anything in my we

Writing ArrayList to a file in a Web service

I want to write an ArrayList file data.txt my code: try{ File destination = new File("data.txt"); ObjectOutputStream os = new ObjectOutputStream(new FileOutputStream(destination)); os.writeObject(userList); os.close(); } catch.... This do's not

How to prevent a web-based game from being hacked?

I need to build a web based (html/js) game where the user earns/scores points. At the end of the game, the user enters their details on a form and it, along with their score, are submitted to the server (via ajax post) to be stored in a database. The

scrolling in gridview

I've one grid view which is having 4 columns --> Food Type,Dish Name, Price, Quantity. The "Food Type" column has values "French,Chinese,Italian" "Dish Name" column has the name of dish for respected food type for ex. for

The Django model method will not update the model field

I have a model object with a two methods: expired and pending. The expired manager works fine and updates the field. The pending manager does not work. Here is my code. Side note: I set pending to true in a view. class Job(models.Model): e

Get the name of the web application in a servlet

I am developing a common artifact that can be used in multiple web applications. The developers will just have to add my listener class to their web.xml. In my listener, I have a need to get the web application name that my code is running under. Alt

Difference between web application and application?

I have built a music store program similar to iTunes in Java and and want to deploy it to the web. But when I go to Heroku App and see the demo application, its completely different. They say we need to upload a web application. Same thing in Google

Dimensions of the iPhone webapp

getting really confused here now after googling for the last 40 mins. I need a definite answer. Im making a webapp for ipod touch, iphone(all gens) it i will be run in full screen mode as a native app eventually. however what i want to know is. what

Upload an image to the server or database?

I am trying to implement the "profile page" for the user of the web application. I want the user to be able to upload the image for their profile. My question is that how should this be implemented? Should I upload the image in the database as a

Which customers for a web application?

Is it true that web browsers as we know today have no future? That programmers should write native clients for their application on many devices? I'm writing web application with AJAX but should I also prepare versions to many mobile devices?The web

to ensure dynamic URLs in a web application: use a blob store?

I want to serve images in a web-app using sessions such that the links to the images expire once the session has expired. If I show the actual links to the filesystem store of the images, say this clearly makes

Web-based push notifications for an internal application only

I'm already tossing around a solution but as I haven't done something like this before I wanted to check what SO thought before implementation. Basically I need to modify an existing web based application that has approximately 20 users to add push n

Users of the PW mint store in localstorage?

I'm writing a web app for 100 users where I work. It is accessible on the internet, not just our intranet. Many users are unskilled users, though most use Chrome as that's the browser that's default on their laptops. To auth with the web app this is

How to create a simple website with python?

How to create simple web site with python? I mean really simple, f.ex, you see text "Hello World", and there are button "submit", which (onClick) will show ajax box "submit successful". I want to start develop some stuff with

Wysiwyg with copy / paste image

First, I understand that an image cannot be "copied" from a local machine into a website. I understand that it must be uploaded. I am a web programmer, and am familiar with common web wysiwyg tools such as TinyMCE and FCKEditor. My question is i

Prevent the offline ip web app from opening a link in Safari

I'm developing a website that will work with mobile safari in offline mode. I'm able to bookmark it to the home screen and load it from there. But, once opened from the home screen, clicking on certain links will jump out of the app and open in mobil

Websites & amp; Web applications using Erlang

I was wondering if people could post some examples of interesting websites and web apps that were built with Erlang? I can start with a few Erlang based sites: - Waterfall of Tweets - Cooperative painting. - Twit

Pros and cons of using DB id in the URL?

For example: and loads the same question. (I guess this is DB id of Questions table? Is this standard in ASP.NET?) What