Merge 2 XML files into the same C # elements

I need to create a WebService that takes the name of a city as input and returns Location, Country and Weather information of the City. The thing is that the ID, Location, Country is in one XML file and all weather details in another. <City> <ID&

Delegate called several times from the asynchronous WCF method

In a client application, I am using an asynchronous WCF method being called from the following code: public void doActiveDx() { this.dataservice.GetActiveDxCompleted += (s,e) => { something... }; this.dataservice.GetActiveDxAsync( ); } Why is t

Why pass a dataset to a web service method is not good?

Please explain in detail. I have been telling my mentor that everything I've researched on WCF and many programmers all over the net say it is NOT good to pass DataSets to the service, why is that? I created a BUNCH of classes in the service and the

REST GET wcf url does not work and error 404

I am trying to make a rest service and test it. Following is the resulted wsdl file, but I am not able to get the GetData method work. My WSDL file from http://localhost:21611/Service1.svc?wsdlis a working url. WebConfig: <?xml version="1.0"

Can I open ports on Azure websites?

If I want to self host WCF in a Windows Azure Website by spinning up my own ServiceHost can I host end points on 8080 or any other port I want to? Is there any specific usable range of ports I have access to or is port access entirely blocked? Edit:

Hang on to WCF calls (3rd Party Web Service)

At my workplace we are in the process of upgrading our Time and Attendance setup. Currently, we have physical terminals that employees use to check in and check out. These terminal communicate to a 3rd party T&A system via web service calls. About th

Work with enumerations and pass them on to my web service

I have an ASP.NET MVC solution and also a WCF service for data access. In my WebUI I have some enums like this: public enum CompanyColumsEnumViewModel { CompanyName, CompanyPostCode, CompanyCity } This enum allows me to perform a search based on spec

WCF Host Service in the Application Console

I have around 15-20 services - each service has its own contract and implementation file. I want to host all these service in a console app so that it will be easier to debug during development. Project structure Services - Solution ServiceContracts

WCF and What does it mean?

I have a WCF where all the calls work. All of them to silver light. But this one call it says it cannot find, yet it exists and it also shows silver light side. I am stumped for the lat 4 hours. Any ideas? This works: _client.GetHandSetsCompleted +=

Retrieve the generic list in JSON format on the client side

I send generic list of data by wcf service using REST. I understand that on server side it was serializing, and on client side deserializing. How can I get data before deserialization in JSON format to show it to user ?Take a look at this page, and d

to disable the web proxy for a WCF client?

My computer have a proxy server defined globally (in internet options configuration). I have a .Net 4 application that use a WCF client to a remote host. The client code has been generated by VS add service reference dialog. As my proxy can't reach t

Are DataContract Attributes Required for WCF

I'm writing WCF service and his client. I want to send/receive objects of my custom classes, between service and client. I have 3 modules WCF service WCF client common class library Both WCF service and client have references to common class library.

WCF service - automated or programmed action

We have a WCF service, hosted on IIS7.5, that has to fetch some data from an external web service. Is there some way to schedule this action to be started, in our WCF service, on a regular (timed) basis? ThanksYes, create a Windows service which wake

MVC type binding model in WCF?

I want to bind POSTed form values to parameters in my WCF operation in the same way that ASP.Net MVC allows me to do. So, for example if my form has "customer.Name" and "customer.Age" parameters, I want to make a standard HTML POST to

SecurityNegotiationException on Disconnected Domain Client

When I am running a WCF service on my development machine it works as long as the client is connected to the domain. When the machine is disconnected I get the following exception: System.ServiceModel.Security.SecurityNegotiationException: A call to

What are the alternatives to WCF Test Client?

I feel like it should be easier to test my WCF Services. Is there an alternative to WCF Test Client? Something with these features: Can save my object trees (method parameters) to be used again. Ideally it would even let me identify GUIDs that need t

wcf compatibility and web service

I have a web service that is used by many different clients using many different languages. I want to switch it to wcf to take advantage of the many different endpoints. However what has been stopping me is that I am afraid that the clients will have

WCF gives an unsafe or incorrectly secure security error

I am trying to consume a remote svc web service. I created the proxy class using svcutil.exe, and after that I've added that class to my console application, but it yields an error: An unsecured error or incorrectly secured fault was received from th

wcf exposing generics

I have an application where client and server share types, and interoperability is not one of our concerns. I am planning to have a single repository for all web enabled objects, and i was thinking of a generic interface for my exposed service. somet

WCF service logon failure failed username or password

i'm new to the WCF service i have WCF service, in which i use to do file operation to a shared drive. when i try writing/reading to shared location, it throws me a Exception saying "login failure unknown username or bad password" i can do file o

WCF: MessageContract, DataContract and hellip; Confused?

I'm writing my first WCF service. I decided to write the service just as a DLL to begin with and then aspect the WCF stuff on afterwards which is where I am now. I was advised by the architect that I should stick to a specific format for message obje

Configuring WCF security settings

I have a WCF service that is hosted in a windows application. The service uses netMsmqBinding. The client and the host are in different domains. My question is how do I configure the security settings? The data that is transferred is sensitive so I w