What does wsHttpBinding really mean?

This question already has an answer here: What does the WS mean in WCF? 1 answer As stated in this question, in WCF there are several different types of HTTP based bindings: BasicHttpBinding wsHttpBinding WebHttpBinding But what exactly does "ws"

Following a WCF binding configuration naming convention

Is there a well-established naming convention in use for WCF binding configurations that someone could recommend? When examining the WCF/ WF samples from Microsoft, for example, there are multiple conventions used, including: Binding + sequence numbe

Form authentication on NetTcpBinding in the WCF service

I am using WCF service, which have two endpoint WsHttpBinding and NetTcpBinding and the service is using Forms Authentication. Service is hosted on IIS 7. This works perfectly with WsHttpBinding, but fails for NetTcpBinding. It fails on below stateme

Simultaneous access to the PerSession service in WCF using C #

1.) I have a main method Processing, which takes string as an arguments and that string contains some x number of tasks. 2.) I have another method Status, which keeps track of first method by using two variables TotalTests and CurrentTest. which will

What is the simplest security method of a WCF service?

It's running into an Intranet, .net framework 3.5, hosted in IIS 7.0 and it's using wsHttpBinding with null security. Now I have to protect it to allow only specific users can run it. Seems that I should use SSL and certificates but I'd really like s

Inherit DataContract in WCF

I have a DataContract say called Credentials which I've inherited into my own business object called MyCredentials and customized. I want to send it over the wire but understandably I get an error. There was an error while trying to serialize paramet

Expose the WCF Web Service on the Internet Configuration

I am trying to expose a webservice written in WCF, to the open internet but i am having trouble configuring it to be consumed from the external url. The web service is hosted internally at https://ourportal.internaldomain.intra:9011/FrontEndWS and wo

WCF in a binary inherited environment

We are writing C# client which should connect to old legacy servers. To be extensible in the future we would like to utilize WCF framework. The old legacy protocol is proprietary & binary one. To integrate into WCF we would like to replace the usual

Transfer a large amount of data to the WCF service

I have created a web service in WCF which returns more than 54000 data-rows with 10 data in each row. I have used the wsHttpBinding for communication. The service works well with less data (i.e. 2000 rows) but it bombs out when attempting to send lar

Build a WCF Web Service to listen for incoming events

I have a external vendor that provides event notification functionality to its down stream clients. They have asked us to do the following steps to implement event notification within our company to receive notifications from external vendor. I have

WCF and problem with JSON

Gentelmens, I'm working with WCF services and I would like to see result as JSON. But I don't have any ideas how to do it. I have marked my method as [WebGet(ResponseFormat = WebMessageFormat.Json)] but this doesn't help me. In "Wcf test client"

SSL and WCF transport security

I have an IIS-hosted WCF service which is configured to use basicHttpBinding with transport security. I have configured IIS with a certificate and I'm using an https endpoint to call the service. Now, I have enabled message logging on the service at

Add the soap message header for each request in WCF?

In my old asmx web services I used to have AuthHeader which contains the UserName & password and the AuthHeader is mandatory for every web method request. User will send his username & password using this AuthHeader and I will validate the request

How to disable security on a WCF custom link via code?

I have a WCF service that I need to call. When I go through "add service reference" in VS, I get following client config: <configuration> <system.serviceModel> <bindings> <customBinding> <binding name="CustomBindi

How to get a PerSession context with WCF?

I got running a WCF service with custom binding, for now it use httpTransport. <customBinding> <binding name="myHttpBindingConf"> <context contextManagementEnabled="true" protectionLevel="None" contextExchangeM

wcf exposing generics

I have an application where client and server share types, and interoperability is not one of our concerns. I am planning to have a single repository for all web enabled objects, and i was thinking of a generic interface for my exposed service. somet

WCF Multiple Links

I'm getting the following error when I try multiple end points.. System.ServiceModel.AddressAlreadyInUseException: The TransportManager failed to listen on the supplied URI using the NetTcpPortSharing service: the service failed to listen. at System.

Hosted a WCF service with a net.tcp link

I'm trying to publish a calculation service on a bunch of computers which will be used by an application server. The calculation servers are stateful and need to be able to perform asynchronous callbacks so I want to use per-session settings via TCP.

WCF has its own web server?

I just discovered, quite by accident, that a WCF service hosted in a Windows Service ill work with a HTTP binding. It seems to implement its own web server, but I have never seen this capability mentioned anywhere, and can't find any documentation on

Can not find the default endpoint element

I've added a proxy to a webservice to a VS2008/.NET 3.5 solution. When constructing the client .NET throws this error: Could not find default endpoint element that references contract 'IMySOAPWebService' in the service model client configuaration sec

How can I automatically restore the Named Pipe link in WCF?

I'm writing a service that will only get calls from the local host. Performance is important so I thought I'd try the NetNamedPipeBinding instead of NetTcpBinding and see If I could see any noticeable performance gains. If a client, after having perf