to read a WAV file from the TIMIT database in python

I'm trying to read a wav file from the TIMIT database in python but I get an error: When I'm using wave: wave.Error: file does not start with RIFF id When I'm using scipy: ValueError: File format b'NIST'... not understood. and when I'm using librosa,

loop in the WAV file in c (or c ++)

I am trying to copy a WAV sound in C. the original file is a 2 seconds file, but I want to replicate the data in the destination file several times, so that it plays longer. For example, if I copy it 3 times, it should play for 6 seconds... right? Bu

Java Sound. WAV format

I know this question has been asked a few times now about sound, and believe me, I have looked through to try and work out my own answer. I had the sound in Java working before on a different project without any difficulties using this: public void p

Concatenate two audio files in Swift and play them

I try to concatenate .wav audio files in swift. Here is my code : func merge(audio1: NSURL, audio2: NSURL) { var error:NSError? var ok1 = false var ok2 = false var documentsDirectory:String = paths[0] as! String //Create AVMutableComposition Object.T

Stopping the PCM sample causes the click

I'm generating a wav file from an array of samples. I noticed that if I start and then stop copying a waveform, it produces a "click" sound. Here's a simple example, where I periodically copy a sine wave followed by no sound (16 bit signed stere

How can I get raw audio from a wav file?

I need to get the raw audio samples from a wav file, what is the best way to do that?Java has built in support for most .wav/.aiff files using the javax.sound.* classes: import javax.sound.sampled.AudioFormat; import javax.sound.sampled.AudioInputStr

How to write a .wav file on C ++ using the Linux socket layer?

I am trying to send wav files in C++ via TCP on Linux over a socket but I don't understand how a wav file can be read correctly. My goal is to read the file on the client into a char array, send it with "write()" to the server, and the server sh

Remove Noise (whistling) from Raw WAV audio file using Python

I want to remove noise(hisss) from a wave audio file. The full wave audio graph is here : I'm using below code. It might be a stupid attempt but in matlab i've noticed that the noise part's amplitude varies between 0-3000. So i tried to make all of t

Clip reads the WAV file with a wrong offset in Java

I've written a code that read a WAV file (size is about 80 mb) and plays that. The problem is that sound plays badly (extreme lags). Can you please tell me what's the problem? Here's my code: (I call the doPlay function inside a Jframe constructor) p

.wav file zipped only on my available computer (C #)

I need to submit a program for my study. I would like to attach background music. This was done, but my teacher will not be able to play the sound because the .wav file refers to the location on my PC. Even if I would zip the whole C# program and inc

c # Pitch shift wave files

I'm currently trying to do pitch shifting of a wave file using this algorithm Here my code which use the above implementation, but with no luck. The outputted wave file seems to be corrupted

How exactly does the AudioRecord class work?

Please see my other questions as well because I think they are related: Question 1 Question 2 Question 3 This is the code I am using which performs a pass through of the audio signals obtained at the mic to the speaker, when I press a buton: public c

MediaElement does not read mp3 or wav files

I wanna play a sound when page is loaded. I created an MediaElement in components named "media". I changed setting as I want and when I run project, notting happens. I can't hear music. XAML : C# : media.Play(); Solution : Just tick to ID_CAP_ME

Resampling Java .wav soundfile without third library

Is it possible to resample a .wav file from 22050 khz to 44100 khz in java without the use of any third party library? Maybe using AudioInputStream? edit: since it seems that without a third party library it isnt possible easily, what third party lib

read a .wav file

I'm using visual studio 2010 express and I'm trying to write a simple program that will repeat a wave file 5 times(I'm running a windows xp sp3). This is as far as I got: #include "stdafx.h" #include <windows.h> #include <iostream> u

C: edit the binary file

Here is the problem: I have to change header of WAVE file, to be exact I have to change ChunkSize and SubChunk2Size. The problem is that those values use 4bytes but it seemt that using fwrite i overwrite 8 bytes: the original: RIFFÄ‘ WAVEfmt edited: R

How to write FLAC files in Java

I have a requirement to write FLAC files in java. Earlier I was writing the audio input into a WAV file and then converting it to FLAC file using a external converter I was looking into JFlac to find any API through which I can write FLAC files. I fo

How to join 2 or more .WAV files together by program?

I need the ability to join 2 or more .wav files together in to one .wav file. I must do this programmatically, using C# (3rd-party products are not an option). I know of the System.Media.SoundPlayer class, but I am not looking to play the the .wav, b

Streaming a wav file on Windows Media Player (wmp)

I have some questions about wav files (located in virtual directory in IIS) and streaming to an ASP.NET web page with an embedded Windows Media Player. 1) Is the wav file streamed or does playback wait until the whole file is downloaded to the client

Download the .wav file with in Internet Explorer

I'm just trying to sent a .wav file to Internet Explorer with an Handler: public void ProcessRequest(HttpContext context) { HttpResponse response = context.Response; response.ContentType = "audio/x-wav"; response.WriteFile("MyWav.wa

What is a good format for storing sounds on compressed windows?

Currently we use .wav files for storing our sounds with our product. However, these can get large. I know there are many different sound files out there, however what is the best sound file to use that will: 1) Work on all windows-based systems (XP+)

Cut the bit from the beginning of a recorder waveform

I've got a flash 10.1 app that lets me record microphone input to a wav without a media server, which I am saving to an Amazon S3 bucket. I have another process running on a server which gets wavs from this bucket, converts to mp3 using LAME and puts

How to assemble a WAV file?

After having successfully received and extracted audio samples from Ethernet UDP packets at the PC, I need to assemble them to a WAV file, in C#. Any example code? Any suggestions?I used this page to understand WAV format:

Playing * .wav files in Python

I need to analyze sound written in a .wav file. For that I need to transform this file into set of numbers (arrays, for example). I think I need to use the wave package. However, I do not know how exactly it works. For example I did the following: im

How to track any healthy zone in a WAV file?

How to track sections without sounds in a wav file? a small software what I want to develop is deviding a wav file, and it consider a no volume area as a deviding point. how can a program know that volume of a wav file is low? I'll use Java or MFC.I'

Java - remove .wav headers

I'm reading a .wav file into a byte array with the following code. AudioInputStream inputStream = AudioSystem.getAudioInputStream(/*my .wav file */); int numBytes = inputStream.available(); byte[] buffer = new byte[numBytes];,

Playing wav files in Firefox on Red Hat

We have a JavaScript construct that will play .wav files within Firefox on Windows and MacOSX, but it does not work for Red Hat Linux. What extension do I need?Firefox 3.1 will support Firefox 3.5, supports the <audio> tag, a standard tag to deal wi