Ruby - Watir - PhantomJS

I'm on debian. I have ruby set up with bundle. I do sudo gem install watir-webdriver sudo gem install phantomjs Then I add both to my Gemfile. Then I do bundle install. Then I run ruby code and get this error: /var/lib/

Array control elements are not visible

I have an array with elements' names: names=['tdColumn1','tdColumn2','tdColumn3'] And I wan't to check that they are not visible: expect(actual).to all(not_be_visible) But be_not_visible, not_visible, not_be_visible, .not_to all(be_visible) are not c

Can not install watir on ruby ​​2.0 because of rubyzip

I'm trying to install watir. Had to upgrade my ruby installation so I installed rvenv and then used it to install ruby v2.0. Sagis-MacBook-Air:~ sagism$ rbenv shell 2.0.0-rc2 Sagis-MacBook-Air:~ sagism$ ruby -v ruby 2.0.0dev (2013-02-08 trunk 39161)

watir open every link of a page

I need to scrape some info on a website that has a table where each row contains a link. I want watir to click each link in that table, grab some info from the generated page and go back to the previous page. t = browser.table(:class => "tblElenco

Returns the elements that match as a table

I am new to the Watir world, having used webdriver and geb in a previous company. I want to know if Watir offers any method that is analogous to the get_elements method from webdriver. See below for an example. Imagine the following html exists withi

Watir: Select an item in the check box

I am using watir-webdriver, I am trying to select one box from the HTML code below, for example "LC" for the input but I am having some troble to get it work. Anyone have any idea please. thanks browser.checkbox(:value => 'LC').set error mess

Watir webdriver tying windows and waiting

I am trying to detect when a Facebook pop-up is displayed to then fill out the Facebook login form. I have tried the attach method, also the wait method, and the sleep method but it seems that as soon as I launch the new page all connection is lost:

Script running on chrome showing errors

I used steps to run chrome script provided on this links its showing error I Installed chrome driver as steps suggested in below link but its not working

How to save the browser state after Watir automation

Summary of tools: watir-webdriver 1.8.17 Mac OS X 10.7.3 Chrome 18.0.1025.151 I'm currently using Watir WebDriver to automate Chrome sessions across a number of websites. I need to backup the state of the web browser (cookies, cache, etc.) at certain

How to click on the link that has JavaScript using Watir

I am new to Watir and have a scenario which is a blocker for me. I have to click on the below link. It is shown as a link. It is any normal forgot passord?? click here .... option which is there in the application which I am testing. Please advice ho

watir-webdriver Waiting method for IE9

I'm trying to get my code(developed with Watir for IE8) working with watir-webdriver and IE9. Currently I have an issue with waiting. For example Watir::Wait.until{browser.button(:value, "Login").exists?} It doesn't wait and gives me next error

blacklist test requests from google analytics using watir

I have to automate tests for a web application which runs google analytics script. I have chosen watir for the automation since I can script all the test cases with the same. The only problem is i dont know how to remove my test requests to the web a

Ruby Watir: By clicking OK on the JavaScript alerts?

Seems none of the code I've tried has any affect. My intention is to close any and all JavaScript prompts that may come up by hitting the "OK" button. Problem is, my script has no affect on the prompts that come up. In other words, it does nothi