Detect whether a sound buffer is full of data or not

I'm recording using WaveAPI, and I want to detect after I'm finish recording the data, if the buffer has sound in it, or it have recorded nothing (just the void of the room). I wrote a function that gets an average of the absolute value of the buffer

Alarm called twice in Android

I am trying my project on Voice Reminder.It is based on voice recording and set it to alarm.My problem comes when alarm gets activated.It gets activated twice. Here is my code.So please if anybody can help it. AudioAppActivity (MainActivity file) pub

Voice recording in

After a big search i found voice recording is not possible in 4. using plugin like flash we can achieve the same. can anyone share the code .net voice record and play using flash player. or if any other alternate good way to achieve this? kin

How to record the voice in the client without Flash?

We need to capture voice in a web portal. Our contractor developed the whole web portal without using Java Applications, only client-side code, and claims there is no way to capture voice using JavaScript today. I'm not a Java guy, so I don't have th

SpeakHere Voice Recorder Loudspeakers do not work -iOS

I am using SpeakHere example code provided by Apple in my project. How can I enable speakers If earphones or headphones are not plugged in? I know I can overwrite the route using the following code.. OSStatus error; UInt32 audioRouteOverride = kAudio

Can I use javascript to record voice on a web application?

It seems I can only use Flash or Java to record voice on a web app. Is there a way of doing it via JavaScript?It can be done but the solution won't work across all platforms at the moment. <input type="file" accept="audio/*;capture=micro

WAMI Recorder in .NET

I'm looking at this flash audio recorder: Has anyone successfully implemented it in .NET (specifically MVC3 C#)? All I see in the site is PHP implementation without an actual demo site. Also, if anyone has good

An application that reacts to the voice of the calling party

I need to develop an App that reacts on the voice of the caller - so the participant in the phone call who is 'not there'.. specifically: Someone calls me and stops speaking. The app should alarm me saying "participant stopped speaking" (it does

How can I record voice in Android as long as holding a button?

I want to record voice as long as holding the record button and save that voice into the raw folder in my project. I used the code below. Altough there appears no errors, i couldn't get any output. What can be the problem ? Do you have any suggestion

Text synthesis software for flash presentation

Hello Everyone, I have made so many Flash presentations, but every time i stuck on one part. I need to get a professional vocal audio added to my presentation. So that when a slide is running its explanation can be done vocally. I have seen this on a

Add iPhone registered voice recognition

In my program I have some recorded voice. After that I need to recognition it, for example: I launched program, saying something, and when program received word that have been recorded it shows UIAlertView. Anybody knows any sdk or example code? Than

Android voice recorder app

I want to create a voice recorder application in android 3.0. The scenario is when i click on record button it has to start record and when I click on stop button it has to stop recording. After recording voice I want to play the recorded sound when

Any good demonstration recording tool?

Looking for a tool that allows to record a user session to be used to create a video demo. Functionalities needed: - zoom-in / zoom-out - field highlights - spotlights - narrative voice recording - video editing (cut, insert titles or slides, ...) -

How to make an automated voice call request in php?

I want to make a automated call application, which will dial some mobile numbers, and give the response to them, and also record there voice in wave and text format. is it possible in PHP, or there is any buildin function or classes for doing that?Ch

How to use Red5 with

I want to record voice online and I guess I need to use FMS or Red5 and I don't know how to use Red5 with, actually this is my first attempt to handle such a thing and currently I am a .net developer. So someone please show me a way to handle

Web-based audio recording for an Intranet solution

What is the best (cheapest, most open) way to record audio via a web page. Then keep that recording as MP3 format and make it available via a unique ID / URL. I guess Flash-based plug-in would be best. I'm thinking of something that works like Odeo,

Are there ASP.NET voice recording sample codes?

I am wondering if there is any codes sample for ASP.NET with Voice recording. Ok, Basically, i want to create a web page that allow user to click a record button and record his voice thru his/her microphone and then convert it into mp3 file, then i w