How can I make speech recognition for Turkish on cmusphinx?

I imported this project: And it works fine on Android studio. But as you can see it on tutorial it has English voice recognition. How can I turn it to Turkish ? I searched a lot but I cant find i

Real-time recognition of speakers with Microsoft Cognitive

I'm trying to build an application that solves the problem of speaker diarization by using the Microsoft Cognitive Speaker Recognition APIs. Looking at the sample project and reading the APIs documentation, i understood that the recognition should be

Google Speech Recognition Timeout

I am developing an Android Application that is based around Speech Recognition. Until today everything has been working fine and in a timely manner, e.g. I would start my speech recogniser, speak, and within 1 or 2 seconds max the application receive

Mute the beep of Google voice recognition

I have a test app that uses Google voice in a continuous manner and it plays the beep sound every time Google recognition service is called. I am trying to get rid of the beep sound. I have read threads of muting the music stream but that would not w

Disable permissions for some activity in an app

I am creating a simple app. What I have currently found is that when I open my app, the following permission have been set in the .gradle folder: <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE" /> <uses-permiss

Offline voice recognition android taking the unwanted voice

I have did a lot for research and tried offline pocket sphinx but it is taking surrounding voice it is taking and reacting my app differently. Is there any Google offline app for above kitkat 4.4.. i am trying it from 2 week. Thank for your valuable

Is there a way to activate the voice by my own expression?

I want to create a simple application which will make some tasks by voice commands. I want to start listening for commands with my own phrase like a "Hello device". Is it possible with Android speech recognition API? How to implement activation

How to detect the homophone

I am fairly new to speech processing, but wondering how homophones are detected. I am in search for an API which gives similarity between two words on the basis of how they are pronounced. for example: "to" and "two" are highly similar

Import voce.jar into a java file correctly

I have downloaded a voice/text API for java from However being semi new to java I am unsure how to use all these jar files in my code, have tried several things like import voce, import java.voce, package (my folder name

Glass voice command closest to the given list

With Glass you can launch an app via the 'OK, Glass' menu and it seems to pick the nearest match unless a command is miles off, and you can obviously see the list of commands. Is there anyway from within the app, or from the voice prompt (after the i

Voice recognition without a Google dialog

I will try to use the Speech recognition without Google dialog boxes with RecognitionListener but does not works only beep when start the application.I have added permissions Audio record and Internet into the manifest file.I hope you tell me and hel

Fn key (function) Keystroke in Applescript

Is there any way to keystroke the Fn key in apple script? Ideally I would like to be able to "press it" twice in order to launch voice typing. Thanks in advance! delay 0.5 -- time to release modifier keys if the script is run with a keyboard sho

Windows 8 speech at the text API and speech synthesizer

I guess the question pretty much says it all? And I would prefer not to access cloud services such as Microsoft Translator and Project Hawaii? Is there any direct API I can access? (For metro apps)I was able to get the Microsoft Speech Platform worki

Android: voice recording and audio recording

I am working on application that will record the voice of the user and save the file on the SD card and then allow the user to listen to the audio again. I am able to allow the user to record his voice using the RecognizerIntent, but I cant figure ou

Voice recognition in PHP?

I am looking for Voice Recognition in PHP. I have a lot of wav files (10-15 seconds) and I would like Voice Recognition to recognise 1 or 2 words from each wav file and then flag it to database or csv. All the files have the same voice and accent (sa

Is there an API for Google's voice recognition technology?

I want to try creating a jQuery slideshow using simple voice commands like "next" or "previous". Is there a way to use Google's voice recognition? I know about Chrome's x-webkit-speech, but I have to click a button to use it. I tried M

Android: speech to offline text and speech recognition

I am stuck in one of my offline Android Application, where in I need Offline Speech Recognition and Speech to Text API. Kindly share your views and input if anyone has worked on Offline Speech to Text and Speech Recognition.You could include your own

Capturing audio sent to Google's voice recognition server

to recognize speech by Google server, I use SpeechRecognizer class in combination with RecognitionListener as suggested in Stephan's answer to this question . In addition, I try to capture the audio signal being recognized by using onBufferReceived()

Hide Android speech recognition activity in the background?

Is there a way to either A) start the activity without opening up the GUI B) start the VoiceRecognitionActivity behind my current activity, so the user does not notice? Essentially, I'm not fond of how Voice Recognition disrupts the UX and would rath

How would you compare a spoken word to an audio file?

How would you go about comparing a spoken word to an audio file and determining if they match? For example, if I say "apple" to my iPhone application, I would like for it to record the audio and compare it with a prerecorded audio file of someon

Audio input on the Android emulator

How can one get audio input on the Android Emulator? I'm using the 2.2 SDK, and emulating on Ubuntu 10.10. I have the hw.audioinput property set to yes on my emulator, but I get the message "Recognizer not present" when I run the Voice Recogniti

how does voice recognition work in Android?

I want to know that how voice recognition in android works? Which library it uses for voice recognition? Does it perform voice recognition process on device/mobile it self or it sends all voice to google servers and receives text in responce? Thanks,