How can i use npm with a cordova application in Visual Studio

I'm trying to write a hybrid app using the "Tools for Apache Cordova" visual studio project template. In order to use angular2 I have added the required modules to packages.json. Once I have compiled everything and fixed any other missing packag

How to make a toast in Visual Studio Cordova App?

I am working on VS2013 Cordova App . I want to make toast in my app as it in native android . I searched in plugins in config.xml and I didn't find the toast plugin . please advice .There is a plugin called: Cordova Push Notifications. This plugin im

Apache Cordova on VS output issues

Hi I'm new to Apache Cordova. I've recently developed a web application that works fine on chrome and devices but when i get Visual Studio Apache Cordova (visual studio 2015) output some CSS files seem to be not loaded completely i mean some parts of

How to Open Html File (* .html) by Android Browser in Cordova

I create a andriod application by Cordova (in vs). I want to open a html file (from SDcard) by browser in android OS. so i use under code (with InAppBrowser Plugin): var path = cordova.file.externalRootDirectory + "file.html";,

Cordova 3+ find all the music files on the device

I am trying to learn Cordova, using visual studio as my ide. I've followed some instructions online to build a music player, but one plugin is missing... "Storage". I tried running it anyway but I get 'error 5' when trying to use directoryReader

ENOGIT git is not installed or not in the path

I was trying to install some framework packages using bower into my angularjs app. and i was getting this error using the command line tool: You just need to execute your command using Git Shell tool which is a Git aware powershell tool to run all gi

Errors in building cordova + xcode ios

I am getting the following errors in Application Loader when trying to deliver my app(built in vs2015+cordova+remote xcode 7): Thanks in advance.There appears to be an issue with Cordova's iOS implementation when publishing apps created specifically

VS Cordova IOS Build remotely

I am new to cordova and trying to get my env all set up. I was able to successfully get an ios cordova app running on my mac. I then installed the remote build agent for vs and tried to create a new ios project in vs. In ripple it works fine but when

Incremental build on iOS does not work

Using VS2015 RTM together with [email protected], I have the problem that the incremental build is not working. The problem is that the changed web resources are not updated in the remote-builds directory on the Mac. I assume the problem is that the

Visual Studio does not install correctly on Windows 10

I upgraded my laptop to Windows 10 (no preview edition - the real thing!). I then installed Visual Studio Community Edition 2015 (I already have VS 2013 installed) so I can begin to use the Cordova functionality. The install churns and burns for a lo

Zoom on the Cordova application in Visual Studio

I am new to mobile development. I am using Cordova with Visual Studio 2013 Update 4. I just added some text in the default index.html of BlankCordovaApp1. I created the apk and installed it on my android phone. But when I run the app on my phone, I c

VST for Cordova only supports the API Level 19?

The requirements for the Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova specify that SDK for the API Level 19 must be installed. Do that means that apps created with it will only run on android KitKat devices? Any way to target older devices? Please review t