Dynamics 365 Reporting Report Hangs Visual Studio 2015

After installing the Dynamics CRM Report Authoring Extension here, both Visual Studio 2015 and SQL Server Data Tools 2015 crash on startup, occassionally immediately after the splash-screen but usually after the UI loads. If I uninstall the extension

Publish from Visual Studio to a Secure Cluster Error

I've created secured Service Fabric cluster on Azure like described in Create a Service Fabric cluster by using Azure Resource Manager and use self signed certificate as cluster certificate and AAD. (CN in certificate different from actual cluster UR

Embed youtube video into a visual studio tool for cordova

I am a new at cordova visual studio. I want to embed or import youtube video in my android application in Visual Studio tool for cordova 2015. But it is not show any video when I run my code. Below is the code. <div id="player"> <iframe

What is the ambiguous call error in ASP.NET Core C # code?

What does the following error mean and how to resolve it? The call is ambiguous between the following methods or properties: 'System.Security.Claims.PrincipalExtensions.FindFirstValue(System.Security.Claims.ClaimsPrincipal, string)' and 'System.Secur

vs2015 continues to add project.lock.json to tfs

My folder structure is: -- Solution folder --- .tfignore file --- folder for each project But vs2015 keeps including my project.lock.json files in source control. In my .tfignore file, I added: project.lock.json I've tried undoing and deleting the fi

Can not initialize a class member?

In my notes that I am going through I came to this page where it shows class Student{ public: Student() { age = 5; //Initialize age }; private: int age; // **Cannot initialized a class member** string name; // **Cannot initialized a class member** };

Database Projects in Visual Studio 2015 vs. SQL Server 2016

I am experimenting with SQL Server 2016 (RTC 3) for a personal project . I am trying to create a database project in Visual Studio 2015 and connect to the database. I can successfully create a connection to my database, but when I use the "Import Dat

The build in VS2015 gives the SideBySide error

I have an x86 C++ app that works in VS2013 and I'm upgrading to VS2015. The build and link work fine but when I run I get an error: Unable to start program. This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Revi

VS2012 to VS2015 migration

Hi I am migrating my project from VS2012 to VS2015 and I ended up with the following error Error LNK1104 cannot open file 'mfc110.lib' I also search for mfc110.lib file in the installation directory of VS2012 and VS2015 but its not there. I googled i

Visual Studio 2015 can not find Visual Studio 2010

My visual studio 2015 cannot build 2010 platform toolsets. It says: The build tools for Visual Studio 2010 (v100) cannot be found. To build using the Visual Studio 2015 (v140) build tools, either click the Project menu or right-click the solution, an

How to write VBA Excel 2010 in Visual Studio 2015 Community?

I have been programming with Excel 2010 VBA for a while but I am a newbie with Visual Studio 2015 Community. I had installed it when it was announced this year and found the workflow features for developers in regards agile/scrum methodology amazing

What is needed to launch Roslyn on Teamcity?

With Visual Studio 2015 having been released yesterday my dev team is very interested in upgrading and using the new C# 6.0 features and as we all have MSDN it is something that would definitely be possible. However I am worried that our Teamcity bui

Git (SSH) in Visual Studio 2015

So with Visual Studio 2015 just being released there is a much more integrated tie-in with git. However the feature that seems to be lacking is git over SSH. There are various plugins for 2013 that allow this functionality (i.e GitExtensions) but I c

Use a proxy in Visual Studio Emulator for Android

Here is a link to the emulator announcement (included with Visual Studio 15 CTP): https://www.visualstudio.com/en-us/msft-android-emulator-vs.aspx I would like to set up a proxy for the Internet connection in this VM. My purpose is to connect through