Include a third-party DLL in my web deployment

So I have a web application in Visual Studio 2010. Im depending on 2 DLLs. One of these are not a "real" DLL but a COM object. The first DLL is wrapper for this COM object. So the first DLL is easy to add with a reference and when I deploy it ge

C ++ Include a class in multiple projects

I want make one class to include into all my projects so that when I do a change, it updates across all the projects from that copy of the file. For example: foo.h class foo { public: foo(); }; extern Foo* pFoo; foo.cpp Foo* pFoo; foo::foo() { printf

System.Drawing missing assembly or reference

I want to use the Bitmap class under an XNA project declared on System.Drawing but it says that I'm missing an assembly or reference. I added System.Drawing to my references and changed my target framework after seeing this post. I opened 3 or 4 new and CS connection control

I have a question about ASP.NET and SQL Server database and using Visual Studio 2010. The problem is about the login control cs part. I linked my form with database, need to compare login and password with ones in DB, but the line SqlDataReader rdr =

Send a picture of an application to the text message

I have created an app that lets you take a picture and send it through a text message in windows phone, but the image doesn't show up in the message instead it says the name of the image control. No picture is there. this is my code: void cameraCaptu

C ++ for variable scope

I'm new to c++ and came across this: for (int i=0 ; i<500 ; i++) { //to do } int i; std::cin >> i; UPDATE: Using visual studio 2010 (and the compiler it uses) the i outside the for loop has the value 500 AFTER the call to cin >> i; I am loo

Visual Studio 2012 CREATE DATABASE denied in master database

I installed Visual Studio 2012.. but I noticed that it hasn't installed SQL Server. So when I try to create a database and add a connection and then test a connection, it tells me that I have an error that has to do with a failure to connect to a rem

Tesseract 3 (OCR) - .NET Enveloper I am having a problem getting Tesseract to work in my Visual Studio 2010 projects. I have tried console and winforms and both have the same outcome. I have come across a dll by someone else who claims to have

Breakpoints in the CUDA kernel __global__ do not hit

Using visual studios 2010. Win 7. Nsight 2.1 #include "cuda.h" #include "cuda_runtime.h" #include "device_launch_parameters.h" // #include <stdio.h> #include <assert.h> void incrementArrayOnHost(

Crystal Reports and VS2010

We have Crystal Reports running and it is tied into our VS2010 installation. I have not looked at the instance in a long time because we had a devoted Crystal developer on board, however he is gone now and I need to make a few changes. When I try to

Why does the ReSharper test launcher ignore ExpectedException?

when I run the following example with the debugger in Visual Studio 2010 (using TestDriven.NET), I get a pass, but when I run it with the ReSharper test runner, I get a fail. The test is written with Microsoft's test framework. How can I set this up

Transfer VS2010 window settings from design to debug?

How do I transfer the window layout in Visual Studio 2010 from design mode to debug mode? I have a window layout I am fairly happy with in design mode, and would prefer to not have to do all that work all over again just to change a few details in it

How to redirect stdout to the Visual Studio output window

Is it possible to redirect stdout to output window from Visual Studio? I use in my program OutputDebugString but I use some libraries that have output debug messages with printf's or cout's.Straightforward stdout redirection will not work, as there i

Visual Studio.NET 2010 javascript formatting

In Visual Studio.NET 2010 the editor keeps inserting a space between the function keyword and the parameter set like this: function (event, ui) I can't find anyway to turn it off with out disabling javascript formatting entirely, most of which I like

How to add a DirectX reference in Visual Studio 2010

How can I add a DirectX reference to my C# project in Visual Studio 2010? Thanks.Go to the solution explorer Click references Click add reference Click Browse Browse to: C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\DirectX for Managed Code\1.0.2902.0\ Select your direct

Deleting the namespace of the SOAP request

I have imported a WSDL and use it to send a SOAP request. It looks like this: <?xml version="1.0"?> <SOAP-ENV:Envelope xmlns:SOAP-ENV="" xmlns:xsd="

VS2010 ASP.NET MVC add a unit test to the existing project

Is it possible to add the unit testing functionality (in Visual Studio 2010 Web Developer Express) for an already existing ASP.NET MVC project?AFAIK you don't have the option of creating test projects with the VS Express versions as they are not supp

Is it possible to modify the CSS validation scheme in VS2010

I'm editing a simple CSS file in VS2010 and the editor seems to have a rather limited understanding of CSS, for example: #my-rule { position:relative; } generates a warning: Validation(CSS 1.0): 'position' is not a known CSS property name I'm guessin

highlight messages in the output window

I saw a screencast recently and what really got me interested is that messages in debugger output window were displayed in different colours (different color for warnings, exceptions etc).Unfrotunately I can't find this screencast anymore. Does anyon

Running NUnit Tests in Visual Studio 2010 with Code Coverage

We have recently upgraded from Visual Studio 2008 to Visual Studio 2010. As part of our code base, we have a very large set of NUnit tests. We would like to be able to run these unit tests within Visual Studio, but with code coverage enabled. We have

Resharper on VS2010?

Did anybody get resharper 4.5 working on V2010 ?Wait few days and try ReSharper for VS2010 -