Why pass a dataset to a web service method is not good?

Please explain in detail. I have been telling my mentor that everything I've researched on WCF and many programmers all over the net say it is NOT good to pass DataSets to the service, why is that? I created a BUNCH of classes in the service and the

Selected keyword missing for the insert statement

I have the following code in VBA and whenever I try to run it, I get an error message saying "missing select keyword". I don't see why it even wants a select keyword when I don't want to read anything, I only want to write to the database: Priva

__asm__ in c ++ error

I'm trying to read the cpuid information with the following cod but it doesn't work. I'm using Visual Studio 2010: #include "stdafx.h" #include <stdio.h> int main() { int a, b; for (a = 0; a < 5; a++) { __asm__("cpuid" :"

How to remove the title bar in the Windows Form Application

IDE: Visual Studio 2010 c# .net, Windows form application Hi, I am trying to remove the title bar in windows form application but I am not able to do it. ( Image is here): Title Bar: for removing it, I have tried this code: this.FormBorderStyle = Sys

Running a Crystal Report directly in PDF format in C #

I have a single Crystal Report that I am trying to run via a web site using a Report Viewer and also (using the same .rpt) via a background process that would generate the report straight to a stream or file using the export options. I am not using a

Problems with GLEW with Visual Studios

I have tried several ways to get GLEW working with my VS2010 project. No success. At first I tried using the pre-built libs and dlls from the website. I downloaded these pre-built files from http://glew.sourceforge.net/index.html and did something li

jquery-1.4.1.min.js does not work

The code below works prefect in visual studio 2010 but doesnt work on visual studio 2008, if there any others exception that i miss out? what else i should check for in order to know what am i missing? Noted* i can only received alert(starting) but n

Configure the Nuget server at home

Just a quick question. I have Visual Studio 2010 professional edition installed at my home desktop. Can I set up Nuget server for practice or self learning? Thanks.You certainly can: Hosting Your Own NuGet Feeds

PHPMyAdmin for Visual Studios C #

I would like to know if I can use the database created on phpmyadmin on visual studios c#? In the past, I have only used it for php projects. Now that I am making a c# project using Visual studios, would I be able to connect my database created on ph

Can the visual studio suggest variable names?

Eclipse can automatically create (or suggest) variable names. For instance if I have a class named MyClass and i want to create an object from it, MyClass myClass = new MyClass(); In Eclipse after class name (MyClass) i hit ctrl+space key and Eclipse

Javadoc information boxes for visual C ++

Are there any plugins/options/etc. that will show me this: when I hover over a C++ function/method name in visual studio 2010? I've tried using visual assist X, but the info for the function is not indented, newlines are ignored, and terms like "retu

Memory leaks detected

In my wxWidgets application, while running in debug mode i got this message in Output of Visual Studio 2010. The application ran fine, and i only saw this after closing it. Detected memory leaks! Dumping objects -> {9554} normal block at 0x003CDCC0,

Visual Studio C ++ IntelliSense problem

I seem to be having two issues with my project after I converted from VS 2005 to VS 2010. IntelliSense: command-line error: invalid macro definition: _WIN32_WINNT>=0x0501 And I also cant seem to be able to do a "Call Hierarchy" on any of the

cmake with the Intel compiler defined as platform toolset

I have the Intel compiler platform install on my development machine, when using Cmake to generate a visual studio 2010 solution, I want to be able to specify the platform toolset to be using "Intel" instead of "vc100". I cant seem to

Using System.Numerics in VS2008

Im using an open source code from EvilDicom. Unfortunately, these codes are in VS2010 and they use the namespace System.Numerics and Microsoft.CSharp. I would like to know if there are equivalents of these namespaces in VS2008? My application is buil

Dependency Management with TFS 2010

What is the best way to manage dependencies with TFS 2010 ? EDIT: I would like to know if there is a system such as Maven or NuGet which allows to easily manage dependencies of .dll (externals or created by our team) inside TFS 2010. However we face

Add a folder to the solution explorer

How i can add folder with all files and subfolders to my project in solution explorer?Click on Solution Explorer Show All Files. Right click on folder. Include in Project.

Upgrading the framework on an ASP.Net MVC solution

We have an ASP.Net MVC 1.0 solution developed using Visual Studio 2008 and .net Framework 3.5SP1. We would now like to upgrade Visual Studio to 2010. If we just open the solution in VS 2010 and do not change the framework version, can we just continu

Program not connecting to the new database

I moved a VS Solution file from an old PC to a new PC. When I opened the solution in VS2010, I found that the database connections in database explorer was not present. Now I want the project to connect to a SQL Server database which is local to the