Recursive loop to get the parent of an object

I am trying to use the below function to get the parent object of a element. 'Recursive until the parent control is found Public Function __GET_PARENT(ByVal current As Object, ByVal pType As Type) Dim nextParent As Object = current.Parent If Not next

#include & lt; math.h & gt; in Visual Studio 2012

This is a program I wrote : #include "stdafx.h" #include "math.h" int main () { int phi; float c; scanf_s("%d",&phi); c=(pow(sin(phi)*cos(phi),-2))-(pow(tan(phi),2)+pow(tan(phi),-2)); if (c==2) { printf("C is 2,Don't

Visual Studio 2010 PCL Cloud Visualization

I am trying to build this simple visualization example using VS2010: I have linked all .lib files (both pcl and 3rdparty) however I get a bunch of unresolved external symbol errors all

XML editor that does not include the end tag

Can anyone tell me why my XML writer is not writing out end tags when they ate like this: / > What I am doing is reading an xml file and then writing it to a new file, and if certain elements are found I execute some code, and then override the eleme

web.config transforms into alternate namespaces

I have a web config (truncated to show the important bits) like so: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <configuration> <configSections> <section name="nlog" type="NLog.Config.ConfigSectionHandler

SvcUtil.exe vs Add Reference

Why would someone use SvcUtil.exe when Add Service Reference in VS.NET provides all the proxy classes you'll need?Sometimes Add Service Reference in VS fails to create a useful proxy. Instead it gives you an empty Reference.cs details here and here f

Shortcut key to navigate from code-behind to SourceView

I am Looking for a Shortcut Key to navigating from Code-Behind file(a.cs) to HTML Source-View page(a.aspx)? i couldn't find any direct possible way to handle this!F7 -> Toggle between .ASPX and .ASPX.CS (Code Behind) Shift + F7 -> Toggle between .AS

AssemblyName in the Visual Studio Error When I Publish It

i have a problem to change the name of the application in Visual Studio 2010 ,i explain better my trouble; last year i develop a project and i called it "Project2011_2012"(it was the original name of the Assembly Name of the project in Visual St

Visual Studio does not see Team Explorer

Few days ago i had to reinstall VS. So after uninstallation, I downloaded VS2010 Ultimate from MSDNAA and installed it. Everything went without any trouble, but when i run VS I found, that there wasn't a Team Explorer. So i downloaded TE from Team Ex

ASP.NET convert C to F. C # VS 2010 & hellip; calculation error

I'm trying to convert celsius to fahrenheit with C# web forms in visual studio 2010. I'm using a function to perform the conversion, including this code line: return (celsius * (9 / 5)) + 32; It doesn't calculate right! If I put in celsius =

How to open a c ++ project folder in Visual Studio?

I have a c++ project with lots of folders and compiles to lots of different executables, I want to open the entire thing in visual studio and have it keep the folder structure of my project. Right now when try to create a new VS project and import my

Multi-Line Watch window in Visual Studio 2010?

When debugging XML, it's a pain the butt to constantly click on the Text/XML visualizers in the Watch Window to see the full value of an XML string variable. The "Watch" windows in Visual Studio seem to be constrained to one line. Is there a way

Corruption of the VB.Net VS2010 project

In the last year I've worked on two relatively large .NET projects and both of them have ended up with project/code generation strangeness that I just haven't figured out how to fix.. The first project generates some bad code for forms that causes th

C ++ overloaded member function error

hi i was making a program with 3 classes and when i was using a member initialization list i got an error saying "no instance of overloaded function "people::people" matches the specified type: MAIN.cpp #include <iostream> #include &q

BDC SharePoint and WCF template

Here is my scenario.. I have created a BDC model project in VS2010 for deployment in SharePoint2010. I have added a service reference to a WCF service that we have running on another system. I want my ReadList method to call the WCF service on the ot

Automated TFS 2010 Deployment Process

I am trying to understand the automated deployment process in TFS 2010. I have a DEV, QA, Stage, and Live environments. Using a basic (or standard branching strategy), when configuring automatic builds/deployments does deploying to DEV get code from

MVC3 Strange error after enabling compilation of views

I am currently working on a MVC3 project with Razor. I have switchen on compilation of Views to be aware of spelling errors etc. at compile-time. As soon as I switch on the <MvcBuildViews>true</MvcBuildViews> in the projects configuration file

Pass a parameter from the main report to a subreport

Apologies for these recent newbie questions, but I'm obviously not asking the search engines the correct questions. I have a report I'm trying to reconstruct after upgrading from VS2008 to VS2010 introduced errors into an existing Crystal Report. So,

New in dynamic SQL statements

Im currently making a very simple WebApp on a Website using ASP.NET Framework using C# in Visual Studio 2010. The website will connect to my SQL EXPRESS server running on my laptop (Its all locally based) I have a table defined as below CREATE TABLE

Can not find the type of VSIX project in VS 2010

I have installed the VS 2010 SDK but I still don't have the VSIX project type. This system has never had any beta bits on it. Any ideas?OK so I'm a dummy... you have to target .NET 4 to see that project type.