Make the SwipeRefreshLayout animation invisible

If its possible make Swipe refresh layout animation fully invisible? I want to make whole animation (including loading and cricle with arrow when pulling down gesture) dissapear but I want to be able to use the onRefresh function. Maybe you know any

setVisibility true of the dynamic ID of a layout

I have created ListView in which each button id comprises of database_idx10+button_number For example, I have set the id as 101 i.e. 10=database_id & 1=button_number Now I've to setVisibility of id 101 to View.GONE which is a unique id generated by m

WPF: Link to the MainWindow Property

I am having an issue with binding to a parent MainWindow property, MainContentVisibility. I have the following code: MainWindow.xaml <Window x:Class="CallTracker.WPF.MainWindow" xmlns="

How can a public method return a private type?

Why is it possible to return a private nested class from a public method in a public class? Shouldn't the compiler complain about the return type's visibility being less than the method? public final class Outer { private static final class Configura

Add information to listeners

my question could sound a bit odd because i'm not sure if i can describe my problem in a easy way - but here we go: I add to an JavaFx-Object a lot of lines and add to every line a listener - now the user will click on one of these lines and i dont k

Make hidden entry html visible

I want to change an invisible html input in to visible when I click a button as shown below. My html line that create the hidden input is: <input type="hidden" id="txtHiddenUname" value="invalid input" /> my java script

Silverlight TextBox VisibilityChanged Event

I'm working on a Windows Phone app using Silverlight C# and XAML. My page contains a ListBox which renders a list of databound objects that the user can manipulate, i.e. add/rename/delete. I've got it working that the add/rename of items is done in-p

Initially, hide a div for later display

My web page is like the following: <div id="id1" class="stuff"> TEXT, FORMS, and STUFF </div> <div id="id2" class="stuff" style="display:none"> TEXT, FORMS, and STUFF </div> <div

How is this not a violation of Java visibility

It is a simple implementation of linked list to split one list into two sublists. Other details have been discarded for simplicity class SList { private head; Object item; public void split_list(SList list1, SList list2) { list1.head = this.head; //

Member Visibility / Internal Class Attribute (C #)

I am looking for a visibility modifier for attributes of an inner class that would allow the outer class to modify/set a value but external classes could only get/read the value. public class Outer { public class Inner { // I want this to be editable

Is it possible to use a form without being visible to the user?

I'll explain: i have a form that i want to use it from another application. but the commands are using the buttons on the form which i want it to be invisible to user (which sends messages to another target etc).I think that you want to use the code

WP7 ApplicationBarIcon Visibility

Appreciate that the WP7 ApplicationBarIcon is not standard control as such. I need to be able to hide this programatically (I need to hide rather than disable) 1/ is there any other way I can do this other than adding/removing the icon 2/ assuming th

Android View with View.GONE always receives onTouch and onClick

This is confusing me: As far as I have read, a view with setVisibility(View.GONE); should not receive any more touch- or click events. My layout has two parts, which will be visible or gone so that only one of them is visible and usable at a time but

Is visibility in PHP classes important, and why?

As you know, PHP class has private, public and protected keywords. I just started to write classes and I wonder what are the advantages of class visibility in PHP5. And of course also disadvantages...It is useful if you want to apply OOP practices su

Can I detect if a window is partially hidden?

Is it possible to detect if a window for a program outside mine is 1) completely visible, 2) partly hidden, or 3) completely hidden? I want to be able to tell my application not to do anything if a window (based on a retrieved handle) isn't visible.

How to demonstrate multithreaded java visibility issues?

If variables in Java are accessed from multiple threads, one must ensure that they are safely published. This usually means using synchronizedor volatile. I have got the impression, that some of my colleagues do not take this issue seriously, since t

Java: visibility of the subpacket?

I have two packages in my project: odp.proj and odp.proj.test. There are certain methods that I want to be visible only to the classes in these two packages. How can I do this? EDIT: If there is no concept of a subpackage in Java, is there any way ar