How to crop video by touch in Android?

I need to crop(not trim) the video in my app.The crop can be square or rectangular form.You should use fenster android library for playing video. This library provides support scale type 'crop'. <com.malmstein.fen

videoView shows nothing

I need help with a VideoView problem with in Android. I've tried everything and even look up on stackoverflow questions, but no one has this exact problem. Problem: The View supposed to show the picked video from gallery (this action is triggered by

How to create a video with a list? Android

I want to create a listview which has the path of my mp4 files and when i click it, it will play the video in my videoview which is located on the upper part of the listview. I've tried searching for it but i can't find any tutorial. The layout is li

video support landscape using video view in Android

i am not able to change the orientation of my video in landscape mode. Here's my code: VideoView videoView = (VideoView) findViewById(; MediaController mediaController = new MediaController(this); //Creating the media controller media

Android VideoView setVideoURI blocks the UI thread

The setVideoURI method of VideoView in Android seems to be blocking the UI thread. As soon as I call this method, the UI get's laggy, even on fast devices. Is there a way to improve performance here? The only other thread with that topic I could find

Select youtube video quality in android videoView

I using code on link for playing YouTube video in videoView. When I play video the quality is not good enough. How can I chose the quality of the video? Code link:

Android: how to play a video indefinitely

I need to keep on playing the same video for an indefinite number of times. I could do: while(true) VideoView.start(); but it looks sick and insane. I am sure there is somebody with a better suggestion. // video finish listener videoView.setOnComplet

Reset Entire / String to 0 to 60 seconds / minutes

I'm developing a video player and am trying to get the seconds and minutes to reset at 60 seconds/minutes. At the moment I can get it to run perfectly but I cant reset the Integer/String to 00 when it hits 60. How do i do this? My current code: pos =

how to use handler with videoview

i'm learning about android multithreading on my own and am using this powerpoint as a main resource: i am attempting the Handler post approach. on sl

how to change the width of videoview by program

I created a video view in my activity, when the activity gets started, i want to modify the height and wodth of the video. How to do it? This my code. I tried with simple layout params and fram layout nothing works for me final VideoView vvVideos = (

MediaPlayer / VideoView does not play the video?

I'm new to android development, self taught so can expect a few errors here and there but none so irritating as this. I've looked over my code a thousand times, searched high and low across multiple websites, books and forums for an answer but I stil

Objc - how to add a video player in a UIView like that?

This player only have 2 buttons,play/pause and fullscreen,it looks like a system player,so fast and simple. I used UIWebView and HTML5 inside the UIView,but UIWebView is so slow and can not play without fullscreen. If this player is a UIObject or som

Android VideoView RTSP delay

I am opening a RTSP stream of an IP camera in my Android application through VideoView. There is a problem that It has a great delay that reaches more than 20 seconds! although viewing the Camera from an ordinary PC via its browser there is no such d

The video does not loop Android VideoView

I am trying to build an android app that will loop a video! The problem is that it never loops! It plays the video only once! During debugging i realized that the "myVideoView.setOnCompletionListener" is being executed but the video doesn't play

Android VideoView, need to quickly switch between videos

Hello to all Android Developers! I'm developing a new app and am using VideoView to display mpeg clips. I need to switch between videos very quickly, however, loading a new clip to a VideoView seems to take about half a second of black screen. The tr

What format to use to play video from the Internet on Android?

I'm trying to load a video into a VideoView and MediaController with the following code: video.setVideoURI(Uri.parse(uri)); mediaController = new MediaController(this); mediaController.setMediaPlayer(video); mediaController.setAnchorView(footer); vid

Media player using YouTube?

I am developing a sample application using MediaPlayer.By using the raw resources folder,the video can be played.But I want to play through URL.How can I achieve this? My code is: VideoView videoView = (VideoView) findViewById(; MediaC

Detect if a VideoVIew buffers

Does anyone know if it's possible to detect when a VideoView is buffering? I want to show a ProgressDialog when the video is buffering. So far I tried using a OnPreparedListener, but that only works when the video is first loaded. If a video is playi

Videoview Pause and resume

I am new to android development and I am programming a game. My game has cutsceens that play before each level starts, cutsceens which are done through videoview. My problem is, that upon an application pause, the cutsceen starts from the beginning a

Can not play YouTube video in VideoView using RTSP streaming

I'm writing an app that uses VideoView to play a video from YouTube. Here's my code: VideoView videoView = (VideoView)findViewById(; videoView.setVideoURI(Uri.parse(filePath)); videoView.setMediaController(new MediaController(this));

progress bar on videoview android

HI i am developing video streaming application and i need to make a progress bar on my application (not a progress dialog) i tried implementing it i put it on the xml file and set it to invisible on the onprepared method but the problem is that the p

Video View does not play video on youtube

I am trying to play a youtube video in a Video View. I have laid out the xml like this: <VideoView android:id="@+id/VideoView" android:layout_height="fill_parent" android:layout_width="fill_parent" /> and the code is li

Android Sync video with timer

I'm using Android to construct a video player using the VideoView. I've managed to get a video player running and now I'm setting a counter using chronometer that starts ticking when I select the file. However, the video clip takes a few seconds to s

VideoView black flash before and after playing

I have a VideoView which I want to use to play a movieclip. I use it like this to play it and it works. VideoView vv = new VideoView(this); vv.setVideoURI(Uri.parse("android.resource://cortex2.hcbj/raw/intro")); setContentView(vv); vv.start(); H

VideoView and the game in stages (image by image)

I would like to play frame by frame with the videoview. I have this: mVideoView.seekTo(mVideoView.getCurrentPosition()+1); But after this I do not see the frame until I click play... I do not want that, I just want to see the next frame. Also - can I

Using VideoView for Streaming or Progressive Download Video

I'm confused about how VideoView can be used to play video: from a local file, as progressive download and streaming. This example work for me (on 1.5 and 2.0 at least) by downloading the file and playing it locally. But is it necessary to download t