video overlay does not work in tango unit api

The video overlay option is not working in the Project Tango API. I have tried building the sample Augmented reality Scenes and instead of the video overlay I only get a white background. I have not enabled the multi threaded rendering in the player

setTimeout in the event handler

I built an iFrame viewer for some videos. It works pretty well, except when someone clicks on the button for video A and then clicks video B's button while video A is still playing. The viewer will cl

The video does not play on the iPhone

I have just got a simple video going. When I run the app in Simulator the video plays but when I run it on my iPhone it says video missing. Any help would be much appreciated thanks! Here is my code : import UIKit import AVKit import AVFoundation cla

How to make an open video and play the button click on iOS

I'm very new to iOS and have very little experience. Please could someone show me how to code my app so a video open and play on button click? I canĀ“t find out how to do this anywhere. Any help would be much appreciated.I think this code will help yo

Serving Google Blobstore app engine videos

I am developing a Google App Engine (Python) application and I have run into a bit of a problem. I have a video in my blobstore that I would like to serve in a <iframe> tag, but I just can't get the source url to enter into the tag's "src"

Play multiple videos when dragged into an area with jquery

I am having a few issues with a script. For a project I have a container, this container has 8 separate thumbnails which when dragged into my container need to play the corresponding video. I have got 90% of the script working but having a few issues

Dynamic streaming of a video on a website

I'd like to publish a video on my website. I use javascript and SWFObject to allow to watch it directly on the website. The format of the video is mp4 and it's quite a big file - let's say about 300MB. Thus, it takes a while until it loads in the pla

ffmpeg 2.4.2 concatenate mp4 files

I am trying to concatenate some mp4 files one after another. I execute the following: ffmpeg -i concat:1.mp4\|2.mp4\|3.mp4\|4.mp4 -c copy final_output.mp4 But always get the message "[mov,mp4,m4a,3gp,3g2,mj2 @ 0x148d420] Found duplicated MOOV Atom. S

Bootstrap 3 - responsive mp4 video

I tried to find a good solution on the bootstrap site but I didn't get an answer to this yet. I think I can't be the only one struggling with this, but I couldn't find anything that helped me. I'm trying to embed an mp4-video on my website. The probl

raw folder created an error in the application

Hi I am new to android and i am trying to exploring the eclipse i was trying to add video to my app , for which when i google to where to put my videos , i found under res i have to create a new raw folder , i follow that and when i create a raw fold

YouTube video in HTML does not work

I try to get a URL of a YouTube-video from database and embed it in a page. I get the "An error occured. Please try again later" message. Pls help! :( String in the DB: HTML code (inside a table): <

IOS video does not play with MPMoviePlayer

I'am making video player module for my app. This is my .h file: #import <UIKit/UIKit.h> #import <MediaPlayer/MediaPlayer.h> @interface SpanishViewController : UIViewController - (IBAction)Video1Button:(id)sender; @property (nonatomic, strong)

HTML5 video only works in IE. Other browsers show black screen

I have to develop an html5 application that runs on all major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE9, Safari and Opera) and one of the things requested was for it to be able to play videos as well. I'm using the video tag and 2 different formats of the video

AXIS Media Control ActiveX component

I have an ActiveX control that plays streaming video, that i download from: My goal is to draw a Ellipse on the video!! i create form (winform) that use this ActiveX control and i see the video,

Why does ffmpeg report different times?

Source videos: Quicktime Pro 7.7.1 Inspector (Win 7) reports the following for the file 4.19MB H.264 Movie FPS: 23.98 Data Rate: 2.35 mbits/Sec Duration 14:97 ffmpeg reports the following (se

MediaRecorder does not record video recording only

my Video Recorder app does not record video it only records the audio with the file extension of .mp4. There's no error returned in logcat. So, I can't figure it out whats wrong with my code. Anyone knows this issue? Or any suggestions on what to use

Streaming video to web browser

I would like to display a live video stream in a web browser. (Compatibility with IE, Firefox, and Chrome would be awesome, if possible.) Someone else will be taking care of streaming the video, but I have to be able to receive and display it. I will

how to take a screenshot of the video being played?

I'm trying to take a screenshot of the currently playing video. I'm trying with code that successfully takes a screenshot of web view but get not success in taking photo of currently playing video. The code as follow for web view. WebView w = new Web

How can I optimize this code for better speed?

The code: <?php $local_id = $_GET['id']; mysql_connect("localhost", "root", "") or die("Could not connect: " . mysql_error()); mysql_select_db("database"); $sql = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM `videos

Video formats supported for Youtube

Which are the video formats that Youtube supports? (like avi, ...)There are quite a and some below here are containers of formats, and itself can support formats: Windows Media Video (.WMV) 3GP (Cell Phones) AVI (Windows) MOV (Mac) MP4 (iPod/PSP) MPE

GWT & amp; HTML5 video in Mobile Safari

I'm trying to code a site in GWT that plays videos with HTML5. Everything works great on the desktop, but mobile Safari on both the iPhone and iPad do not play the video. I can play a video using Video for Everybody. I've even copied the code to my o

Pure C # Silverlight video coding lib?

Is out there any Pure C# Silverlight video encoding lib? By video I mean not only pictures compressor but also audio compressor... So to say I'm looking for some kind of lib not only for compressing but also for sinchronisation etc... so to say I giv