How do I know how many master's commits are not in my branch?

We are using GitHub to store our code repositories, and we would like all developers to ensure that branches are up to date with master before doing local developer testing, and merging. There are two ways of updating a branch with the commits of mas

How to manage the version number in Git?

Let's imagine the blerp command line tool maintained on git. This tool has the (hidden) --version option which returns its version (let's say 0.1.2) and another --commit which returns the commit number from which it was built. Both the version and th

TFS common workspace for all team members

I want to create a common work space for all the team members. As I have a constraint to keep a single working folder only on a sever. I have created a work space and marked it as Public. I want this work space to be accessible for rest of the team m

SVN corrupted repo

I have a repository which I can add files to, but when I try to commit or checkout the repository (to any version) I get the error 'Could not convert '�⛰ENDREP' into a number' I have no idea what is going on, I don't really want to loose the history

Pharo Project on Git

I am a begginer with Pharo, and I have learnt about Monticello and Metacello. As far as I understand, Pharo not being file-based means that one cannot use common source control tools such as Git directly. Yet I see some Pharo repositories on Github,

merge the same file with mercurial

Ok so I've done a lot off reading and watching of videos but I am still struggling with merging and how its handled i am currently using sourcetree and commandline for most of my testing. So the question is when two users edit the same file but the e

Ignore commented file header information in Git

In my coding projects, each file usually has a commented out header part that contains some information regarding the file, including the current project version. Whenever I release a new version of the project, I need to update the version informati

Make git pull --rebase preserve the fusion commits

git pull --rebase removes unpushed merge commits. Is there a way to make it preserve them? Say my history looks like- A | \ B H | | C G | | D F | / E (A being the merge commit.) After a git pull --rebase it becomes- H | G | F | X | B | C | D | E (X b

svn diff does not display modified external files

I add some changes to my local repo and run svn diff, but diff output is empty. But svn status marked my files as modified. This is files is external items, how can I use diff command with this?Here is a quote from the manual: Besides the svn checkou

Small or large validation messages?

I friend of mine and I had a discussion a few days back about the size of a commit message when using version control systems. I had the idea of committing often and small when he on the other hand used larger commit message but instead committed not

How do you make Git work with IntelliJ?

I am going to use Git version control by IntelliJ Community Edition in order to make branches of the programs I intend to develop. I am striving to accustom myself to its functionality and I come accross obstacles. I follow the instructions of the we

Setting up my own personal repository on P4V

I'm new to source control. I'm working on a team right now, and we're using Perforce (the GUI version P4V). I'm connected to my team's repository, and after I know I have something working, I commit new files or my changes to the repository. This is

gitolite + cgit: No deposit found

I've set up and configuered gitolite and wish to configure the cgit web interface to it. Problem: When browsing a directory using cgit I get the error: No repositories found Setup When a new repository is created gitolite creates a corresponding dire

What is wrong with my .hgignore file? (nothing is ignored)

The content of my .hgignore file as follow and NOTHING is being ignored: ^nbproject$ ^.htaccess$ ^my.conf$ /media/images/captcha/.*\.jpg$ I tried to place the file in the main project repository folder and in the working directory. What's wrong? Plea

what is the 'what' command on AIX under LINUX

I am used to use what to find out some version string in my program, which is normal defined as a string in the c++ code, starting with "@(#)". Now I cannot find it in Linux. Can anyone tell me what I am supposed to do? Thanks a lot!The what com

Select an effective revision control

We are a company, working on small and some huge project. Sometimes on one project are more developers 5, 10, 20 etc. We are searching for an effective revision control system with best optional properties: Performance issues – one file size, complex

Using SVN alone or in small workgroups - workflow approach?

I have spent some months working on a web application and we're come close to production stage. It's soon time to expand the development group with 1-3 people on this project. I have not too much experience on working with SVN, but It's obviously the

.classpath and .project - check in version control or not?

I'm running an open source java project that consists of multiple modules in a tree of dependencies. All those modules are subdirectories in a subversion repository. For newcomers to our project, it's a lot of work to set all that up manually in ecli

What does SCM mean?

In the software world, it seems that SCM is an unfortunately overloaded acronym. It can mean:- Source Code Management Software Configuration Management Which one of these is the dominant term? Do they mean the same thing? To me Source Code Management

Version Control Implementation Tips (SVN)

In my company, we are going to reimplement version control for our code base.(Now we have small groups of developers, all with their own VSS version control per project). We choose Subversion as our version control platform. Where can i find some Bes

Subversion (svn + tortoiseSvn) commit an unlocked file

I have experienced strange functionality of subversion. We are using latest 1.6 Svn server visual svn and tortoise svn 1.6.6 We have defined property svn:needs-lock to a file, then if you copy over file from different location it shows local change i

Web Development Version Control - Multiple Versions

I'd like to hear how other web developers manage their websites over the life of the project. For example I have several sites I've been developing for several years where a "version" could be a completely separate code base. So version 1.0 migh