Converting ByteString to Vector

I have a ByteString that is containing the representation of Floats. Each Float is represented by 3 bytes in the ByteString. I need to do some processing on the Float values, so I would like to perform that processing on an Vector of Float values. Wh

Extract elements from an object vector

Given a vector of objects, is there an elegant way to extract its member ? I am currently just using a for loop but it would be nice if there is a way to do it. Example, class Object { int x; float y; } vector<Object> obj; // Fill up obj vector<i

Problems modeling the two-body orbit

Skip to Update 2 below, if you don't want to read too much background. I'm trying to implement a model for simple orbital simulations (two body). However, when I try to use the code I've written, the plots generated from the result look quite odd. Th

How should I delete objects in a vector

I am making a program that uses an std::vector to hold a bunch of objects. std::vector<Ball> balls; for (int i = 0; i < ball.size(); ++i){ if (...some condition...){ //How should I delete balls[i] } If I did this std::vector<Ball> balls; //

Can C ++ headers be called vector.h or matrix.h?

I have including problems in a C++ Project. I included math.h, but there are strange problems with my vector.h and my matrix.h header files. Am I allowed to call these files vector.h and matrix.h?Two headers cannot have the same name. By same name, t

Remove duplicate strings in the string vector

I have the code, listed below, which I am trying to get to remove any duplicate football team names from a string vector. However, it is only working sometimes, it will remove duplicate names for some of the teams; but then for others there will be m

how to use the vector of objects in different files

how can i access a static vector variable in main file which is declared in header file and populated in source file.Actual code is little bit big so below is an example what i have tried. class.h class a{ private: int x; public: friend void createVe

Create an index vector effectively in matlab

Given three positive integers x,y, and z, such that x>y. What is the most efficient way to create the following vector: 1,2,3,..,x-y,x+1,x+2,x+3,..,2x-y,2x+1,2x+2,2x+3,..,3x-y,3x+1,...,..,zx+1,zx+2,zx+3,..,zx-y This problem can be seen as a matrix, i

out of range vector index - bubble sorting

I've got this piece of code that implements a bubble sorting of an array. Being compiled in MS VS 2012 it works up to a point: UPD: I've added a lot of checking to trace the exact place where a crash happens, an it's like this: it swaps the first two

Adding a newly created object to a vector

I recently stated using pointers in a program and when I try the following, I am given this error. stored_points.push_back(new Point(anchor_y,anchor_x,last_direction)); error C2664: 'void std::vector<_Ty>::push_back(_Ty &&)' : cannot convert

How to find something in a vector

I've got a pointer to a Vector with buildings. vector<building> * building1; building1 = gamer.getBuilding(); ( building1 is a pointer to vector with all buildings that gamer has on that moment. ) Now I want to check if in that vector a building exi

a cv :: std mat :: vector & hellip; How can I?

I'm trying to create an openCV matrix where each element of the matrix is a std::vector... but I can't seem to get it to work. Here's what I'm doing: cv::Mat_<std::vector<double> > costVol(3,5); std::vector<double> slice0; slice0.push_ba

Return an empty vector of strings if the key is not found

I know it is a very bad idea, so other suggestions on how to do it efficiently will be well-received. Here's the thing. I have map<string,vector<string> > , I want to search for a key and return its corresponding value (vector of strings in th

C ++ recursion aid

I am having trouble with recursion. Can anyone show me how to get this into code form? given vector <int> with values 1,2,3,4,5,.. i want to write a function that compares all of the value with each other. i dont care about 1 != 2 being equivalent t

Is it safe to return iterators?

I'm referring to if the class comes from a DLL with its own heap, and it has a private vector, is it safe to have public functions which return iterators to that vector? ThanksIt is not. The fact that it has its own heap is what will prevent it from

Output a vector of string objects in a file

I'm trying to output a vector of string objects to a file. However, my code only outputs the first two elements of each string. The piece of code below writes: 1 1 to a file. Rather then: 01-Jul-09 01-Jul-10 which is what I need. ofstream file("dates

Any built-in function to test if 4 is in [1,2,3,4] (vector)

In Ruby I can do: [1,2,3,4].include?(4) #=>True In Haskell I can do : 4 `elem` [1,2,3,4] #=> True What should I do in C++?There isn't a built-in function doing exactly that. There is std::find which comes close, but since it doesn't return a bool it