The ASP Len () function returns an incompatibility-type error

Below is my server side asp code of my classic ASP application: Function isValidPACSSession() ... Dim sessionID : sessionID = Request.QueryString("forSessionID") isValidPACSSession = SessionID2PACSUserID(sessionID) ... End Function Function Sess

I get error path not found but the correct path

When i run this script i am getting this error path not found in Set objFolder = objFso.GetFolder (strpath) Can anyone help what to change in the code?. My path was correct, but it keeps giving me this error.Maybe the folder doesn't exist or you don'

Using VBScript to Control Notepad

In connection with another, very different project, I am trying to write a VBScript that will, when executed, do the following: Open an instance of Notepad (as a hidden or minimized window) Bring the instance of Notepad into focus Write "Hello world&

How to add a mapped network drive via VBS?

I'm having some issues with my vbs script. It will add only the F drive and not add the G driver after it. What am I doing wrong? '## This is for network drives Set objNetwork = CreateObject("WScript.Network") objNetwork.RemoveNetworkDrive "

How to modify this script to create subfolders

I have a working vbscript that creates a group of folders in a directory chosen by the user on a windows 2008 r2 server. I want to modify it to create additional sub-folders within the primary folders being created. I'm googled out and need advice. H

Comparison of file creation dates in VBScript

This may be very obvious to someone out there but I'm having a lot of trouble trying to solve a bug in VBScript. Within the script, I am running through a bunch of .zip files in a directory and processing ones whose creation date is within a specifie

Split a column into a text file

I have a system which generates 3 text (.txt) files on a daily basis, with 1000's of entries within each. Once the text files are generated we run a vbscript (below) that modifies the files by entering data at specific column positions. I now need th

V \ B Script to extract the date from a text file and format it

I work on OCR. We extract text from invoices automatically. When the contents of the invoice are extracted they are stored in a text file, and then we write scripts to extract the data from the text file according to our requirements. One requirement

Start a task after finishing another

In a .vbs i have something like Dim sh Set sh = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell") 'run conf "cmd /K php -c php.ini -f some_path\runer\run.php & pause",0,false 'Navigate to the nginx folder to run server "cmd

vbscript code to read text file entry avoiding manual effort

I am drilling down Internet to get Vbscript code, where input is read from text file one per line and pass it to the commands in script. I am just a beginner and need help with this. Basically I am gathering script to get pending patches of servers i

VBscript ends without user intervention

I am having a problem with VB scripts on a Windows 7 computer. When I try and run any *.vbs file, it runs the script but does not pause for user input. The code below runs but it does not pause for the echo statement. On other computers it will pause

Lpad with zero in vbscript

I'm trying to pad a string with 0's to the left.The length of the output string should be 7. Here's my code : inputstr = "38" in = string(7 - Len(inputStr),0) & inputStr msgbox in I'm getting error Expected Statement Please help me Thank You

Push data from Excel to the Access database

I was looking for a way to push the data from Excel to an Access database. I found the code below, but I have no idea how to improve it. Dim wsQS As Worksheet Dim sConnect As String Dim sCommand As String Dim adoCn As ADODB.Connection Set wsQS = Work

Refresh Excel using the SSIS script task

I have an Excel file that gets external data from database table. I need to refresh the file automatically and email it. I intend to use SSIS script task to run some VB script that would open the file, refresh data, save and close (obviously without

Convert a VB function to Perl

Can somebody help me convert this VB function to Perl (PHP, Ruby or Python will do also)? Public Function CFUSION_ENCRYPT(ByVal Password As String, ByVal Key As String) As String Dim NewValue As String Dim TempValue As String NewValue = "" For i

VBScript - create a button in the notebook window

Using VBScript, I want to add an additional button to Notepad labeled "send" . The send button should be located near the help menu in the Notepad window Please advise if it is possible to add a button inside Notepad. And if it possible then how

Unable to understand the VBScript code set

I need to convert some VBScript code to C# 2.0, below is the VBScript code, which needs to be converted to c#. ' Component Template titles handled by the summary templates FeaturedCT = "Featured Summary" SummaryCT = "Summary" ' Set the

Convert VBScript to C #

Can some one help me converting this script to C#, I tried and all I accomplished is getting more confused than I originally was to start with. My understanding of C# is very basic thank you for your help and patience in advance. It will add the lett

how to manage the IE download dialog with VB Script?

how to save file automatically in particular location using VB Script ? or How is it possible to Download file to particular location in IE without interacting with Download dialog ? Ultimately I need to save file in particular location from IE autom

WSH Script Unit Test Framework

I'm looking for a unit testing framework for WSH scripts (vbs/wsf, not VB6, VBA). I can't find anything except this project (looks good, but last activity was recorder around 2 years ago, haven't tested it yet): Thank

vbscript to check if .net 2.0 is installed

can you share a vbscript which checks if .NET 2.0 is installed on a machine. I did a search on the web and the most of the such "check if .net is installed" applications are just look up for a particular registry keys thus ignoring the fact the

MSGBOX position in WSH / VBS

here is my next question and i hope some one can help me :-) Is it possible to position a msgbox in wsh/vbs? alt text I need the msgbox everytime in the foreground. I know that how to position a

Regex question VBScript (. *)

I am using VBscript in QTP and I am a bit confused: Browser("name:=.*") //works Why Browser("name:=*") does not work? Why is there a . character? Thank you!While normal wildcards (such as those used in shells for specifying many files

How to run a file using VisualBasicScript (.vbs)

How can I run a file with VisualBasicScript (.vbs)? The file is 'file.bat' and it's located in the same dir as the .vbs.yes i want to run it. Then try this: CreateObject("WScript.Shell").Run "file.bat"