DateRange on two columns and with a column for the main report

Need little help with date range conditions for two columns along with one extra condition on third column, I want to to apply range query on two columns. It works fine if I don't put third column for one more condition along with date, but if I put

SpreadsheetGear Excel using EPPLUS / NPOI not readable

Have anyone comes across this? I receive file from client which is generated through SpreadsheetGear. It looks fine if I open it in excel But it can't find data into cells if I try to read through EPPLUS or NPOI I believe SpresheetGear misses some of

TTF font on a web application to a feed

I have a web application where I need to use a font for a text and show it on the web page. a barcode actually. So this font gets the barcode out of string. I did similar one on windows app like below Dim exeCurrent As [Assembly] = [Assembly].GetExec

The 'Font' property is 'ReadOnly' for a new font

What is wrong in my code Dim privateFonts As New System.Drawing.Text.PrivateFontCollection() privateFonts.AddFontFile("C:\Documents and Settings\somefont.ttf") Dim font As New System.Drawing.Font(privateFonts.Families(0), 12) LBL_Test.Font = fon

Search an array in a .txt file

I'm doing a school project for vb and have been asked to write a program that creates a single dimension string array consisting of the names of the last 6 people to win a golf tournament. The user has to enter a name in a text box to search an array

REST GET wcf url does not work and error 404

I am trying to make a rest service and test it. Following is the resulted wsdl file, but I am not able to get the GetData method work. My WSDL file from http://localhost:21611/Service1.svc?wsdlis a working url. WebConfig: <?xml version="1.0"

MySQL result at VB.NET table

I am creating a program in VB.NET which uses an online MySQL database to retrieve certain data. I have now succeeded in connecting and getting some basic stuff out of it. Now, what I want to do is that when an user presses a button it has to update t

Connect the mysql database using odbc in vbnet

I have a mysql database on phpmyadmin, I installed the connector 6.8.3 ( I add a reference on the driver ((c:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Connector Net 6.8.3\Assemblies\v4.5\MySql.Data.dll) and I use this c

LINQ Query Throwing a Cast Exception

I am attempting a LINQ query in a VB.NET WPF solution that bridges two datatables and groups by a Zone. I am receiving an "Invalid Cast Exception" on these rows: .MfstCt = ZoneGroup.Count(Function(c) c.Field(Of String)("ConsignmentNumber&qu

Maximum value in a gridview column

I have a gridview which is databound to a sql datasource and displays data as it should but now I want to display the highest value in a column in a textbox. I have assigned the column to a literal called litPathwayDays. The column displays a cumulat

Format the time value

I want to format a ms value to a "minutes:seconds" value of two digits, by two digits I mean "00:00" but what I get is "0:0". This is an example: I want to show "02:04" instead "2:4" This is my code: Label

Log on to and sql server 2008

How I'm going to redirect to another page after login is successful ? and how I'm going to check if the username & password are correct or not ? this is my code for login : Private Sub btnLogin_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.E

Is it possible to trap start and end events?

I've inherited a reasonably large visual studio WinForms project in C# and VB.Net While I'm working with it, I get messages in the Debug window like this: The thread '<No Name>' (0x1194) has exited with code 0 (0x0). The thread '<No Name>' (0x

How to detect if an ASP ComboBox is empty.

I have an ASP ComboBox that is populated on page load with a list of information and a selected index is set. I want the user to be able to type a new value into the box and run a routine that saves that value. So far, I've managed to set it so when

Raise an event that modifies a different class form

I am wondering if it is possible to make and Raise an event from a class, to a form? I have a class that just loops through itself continually, but when a condition is met I want a button to become visible on a form. I am looking into different ways

Multicolumn user control autosearch in wpf

I need to create an Auto search control which will show the results as rows as this one However, I dont need the graphics and checkboxes here. A simple listview like appea

Insert date / time in the Access database

I'm using ASP.NET/VB and I'm trying to insert a date and time into an Access date/time field, but I'm getting an error (Data type mismatch in criteria expression). Here's a simplified version of my code: Dim myDate As Date = Now() Dim myIns1 As New O

Tabulation data lost on the selected item has changed MVVM

I have been trying to do this for ages and having no joy whatsoever. I have a ribbon window of the following hierarchy: MainWindow MainContent (Tab Control) TabContainerViewModel ViewModelBase View model base has an ObservableCollection of tabs type

I can not insert a value into my access database

This my code in VB.NET. My try catch says there is a syntax error in the instruction INSERT INTO. I don't know what happened to my INSERT. I searched for the error for over an hour... I'm not an expert in VB.NET, I'm better in C#, but I need to do th

JavaScript issue dealing with different browsers

The problem that I'm having is that my code works fine in JavaScript but doesn't work correctly in Firefox or safari and wondering why. What I'm doing is I have a loop going through each element and depending on the variable inside a text box just wa

Request to update the database

i have published my website...its a dynamic i have database i want to make an application in VB to update my database using my application..i mean i do not want to login to the site and update my database rather update it u

Interfaces in .Net

I would like to use the same code for copying files to an FTP server, and through USB. I've already written some code, which as of now uses functions from the System.IO namespace. To minimize code duplication, I've listed the functions which I need f

Problems debugging the class library plug-in

I have a windows form application in which I'm attempting to utilize a plugin (class library). In the code I have it load the assembly from a dll file, which means I have not been able to debug. Furthermore I have not found out how to compile the lib

Any actual example of using the multiple inheritance interface

I m trying to understand Interfaces so that I can implement them in my programs but I m not able to imagine how should i use them. Also give me some eg of using them with multiple inheritance in C#A good example for an interface is a repository patte

Create a video stream (AVI) from a series of images

There is an IP web camera that I wrote a .NET class for sometime ago. It's basically a Timer implementation that pings a snapshot CGI script from the camera every five seconds. The camera itself is very rudamentary; it does not have any sort of API f

How to obtain the .EXE file name

Possible Duplicates: Getting the path of the current assembly C#: How do I get the path of the assembly the code is in? Using VB 2008, how can I get the file name of a running .EXE from inside itself? EDIT: This is for a console app, so Application.E

Determine if an event has already been attached

I have two objects - one that contains some code with will fire an event, and one that contains the handler for that event. I can't "AddHandler" in the Load of the first object, because an instance of the second object doesn't exist yet. When I

How can I use VB.NET to run a batch file on another computer?

In 2008 I want to execute a batch file that resides on another computer. There is no error, but nothing happens. Here is the code: Dim pStart As New System.Diagnostics.Process Dim startInfo As New System.Diagnostics.ProcessStartInfo(serverpath

Importing CSV files into .Net

I realize this is a newbie question, but I'm looking for a simple solution - it seems like there should be one. What's the best way to import a CSV file into a strongly-typed data structure? Again simple = better.Check out FileHelpers Open Source Lib