PHP - Variable returns NULL when setting in the if statement

I'm somewhat of an amateur php programmer and am looking for help with an if statement that is not working as I intend it to. <?php var_dump($_GET['name']); var_dump($_GET['id']); var_dump($search); var_dump($param); var_dump($raw); var_dump($json);

Brilliant - Changing variables on a graph based on user input

I would like the user to be able to select which variable is on the x-axis of a graph. My data frame looks like this: > linegraphdata Year E_coli Rain_Intensity Water_Temperature Dew_Point Humidity Wind_Speed Barometric_Pressure Visibility Cloud_Cove

User Input Input Box

I'm having a bit of trouble of getting the JavaScript code right. I need some help on what goes where and how it's supposed to look. This is what I have so far in my script. <script> var i = "1"; var listItem = ""; function proce

Unassigned variable value

When I use the code: #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { while(1) { int a; if(a != 0) { cout << a << endl; break; } } return 0; } The program never stops. I learned that unassigned variables store whatever there is in t

Undefined index: PHP variables passing through AJAX

I would like to send my php variables and input file by AJAX with something like this .. $(document).ready(function(){ $("#submit").click(function(){ //var formData = new FormData($('form#data')[0]); var chaID = "<?php echo $chaID; ?>

Using & ldquo; read & rdquo; define variables

In bash from the CLI I can do: $ ERR_TYPE=$"OVERLOAD" $ echo $ERR_TYPE OVERLOAD $ read ${ERR_TYPE}_ERROR 1234 $ echo $OVERLOAD_ERROR 1234 This works great to set my variable name dynamically; in a script it doesn't work. I tried: #!/bin/env bash

PL SQL Stored Procedure for New Transaction and Order

I'm giving a small snippet of my code but I 'm receiving the below error when trying to create a new order for a stored Oracle pl sql procedure. line 83 is the insert statement in the code and line 84 is in the insert part of the statement. 83/5 PL/S

Java initialization variable error

I have an error that says I haven't initialized my firstline, secondLine, and thirdLine variables in the buffer.write(variable); lines with variable being firstLine, secondLine & thirdLine. This error didn't appear until I added while(number == null

Angular involvement / mirror object

So I am working on a project using AngularJS where I need to be able to compare the values of an object in the scope with it's previously recorded values. I'm doing this through an algorithm such as the one below: function() { var data = [ { id: 1, k

Passing variables via functions in C ++

So I'm trying to write a basic program in C++ to get the cost of something, the quantity, and calculate the total/subtotal, in three different functions, then display it in main(). Problem is, the variables aren't making it out of the function and I

loop php save variables

I am trying to record the variables Example $id[]="banana";$id[]="Apple";$id[]="Pineapple";$id[]="Grape"; for ($y=0;$y<count($id); $y++) { $record=$id[$y]"-".; } // Wanted to print within echo "My

How to capture HTML displayed in a variable

The App I have an iOS app that consist of a menu (table). From the menu the user is sent to a relevant local html files displayed in two webViews. I am interested in setting the title of the navigation bar to the name of the html file. So far It work

Ruby: assigning variables in groups

Is it possible in Ruby to name variables in groups, possibly like this? (variable1, variable2, variable3) = 0 variable1 = variable2 = variable3 = 0 may be safe for integers, but since in ruby everything is an object, these will all actually point to

PHP for a loop required to store data in MySQL

mysqli_stmt_bind_param($proc, "iss$is", $respondent_id, $ip, $browser, $qStr1); It's just this that is causing the problem, even though $qStr1 contains the text $q1, $q2 etc. as things stand I think $qStr1 is being treated as a single variable w

Store arithmetic operators in a table with Fortran

I would like to solve a given equation of the following kind with Fortran: 1 ? 2 ? 3 = 7 In this equation only the arithmetic operators are missing and the solution would be '+' for the first question mark and '*' for the second one. I would like to

Appropriate Java syntax to name variables

Possible Duplicate: Resources for Java coding style? So I picked java as my first language to learn and in the book I am reading they defined a variable like so int apples; apples = 20; Then I went off on my own to try the example and wrote it like b

the objectives depend on the variables

I want (GNU) make to rebuild when variables change. How can I achieve this? For example, $ make project [...] $ make project make: `project' is up to date. it should, but then I'd prefer $ make project IMPORTANTVARIABLE=foobar make: `project'

Loader does not bring php variables

I have got the problem with passing variables from php to a flash file. It works perfecly fine in the flash environment but when I move the file to the actual page on the server the loader doesn't seem to return any value. Any suggestions as what it

refer to the options in the jQuery variables

just curious about jQuery/Javascript and referring to options within variables. So, I wrote a little plugin that when I call "populate" will fill in some text. Very basic. Here's what I'm trying to do: var foo = { msg1: "Hey", msg2: th

Variables Javascript: a variable variable is required

The following code requires that the name of 2 variables are combined. var myScroll; var orderit; var id; $('.scrollable').each(function(){ orderit += 1; $(this).attr('id', 'scrollp' + orderit); id = $(this).attr('id'); myscroll = new iScroll( id );

variable initialization

I am new to Java and I cant fix an error in a script method. It says "variables city and state might not have been initialized" Here is how I declared the variable: String city; String state; Here is where my errors are: Scanner scan = new Scann

Global variables Javascript

How should I create a changing variable as a global variable? so something like: function globVar(variable){ window.variable; } So in this way I could create global variables in an automatic mode too, and also I could create them for myself easier :)

is the variable being redefined?

I'm currently using checkboxes to set permissions within my PHP application. On the user management page, if the user has the permission, defined by 1 or 0 in the database, the box with be checked or unchecked respectively. Below is the code that is