How to autodefine elements of a list in Python 2.7?

I want to create a list of both strings and integers, and make the strings work as variables whose value is the integers number. list = ("y","1","x","3") str(list[0]) == int(list[1]) str(list[2]) == int(list[3]) z =

Variable declaration fails in VS 2015

VB in VS 2015. This code fails. Neither the boolean nor the integer have a value when the code halts. The error message is "BC30451: is not declared. It may be inaccessible because...". Perhaps this is Microsoft's way of telling me I'm an idiot

Resetting the variable limit

So learning to code...Can someone explain why the count resets to 0 with every loop? Does this happen with all loops, when you exit all data resets? If so is there a rule of thumb to follow that can help you figure out when the bounding on a variable

Get floating numbers from this string (Python)

I have a string in this format "[12.45,56.78]" , How to extract the float numbers and assign them in two different variables . newbie in python please helpYou can use ast.literal_eval() to evaluate the string and convert to list and then unpack

Static vs. Class Functions / Variables in Swift Classes?

The following code compiles in Swift 1.2: class myClass { static func myMethod1() { } class func myMethod2() { } static var myVar1 = "" } func doSomething() { myClass.myMethod1() myClass.myMethod2() myClass.myVar1 = "abc" } What is the

PHP analyzes JavaScript content in Heredoc

<?php $javascript = <<<EOT <script type="text/javascript"> function test () { return 'test test test \n test test test'; } </script> EOT; echo $javascript; ?> The \n above is parsed as newline by PHP, generates HTML so

PLSQL Variable Insert

I send a parameter in my PLSQL function which is the name of the Table. In my code, I want to insert into the table that is being received in the parameter. When I type the insert statement insert into TABLE_VARIABLE_NAME VALUES (1, 2, 3); It gives t

What is a = b = c in python?

This question already has an answer here: What is this kind of assignment in Python called? a = b = True 4 answers I am quite confused, consecutive equal = can be used in python like: a = b = c What is this language feature called? Is there something

How to use the variables in the construction {a..z}?

I am trying to do a loop similar to this basic one: storage-33:~# echo {a..z} a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z However I have two variables I set on my script called $first_sd and $last_sd I have been unsuccessful when running it o

SetInterval php variable in javascript

This question already has an answer here: PHP code only runs once inside javascript setInterval 1 answer I am trying to post an updating ping on my website, without having it reloading all the time, yet when i try it posts the initial ping, but it do

Ask the user to enter yes or no in Java

how to prompt user to loop the code yes to loop no to exit and wrong input print wrong input and go back to statement ie. "do you want to enter another name:" import java.util.Scanner; public class loop { public static void main(String[] args){

Variable values ​​are not updated through functions

The variable Message and boolean value count from function validator won't get updated when it runs inputFocus function. So, validator always returns true. (function(){ var form = document.forms[0]; form.addEventListener('submit', function(evt){ if(!

Analyze the javascript value of the HTML response in C #

I'm actually building an application where by using an HttpClient in .NET 4.5, I send a GET request to a webpage (which isn't mine) and I receive this response in the Content: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <!DOCTYPE h

Modify the variable in the internal Java class

I have a problem with Java inner classes which I can't figure out. Suppose you have class Outer { int outer = 0; class Inner { int inner = Outer.this.outer; //(or just outer as it is not shadowed) inner = 3; //or whatever, even outer = 3 } } Well, wh

MySQL stored procedure variable problem

Variable never got updated with query, and always have default values BEGIN DECLARE sP INT DEFAULT 1; DECLARE cBB INT DEFAULT 0; SELECT sprice, cb INTO sP, cBB FROM item WHERE id = 2; END Need a little guidance here for whats wrong with it (MySQL ver

The query was empty mysql php jquery variable

I have a javascript that loads the contents of a DIV when checking a Checkbox and passes a variable. I retrieve the variable with $color = $_GET['color']; and then I do a few IFs to pick my query: if ($color != '') { if ($sortBy != '') { $items = mys

Not sure of the default initialization of variables in Java

Possible Duplicate: Uninitialized variables and members in Java Why are local variables not initialized in Java? In Java variables have default value, right? Even arrays are initialized by compiler. So I can't understand the following: int c; for(int

declare class-level variables in codeigniter

I am new to CI and what I want to do is to have a class level variable (which e.g is an array). But it seems like CI, despite all high bragging, doesn't support this feature. Nothing has been mentioned in the user guide about it. There is a heading c

Javascript Scope Problem (or something)

I have this fragment of Javascript. I need the variable highest_number later in the function and I can it generate fine. The problem is that highest_number seems to be unaccessable once the for loop ends (e.g after the closing } ). function new_route