C ++ - Variable not being updated

I'm new here and new to programming, so on my first lesson I did the code below, everything went fine except the last "total of weapons" that was not updated when I added +1 to the numberPistols. I understood that the numberPistols was updated b

Powershell imports csv queries to SQL, exports several csv

I'm struggling to get my head around this one, I've only just begun looking at scripting in SQL, and my powershell is very limited. The requirments are basically this: Utilisng Powershell, import a csv file which contains one column that needs to fee

Whole declaration outside the method?

import java.util.Scanner; public class InputTest { static void monster() { System.out.println("You ran into a monster!"); System.out.println("He did 10 damage!"); health -= 10; System.out.println("You have " + health + "

The name C # does not exist in the current context

I have a Class and a Form. This is the code I have in my form: using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.ComponentModel; using System.Data; using System.Drawing; using System.Linq; using System.Text; using System.Threading.Tasks; u

Can not set variable in generated PHP code

I have a php script that generates 3 files: A .txt file A .php file The Script works fine but one thing destroys the idyll, the script does not write the vars in the 2nd generated script (I have also tried . $var . ). Any help would be appreciated. T

Palindrome of a number - No log of the console

So I tried to write a code that finds the largest palindromic number from two (3 spaces long) multiplied numbers. Does my code work fine or are there no palindromes for this? function checkPalindrom(str) { return str === str.split('').reverse().join(

Call value of the database

I am trying to get value of 'price'(column name)from services(table name) to insert into amount var in the script below. Any help would be appreciated. <script type="text/javascript"> var amount = '100.00'; //need to insert amount here for

The Javascript variable inside the loop is undefined

This question already has an answer here: JavaScript closure inside loops – simple practical example 32 answers I have a loop that gets an array of users and then tries to get the information of each one. With this code below, if I have two users, it

Quotes around a defined variable name

So I understand how to print quotes around something like "Hello" using system.out.println for example: System.out.print("\"Hello\""); to get "Hello" But for the life of me I cannot figure out how to print quotes ar

Python creates a variable for each element

I have a list of items. like banana, apple, orange etc. Each of these has it´s properties, like banana: 'name': 'banana','color': 'yellow' etc. What I'm trying to do is create variable's for each item. So i can call it like fruit.banana['color'] and

which variable parts are stored in the stack in this code?

I have this following code and I don't really understand which variable parts in the test_function are stored onto the stack segment? In the book it says "The memory for these variables is in the stack segment", so I presume it is when the varia

Java Ternary Operators (Online): Access Comparison Variables

In Java, i have an expression like the following: return (a.getValue() > b.getValue()) ? a.getValue() : b.getValue(); When I was about 13 years old, i used to code in MSL (mIRC Scriptint Language). That language had the following ternary operator: re

When referenced by name, where is the name stored?

For example, after we define a variable: int a=2; we can use "a" as 2 afterwards. At the time when I first learned c/c++, I took it for granted. But after I have learned the concept of "pointer" and the address of variables, I am confu

insert variable into a jQuery statement

This might be a simple question, but I got confused here. var videoSrc = "video/sample.mp4"; $('.abc').append('<video width="650" height="300" controls="controls"> <source src= "' + videoSrc + 'type=&q

PHP Lithium Global Variables

I have looked all over the place, but still cant figure out how to set a global variable in PHP (Lithium framework). My goal is to make the server root always accessible everywhere, without having to write this code everytime, to make my app independ

The best way to turn a string into 2 variables

I'm having some trouble parsing a first name and last name from a string into 2 different variables. The string is always in this format: "Smith, John" or "Doe, Jane" Is there a function out that can split the first and last name to 2

Limit a variable value to certain predefined values

What's the shortest and simplest way to do this? For example: $var = $_GET['something']; // how to limit the value of $var to "10", "20", "30", "40", // and "" for any other input ? I mean is there a php h

How to permanently change a variable in a Python game loop

I have this script in a game that I am making. This will be used in the Blender game engine. Blender runs scripts over and over from top to bottom continuously, so if I declare a variable at the beginning of the script, it keeps being initialized ove