How are trash values ​​for variables generated in C?

I mean to ask if it follows some specific algorithm and actually are not junk. In other words, how exactly the "garbage" values be present? Considering not invoking UB, if a garbage value is read, what is the source of that value?The standard do

Angular - how to concatenate var name

I just started to learn Angular, and I tried to make concat var name so I can control it dynamically. This is what I tried - <div ng-app="myApp" ng-controller="myCtrl"> <button ng-click="myFunc(1)">Click Me!</b

Test if a string contains one of the words in another

I have a Perl program code that pulls a description string from a hash. I have my variable $ui equal to the variable $uniqueID, but what I want is to return true if $ui contains any words in variable $unqiueID. But =~ isn't working. Is there a smart

Variables explained to a beginner

I am having some trouble grasping the concept of variables in TSQL and SQL Server Here is an example from a stored procedure: ALTER PROCEDURE schema.procedure @InvoiceID varchar(28) = '' @InvoiceGuID varchar(28) = '' AS BEGIN DECLARE @CustomerGuID un

Add / subtract / multiply / divide two variables in a string?

I need to output for example "variable + variable" without just displaying the end result. This is probably extremely simple (hopefully), but I'm having trouble with this. var rand1=Math.floor(Math.random() * 21); var rand2=Math.floor(Math.rando

Correct way to pass a PHP $ variable to MySQLI

This question already has an answer here: How can I prevent SQL injection in PHP? 28 answers I am wondering about the safe or correct way to pass a $variable to a query. I am new to PHP thats why I am asking such beginner question. Here is the exampl

Pass a variable from the view to the controller from the form

I am trying to access a variable sent through a submit form. However it does not appear to be present once the form is submitted. see the hidden field on line: 2 <%= form_for @import, html: { multipart: true } do |f| %> <%= f.hidden_field :tree_i

How to store strings for the html page in a separate file?

First time making a webpage in html. I have an assignment to format a bunch of text using appropriate html tags. No problem. But I would like to clean up my code by storing the paragraphs in a separate file. I have been searching for hours and cannot

How to define or reference a variable in SVG?

Might be you do not need variables for static images but this would be easier to inspect them and see related parts when everything is defined in terms of variables, IMO. It also simplifies update of the images. See how you do the constrains-based en

How to "read" multiple variables on a while loop

How can I read from multiple variables with a while read line? I'm trying to create a csv file from these variables which are multi-lined. Not sure if this the best way to do this. For example: 1st_list=$(..code..) 2nd_list=$(..code..) while read lin

Result null in & ldquo; getStringExtra & rdquo;

I am working on this code, and get an error, the variable "textoviejo" is returned as null, I would like to know what is wrong here. Thank you Activity 1 EditText input = (EditText) findViewById(; startActivityForResult(new Intent(thi

PHP GET variable test

Trying to do something that should be very easy but not for me. I am trying to pass a variable thru a $_GET to php and store it in a text file. The variable ip is posted from an external source. I have the following: The xxx represent the ip address

Javax.el, ELResolver: Solving Dependencies Between Variables

iam building a small application to work with variables. The first step is to resolve simple dependencies between variables. I can not get things to run properly. I can resolve very simple declarations like a=10, but it always fails if it gets a litt

Priority method and variables

class ModelES def initialize(model_name) @elastic_search_uri = $search_server + '/' + model_name.to_s + '/' end def create(model) RestClient.put @elastic_search_uri +, model.to_json end def update(model) RestClient.delete @elastic_searc

How to store texts from files in variables?

So I have this thing where I'm supposed to store the information from a file into variables, but I can't figure out how to do this. As of now this is what I have: while(fileScanner.hasNextLine()) { String line = fileScanner.nextLine(); String [] arra

Pass and update the php variable in javascript

Is there a way I can pass the php option value variable $option_value['price'] into javascript as a string, then each time a different option is chosen, the javascript 'updates' the string with the new value. I have tried with onchange() but must be

conflict b / w string and string []

Basically I have a class that has methods which use String arrays and i'm writing a method in the application class to read a file and update an array of object of class Customer. I get errors like: Line 83: set_address(java.lang.String[]) in Custome

Is a variable linked to a collection element possible?

I'm trying to bind to an item inside a collection but the index for that item needs to be "variable". Take the following pseudo syntax for example: <TextBlock Text="{Binding Fields[{Binding Pos}]}" /> Is something like this possi